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Benefitsof studyingwith LSBFAt LSBF you will benefit from:Pass 1st Time Guarantee *If you don’t pass the first time,we will give you a free resit course.Fully funded Master’sCombine your ACCA qualificationwith a full funded* MBA or Master’s inFinance and Investment and increaseyour chances of achieving a higherposition and salary in your futureprofession.Award-winning tutorsAll our tutors are experts and manyof them have been awarded byprestigious publications.Full syllabus in HDHigh quality content, anytime,anywhereOnline and on-campus study modesYou can decide what kind of studymode is best for you.Flexible study modesChoose from live or recordedonline classes or evening andweekend campus classes to fitaround your schedule.*Terms and conditions apply.Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 02

AboutACCAGaining accreditation fromthe Association of CharteredCertified Accountants (ACCA)opens the door to a successfulaccountancy career acrossmany different industries.This globally recognisedACCA qualification will greatlyincrease your earning potentialand ability to gain senior rolesacross the world.ACCA accreditation is heldin especially high regardthroughout the fields ofbanking, management andconsultancy. It also awards youthe status of Registered Auditor,adding further scope to yourpotential career.Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 03

The ACCA syllabusThe ACCA syllabus (Association of Chartered CertifiedAccountants) consists of three stages:1.2.3.The Applied knowledge modulewhich contains three exams;Business and Technology (BT),Management Accounting (MA),Financial Accounting (FA).However, two are essentials; Strategic BusinessLeader (SBL), Strategic Business Reporting(SBR) and four are options; Advanced FinancialManagement (AFM), Advanced PerformanceManagement (APM), Advanced Taxation (ATX),Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA).The Applied Skills module whichcontains six exams; Corporate andBusiness Law (LW), PerformanceManagement (PM), Taxation (TX),Financial Reporting (FR), Auditand Assurance (AA), FinancialManagement (FM).Students must also complete the ACCA Ethicsand Professional Skills stage. Depending onyour current qualifications, you may be exemptfrom some ACCA exams.The Strategic Professional modulewhich contains 4 exams;Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 04

ExperienceThree years ofrelevant workexperienceEthics andProfessionalSkills moduleExamsEntryRequirements Business andTechnology ManagementAccounting FinancialAccountingUniversity-entrancelevel* or non-relevantdegree(Optional MSc)Essentials2. AppliedSkills(Optional MSc)1. AppliedKnowledge3. StrategicProfessional Corporate andBusiness Law PerformanceManagement Taxation Financial Reporting Audit andAssurance FinancialManagementACCA Diploma inAccounting andBusiness or relevantaccounting or financequalification* Strategic BusinessLeader Strategic BusinessReportingOption (Pick Two) Advanced Financial Management AdvancedPerformanceManagement Advanced Taxation Advanced Auditand AssuranceFully accrediteddegree**Information sourced from - correct as of 23/09/2020Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 05

Applied KnowledgeThis module, which includes exams BT (F1) toFA (F3), is the starting point for achieving yourACCA qualification. Once you’ve passed all 3exams, you can continue onto the AppliedSkills stage.BT (F1) Business and TechnologyMA (F2) Management AccountingFA (F3) Financial AccountingBusiness and Technology (ACCA BT)- Formerly known as F1This exam will examine how well youunderstand the environment of the businessworld and how this affects the way companiesoperate, particularly in regards to the role ofaccountants within businesses. You will needto understand how accountants can make apositive impact in the organisation, as well ashaving a good understanding of essential skillsfor management.Topics include: B usiness stakeholders and externalenvironment Business structure A ccounting and reporting systems, controlsand compliance Leadership and teamwork Personal effectiveness and communication Ethics in accounting and businessText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 06

Management Accounting (ACCA MA)- Formerly known as F2This exam explores your understanding of howto prepare and analyse basic quantitativedata and cost information in order to supportmanagers in making important businessdecisions.Topics include: Management information Cost accounting techniques Budgeting Standard costing Performance measurementFinancial Accounting (ACCA FA)- Formerly known as F3The aim of this exam is to test your ability touse double-entry accounting techniques. Youwill need to know the basic financial principlesand regulations and demonstrate yourtechnical proficiency.This includes knowing how to prepare basicfinancial statements, basic consolidatedfinancial statements and how to interpret them.Topics include: Financial reporting Qualitative characteristics offinancial information Double-entry and accounting systems Recording transactions Trial balance Preparing basic financial statements Preparing simple consolidatedfinancial statements Interpreting financial statementsText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 07

Applied SkillsComprising exams LW (F4) to FM (F9), thisstage examines the principle technicalsubjects that you’re expected to have anadvanced understanding of. These subjectsinclude law, taxation, auditing and financialmanagement, financial reporting andperformance management. You will developknowledge and skills in these subject areas,reaching a level of knowledge equivalent toa bachelor’s degree.LW (F4) Corporate and Business LawPM (F5) Performance ManagementTX (F6) TaxationFR (F7) Financial ReportingAA (F8) Audit & AssuranceFM (F9) Financial ManagementCorporate and Business Law (ACCA LW)- Formerly known as F4This exam tests your general knowledge ofthe legal framework as well as your specificknowledge of how the law relates to businessand when you should consult an expert.Topics include: Essential elements of the legal system Obligations Employment law F ormation and constitution of businessorganisations Financing companies M anagement, administration, andregulation of companies Insolvency C orporate fraudulent and criminalbehaviourText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 08

Performance Management (ACCA PM)- Formerly known as F5This exam tests your practical skills inmanagement accounting, including yourtechnical ability to produce quantitativeand qualitative information for a variety ofbusiness purposes.Topics include: Specialist management accounting Decision-making Budgeting Performance measurementTaxation (ACCA TX)- Formerly known as F6The aim of this exam is to test your knowledgeof taxation and how it applies to individuals,companies and groups of companies.Topics include: The tax system Income tax and NIC Chargeable gains for individuals Inheritance tax Corporation tax VATText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 09

Financial Reporting (ACCA FR)- Formerly known as F7This exam will build your knowledge ofaccounting standards, as well as developingyour skills relating to the application oftheoretical frameworks to the preparation offinancial statements. You will also learn how tointerpret these financial statements.Topics include: T he conceptual and regulatory frameworkfor financial reporting A ccounting for transactions in financialstatements A nalysing and interpreting financialstatements Preparation of financial statementsAudit and Assurance (ACCA AA)- Formerly known as F8This exam will ensure that you fully understandthe process of carrying out the assuranceengagement and will teach you the relatedcontexts of the professional regulatoryframework.Topics include: Audit framework and regulation Planning and risk assessment Internal control Audit evidence Review and reportingText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 10

Financial Management (ACCA FM)- Formerly known as F9This exam tests your ability to perform as afinancial manager. You will be tested on the insand outs of investment and finance, as well asdividend policy decisions.Topics include: Financial management function Financial management environment Working capital management Investment appraisal Business finance Business valuations Risk management Strategic Professional(Essentials)This stage is called Essentials as it will provideyou with the specialised skills and techniquesrequired to become an expert accountant,either in a consultancy or high-level advisoryrole. Each of the 2 ACCA exams is assessedwith a 3-hour exam.Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)SBL (P1 P3) Strategic Business LeaderSBR (P2) Strategic Business ReportingACCA Syllabus 11

Strategic Business Leader (ACCA SBL)- Formerly known as P1 & P3The aim of this exam is to look at areas thatthe Board of Directors of an organisationneed to consider.This ranges from looking at big picture areassuch as strategy and corporate governanceto detailed areas such as developing policieson internal controls, audit and approaches tomanaging projects.As well as studying the technical areas above,20% of the exam marks are awarded forbeing able to communicate on these areas.For example, the exam might require you todraft a letter to a newspaper or prepare apresentation to a group of investors ratherthan just writing an essay.So that you can improve these skills, much ofthe course will be practical. You will be askedto prepare answers both in and outside classto be marked by your tutor.The four-hour exam will be based on oneorganisation, so it will be necessary to thinkholistically. Because of this, you may find thatinformation you are given for Question 1 hasan impact on your answer to Question 3.One of the core skills your tutor will help youto develop is being able to view how all thematerial links together rather than being lotsof individual topics.Topics include: D efine governance and explain itsfunction in the management andcontrol of organisations Evaluate the role of the accountant E xplain the role of the accountant inidentifying and assessing risk E xplain and evaluate the role of theaccountant in relation to risk management D emonstrate the application of professionalvalues and judgement through an ethicalframeworkText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 12

Strategic Business Reporting (ACCA SBR)- Formerly known as P2This exam develops your financial reportingskills, building on your existing knowledgeand developing your understanding of morecomplex financial reporting issues and thewider corporate reporting world.Success in SBR is based upon building solidknowledge foundations but you will also beexpected to develop critical and analytical skillsto enable you to grapple with the preparerand investor double focus of the requirements.The examination is both technical and timepressured. This means your tutors haveinvested time and effort in creating resourcesthat will enable you to practice and grow intothe skill set required to be successful.Topics include: E xplore the professional and ethical duties ofthe accountant Evaluate the financial reporting framework R eport on the financial performance ofentities P repare financial statements for groupsof entities in accordance with accountingstandards E xplore reporting issues relating tospecialised entities D iscuss the implications of changes inaccounting regulation A ppraise the financial performance ofentities Evaluate current developmentsText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 13

Strategic Professional (Options)Choose any 2 from 4.AFM (P4) Advanced Financial ManagementATX (P6) Advanced TaxationAPM (P5) Advanced Performance ManagementAAA (P7) Advanced Audit & Assurance(UK or International)Advanced Financial Management(ACCA AFM) - Formerly known as P4This exam will explore your skills in relation tothe financial management of different types oforganisations. You will be tested on your abilityto exercise professional judgement in seniorroles related to finance within a business.AFM (P4) is one of four Options exams. Youneed to complete two Options exams as partof the ACCA exam requirements.Topics include: Role and responsibility towards stakeholders E conomic environment for multinationalorganisations Advanced investment appraisal Acquisitions and mergers C orporate reconstruction andre-organisation T reasury and advanced riskmanagement techniques E merging issues in finance and financialmanagementText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 14

Advanced Performance Management(ACCA APM) - Formerly known as P5This exam will exercise your professionaljudgement in applying appropriatemanagement accounting techniques. Youwill also be tested on how you are able tocontribute to the evaluation of a specificorganisation and its development.APM (P5) is one of four optional exams. Youneed to complete two optional exams as partof the ACCA exam requirements.Topics include: Strategic planning and control E xternal influences onorganisational performance P erformance measurement systemsand design Strategic performance measurement P erformance evaluation andcorporate failure C urrent developments and emerging issuesperformance managementAdvanced Taxation (ACCA ATX)- Formerly known as P6The ATX (P6) exam on Advanced Taxationexplores your application of knowledge andskills in providing relevant information andadvice to businesses and individuals. You willalso be tested on your ability to evaluate theeffects of the major taxes in financial situations.ATX is one of four Options exams. You needto complete two Options exams as part of theACCA exam requirements.Please note:! T he syllabus for this exam changesdepending on the region you are based in.Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 15

Advanced Audit and Assurance (ACCA AAA)- Formerly known as P7This exam will test your abilities to analyse andevaluate assurance engagement and otheraudit and assurance issues. You will also betested on your ability to evaluate and makereports on advanced audit and assuranceproblems in the context of best practice andcurrent developments.AAA (P7) is one of four Options exams. Youneed to complete two Options exams as partof ACCA’s exam requirements.Topics include: Regulatory environment Professional and ethical considerations Practice management Audit of historical financial information Reporting Current issues and developmentsText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 16

LSBF’s Course FeesOnlineACCA Live Tuition Live RevisionCombine expert live tuition with specialistlive revision sessions and round the clockaccess to comprehensive study materialsand give yourself the best possibleall-round preperation for your exams.ACCA Live TuitionLive tuition students enjoy the campusexperience with complete online flexibility.Applied KnowledgeBT (F1) / MA (F2) / FA (F3)From: 350Applied SkillsLW (F4) / PM (F5) / TX (F6) /FR (F7) / AA (F8) / FM (F9)From: 450Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 795Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From: 795Applied SkillsPM (F5) / TX (F6) / FR (F7) /AA (F8) / FM (F9)From: 450Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 500Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From: 500Fees correct as of: 5/10/20. Please visit: for more up to date information.Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 17

ACCA Live RevisionLive Revision sessions with 100% focus onwhat you need to pass your ACCA examfirst time.ACCA TuitionStudy anytime with our online tuitionrecorded resources. Comprehensive yetflexible tuition option, ideal for studentswho prefer to rely on self-study and don’trequire extensive live online tuition support.Text us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)Applied SkillsPM (F5) / TX (F6) / FR (F7) /AA (F8) / FM (F9)From: 380Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 400Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From: 400Applied SkillsLW (F4) / PM (F5) / TX (F6) /FR (F7) / AA (F8) / FM (F9)From: 250Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 300Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From: 300ACCA Syllabus 18

ACCA Exam Rehearsal CourseOur online ACCA Exam Rehearsal Course(ERC) provides real-time feedback on yourstrengths and weaknesses ahead of theexam. This will allow you to fine tune yourfinal preparation and increase your chancesof a first-time pass.Applied SkillsPM (F5) / TX (F6) / FR (F7) /AA (F8) / FM (F9)From 150Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From 170Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From 170ACCA Online Global MBA/ Master’sin Finance and InvestmentsACCA ExamsMarch / June / September / DecemberIncrease your earning potential by combiningyour ACCA qualification with a fully funded*online MBA or Master’s in Finance andInvestments.Study ModeOnlineACCA Course Duration3 months per courseText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)From: 3905ACCA Syllabus 19

CampusACCA TuitionYou can choose from Evening classes Weekend classes Free online resourcesApplied KnowledgeBT (F1) / MA (F2) / FA (F3)From: 486Applied SkillsFrom: 560PM (F5) / LW (F4) / PM (F5) /TX (F6) / FR (F7) / AA (F8) / FM (F9)Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 645Strategic Professional OptionsFrom: 600AFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)ACCA RevisionYou can choose from Evening classes Extended Weekend classesText us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)Applied SkillsPM (F5) / TX (F6) / FR (F7) /AA (F8) / FM (F9)From: 430Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 450Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From: 450ACCA Syllabus 20

ACCA Exam Rehearsal DaysOur exam rehearsal days are unique mockexams under exam conditions, with immediatefeedback from your tutor.Applied SkillsPM (F5) / TX (F6) /FR (F7) / AA (F8) / FM (F9)From: 170Strategic Professional EssentialsSBR (P2) / SBL (P3)From: 210Strategic Professional OptionsAFM (P4) / APM (P5) /ATX (P6) / AAA (P7)From: 210ACCA Campus Online MBA/Master’s inFinance and InvestmentsExamsMarch / June / September / DecemberIncrease your earning potential bycombining your ACCA qualification witha fully funded* online MBA or Master’s inFinance and Investments.Study Mode From 4216Campus / OnlineFees correct as of: 5/10/20. Please visit: for more up to date information.*Terms and conditions apply: us on WhatsApp ( 44 20 3005 6336)ACCA Syllabus 21

Financial reporting Qualitative characteristics of financial information Double-entry and accounting systems Recording transactions . (F9) Financial Management Corporate and Business Law (ACCA LW) - Forme