MOSO bamboothe nextflooringgeneration

presentingthe fastestgrowing plantin the world

readyfor harvestafter 5 yearsstem to stripAfter harvesting, the mature bamboo stems are split in longitudinaldirection and the outer skin is removed. The strips naturally have alight yellow colour (natural), but can be steamed for a lightbrown colour (caramel) or thermally treated for a dark browncolour (chocolate).strip to floorAfter treating and drying, the strips are ready to beconnected in several ways to make the final product:Plain PressedStrips are placedhorizontally and gluedtogether to create awide line pattern withthe characteristicbamboo nodes clearlyvisible.4Side PressedStrips are placedvertically and gluedtogether to create anarrow line pattern withthe bamboo nodesvisible in a subtle way. are connected toa flexible latex backing.The latex backing makesit very comfortable towalk on and offersexcellent soundabsorptioncharacteristics.High Density Strips are compressedand glued under highpressure, creating anelegant random linepattern. The result is afloor that is even harderthan the best tropicalhardwood species.extra hardIn the brochure the HighDensity variation isindicated by a hammer.ForestThe bamboo stem isflattened through aspecial process to createthe toplayer of a solidbamboo board. Theresult is a very strongand hard floor with theunique, original look ofthe bamboo stem.

MOSO bamboobenefitsevenharderthan oakCO2 neutralhealthyhard & durablewarranted qualityendless resourcehigh stabilityvast choicenatural beautyAll solid MOSO bamboo floorsare officially assessed to be CO2neutral or better over thecomplete lifecycle.With a growing speed of upto 1 meter per day, Mosobamboo is the fastest growingplant on earth.6 a product from nature, MOSO bamboo floors are anti-static andanti-allergic, and thus facilitate ahealthy indoor environment.Because of the compositionof individual strips, MOSO bamboo flooring will shrink andswell less than solid wood species,providing a more stable floor.With a hardness and densitysimilar to the best hardwoodfloors, MOSO bamboo floorsare suitable for use even in heavyduty applications.MOSO bamboo floors areavailable in a large variety ofconfigurations, styles and coloursto cater to anyone’s preferences.MOSO bamboo floors are ofthe highest quality and comewith a product guarantee ofup to 30 years.Inspired by nature, MOSO bamboo floors are not onlya conscious choice but also astylish one.7

utdoorcollectionThe Grand Collectionprovides long and wide floorsfor a ‘spacious’ and luxuriouslook, with relatively quickinstallation.The Eternal Collection featuresthe strongest and most robustfloors MOSO has to offer,suitable for use in even thetoughest commercialapplications.The Dynamic Collection offers aneconomical range of easy toinstall floors, available in a vastrange of colours, sizes andstyles fitting the latest trends.The Outdoor Collection offers anecological, stable and durablealternative for increasingly scarcetropical hardwood for 10page 20page 28page 3889

MOSO mboonobleThe Grand Collection was speciallydeveloped for customers that appreciatethe aesthetics of large boards for aspacious and exclusive look. Because ofthe large size of the boards, theinstallation can be done relatively fast.1011

MOSO bambooelitegrand collection and wide boards - 100% bambooMOSO Bamboo Elite is a floor board which is relatively long and wide (compared to otherMOSO floors) and is made from three layers of solid bamboo. The middle layer of BambooElite is pressed cross wise to maximise the stability.FinebambooBamboo ForestBamboo IndustrialeBamboo NobleBamboo NoblePlain Pressed NaturaloiledBamboo EliteSide Pressed NaturaloiledPlain Pressed Caramelunfinished or oiledPurebamSide Pressed Caramelunfinished or oiledn geow p ash ef tlonPlain Pressed /Side Pressed1960mm15mm159mm12High Density Naturallacquered (extra matt) or oiledHigh Density Caramellacquered (extra matt) or oiledHigh Density :width: 142length: 1830thickness: 1313

MOSO bamboosolidagrand collection as stone, beautiful as woodMOSO Bamboo Solida is a large board with a similar appearance to solid wood.It is made out of one solid layer of the extra hard High Density bamboo, and comes withvarious surface treatments for an even more wood “look and feel”. The boards are equipedwith a click system for easy installation.Bamboo TapisTopbambooUnibamboo plankUnibamboo tegelflex bambooHigh Density Naturallacquered TransparantHigh Density Caramellacquered TransparantHigh Density CaramelWood Look lacquered Quartz WhiteBamboo SolidaHigh Density CaramelWood Look lacquered Onyx Beigeonn geow p ash ef tlHigh Density Transparant:1850mm14mm137mm14High Density CaramelWood Look lacquered Granite GreyHigh Density CaramelRough Sawn lacquered Marble WhiteHigh Density CaramelRough Sawn lacquered Topaz BrownHigh Density Wood Look:width: 135length: 1830thickness: 14High Density Rough sawn:width: 135length: 1850thickness: 14

grand collectionMOSO bambooplex and wide boards with V-grooveMOSO Bamboo Plex is a long and wide floor board made from a thick bamboo top layer anda multiplex sub layer. With this construction, the floor board is very stable and with the thicktop layer also very durable. The big bevel (on the length side) of the board creates a beautifulV-groove once installed.Bamboo PlexFinebamboon geow p ash ef tlonon shop fro wnag ne tBamboo Supreme1850mm19mm189mm16High Density NaturaloliedHigh Density Carameloiled17

MOSO bamboonoblegrand collection and wide with extra option: installation without glueMOSO Bamboo Noble is, together with MOSO Bamboo Plex, the widest flooring boardMOSO has to offer. MOSO Bamboo Noble consists of 3 layers, with a bamboo top layer.The other layers are made of soft wood, the middle layer being cross pressed to maximisestability. In addition to the normal tongue and groove connection, the boards are alsoavailable with a “click” system which facilitates installation without using glue.n geow p ash ef tlonBamboo SupremeBamboo PlexFinebambooBamboo ForestBamboo IndustrialePlain Pressed Naturallacquered or oiledonly with click systemPlain Pressed Caramellacquered or oiledBamboo NobleSide Pressed Naturallacquered or oiledonly with click systemBamboo NSide Pressed Caramellacquered or oiledPlain Pressed /Side Pressed:2200mm15mm190mm18High Density Naturallacqueredonly with click systemHigh Density Caramellacqueredonly with click systemHigh Density :width: 142length: 1850thickness: 1519

MOSO dustrialeThe Eternal Collection provides thestrongest and most robust floors in theMOSO assortment. For customers thatare searching for a lifelong flooringsolution, a floor from the EternalCollection will be the best choice.MOSO Eternal floors are even suitablefor use in the toughest applications forthe professional market.2021

MOSO bamboosupremeeternal collection compromise between durability and stabilityMOSO Bamboo Supreme is made from two layers of bamboo, with a 4 mm toplayer and across pressed bamboo backing. The total thickness is 10 mm which is relatively thin comparedto other wood floors. However, as with any wood species the basic rule is: the thicker, the lessstable the wood (shrink/swell). The 10 mm thickness and 4 mm toplayer is an idealcompromise between durability and stability and therefore offers a perfect solution for heavyduty applications, like installation on floor heating and/or installation in heavy traffic areas.Bamboo SupremePlain Pressed Naturallacquered or oiledPlain Pressed Caramelunfinished, lacquered or oiledSide Pressed Naturallacquered or oiledBamboo PlexSide Pressed Caramelunfinished, lacquered or oiledn geow p ash ef tlonPlain Pressed /Side Pressed970mm10mm95mm22AkzoNobel Head Office AmsterdamDesign: GROUP APhotography: Frank HanswijkHigh Density Naturallacquered (extra matt) or oiledHigh Density Caramellacquered (extra matt) or oiledHigh Density :width: 96length: 920thickness: 1023

MOSO bambooforesteternal collection the bamboo forest to your floorMOSO Bamboo Forest is the most authentic bamboo floor imaginable. For this uniqueproduct the bamboo stem is flattened with a special process to create the top layer of a threelayer solid bamboo floor board. The result is a very robust floor with the natural beauty andoriginal look of the bamboo plant. The surface of the floor consists of the stony bark of thebamboo stem, which is so hard and wear resistant that no oil or lacquer finish is required.Bamboo SupremeBamboo PlexFinebambooBamboo ForestBamboo Industrialen geow p ash ef tlon1210mm18mm125mm24Forestwaxed25

MOSO bambooindustrialeeternal collection look and strengthMOSO Bamboo Industriale consists of small floor ‘boards’ made from short solid bamboostrips, creating the specific industrial look. The ‘boards’ are in fact blocks of strips bundledtogether with tape (so no glue is used in the product itself!). The floor installer glues them onthe subfloor, sands off the tape, fills the gaps and finishes the surface. Being made of suchsmall strips, the floor is very stable – making it the perfect solution for application on floorheating. This floor has the thickest wear layer of all MOSO floors: up to 15 mm!n geow p ash ef tlonBamboo SupremeBamboo PlexFinebambooBamboo ForestSide Pressed NaturalunfinishedBamboo IndustrialeSide Pressed CaramelunfinishedBamboo NobleHigh Density NaturalunfinishedHigh Density CaramelunfinishedSide Pressed280mm10mm140mm26Ricoh Office Bergen op ZoomDesign: Grasso den Ridder ArchitectenPhotography: Stijnstijl FotografieHigh Density ChocolateunfinishedAlso available:width: 140length: 280thickness: 15High Density :width: 200length: 300thickness: 1027

MOSO ambooThe Dynamic Collection provides aneconomical choice for customers that wanta floor which is easy to install. Even thoughthese are not the most expensive floors inthe MOSO range, it does not mean theyare of a lesser quality or offer less choice.In fact, the Dynamic Collection offers thewidest range of possibilities in colour, sizeand style, fitting the latest trends.2829

MOSO purebamboodynamic collection and 100% bambooMOSO Purebamboo is entirely made of solid bamboo, either with strips pressed togetherhorizontally (Plain Pressed), vertically (Side Pressed) or compressed (High Density ).This floor type is a good solution when an economical but high performance bamboo flooris required. Purebamboo (in plain pressed version) was the first bamboo floor ever – all otherbamboo floors have been derived from this classic version.n geow p ash ef tlonBamboo IndustrialeBamboo NobleBamboo NobleBamboo ElitePlain Pressed Naturalunfinished or lacqueredPurebambooPlain Pressed Caramelunfinished or lacqueredSide Pressed Naturalunfinished or lacqueredBamboo X-Side Pressed Caramelunfinished or lacqueredPlain Pressed /Side Pressed960mm15mm96mmHigh Density Naturallacquered 30High Density Caramellacquered High Density :width: 96length: 915thickness: 1231

MOSO topbamboodynamic collection and easy to installMOSO Topbamboo consists of a top layer of bamboo combined with HDF (High DensityFibre board) as the core and a softwood backing. Because of this construction, the product isvery stable, while the click system makes it very easy to install (no glue needed).Topbamboo is available in a large variety of fashionable colours and finishes, includingbrushed and stained versions.Bamboo IndustrialeBamboo NobleBamboo NobleBamboo ElitePurebambooSide Pressed CaramellacqueredBamboo X-tremeSide Pressed CaramelbrushedlacqueredSide Pressed Caramelbrushedlacquered White (L02)Bamboo TapisTopbambooSide Pressed Caramelbrushedlacquered Grey-Taupe (L05)Side Pressed Caramelbrushedlacquered Colonial (L06)n geow p ash ef tlonSide Pressed960mm10mm128mmHigh Density Naturallacquered32High Density CaramellacqueredHigh Density CaramelbrushedlacqueredHigh Density Caramelbrushed lacqueredWhite (L02)High Density :width: 125length: 920thickness: 1033

MOSO unibamboodynamic collection and colourfulMOSO Unibamboo combines the virtues of carpet / vinyl with the charm of bamboo. In thisinnovative product, thin bamboo strips are pressed on a latex backing, providing a flexible,light, sound absorbing, economical flooring solution which is available in tiles or boards in abroad assortment of colours and sizes. Because of its limited thickness it is perfect forinstallation on top of existing floors, therefore ideal for renovation projects.n geow p ash ef tlonPurebambooBamboo X-tremeBamboo TapisTopbambooPlain Pressed CaramellacqueredUnibamboo plankPlain Pressed Caramelstained-lacquered White (92)Unibamboo tegelPlain Pressed Caramelstained-lacquered Black (93)Plain Pressed Caramelstained-lacquered Taupe (95)900mm3mm180mm34Plain Pressed Caramelstained-lacquered Colonial (96)Also available:width: 500length: 500thickness: 335

MOSO flexbamboodynamic collection rolled into your roomMOSO Flexbamboo is made by connecting thin bamboo strips to a flexible latex backing andcomes in rolls. The latex backing makes it very comfortable to walk on. Flexbamboo offersexcellent sound absorption characteristics at a very economical price. The product is finishedwith a high quality UV cured oil (Saicos ) and is available in 5 trendy colours.n geow p ash ef tlonTopbambooUnibamboo plankUnibamboo tegelflex bambooPlain Pressed Caramelunfinished (21) / oiled (91)Plain Pressed Caramelstained-oiledMisty-White (92)Bamboo SolidaPlain Pressed Caramelstained-oiledWalnut (94)Plain Pressed Caramelstained-oiledSilver-Grey (95)2000mm3mm20000mm36Plain Pressed Caramelstained-oiledEbony (96)37

MOSO outdoorcollectionbamboox-treme With the introduction of the Outdoor Collection,MOSO has developed a truly ecological anddurable alternative for increasingly scarcetropical hardwood. MOSO uses a uniquepatented process to alter the hardness,dimensional stability and durability to a levelsuperior to the best tropical hardwood species.3839

MOSO bamboox-treme outdoor collection next generation in deckingMOSO Bamboo X-treme is a solid, high density bamboo board, made from compressedbamboo strips. Bamboo X-treme is suitable for outdoor applications, especially as decking.A special, patented heat treatment process provides Bamboo X-treme the highest durabilityclass possible in the appropriate EU norms* and increases the density – making it very hard.The special symmetrical shape of the sides offers the possibility to choose between either theribbed or the flat surface, and allows for quick installation with fasteners. Like any untreatedtropical hardwood species, when exposed to outdoor circumstances, Bamboo X-treme willturn grey over time creating a very natural look (see right bottom picture).n geow p ash ef tlonBamboo NobleBamboo ElitePurebambooBamboo X-tremeBamboo TapisFlatunfinished or oliedRibbedunfinished or olied1850mm20mm137mm40Also available:width: 155mmlength: 1850mmthickness: 20mmwidth: 178mmlength: 1850mmthickness: 20mmClass 1 for EN350 testedfollowing ENV807(simulated graveyardtest), Class 0 for EN152and Class 4 for EN335*)Topbamboo

MOSO bamboo flooring accessoriesMOSO offers a full array of bamboo accessories for a sophisticated finishing touch tothe MOSO floor of your choice.door stopper32 mm diameter34 mm highstair nose10, 13, 15 or 18 mm thicknessAvailable in various finishesskirting strip25x5mmattach to floorsolid skirting board68/50 x 15mmattach to wallBamboo Forest: 60x18 mmveneered skirting board40x22 mmattach to wallMOSO Bamboo X-tremefasteners and screwsbrown stainless steelfastener: 27x22.5x10.8 mmscrew: 4.5x30 mm42 pipe rosette50 mm (diameter) x 18 mm (high), 16 mm hole55 mm (diameter) x 20 mm (high), 22 mm holeveneered skirting board45x22 mmattach to wallveneered skirting board60x15 mmattach to wallchoose yourMOSO bamboo floorDo you want to know which MOSO bambooflooring fits best to your needs?You can see the characteristics of the differentflooring collections at a glance, with ourMOSO Floorselector.MOSO Bamboo X-tremefastener starter/end and screwsbrown stainless steelfastener: 27x17x31 mmscrew: 4.5x30 mm

dynamic collectioneternal collectiongrand collectionIndicatorImportant to knowFloor heating /floor cooling*Thinner better, because less shrink/swell.Also denser better (so HD version) because ittransmits the heat better. Floor should always be gluedfully on subfloor. For cooling: anti condensation deviceshould be installed.Micro bevel(prefinished version)hides small seamswhich can occurusing floor heating.Not easy glueing tosubfloor because ofclicksystem.Not possible becauselatex backing can notstand heat.10 mm thickness:the thinnest the best stability.Micro bevel hidessmall seams whichcan occur using floorheating.Especially 10 mmversion.Long boards canbend a bit andtherefore not easy toglue down.advantage: microbevel can hide seams.Long boards canbend a bit andtherefore not easy toglue down. microbevel can hide seams.Multiplex is verystable. However longboards can bend a bitand therefore noteasy to glue down.Ok but all versions aresharp edged. anyseams (which can beexpected with FH)are visible.Wet rooms, such as abathroom /SpaBamboo is a very stable material but if water getsbetween the floor boards, into the material, it will leadto problems. Advice: use unfinished versions andlacquer at site to close the surface. Fully glueing tosubfloor is necessary.Advice: chooseunfinished and finishat site.Not easy glueing tosubfloor because ofclicksystem.Not advised becauseopen surface, easy toabsorb water.Advice: useunfinished versionand finish at site.10 mm:thinnest the best.Not advised becausebig bevels easilyabsorb water.Especially 10 mmversion.Not advised becauseno unfinished versionavailable.Advice: chooseunfinished and finishat site.Not advised becauseno unfinished versionavailable. big bevelseasily absorb water.Not advised becauseno unfinished versionavailable.Floating installation( not glued tosubfloor) vs. fullyglued installationBamboo has a good stability but will shrink/swellbecause of changing humidity. Always put a 10 mmperimeter around the floor. With a bigger perimeter,the (floating) surface can be bigger.Can be installedfloating: max width xlength room:5x12 m.Can be installedfloating: max width xlength room:7x12 m.Has to be fully gluedto subfloor always.Check the Uni/Flexbamboo glueadvice( to be fully gluedto subfloor always.Can be installedfloating: max width xlength room:6x12 m.Has to be fully gluedto subfloor always.Can be installedfloating : max width xlength room:8x12 m.Can be installedfloating: max width xlength room:6x12 m.Can be installedfloating: max width xlength room:7x12 m.can be installedfloating : max width xlength room:7x12 m.Big surface ( 85 m2)installed without gapsbetween differentareasBamboo has a good stability but will shrink/swellbecause of changing humidity. For big floors fullyglueing to subfloor is advised. Subfloor must be dry/clean/flat!Not easy glueing tosubfloor because ofclicksystem.Check the Uni/Flexbamboo glueadvice(!10 mm gives beststability.Made of small/thinbamboo strips, sovery stable.Long boards canbend a bit andtherefore not easy toglue down. Lacqueron backside limitswhich glue can beused.Long boards canbend a bit andtherefore not easy toglue down.Long boards canbend a bit andtherefore not easy toglue down.Click version: noteasy glueing tosubfloor because ofclicksystem.Commercial use /High traffic areasIn (heavy) commercial use it is important to have acombination of a very hard toplayer and a very strongfinish. Fully glueing to subfloor is advised.High Density versionadvised / factoryfinish not for heavyuse.High Density versionadvised / factoryfinish not for heavyuse, not easy glueing(click).Not advised becauseopen surface, factoryfinish not for heavyuse.High Density versionadvised, factoryfinish BONA 125 gr/m2 advised forheavy traffic.Toplayer very hard.No finish required.High Density version advised.apply a strongproject coating.Factory finish not forheavy use, not easyglueing (click).HD version advised,factory finish not forheavy use.Factory finish (oil)not for heavy use.High Density versionadvised, factoryfinish not for heavyuse, not easy glueing(click).Simple and low-costinstallationDepending on the type of installation, the costs forinstallation partly define the costs of the floor.Must be glued intongue and groove orfully glued to thesubfloor.Easy to install thanksto the click system.Relatively easy toglue down, especiallyin the compact size ofUnibamboo.Must be fully glued tothe subfloor.Must be glued intongue and grooveor fully glued to thesubfloor.Must be fully glued tothe subfloor.Relatively lowinstallation coststhanks to the clicksystem.Must be glued intongue and grooveor fully glued to thesubfloor.Must be glued intongue and grooveor fully glued to thesubfloor.Relatively lowinstallation coststhanks to the clicksystem.ECO certification(LEED, FSC , BREEAMrequired), CO2neutral**)Bamboo is an eco-friendly material, but within theMOSO range there are various ‘grades’ of eco,depending on the applied materials. All types areavailable (on request) with FSC certificate.Solely bamboo.Because of HDF corenot fully green.Because of latexbacking not fullygreen.Solely bamboo.100% bamboo, madewith formaldehydefree glue.100% bamboo, noglue applied in theproduct (except forHigh Density versions).Solely bamboo.Solely bamboo.Because of multiplexnot fully green.Because of woodlayers not fully green.Choice in looksBamboo has a very typical look, showing the nodes ofthe bamboo stem. However by applying differentsurface treatments, like lacquering, oiling, brushing,staining, many different looks are created.Natural, Caramel,Side Pressed, PlainPressed, HighDensity , unfinished,lacquered available.Natural, Caramel,Side Pressed, HighDensity , brushed,stained available.Large choice in stripwidth and colors.Natural, Caramel,Side Pressed, PlainPressed, HighDensity , unfinished,oiled, lacqueredavailable.1 version available.Natural, Caramel,Chocolate, SidePressed, HighDensity , unfinishedavailable.2 natural bamboocolors, 5 lacqueredcolors withwoodgrain orsawcut look.Natural, Caramel,Side Pressed, PlainPressed, HighDensity , unfinished,lacquered available.Natural, Caramel,High Density , oiledavailable.Natural, Caramel,Side Pressed, PlainPressed, HighDensity , oiled,lacquered available.Similarity to solidwood flooring planksBamboo flooring planks can have a similar solid lookand feel to wood flooring planks, but with a verytypical surface, showing the nodes of the bamboostem. In the HD versions the bamboo fibers look likewood grains.High Density versionavailable.High Density versionavailable, howevernot solid (fullbamboo).No High Density version available.High Density versionavailable.No High Density version available,very different look.High Density versionavailable.2 natural bamboocolors, 5 lacqueredcolors withwoodgrain orsawcut look.High Density versionavailable.High Density versionavailable, howevernot solid (fullbamboo).High Density versionavailable, howevernot solid (fullbamboo).*) Full conditions to install on floorheating:**) LCA (Life-cycle Assessment) report available: /flexbamboobamboosupremeadvised / fullyapplicablebambooforestpossible /applicablebambooindustrialelimitedpossible /limitedapplicablebamboosolidanot possible /not advised /not applicablebambooelitebambooplexbamboonoble45

MOSO bamboo flooring: a sustainable choice!MOSO Bamboo Flooring offers clear sustainability advantages in each phaseand is even proven CO2 neutral over the full life cycle! To determine the eco-impact of afloor, every phase of the life cycle should be taken into account.growth phaseproduction phaseMade from the extremely rapidly renewable giant bamboospecies “Moso”, renowned for its CO 2 absorbing and O 2producing capacity.Abundantly available in China (approx. 7 mio ha) and alwayssourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations.The Moso bamboo plant consists of multiple stems. As aresult, several stems may be harvested each year withoutkilling the mother plant.Optional: MOSO Bamboo FSC -certified (most importantecolabel for sustainable wood sourcing).All MOSO Bamboo Floors are made in production facilitiesthat are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (important qualitystandards) certified.Optional: use of eco-friendly adhesive with no addedformaldehyde, complying with the strictest emissions norm:E0 (EU requisite E1).carbon footprintMOSO Bamboo Flooring: CO2 neutral or better over full life cycle Life-cycle Assessment (ISO 14040/44) and carbon footprint studiesexecuted by Delft University of Technology have confirmed that allassessed MOSO products (all solid bamboo flooring, decking, beams,panels and veneer) are CO2 neutral or better over the full life cycle.To download the report and the Environmental Product Declaration (EN15804) available for MOSO Bamboo Products go to: duction*bioenergyCO 2 fixationtotal*in CO2 eq/kg* result depending on MOSO floor assessedproduction phasegrowth phaseend of life phase46use phaseend of life phaseuse phaseAs a non toxic, natural material, MOSO Bamboo Floors offerno restrictions in the end-of-life phase.If maintained well, MOSO Bamboo Flooring may be reused insimilar applications (upcycling). If this is not possible, MOSO Flooring may be safely used as input material for thechipboard industry (downcycling).If up- or downcycling is not possible, it is recommended touse the bamboo material as sustainable substitute for fossilfuels in a biomass energy plant for the production of greenenergy.Durable Sustainable: because of the high hardness, densityand stability, MOSO Bamboo Flooring lasts very long (lessreplacement) even in tough circumstances.Proven Quality: all MOSO Bamboo Flooring products are CEmarked and guaranteed up to 30 years.Healthy indoor climate: very low emissions of volatileorganic compounds (VOCs). MOSO floors have been rated Aand A in France with respect to VOC emissions: the bestclassification possible!Extra credits for sustainable building eco-labels, such asBREEAM and LEED.unsurpassed growing speedMoso bamboo: the fastest growing plant in the world - Because of thefast growth, Moso bamboo is managed as an agricultural crop: theannual harvest of the 5 year old stems – compared to 80 years fortropical hardwood! - provides a steady annual income to farmers andstimulates the bamboo plant to reproduce even faster. Therefore, incontrast to tropical hardwood, there is no deforestation taking place forproduction of MOSO Bamboo Flooring.1020406080Moso bambooEucalyptusBeechTeakOakharvesting age (years)47

MOSO BambooFlooringFrank HanswijkBMW Group South AfricaAkzoNobel Head OfficeAmsterdam, the Netherlands (Group A)BMW Solar CarportSouth Africa (BMW Designworks)Aitor OrtizIberostar Resorts & HotelsMexico (Iberostar Hotels)MOSO BambooOutdoorAitor OrtizIsrael (D.S. Blay Architecture / Industrial Design)MOSO UnlimitedSolutionsUshuaïa Hotel (3000m2)Bilbao, Spain (Javier Perez)Avaya officesBilbao , Spain (IDOM Architects - Cesar Caicoya)Alejandro NaranjoIDOM Head OfficeUzi PoratGuggenheim MuseumMOSO BambooBeams,Panels &VeneerIbiza (Estudio Vila13)Ector Hoogstad ArchitectenCenter Court (4070m )2Geleen, the Netherlands (Ector Hoogstad)Peter de RuigFugro TechCenterNootdorp, the Netherlands (Hidde & Peeperkorn)SNCF Railway StationsCampus Palmas AltasFrance (AREP Architects - Thibault Rottier)Robbert VögtlanderMOSO International Head OfficeZwaag, the Netherlands (Landmark Vastgoed)Sevilla, Spain (Rogers Stirk Harbour Partners)Luc RichardsCampus Hotel HertensteinWeggis, Switzerland (Luc Richard)DerakoTexaco Gas StationNijkerk, the Netherlands (Bogaerds / ContrAll)

MOSO world leadingin bambooabout MOSO MOSO International was founded in the Netherlands in1997. Since then MOSO has evolved to become theunchallenged European market leader in thedevelopment of innovative and sustainable bambooproducts for interior and exterior applications.There is no other company worldwide with an equal – and stillexpanding - broad assortment in high quality bamboo products,permanently available from stock either in Barcelona (office MOSOEurope), Milan (office MOSO Italy), Cape Town (office MOSOAfrica), Hangzhou (office MOSO China) or at the main office nearAmsterdam (MOSO International). Furthermore, MOSO workswith several partner companies and leading distributors worldwideto guarantee the availability of MOSO products in each region.Besides the product groups MOSO Bamboo Flooring and MOSO Outdoor, MOSO offers a very broad assortment of bamboopanels, veneer and beams in various sizes, thicknesses, coloursand textures. These panelling products are used worldwide invarious applications ranging from wall covering, ceilings, windowframes, doors, stairs, furniture and kitchens, providing an idealcombination with the MOSO flooring assortment.ceiling panelAdolfo SuarezInternational AirportMadrid, Spain50design: Rogers StirkHarbour Partnersscope: 200.000m2Furthermore, because of its expertise, MOSO is able to developunique, custo

MOSO bamboo floors are of the highest quality and come with a product guarantee of up to 30 years. endless resource With a growing speed of up to 1 meter per day, Moso bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. high stability Because of the composition of individual strip