MODEL: GMDLBPRev.: 20091112DLPKcomboDOORLOCK &TRANSPONDER BYPASSMODEL: GMDLBPGM Doorlock Alarm & Transponder/Passlock InterfaceInstallation GuideProduct DescriptionData Bus Doorlock Alarm & GM Passkey/Passlock Interface: Lock/Unlock, Driver's Priority Unlock, Trunk/Hatch, OEMSecurity Arm/Disarm, Door trigger Output (-) & Override the 2nd /3rd generation GM Passkey3 Transponder Immobilizer& Passlock 2 Immobilizer via data bus. NKR-No Key Required. Formerly 6 separate kits required to do what the GMDLBP can do with one.Product Features-Wire to Wire compatible with any type of remote car starter (W2W).Compatible with manufacturer's anti-theft & content theft security systems.Maintains integrity of manufacturer's anti-theft immobilizer system.No Key Required for operation (NKR).Simple 2 step programming.IndexVehicle Compatibility Chart. 02Wiring Diagram. 03Programming Option Mode. 04Tech Notes. 04Tech Tips. 04Warranty. 05 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved.

MODEL: GMDLBPRev.: 20091112Page villeBravadaCadillac CTSCadillac SRXCadillac STS/SLSDevilleEnvoyEscaladeGrand AM*H2 HummerImpala LS**Le SabreMonte CarloPark AvenuePickup SierraPickup Sierra ClassicPickup SilveradoPickup Silverado ClassicRainierSRXSSRSuburbanTahoeTrail BlazerUltraYukon Denali2006Vehicle Application Guide2007Vehicle Compatibility 1* OEM factory remote equipped only. If the vehicle is not equipped with an OEM keyless,the module will not lock/unlock or open the trunk.** The module will only do the Bypass on this platform. 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved.

LOCK INPUTUNLOCK INPUTGREEN (-)BLUE (-)NOTE:REMOTEIMPORTANT: DO NOT CONNECT VIOLETDATA OUTPUT WIRE OF INTERFACE MODULETO VEHICLE DATA WIRE (PIN 2) UNTIL EVERYOTHER WIRE HAS BEEN CONNECTED & THEHARNESS HAS BEEN PLUGGED INTO THEINTERFACE (DL) MODULE.PINK and PINK/WHITE wires are ONLY used wheninstalling a remote starter alarm combination systemSTARTER4) Start the vehicle with the ignition key: The LED will turn off confirming the GMDLBP is programmed to the vehicle.3) Release programming button and the LED will come ON solid.2) Once Vehicle Platform Type has been selected, press & hold program button until LED blinks once to confirm setting is saved & ready to program to vehicle.EX: If TYPE 4 is required: Please note the module is already in Vehicle Platform TYPE 1. Press the programming button to advance to the next TYPE selection (3Xtimes in total). The LED will then flash 4 times to confirm TYPE 4 selection.1) To change the Vehicle Platform Setting, press and release the program button until the LED flash rate is the same as the TYPE of vehicle required. The number offlashes from the LED confirms the Vehicle Platform Type that has been selected. Ex: 1 flash TYPE 1, 2 flashes TYPE 2, and so on.IF THIS IS THE VEHICLE PLATFORM REQUIRED SKIP TO “STEP 2”.*See Vehicle Compatibility Chart on page 2.DEFAULT VEHICLE PLATFORM SETTING IS TYPE 1GMDLBP is designed to operate on any one of 5 possible vehicle platform types. Once the GMDLBP has been successfully connected, the next step isto program the GMDLBP to operate on the appropriate Vehicle Platform Type. See Vehicle Compatibility Chart on page 2.* If you select type 1 or 4, applying a ground pulse to this wire will turn on the panic mode. To turn it off, send another pulse to this wire. However, if you select type 2 or 3, applying aground pulse will open the trunk.(-) CHASSIS GROUND INPUTTRUNK INPUT FOR TYPE 2 & 3BLACK (-)TYPE 1 & 4,*PANIC INPUT( ) 12 VOLTS CONSTANT INPUTPINKRED ( )DOME LIGHT INPUT FROM VEHICLE (MODE 6 DETERMINES INPUT POLARITY)PINK/WHITE(-)ORANGE(-)DATA OUTPUT CONNECT TO VIOLET DATA WIRE OF ODBII (PIN#2)DOOR TRIGGER OUTPUTVIOLETVIOLET/WHITE SEE TECH NOTES ON PAGE 4NEGATIVE GROUND OUTPUT WHEN RUNNING (-)(REMOTE START INSTALLATIONS ONLY)BROWN (-)Programming buttonMODEL: GMDLBPRev.: 20091112Page 3 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved.

MODEL: GMDLBPRev.: 20091112Page 4Before programming the module, start the vehicle once and let it run for a few seconds,then turn the engine off.Programming Option Mode1-Press and hold the Programming button for 2 seconds. The LED will flash for approximately 3 seconds, PAUSE,then flash once more to indicate entry into MODE1 (DOORLOCK SELECTION).OPTION PROGRAMMING2-To advance to next MODE, press the Programming button again. The LED will flash to confirm what MODE youare in. Ex: 1 flash MODE 1, 2 flashes MODE 2, and so on.3-Once you have entered the required MODE: you may then change your options. Advance the OPTION bypressing the LOCK or UNLOCK button from your aftermarket transmitter.4-The vehicle will chirp once (1X) or twice (2X) to indicate option level.5-To exit the OPTION PROGRAMMING: Press and hold the program button until the LED flashes once (1X).6-To return or change another OPTION, go to step 1.OPTION PROGRAMMING CHARTMode SelectionOption Programming *Default ValueMode1:Doorlock output *Option 1:Option 2:1st PULSE: Driver Priority Function2nd PULSE: Unlock all doors1st PULSE: Unlock all doorsMode6:Domelight polarityOption 2:*Option 1: Positive( ) PolarityNegative(-) PolarityMode7:Reset ModeReset to Default Values*Option 1:ONLY MODE 1, 6 AND 7 ARE AVAILABLETech NotesIMPORTANT: The GMDLBP will detect all door triggers through the data line for TYPE 2 and TYPE 3 vehicles only. InTYPE 1 and TYPE 4, only the front doors will be detected. You will need to get a signal from the rear doors (- or ) andconnect those wires to the pink one. You also need to select the polarity of the rear doors in Mode 6.When the interface kit detects an open door thru the data line, it will send a (-) negative trigger on the PINK/WHITE:[door trigger output (-)] wire.**BROWN (-) For reliable conversion of analog to digital, all (-) input wires require a solid ground to activate each commandfunction. Relays are not required except in cases in which the output(s) ground signal is insufficient. (Example: transistor /doorlock outputs)***VIOLET/WHITE (-) Connect this wire to disarm wire from remote car starter ONLY if the OEM alarm sounds once whenremote starting vehicle.****ORANGE (-) In a Type 1 & 4 installation the orange wire can be used to activate the vehicles panic mode as long as theremote system has a dedicated panic output. A horn output is not suitable since it is also used to provide confirmation chirps, etc.Which will result in triggering the panic function.Tech TipsIf the module is not resetting, turn the key to the ON position and start the vehicle. This will turn on the BCM. Once thereset is complete, you will be able to select the platform you need (1 to 5). 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved.

MODEL: GMDLBPRev.: 20091112Page 5Limited One-Year Consumer WarrantyFor a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase of a Directed Electronics remote start or securityproduct, Directed Electronics. (“DIRECTED”) promises to the original purchaser, to repair or replace with acomparable reconditioned piece, the security or remote start accessory piece (hereinafter the “Part”), whichproves to be defective in workmanship or material under normal use, provided the following conditions aremet: the Part was purchased from an authorized DIRECTED dealer; and the Part is returned to DIRECTED,postage prepaid, along with a clear, legible copy of the receipt or bill of sale bearing the followinginformation: consumer’s name, address, telephone number, the authorized licensed dealer’s name andcomplete product and Part description.This warranty is nontransferable and is automatically void if the Part has been modified or used in a mannercontrary to its intended purpose or the Part has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect,improper service, installation or other causes not arising out of defect in materials or construction.TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITEDTO EXPRESS WARRANTY, IMPLIED WARRANTY, WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESSFOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND WARRANTY OF NON INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUALPROPERTY, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED; AND DIRECTED NEITHER ASSUMES NOR AUTHORIZESANY PERSON OR ENTITY TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY DUTY, OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY INCONNECTION WITH ITS PRODUCTS. DIRECTED HEREBY DISCLAIMS AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NOLIABILITY FOR ANY AND ALL ACTS OF THIRD PARTIES INCLUDING DEALERS OR INSTALLERS. INTHE EVENT OF A CLAIM OR A DISPUTE INVOLVING DIRECTED OR ITS SUBSIDIARY, THE PROPERVENUE SHALL BE SAN DIEGO COUNTY IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. CALIFORNIA STATE LAWSAND APPLICABLE FEDERAL LAWS SHALL APPLY AND GOVERN THE DISPUTE. THE MAXIMUMRECOVERY UNDER ANY CLAIM AGAINST DIRECTED SHALL BE STRICTLY LIMITED TO THEAUTHORIZED DIRECTED DEALER’S PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PART. DIRECTED SHALL NOT BERESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANYCONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, DAMAGES FOR THE LOSS OF TIME, LOSSOF EARNINGS, COMMERCIAL LOSS, LOSS OF ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND THE LIKE.NOTWITHSTANDING THE ABOVE, THE MANUFACTURER DOES OFFER A LIMITED WARRANTY TOREPLACE OR REPAIR AT DIRECTED’S OPTION THE PART AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty will last or the exclusion orlimitation of incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and youmay also have other rights that vary from State to State. DIRECTED does not and has not authorizedany person or entity to create for it any other obligation, promise, duty or obligation in connection withthis Part.920-0007 07-06This Interface kit / Data Bus Interface part has been tested on the listed vehicles. Other vehicles will be addedto the select vehicle list upon completion of compatibility testing. Visit website for latest vehicle applicationguide. DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer or the distributors of the bypass kit /data bus interface part(s) be held liable for any consequential damages sustained in connection with thepart(s) installation. The manufacturer and it’s distributors will not, nor will they authorize any representative orany other individual to assume obligation or liability in relation to the interface kit / data bus interface part(s)other than its replacement. N.B.:Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer and distributors of thisproduct be liable for consequential damages sustained in connection with this product and neither assumesnor authorizes any representative or other person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than thereplacement of this product only.PROTECTED BY U.S. PATENTS: 5,719,551; 6,011,460 B1 *;6,243,004 B1; 6,249,216 B1; 6,275,147 B1; 6,297,731 B1; 6,346,876 B1; 6,392,534 B1; 6,529,124 B2; 6,696,927 B2; 6,756,885 B1; 6,756,886 B2;6,771,167 B1; 6,812,829 B1; 6,924,750 B1; 7,010,402 B1; 7,015,830 B1; 7,031,826 B1; 7,046,126 B1; 7,061,137 B1; 7,068,153 B1; 7,205,679 B1; CDN. PATENT: 2,320,248; 2,414,991; 2 , 4 1 5 , 0 1 1 ;2,415,023; 2,415,027; 2,415,038; 2,415,041; 2,420,947; 2,426,670; 2,454,089 EUROPEAN PATENT:1,053,128 PAT. PENDING: 2,291,306; MADE IN CANADA 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved.