School Field TripsField trips are a great way to engage students in recycling and other environmentallybeneficial behaviors. Below is a list of recommended school field trips in the areas ofrecycling, composting, reuse, waste, wastewater treatment, nature, gardens and farms.RecyclingMontgomery County Recycling CenterThe recycling center is a multi-stream facility that processes paper and mixed recyclablesseparately. Tours are available for all ages, including preschoolers. The visit includes anage-appropriate presentation about recycling, reuse, and waste reduction. Tour groupsmay have between 10 and 60 people, including chaperones.Submit a tour request online. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select a date and ies/rc/tours.htmlAddress: 16105 Frederick Rd. Derwood, MD 20855Prince George’s County Materials Recycling FacilityThis recycling facility is a process facility for single-stream collection, meaning that allrecyclable materials are processed together. This facility demonstrates the process thatDC residential waste goes through.To schedule a tour, call the MRF at (301) 499 – 1707.Address: 100 Ritchie Rd. Capitol Heights, MD 20743CompostingWestern Branch Composting FacilityThis facility processes yard waste and food waste. The yard waste is ground, placed inwindrows and processed into compost, known as Leafgro . Food waste is also compostedinto a high quality compost product known as Leafrgo Gold . Leafgro organic composthas been used to landscape FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins.For tour information please call 1-888-214-8687 between 8:00am and 3:00pm.Address: 6550 S.E. Crain Highway Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

DPR Community Compost CooperativesLaunched in 2014, Department of Parks and Recreation’s Community Compost CooperativeNetwork is a network of compost bins across all 8 wards at DPR gardens and partnergardens.Suggested compost bins for a school field trip include:- Twin Oaks – 1380 Taylor St NW – Contact: Tim Ledlie, [email protected] Howard University – 2251 Sherman Ave NW – Contact: Jeffrey Neal, [email protected] Mundo Verde – 30 P St. NW – Contact: Tara McNerney, [email protected] locate the nearest compost cooperative, please visit the interactive 34528&TENANT ID 127506DPR Contact: Joshua Singer, DPR Community Garden Specialist at [email protected] Transfer StationsDPW Fort Totten Transfer StationThe Fort Totten Transfer station provides residential drop-off services for solid waste,household hazardous waste, and unwanted electronic equipment, and provides personaldocument shredding. A waste transfer station is a site where local waste collection vehiclesdrop off waste. The waste is loaded into larger trucks which transport the waste to arecycling facility, incinerator, or landfill.To schedule a tour, please call Ronald Marshall at (202) 409 – 2695.Address: 4900 John McCormack Dr. NE Washington, DC 20011DPW Benning Road Transfer StationA waste transfer station is a site where local waste collection vehicles drop off waste. Thewaste is loaded into larger trucks which transport the waste to a recycling facility,incinerator, or landfill.To schedule a tour, please call Ronald Marshall at (202) 409 – 2695.Address: 3200 Benning Rd. NE Washington, DC 20019

Materials ReuseCommunity ForkliftCommunity Forklift, a project of Sustainable Community Initiatives, is a nonprofit reusecenter for home improvement supplies. The organization picks up donations of unwantedand salvaged building materials throughout the metro DC region. Then, they make thebuilding materials available to the public at low cost, and provide vintage materials forrestoring old homes. They offer public education about reuse. Tours are available forstudents in the middle and high school.To schedule a tour, contact Alex Winter at [email protected]: 4671 Tanglewood Dr. Edmonston, MD 20781Wastewater TreatmentBlue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment PlantThe Blue Plains AWTP is the largest advanced wastewater treatment facility of its type inthe world. Wastewater is collected by the DC sewer system and from the Maryland andVirginia suburbs and is delivered to the Blue Plains AWTP.Request a tour online here: request form.cfmAddress: 5000 Overlook Ave. SW Washington, DC 20032NatureNatureBridgeNatureBridge environmental science programs in Prince William Forest Park offer studentsin grades five to eight the opportunity to learn hands-on science in the largest green spacein the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The three-day residential environmental scienceprograms are led by experienced educators and are tailored to reinforce and extendclassroom learning.To schedule a visit, contact Jim Serfrass, Outreach Manager, NatureBridge Mid-AtlanticRegion at [email protected] or (570) 439 – 1795.Address: Cabin Camp 1 Prince William Forest Park Triangle, VA 22172Cost: Free under Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) program

Anacostia River Explorers TourJoin Anacostia River Explorers to learn about the Anacostia River’s history, wildlife, theenvironmental threats it faces, and the solutions helping it realize its full potential. Thesefree, guided pontoon boat tours launch from a variety of locations up and down theAnacostia River, and are funded by the District’s disposable bag fee. Public and privatetours are available. Each tour is either one or two hours long and can take up to 13 people.To schedule a tour, email [email protected]: Tours leave from a variety of locations:- Anacostia Park, SE DC- Diamond Teague Park, SE DC- Kenilworth Park, SE DCSee also Anacostia Watershed Society: ostia-river-discovery-seriesGardens & FarmsCity BlossomsCity Blossoms is a non-profit working in D.C. dedicated to kid-driven, community engaging,creative green spaces. City Blossoms offere hands-on, garden-based field trips at twoCommunity Green Spaces for preschool through high school groups. The Community GreenSpaces (CGS) are educational, demonstration gardens located in Shaw and ColumbiaHeights. City Blossoms offers an assortment of field trip experiences between April andOctober, each designed to support learning standards.For more information visit the website at or [email protected]: Locations in Shaw and Columbia HeightsCost: About 60/hour for 15 students. Some scholarships are available upon request.Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food And AgricultureArcadia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainablelocal food system in the Washington, DC area. Arcadia Farm hosts field trips for DC and VAschools, which are designed to connect pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students (andother interested groups) with where food comes from while meeting age-appropriatecurriculum standards. Field trips can accommodate a maximum of 60-65 students per trip.

Download a pdf overview of our field trips for Washington, DC schools.To schedule a field trip, contact Morgan Maloney, Farm Education Director [email protected]. For more info: Address: 9000 Richmond Highway Alexandria, VA 22309Cost: Qualifies for OSSE Farm Field Trip GrantCheck out other farm field trips. See OSSE’s List of Farm to School Field Trip Sites in theDC/Maryland/Virginia area.

Recycling Montgomery County Recycling Center The recycling center is a multi-stream facility that processes paper and mixed recyclables separately. Tours are available for all ages, including preschoolers. The visit includes an age-appropriate presentation about re