Service DescriptionDell ProDeploy Enterprise Suite:ProDeploy for EnterpriseIntroductionThis document outlines the Service Description (“Service Description”) for ProDeploy for Enterprise (the “Service”or “Services”).This Service is part of Dell’s ProDeploy Enterprise Suite (“ProDeploy Suite”) which is available in multiple tiers:Basic Deployment, ProDeploy, and ProDeploy Plus (the “Service Tier” individually or the “Service Tiers”collectively). Enterprise solutions may include but are not limited to hardware platforms such as servers, storage,networking, and converged platforms (the “Hardware Platform”) as well as associated enterprise software andhardware additions, upgrades, or data management (“Supplemental Deployment Services”).Dell is pleased to provide this Service in accordance with this Service Description. Your quote, order form or othermutually-agreed upon form of invoice or order acknowledgment (as applicable, the “Order Form”) will include thename of the Service(s) and available service options that you purchased. For additional assistance or to request acopy of your service contract(s), contact Dell Technical Support or your sales representative.Table of ContentsProDeploy Scope of Service . 2Service Features. 2Offer Structure . 3Identifying the service purchased . 4Service Quantities. 5Service Quantity Exceptions . 5Service Hours . 5Delivery Methodologies . 6Change Management . 6Service Exclusions. 6Service Specific Customer Responsibilities . 7General Customer Responsibilities . 9Dell Services Terms and Conditions . 10Additional Terms & Conditions Applicable to the Services . 11Exhibit A. 14Service Features and Excluded Services . 14Rack, stack, cable and label – Storage . 14Rack, stack, cable and label – Server . 15Rack, stack, cable and label – Networking . 16Rack, stack, cable and label – Wireless . 16Rack, stack, cable and label – Firewalls . 17Rack, stack, cable and label – Solutions . 17Packaging materials disposal . 18Project management . 18Site readiness review and implementation planning – Storage . 19Site readiness review and implementation planning – Server . 19Site readiness review and implementation planning – Networking . 20Site readiness review and implementation planning – Wireless . 20

Site readiness review and implementation planning – Firewalls . 21Site readiness review and implementation planning – Solutions . 21Install and configure system software– Storage. 22Install and configure system software– Server. 24Install and configure system software– Networking . 26Install and configure system software – Wireless . 27Install and configure system software – Firewalls . 28Install and configure system software– Solutions . 29System testing and validation . 37Configuration Detail transfer to Dell technical support . 37Project documentation with Product Orientation . 37Exhibit B. 39Supplemental Deployment Services . 39Add or Upgrade Storage Hardware Component . 40Add or Upgrade Storage Software Component . 41Replication Services for Dell Storage . 44Add Additional Host to Dell Storage . 45Data Migration Services for Storage. 45Implementation of Software Defined Storage . 48Add-on for HPC Nodes . 49Add-on for HPC Storage . 51Implementation of AVE and DDVE on XC Series . 52Implementation of Data Protection Suite for VMware Replication . 53Implementation of RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Local Replication . 55Implementation of RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Remote Replication . 56Exhibit C. 57ProDeploy Time & Material Add-on Service . 57ProDeploy Scope of ServiceThe Service provides for deployment activities of a Dell Server, Storage, or Networking device during the hoursoutlined in the Service Hours section. The Scope of this Service is defined and limited to the description in theService purchased as set forth more specifically in the corresponding Service Features and Service FeatureActivities sections.A Dell representative will contact the Customer to schedule this Service, allowing for at least a ten business daylead time prior to the start of the Service, based upon a mutually agreed to resource availability.Note: A scheduled outage window will be required in case of an offline hardware upgrade.Service FeaturesThe following is a list and brief description of the Service Features included. Please note that the Service Featureslisted in this section may have a more detailed list of activities which can be found in the Service Feature Activitiessection in Exhibit A.Rack, stack, cable and labelTechnicians physically install hardware onsite according to customer specifications or Dell preferred practices.Packaging materials disposalMove used packaging materials to onsite trash and recycling facility or other designated onsite location.

Project managementThe assigned Project Manager will guide you through the deployment process—from tracking your equipmentthrough the factory to ensuring your site is prepared through transitioning you past deployment and into the supportprocess.Site readiness review and implementation planningProject Manager reviews multi-point check list with customer to ensure overall site readiness and schedulesdeployment project. Examples of items include: confirming equipment delivery, power requirements, networkconnections are complete, and verifying project timelines and site contacts.Install and configure system softwareInstall operating system, drivers, firmware, virtualization software, hypervisors, cluster managers, and DellSupportAssist set up. Feature not tied to application workloads or enterprise software products.System testing and verificationSystem deployment and configuration is tested by Dell and verified against documented requirements.Configuration detail transfer to Dell technical supportDell will capture all pertinent technical and configuration data from the newly deployed components and preloadthat information into Dell’s technical support systems. In case of issues, this detail will enable Dell TechnicalSupport services to more quickly identify root causes and speed problem resolution.Product OrientationThe Delivery Engineer will complete a verbal product orientation session with the customer at the conclusion of thedeployment. Product Orientation includes a basic review of product features and how to perform common tasks.Project documentationThe Project Manager will provide close of engagement documents at the conclusion of the deployment. Thesedocuments include “as deployed” documentation and deployment verification report.Offer StructureThere are two types of service offers available: Primary Services and Add-on Services.Primary Services are either associated with the deployment of a specific Hardware Platform recently purchased orfor a Supplemental Deployment Service on a Hardware Platform. Primary services are identified on the Order Formas either Basic Deployment, ProDeploy, or ProDeploy Plus followed by Hardware Platform Series or Base followed by additional identifiers if necessary. For example, ProDeploy Dell Storage ML Series 6010 5U Library.Add-on Services are identified on the Order Form as “Add-on.” Add-ons can be combined with any Primary Servicewithin the same Service Tier. For example, a ProDeploy Add-on Service can only be combined with a ProDeployPrimary Service. Some Add-on Services may include a list of sub-service options and those sub-services will bechosen by the customer post sale or at the commencement of the project. Add-on Services can be purchased inmultiple quantities to cover different sub-services or for multiple quantities of the same sub-service. For additionalinformation about specific Add-on Services, please review Exhibit B.The following table outlines some examples of Primary Services and Add-on Services. This list is not exhaustive ofevery service offered. The examples are illustrative only and may not represent actual services available.Primary Service ExamplesAdd-on Service ExamplesProDeploy Dell Storage SC Series 4XXX SAN up to 8 hostsProDeploy Add-On: Replication Services (Requires ProDeploy)ProDeploy Base: Add or Upgrade Storage Software Component3 ProDeploy for Enterprise Service Description v1.11 June 15, 2018ProDeploy Add-On: Add Additional Host to Dell Storage (RequiresProDeploy)

Identifying the service purchasedServices are listed below in sections (the “Service Feature”). The activities in each Service Feature may becombined by Hardware Platform or segregated by Server, Storage, Networking Hardware Platforms, and ifapplicable, Supplemental Deployment Services. To identify the service you purchased, locate the ProDeploy Suiteservice on your Order Form and the corresponding Product Line, Group, Category, and Series. Each ServiceFeature section may include the Product Line, Group and/or Category of the service purchased to aid in identifyingthe scope of activities.Product LineGroupCategoryBackupTape LibrariesSeriesML SeriesTL SeriesPS SeriesSAN/DAS ArraysStorageSC SeriesMD SeriesBlock/FileSC Disk SeriesDisk EnclosuresMD Disk SeriesFS SeriesDedicated NASNX SeriesServersRackR SeriesC SeriesTowerT SeriesBladeM or F SeriesM1000eM1000eVRTXVRTXFXFXL2 Fixed Port SwitchesX SeriesServerConverged PlatformsLayer 2N SeriesL3 Fixed Port SwitchesS SeriesLayer 3Chassis SwitchesC SeriesDistributed Core SwitchesZ SeriesLayer 2/3Blade IOM or FN SeriesWirelessWireless Access PointsAerohiveRuckusFirewallsFirewallsSonicWallMS Analytics PlatformMicrosoft AnalyticsPlatform SystemXC SeriesXC SeriesVxRailVxRailNetworkingBig DataHyperconvergedSolutionsHigh Performance Computing(HPC)HPCData Protection AppliancesData ProtectionData Protection SoftwareHPCDD3xxxDP4xxxData Protection SuiteData DomainAvamar

Service QuantitiesThe Service you have purchased provides the corresponding deployment activities for your specific Dell SupportedProduct(s) identified on the Order Form. Unless otherwise stated either on the order form, in the Service QuantityExceptions, or in the Service Feature Activities, no other Supported Products will be deployed beyond theSupported Product recognized on the Service you purchased.Service Quantity ExceptionsThis table shows additional hardware devices that will be installed and/or configured when purchasing Servicesrepresented in the Category column. Limitations and exclusions may apply. See Service Feature Activities for moredetails on inclusions, exclusions, and customer responsibilities.Product LineGroupCategoryAdditional Hardware InstallationAdditional s in up to 8 SAN attached hosts2 SAN switches (excludes DAS)Storage connectivity on up to 8 SAN attached hosts2 SAN switches (excludes DAS)Maximum quantity of blades or sledsMaximum networking I/O hardwareUp to 8 server bladesMaximum networking I/O hardwareServerConvergedPlatformsFXMaximum quantity of blades or sledsMaximum networking I/O hardwareUp to 8 server/storage sledsMaximum networking I/O hardwareChassisSwitches2 C Series line cards2 C Series line cardsM1000eNetworkingLayer 3VRTXFor certain Supported Products, a single ProDeploy Volume Pricing SKU on the Customer’s Order Form thatcorresponds to such Supported Products will entitle Customer to receive deployment of multiple SupportedProducts of the same supported product type, up to the maximum quantity as indicated in the SKU Description onthe Customer’s Order Form. Those multiple Supported Products that are the subject of a ProDeploy VolumePricing SKU or High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC) Pricing SKU must be deployed at a single deploymentlocation, as part of a single deployment project. Unused quantities will not be credited, and may not be used for aseparate deployment project.Service HoursA Dell representative will contact the Customer to schedule Service, allowing for a reasonable lead time prior to thestart of the Service based upon mutually agreed upon resource availability. Subject to local law relating to weeklywork hours, unless otherwise listed below, this Service will be performed Monday through Friday during normal DellEMC Services business hours, which is from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Customer local time.CountryNormal Dell Servicesbusiness hoursCosta Rica, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Norway, Panama, Puerto Rico, Rep.Dominicana, Sweden8:00 AM to 5:00 PMAustralia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand9:00 AM to 5:00 PMArgentina, France, India, Italy, Paraguay, Uruguay9:00 AM to 6:00 PMBolivia, Chile9:00 AM to 7:00 PMMiddle EastSunday thru Thursdayfrom 8:00 AM to 6:00 PMSome ProDeploy and ProDeploy Plus activities may be performed outside of normal Dell business hours basedupon Customer request and local regulations. Work will be performed in increments of up to 8 hours per day,5 ProDeploy for Enterprise Service Description v1.11 June 15, 2018

unless mutually agreed to in advance with Dell. No activities shall take place during local, state and/or countryholidays.Delivery MethodologiesAll Hardware Platform Service Tiers include onsite rack, stack, cable, and label (“Onsite Installation”) of the physicalequipment at Customer location (see Rack, stack, cable and label section for details of scope).In the event the Customer location is inaccessible or unreachable, Dell will provide Customer with remoteinstallation assistance. If the Customer elects to do the Onsite Installation themselves, Customer is responsible forensuring that all components of the solution are physically installed and interconnected per solution or publisheddocumentation. Phone technicians can provide instructions and information to Customers who choose to do thework themselves and/or perform configuration work remotely via web connect or other similar technologies. If webconnect assistance is requested, Customer must provide appropriate network access and credentials to Dell toaccess the solution remotely and perform the work. Services delivered by onsite technicians will be scheduled withCustomers to accommodate hardware availability, data center access, customer maintenance windows andtechnician availability.For the ProDeploy Service Tier, Dell, at its discretion, will deliver services by sending field technicians onsite to dowork at Customer locations and/or through phone based technicians who provide remote configuration. Some Addon Services may be performed solely via phone technicians. The delivery method of ProDeploy and ProDeployPlus Services will be discussed at the commencement of the project and any requested, proposed, or necessarychanges will be addressed at that time.Change ManagementService deliverables are defined in this Service Description that is reviewed with and signed off by the Customerand Dell. During the planning process, specific details related to the Customer environment are documented.Normally, these suffice to complete the project. In rare instances, changes to the solution integration plan areneeded after it has been documented. In that case, the Change Management Process indicated below will governchanges to the scope of service. Either party may request a permitted change in the Service Description bycompleting a Change Order Form at: receiving party will review the proposed Change Order and will (i) approve it, (ii) agree to further investigation,or (iii) reject it. Changes agreed pursuant to the Change Management Process will not be effective until mutuallyexecuted by both parties.Service ExclusionsFor the avoidance of doubt, the following activities are not included in the scope of this Service Description: Any services, tasks, or activities other than those explicitly described in the Service Feature Activities inExhibit A and marked with a checkmark ( ) for the Service you purchased.All Excluded Services listed in Exhibit AAll ProDeploy and ProDeploy Plus services have a planning component. This is designed to gatherinformation about the Customer environment so that successful integration and deployment may takeplace. It is NOT a substitute for strategic assessment or design services. Those consultative services maybe purchased from Dell separately.Activities related to the existing customer datacenter environment such as de/installation, re/configuration,connection, troubleshooting, etc.Custom scripting, coding, performance tuning or optimization.Installation of applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, POSTGres,MySQL, Apache Web Server, etc.

Installation or configuration of Software-Defined or Open Networking solutions except when explicitlydescribed in the Service Feature Activities in Exhibit A or Exhibit B.Installation or configuration of unsupported products. All Dell- and Customer- supplied components will bevalidated as supported or not during the planning process. Note that in some instances, Dell may provideguidance for installation and configuration of non-supported products to be completed by the Customer.Routing of cabling between racks, or through walls, ceilings, floors, or between rooms.Racking of dense or heavy enclosures higher than 21u in a rack.Planning and configuration of any feature listed as included for the product tier, but not supported on thespecific model being deployed.This Service Description does not confer on Customer any warranties which are in addition to the warrantiesprovided under the terms of your master services agreement or Agreement, as applicable.Service Specific Customer ResponsibilitiesAs applicable, either prior to or during Dell’s performance of the Services, Customer shall perform the followingtasks: Promptly notify Dell in writing of a) any changes Customer makes to its information technology environmentthat may impact Dell’s delivery of the Services; and b) if Customer becomes aware that any of theconditions or assumptions made during planning are incorrect.Indicate to Dell in writing a person to be the single point of contact to ensure that all tasks can becompleted within the specified time period. All Services communications will be addressed to this point ofcontact (the “Customer Contact”). The Customer Contact will have the authority to act for Customer in allaspects of the Service.Provide technical points-of-contact who have a working knowledge of the data center and enterprisecomponents related to the solution integration (“Technical Contacts”) as applicable.As required, provide documentation of Customer’s existing infrastructure during the implementationplanning phase.Make at least one technical contact, with system administration responsibilities, available and provideappropriate facility/site/system/information access privileges as a resource to Dell during the performanceof this Service.Note that some services require outages or downtime. Dell will notify Customer during planning ofdowntime or outage requirements. Customer will arrange for maintenance windows to accommodate asneeded.Ensure that field technicians have reasonable and safe access to the Project site, a safe workingenvironment, adequate space and parking.Customer will not begin additional configuration or application installation until the project is completed.Inform Dell of all access issues and security measures and provide access to all necessary hardware andfacilities.o If any equipment that is part of the Service is ‘protected’ or in ‘dark’ areas, Customer will ensurethat a resource is available to perform actions as needed for the Service (reboot, configuration,etc.) at the direction of the Dell engineer.o Provide the Dell Engineer with credentials, passcodes, SSL certificates, etc. sufficient to completethe Service or provide a resource to enter such credentials as needed to complete the Service.When needed for physical installationo Customer should provide carts, hand trucks, ladders, lifts, etc.o Place any equipment to be racked in the immediate area of the rack into which it will be installed.o Ensure that the required power outlets are installed and functional in the location of the hardwareinstallation.o Ensure that the required power distribution units (“PDUs”) are installed and functional unlesspurchased with the product.o Ensure any existing equipment repositioning is completed prior to arrival.o Ensure any modifications needed to existing racks to accept Dell equipment is completed prior toarrival.Customer should document and be prepared to provide key system events and information relevant toService delivery such as:7 ProDeploy for Enterprise Service Description v1.11 June 15, 2018

o Last successful controller failover.o Last successful backup and recovery.For Customer supplied equipment and software:o Equipment and software are assumed to be in good working order and under validservice/maintenance contracts. Out of warranty or unsupported products will not beconnected to or integrated with Dell solutions. If any impacted equipment or software isunsupported or not in working condition, Customer will notify Dell during the planningprocess.o Software media (OS, Application, etc.) available in the immediate area of the equipment on which itis to be installed.o Obtain and provide valid software licenses for all software Customer supplies to Dell in connectionwith this Service.o Hardware which will attach to the solution has minimum supported revision levels for hardware,software and firmware per appropriate support matrixes.o Configure any hardware which will attach to the solution per solution recommendations orpublished best practices and standards.o For upgrade or expansion services which require opening system chassis (e.g. adding hard drives,HBAs, NICs, memory, etc.) Customer shall demonstrate that systems are functional prior to serviceand either power down/take offline the system or direct Engineer to do so.o For Services which require database connectivity, provide a suitable database or allow for includeddatabase software (e.g. MS SQL Express Edition) to be installed.o For Services which require a supported operating system for software install (e.g. MicrosoftWindows for Dell Storage PS Series SANHQ) Customer will ensure that supported OS isavailable on appropriate equipment.o For Networking Services, ensure that routing protocols (e.g. RIP, OSPF, BGP) are in working orderprior to Service unless configuration of such protocols is part of Service.Ensure that an electrical branch circuit with the following characteristics is available:o Grounded outlet and circuit breaker compatible with the solution that meets local electrical code.o Required voltage and frequency.o Solution compatible supply circuit, line fusing and wire size.Ensure that IP network is setup to handle bandwidth requirements and that appropriate network drops areavailable.Ensure that telephone and high-speed internet access are available in the installation area (i.e. for softwaredownload, updates, connectivity testing, etc.) If such communications are not available for physical,technical or security reasons Customer will notify Dell during planning so the Engineer can planaccordingly. Note that without connectivity some Service deliverables may not be possible (e.g. ‘phonehome’ testing).Ensure device connectivity within the Customer network and Firewall port configuration for connectivityexternal to the Customer network.Ensure that all relevant data, applications, network configurations, policies, security configurations orpotentially impacted infrastructure settings or data are backed up.Integration of DNS, LDAP or other directory services.Provide IP and Subnets for device and/or hosts.Provide acknowledgement that services have been performed.Complete a customer satisfaction survey.For converged platforms, ensure that with respect to the existing network equipment configuration:o Standards-based spanning tree protocol is configured on switches interfacing with SupportedProductso IP addresses are

ML Series TL Series Block/File SAN/DAS Arrays PS Series SC Series MD Series Disk Enclosures SC Disk Series MD Disk Series Dedicated NAS FS Series NX Series Server Servers Rack R Series C Series Tower T Series Blade M or F Series Converged Platforms M1000e M1000e VRTX VRTX FX FX Networking Layer 2