5thANNUALLeadership For WomenIn Law Enforcement22, 23 & 24 May 2012Venue: Gallagher Estate, Midrand, JohannesburgCONFIRMED SPEAKER FACULTY:Butana KomphelaMECVusi ShongweMECNonhlanhla MazibukoMECGeorge PhadagiMECThandi MarawaMECZakhele ThwalaChief Operation OfficerDEPARTMENT OF POLICE, ROADS& TRANSPORT (FREE STATE)DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SAFETY,SECURITY LIAiSON (MPUMALANGA)GAUTENG PROVINCIALGOVERNMENTDEPARTMENT OF SAFETY,SECURITY AND LIASON (LIMPOPO)department Of Transport(Eastern Cape)SOUTH AFRICAN CIVIL AVIATIONPiet ByleveldDirectorLt General Bonang MgwenyaChief Operation OfficerSLEUTH CONSULTINGSOUTH AFRICA POLICE SERVICELt General SF MasemolaDivisional CommissionerJulie CheerkootDivisional Security ManagerSOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICEESKOM2 interactive workshopsEmpowering The 21st CenturyLaw Enforcer&Personal Resilience:Are You Built To Last?Key Strategies To Be Discussed:» Removing The Stigma Of Feminism Within Law EnforcementConference Highlights: Men and Women in top positions supportingwomen empowerment 5 MEC’s from various provinces supporting womenin Law Enforcement Awards ceremony honouring women inlaw enforcement 2 Open forum discussions to ensure morediscussion time» Capacity Building For Women – Preparing Women To Move IntoSenior Management Position» Ensuring Collaboration Between Law Enforcement StakeholdersIn The Fight Against Crime» Evaluating Interrogation Techniques» Advancing Stricter Border Enforcement» Empowering Women With Practical Skills To Legally ArrestsPerpetratorsWho Should Attend?All Women In Law Enforcement» Strengthening Your Mental And Physical Health To Handle StressAnd Conflict SituationsResearched & Developed By:Media Partner:Supporting Publications:Online ParnterFOR EASY REGISTRATION CALL Amrita: 27 (0) 11 326 2501 OR FAX: 27 (0) 86 5089 818 OR VISIT:

Day One – 2 2 M ay 20 1207:3008:1508:3009:301RegistrationOpening Remarks From ChairpersonBeing Uncorruptible To Show The True Strength OfEnforcement›› What law enforcers can do to ensure communityinvolvement in enforcing law›› Explaining community policing and Community PoliceForums: What the community needs in setting up andrunning a Community Police Forum›› Looking at the duties of community forums and theauthority they have compared to Law Enforcers›› Highlighting reservist courses made available for thecommunity›› Encouraging partnerships between law enforcers andcommunity policing forumsLt General Bonang MgwenyaChief Operation OfficerSOUTH AFRICA POLICE SERVICERemoving The Stigma Of Feminism Within LawEnforcement›› Looking at tools to further empower women in theindustry›› Looking at how far women have come to be in uniform›› Ensuring that women are counted in law enforcementfor the right reasons and not to only comply with quota’s›› Being a woman of substance in Law Enforcement byliving up to your own expectationsVusi ShongweMECDEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SAFETY,SECURITY LIAiSON (MPUMALANGA)10:30Morning Tea And Networking Opportunity11:00The Department Of Transports Role In UpliftingWomen In Law Enforcement›› Evaluating the South African roads network and theamount of females in it›› Retention strategies in place for female law enforcers inthe transport department›› Looking at the law enforcement authority thedepartment of transport has›› Stats: Has the number of women in the transportdepartment increased or decreased?Butana KomphelaMECDEPARTMENT OF POLICE, ROADS &TRANSPORT (FREE STATE)12:00Ensuring Collaboration Between Law EnforcementStakeholders In The Fight Against Crime›› Examining how the different law enforcement initiativescan inter-link to create a stronger force›› Ensuring a quick reaction and collaboration system toensure faster prosecution rates and avoid potentialcrimes›› How to ensure information sharing initiatives betweenlaw enforcement stakeholders›› Ultimately creating a united force to fight crime in thelong termNonhlanhla MazibukoMECGAUTENG PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT13:00Lunch And Networking Opportunity14:00Challenges In Enforcement, Legislation AndTransformation›› Creating an enabling environment for femalesleadership›› The need for mentorship programs to fast tracktransformationZakhele ThwalaChief Operation OfficerSOUTH AFRICAN CIVIL AVIATION15:00Enhancing Your Interpersonal Skills To EffectivelyDeal With Employees And Peers›› Looking at the various personality types and optimumways of dealing with them›› Improving your interpersonal communication skillsacross culture and gender›› Investigating your own communication patterns andimproving on your weaknesses›› Identifying and acknowledging the communicationfailuresJulie CheerkootDivisional Security ManagerESKOM16:00Open Floor DiscussionThis platform will give delegates and speakers time todiscuss issues that were not addressed during theconference16:30Closing Remarks From The Chair and End Of DayOneDelegates At Last Year's ConferenceReducing OurCarbon FootprintWhen you attend an ITCconference you will receivethe most updated speakerpresentations on USB insteadof paper based workbooks.FOR EASY REGISTRATION CALL Amrita: 27 (0) 11 326 2501 OR FAX: 27 (0) 86 5089 818 OR VISIT:

08:00 RegistrationD ay T wo – 2 3 M ay 2 0 1212:00 Lunch And Networking Opportunity08:30Opening Remarks From Chairperson08:45Capacity Building For Women – PreparingWomen To Move Into Senior ManagementPositions›› Evaluating sets of capacity building initiatives andprocesses that work›› Highlighting opportunities available for women toreach higher ranks›› Removing current barriers stopping women fromachieving their optimum capacityThandi MarawaMECdepartment of Transport(Eastern Cape)09:45Being Uncorruptible To Show The True StrengthOf Enforcement›› Self examining to ensure good moral fibre›› Examining protection strategies put in place forwhistle blowers›› Evaluating the punishment put in place for corruptlaw enforcers›› Encouraging police discipline in the workplace aswell social settingsGeorge PhadagiMECDEPARTMENT OF SAFETY, SECURITY ANDLIASON (LIMPOPO)10:45Morning Tea And Networking Opportunity11:00Interviewing A Suspect: What To Look For›› Creating a bond with the suspect›› Drawing out the correct information which canstrengthen your case/lead to prosecutionPiet ByleveldDirectorSLEUTH CONSULTING09:00 START OF WORKSHOP A13:00Empowering Women With Practical Skills To LegallyArrest Perpetrators›› How to make an arrest when there are weaponsinvolved›› Knowing the laws and requirements which come withmaking an arrest›› Making a warrantless arrest›› Making a citizen’s arrest – Can the public makean arrest?›› Evaluating the correct processes to use when arrestinga perpetrator›› Evaluating the process used by the SAPS when makingan arrest and what you can apply in your situationLt General SF MasemolaDivisional CommissionerSOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE14:00Open Floor DiscussionThis platform will give delegates and speakers time todiscuss issues that were not addressed during theconferenceAwards14:30Ceremony & Hand OverCocktail FunctionJoin ITC To Congratulate TheWinners & Celebrate Being AWoman In Law EnforcementD ay T hree – 24 M ay 2 0 1 210:30 Tea/Coffee BreakPERSONAL RESILIENCEWhat You Will Gain From This WorkshopWhat Gives Your Facilitator Credibility?»»»»»Annie is the first and only woman in Africa to be awarded the CertifiedSpeaking Professional designation, given to less than 10% speakersworldwide by the Global Speakers Federation. She was 2007 – 2008 NationalPresident of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. Herinternationally published books on resilience were nominated best educationalresource in the United Kingdom in 2006. Her current focus is disaster riskmanagement and the development and implementation of unique, integrated,company specific health, safety and environmental programmes in miningcompanies and their communities.10 Tips from life’s survivorsAge accelerators5 Emotions that build resilience.Where do you come from and where are you going?Grow your wings, anchors and flexibility for agilityFacilitated By:Annie GreeffManaging DirectorAnnie Greeff & Associates11:00 Start of Workshop B12:30 End Of Conference/ LuncheMPOWERING THE 21ST CENTURY LAW ENFORCERWhat You Will Gain From This WorkshopWhat Gives The Facilitator Credibility:Changing The Negative Perception Of The Public AndYour Peers Of Women In Law EnforcementThis workshop will equip you with practical skills todefend yourself to take any suspect down, should it benecessary. Lobo will also focus on the importance ofyour image of being fit and well trained.Lobo das Neves served in the South African Police from November 27, 1981to November 28 2006. He served at the South African Narcotics Bureau forapproximately 14 years and spent the majority of his career in the specialistdetective environment and received a State President’s Commission in 1991and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His education backgroundinclude: National Certificate Police Science - 1994, Technicon RSA, NationalDiploma Police Administration - 1991, Technicon RSA. He has completedvarious courses to name only a few recent ones: Interviewing & Interrogation,Presiding Officers Course for Disciplinary Hearings, Tactical Policing LevelII, Disciplinary Officers and Covert Intelligence Operator course etc. He alsograduated from the 194th session of the FBI National Academy after beingselected and invited by the Director of the FBI to attend.Facilitated By:Lobo das NevesOwnerINTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT INSTITUTEFOR EASY REGISTRATION CALL Amrita: 27 (0) 11 326 2501 OR FAX: 27 (0) 86 5089 818 OR VISIT:

Judges For The AwardsLeadership For Women In LawEnforcement AwardsUgeshni NaidooActing Deputy Chief Of PoliceEkurhuleni Metropolitan PoliceBrigadier Elzed AdlamSection Head Operational & Tactical Training/Crime Prevention/ Protection & Security ServicesSOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICEITC believes in recognising women and what better way to have the stars of the industry shine with an awardsfunction.Join ITC in Celebrating the achievements of top women in enforcement - and you get to nominate them!This ceremony will form part of ITC’s 5th Annual Leadership For Women in Law Enforcement Conference. As a delegate ofthe 3 day conference, your ticket will include entrance to the Awards Ceremony. Nominate a peer who deserves recognitionfor their exceptional performance of daily duties, good judgement and work ethics. You may nominate any woman in lawenforcement at all levels.CategoriesLeadership AwardTo be awarded to a female with superior accomplishments using leadership skills that encompass problem solving,providing strong direction, communication to subordinates, positive role model and making a significant contribution withinthe organisation.Community Service and Rural SupportTo be awarded to a female law enforcer who distinguishes herself through superior accomplishments in developing,implementing and participating in programmes involving communities and rural development.MentoringTo be awarded to a female law enforcer who supports and assists women in law enforcement, develops programs andpolicies favourable to advancing women.Performance In ExcellenceTo be awarded to a female law enforcer who distinguishes herself through superior attention to duty outstandinginvestigative effort that leads to the identification and arrest of a major criminal or criminal activity.Medal Of HeroismTo be awarded to a female law enforcer who distinguishes herself through acts of bravery beyond the call of duty, includingexemplary performance during dangerous situations and defusing potential conflict situations.COMPETENCY GRID PER CATEGORYLEADERSHIPEncompasses skills inthese, but not limited to: Problem solving Strong direction andOrganising Communication tosubordinates Overall strong leader andwork ethicsCOMMUNITY SERVICEDesign, implementation &participation in: Community School Projects Neighbourhood Watches Rural Development Cultural Group Help fight crime incommunitiesMENTORINGEncompasses skills in theseareas, but not limited to: Assistance to women inlaw enforcement Development of programsor policies favourable towomen Have mentored women inthe pastPERFORMANCE INEXCELLENCEEncompasses skills in theseareas, but not limited to: Investigative skills Street Skills Overall skills as a lawenforcerMEDAL OF HEROISMEncompasses skills in theseareas, but not limited to: Bravery above andbeyond the call of duty Includes exemplaryperformance duringextremely dangeroussituationsFOR EASY REGISTRATION CALL Amrita: 27 (0) 11 326 2501 OR FAX: 27 (0) 86 5089 818 OR VISIT:

NOMINATION FORM:Leadership For Women In Law Enforcement AwardsAll nominations must reach us no later than 1 April 2012RULES1. Exceptional women in the enforcement field may be nominated in no more than two categories.2. Describe the nominees’ observed behaviour as compared to the criteria for each specific category selected. It is important to be detailed, clear andconcise in addressing the criteria3. The awards recipient will be notified prior to the ITC WILE Conference and receive the award on 23 May at ceremony hostedfrom 14:30 to 15:00NOMINATION FORM FOR AWARDSPlease complete the form and fax it to us on 27 (0)11 325 2501 OR e-mail [email protected] complete your details below:NOMINATOR:Your Name/ Organisation:Your E-mail Address:Your Telephone Number:To assist with the judging, please include: A 50 word profile/CV of the nominee – only highlighting her top achievements Relevant copies of press articlesChoose A Category Below (please tick a maximum of two categories):Leadership AwardCommunity Service and Rural SupportMentoringI WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE :Name & Surname:Performance In ExcellenceJobTitle:Company Name:Designation:Telephone Number:PA / Contact Person:What role has she played in this particular category & why should she be recognised? (50 words)Medal Of Heroism

5 th annual LEADERSHIP FOR WOMEN IN LAW ENFORCEMENT22, 23 & 24 May 2012Gallagher Estate, Midrand, JOHANNESBURGYes, I am attending AwardsYes, I am attending AwardsYes, I am attending AwardsYes, I am attending AwardsEasy payment methods: Direct Deposit, Credit Card or Cheque:Nedbank, Intelligence Transfer Centre, Branch: Sandown, Branch Code: 193305, Account number: 1933207779In order to secure your registration, payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice.Confirmation - Your registration will only be confirmed until such time as payment is received and may be subject to cancellation.Right of Admission – Intelligence Transfer Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to the training course where evidence of full payment cannot beshown. Delegate Substitutions – Delegate substitutions are welcomed at any time and do not incur any additional charges. Please notify us in writing ofany such changes.4 Easy Ways To RegisterFax your registration form to: 086 508 us: 27 (0)11 326 2501CODE: MARKETING/ WEBPRICINGStandard Package:R9999 Excl. VATEarly BirdR8999 Excl. VAT(Register & Pay Before 1 April 2012)APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION AND ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONSI acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the programmeand Terms and Conditions (including Payment Terms) and hereby applyfor registration on behalf of myself (if a single delegate) or on behalf of theundermentioned organisation which I am duly authorised to represent.Name:Name of Organisation*:Job Title (Specific):Email:Date:Signature:(where organisation sends delegate/s and is responsible for payment of conference/course fee*)Delegate Cancellations: All delegate cancellations must be received inwriting and are subject to the following conditions: for any cancellations received 20 working days before the start of a trainingcourse, Intelligence Transfer Centre will issue a 100% credit for the valuepaid to be used for up to one year from the date of issue for any futureINTELLIGENCE TRANSFER CENTRE training course for any cancellations received less than 20 working days before thedate of the training course, the full fee will be payable and no refundsor credit notes will be given if a registered delegate does not cancel and fails to attend the trainingcourse, this will be treated as a cancellation and no refund or credit notewill be issued Delegate substitutions are welcome-Please notify us 5 days before theeventITC Substitutions and Cancellations: Speakers and topics are confirmedat the time of publishing of the programme, but ITC reserves the right tosubstitute, alter or cancel advertised speakers and/or topics in appropriatecircumstances (and will give notice to such substitutions or alterations viaemail prior to the conference as soon as possible)Intelligence Transfer Centre Cancellation & Postponement policyIn the event that Intelligence Transfer Centre cancels an event, delegatepayments will be refunded. In the event that Intelligence Transfer Centrepostpones an event, delegate payments at the postponement date will becredited towards the rescheduled date. If the delegate is unable to attendthe rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a 100% credit representingpayments made towards a future event This credit will be available forup to one year from the date of issuance. No refunds will be available forpostponements. Intelligence Transfer Centre is not responsible for any loss ordamage as a result of a substitution, alteration or postponement of an event.Intelligence Transfer Centre shall assume no liability whatsoever in the eventthis training course is rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Actof God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performanceof this training course impracticable or impossible. For purposes of this clause,a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike,extreme weather or other emergency.

This ceremony will form part of ITC’s 5th Annual Leadership For Women in Law Enforcement Conference. As a delegate of the 3 day conference, your ticket will include entrance to the Awards Ceremony. Nominate a peer who deserves recognition for their exceptional per