Faith Formation Handbook forJunior High Youth MinistryAdult HandbookSt. Jude Catholic Community New Lenox, Il 604512021-2022After reviewing this handbook please complete the electronicacknowledgment form linked on the previous pageFAITH FORMATION CONTACT INFORMATIOgggg.NDirector of JH & HS Youth Ministries: Matthew Krumdrick 815-463-4213 [email protected] of Youth Discipleship: Jen Lebhardt 815-463-4266 [email protected] of Family Faith Formation: Sarah Gibbons 815-463-4223 [email protected] Administrative Coordinator: Berni Kacor 815-463-4262 [email protected] of Parish Outreach: Denise Boisvert 815-463-4292 [email protected]

Dear Families with Students in Junior High Youth Ministry,The Faith Formation staff—with the help of the Holy Spirit—has been brainstorming and planning ways tosafely and whole-heartedly inspire, empower, and transform teens and families to grow in knowledge of their faithas well as create habits in faith practices of gratitude, prayer, Sacraments, and service. We have formulated anextensive safety plan that has been delivered to the Diocese of Joliet as required by our diocesan policy.We want to assure you that we are putting forth our best efforts as we plan for a three-pillar approach toforming the faith of teens in the context of families (that means equipping parents to facilitate faith conversationsand establish or re-commit to faith practices at home).Pillar #1: Video Content Teens and families will have access to online videos with one to two requiredmonthly videos to watch and brie y discuss the message (2-3 questions will be provided). Teens will be askedto submit a response each month—formats will vary and options will be givenPillar #2: Mentors & Small Groups Teens will be partnered with a mentor and a small group of 8-10students and have a 90 minute in-person meeting once or twice each month. These meetings will be held onSunday at 4:45pm-6:15pm or Monday at 6:30pm-8pm. Mentors will be trained and massively supported bystaff to meet teens where they are at and journey with them as they progress through stages of faith. Mentorswill communicate with teens (visible to parents) to connect teens and families with pertinent Scripture, videos,and articles that assist teens in their struggles and guide them in applying their faith.Pillar #3: Gathered Events Teens will have the opportunity to gather with their peers for 7th gradeworkshops, 8th grade Con rmation Prep sessions, and one 8th grade retreat each year. These gatherings willcomply with current guidelines for social interactions. Con rmation Retreat options for 8th grade students arescheduled in October, November, December and March. Options to participate virtually will be available forgathered events to ensure all students can participate face to face or on-lineThe current health and safety guidelines have prompted us to update the format and our approach forJHYM; we are con dent that this mentoring approach will greatly engage and transform teens and their families.If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information about becoming a mentor, pleasecontact Matthew Krumdrick or Jen Lebhardt. We really value your feedback and participation in St. Jude YouthMinistriesBlessingsMatthew 136

Goals of Junior High Youth MinistryOur goals are to:Engage junior high teens and their parents with God, each other in faith conversations, and withtheir St. Jude Parish family in worship, Sacraments, and service.Mentors journey with students as they develop and deepen a personal relationship with Jesusthrough prayer, Scripture, and faith sharing.Empower students to develop faith habits of gratitude, prayer, Scripture, Sacraments, and service.JHYM offers the students meaningful experiences of prayer, worship, scripture, community serviceand catechesis within a relational context.Four Cornerstones of Junior High Youth Ministry1. Community: JHYM gatherings will provide teens an2.3.4.opportunity to develop trusting and genuine friendshipsin an environment without judgment or ridicule. Whatis shared in the small group is confidential and there isno room for gossiping! Teens can be themselves andshare their questions, doubts, opinions, and ideas!Participation: Because junior high teens arepreparing to be Confirmed as adult Catholics, we ask thatall teens and their families participate actively in theJunior High Youth Ministry gatherings, St. Judeintergenerational learning, service events, and mostimportantly weekly Mass!Faith Growth: Mentors will continually model howCatholics rely on God’s strength and grace to getthrough all of life’s challenges. Through monthlydiscussions and weekly group chats, students will beencouraged to bring Jesus into every arena of their lifeand develop habits of faith practices: gratitude, prayer,Scripture, Sacraments and service.Stewardship (Christian Service): Jesus calls us toadopt an attitude of service and as Christian stewards, weshare our time, talent, and treasure with others in need.As we are able to, engaging and meaningful stewardshipopportunities will be offered for individuals, smallgroups, and families.Grow in Knowledge:Learn about therichness of our FaithExperience aDeeper Friendshipwith Jesus (prayer &Sacraments)Live Out Your Faithwith Stewardship(at home, at St. Jude& in the community)Participate in Mass(get fueled up through theEucharist to live out andshare your faith throughoutthe week)Weekend Masses: Saturday 5 pm; Sunday 7 am, 9 am, & 11 am*Once a month Teen Mass on second Sunday of each month at 6:30 pmbeginning September 12th*The 5 pm Saturday Mass and 9 am Sunday Mass are live streamed at

Expectations & Dates7-8 Small Group Sessions1 Reconciliation Service (Wednesday, March 16th 7-8:30 pm is specifically planned for the teens)“Explore 4”: Choose from the options listed on the web: stjudes.orgWhen parents attend the Catholic Skills Sessions (for 7th graders), the Confirmation Prep Sessions (for8th graders), or a stewardship project WITH THEIR TEEN, those events count as an Explore 4.7th Graders only: 3 Catholic Skills Sessions, 1 Small Group Retreat8th Graders only: 3 Confirmation Prep sessions (with a parent and/or sponsor), 1 ConfirmationRetreat, letter requesting permission to be Confirmed, and a Saint Report6 Stewardship Projects: 2 to Family, 2 to Parish, 2 to Community (that total approximately 20 hours)1 Stewardship Reflection Page and Stewardship Log7 Family Mass Reflections (can be done on paper or submitted on line)Year #1: 7th GradeSundayMondayJHYM Intro, Scripture Workshop & MeetMentors (Parent attend; in person or Live Streamed)September 19September 204:45 —6:15 p6:30-8:00 pConnect with Mentor & Small Group (in person or virtual):OctoberOctober 17NovemberNovember 21FebruaryMarchApril 3OctoberOctober 18NovemberNovember 29FebruaryMarchApril 4Teaching Mass Family Workshop(Parents attend; In person or Live Streamed)December 12 6:30 p7th Grade Retreat: (Details TBA)January 8th 9:00 am—12:00 pPrayer Workshop (Parent attend; details TBA)January 23 4:45 pm OR January 24 6:30 pAttend 1 night of Parish Mission:(In person or Live Streamed)February 21 and/or 22 at 7 pm each nighTeen Reconciliation ServiceWednesday, March 16 7 7m8m473647367676fififiDates in bold: Catholic Skills Workshops!* Parent(s) are asked to attend (count as Explore 4)Year #2: 8th GradeSundayMondayCon rmation Prep #1(Parent attends; in person or Live Streamed)September 26September 274:45 —6:15 p6:30-8:00 pConnect with Mentor & Small Group (in person or virtual):OctoberOctoberOctober 17October 1NovemberNovemberNovember 21November 2FebruaryFebruaryMarchMarchApril 3April 4Teaching Mass Family Workshop(Parents attend; In person or Live Streamed)December 12 6:30 pCon rmation Prep #2(Parent or Sponsor attend; in person or live-streamed)January 9 4:45 pm OR January 10 6:30 pAttend 1 night of Parish Mission:(In person or Live StreamedFebruary 21 and/or 22 at 7 pm each nighTeen Reconciliation ServiceWednesday, March 16 7 pCon rmation Prep #3(Sponsor attend; In person or Live Streamed)March 20 4:45 pm OR March 21 6:30 pm*****************************Dates in bold: Con rmation Prep!* Parents or Sponsor are asked to attend (count as Explore 4)

7th Grade Catholic Skills 101 CurriculumParents of 7th grade teens are asked to attend these sessions to gather with other parents and hearoutstanding speakers that will empower and inspire you and your faith! (It counts as an Explore 4!)All of these events will be offered in person and Live Streamed.DateTopicObjectivesSeptember 2021Scripture: The BigPictureWhat is the Bible? How can we understand the story as thehistory of our faith? How can we use it to read and pray?7th Grade Catholic Skills 101 CurriculumWhat do the prayers and rituals mean at Mass and how canDecember 2021Teaching MassParents of 7th grade teens are asked to attend these sessionsto gatherwith other parents and hearwe get moreout of Mass?outstanding speakers that will empower and inspire you and your faith! (It counts as an Explore 4!)All ofthese2022events will be offeredin personParticipate in and discuss a variety of different forms ofJanuaryChristianPrayer and live-streamed.prayer: adoration, music as prayer, the Our Father, etc.Sunday, September 19 4:45-6:15 pmSunday, December 12 6:30 pmSunday, January 234:45-6:15 pmMonday, September 20 6:30-8:00 pmSunday, December 12 6:30 pmMonday, January 246:30-8:00 pm8th Grade Con rmation Preparation CurriculumParents and/or Sponsors of 8th grade teens need to attend these sessions with their teen.All of these events will be offered in person and Live Streamed.DateTopicSeptember 2021Confirmation 101(parents & teens)ObjectivesChoosing a confirmation name & sponsor, whatconfirmation means, and reasons to get confirmed.8thConrmationPreparationCurriculumHow can Confirmation empowerus to be present dayJanuaryGrade2022DiscipleshipNightdisciples of Jesus?(sponsors & teens)Parents and/or Sponsors of 8th grade teens need to attend these sessions with their teen!What are the gifts, how we get them, and how we use them.Marchof theinHolySpiritAll ofthese2022events will beGiftsofferedpersonand live-streamed.(sponsors & teens)fifi Confirmation Retreat: Please register on-line ( for a retreat. Space islimited to the first 30-40 who register. Details and registration will be available soon. Sponsor: Teens are asked to choose a practicing Catholic (male or female, non-parent) to be theirsponsor for Confirmation that will attend the last 2 prep sessions, the rehearsal, and the ceremony.The Sponsor Commitment form will be due by January 9th or 10th. Saint Report: A detailed outline will be provided in the Confirmation Prep #1. The Saint report is dueby February 6th or 7th at Small Group session. Letter requesting permission to be Confirmed: A detailed outline will be provided in theConfirmation Prep #2. The letter, addressed to Fr. Robert Basler, will be due by March 6th or 7th.

Preparation for the Sacrament of Con rmationPreparation for the Sacrament of Con rmation is an integral part of a teen’slife-long faith journey. Teens NEED their parents and sponsors to participate with them asyou play an integral part on their journey!Sacramental PolicyThe preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation is done with the cooperationof the Faith Formation Office and the clergy of St. Jude Parish. In order for a teen to receive theSacrament of Confirmation, they must be a baptized Catholic and must have received their FirstEucharist and Reconciliation.Besides regular monthly sessions and in home preparation, each 8th grade teen will:1. Attend three Confirmation Prep Sessions in person or Live Streamed (parent attendsthe first, sponsor attends the second and third):Sunday, September 26Sunday, January 9Sunday, March 204:45-6:15 pm4:45-6:15 pm4:45-6:15 pmMonday, September 27Monday, January 10Monday, March 216:30-8:00 pm6:30-8:00 pm6:30-8:00 pmfifi2. Attend one Confirmation Retreat (options are listed on the JHYM website;registration is limited and is first-come, first-served—available soon).3. Write a Saint Report that must be typed on 8 1/2 x 11 stationery, at least one page(double-spaced) , turned in by the February 6th or 7th session, and include thefollowing: A summary of the life/lives of the saint(s) whose name he/she has chosen to take ashis/her Confirmation name. What are the reasons for picking this name as his/her Confirmation name? Teen should include a list of the resources (web sites, books, etc.) they used in thisreport.4. Write a letter requesting permission to be Confirmed that must be typed on 8 1/2 x11 stationery, about 200 words, addressed to Fr. Robert Basler, turned in by the March6th or 7th session, and contain the following: Briefly stating what he/she feels Confirmation is, what it will do for him/her, whathe/she will do for Jesus and the Church as his/her response to the Sacrament. Stating the reasons the student feels he/she is prepared and ready to make thenecessary faith commitment. Asking for permission to be confirmed at St. Jude Church.5. Attended three Catholic Skills Workshops: Scripture, Mass, & Prayer (provided in thefirst year of preparation).6. Diocesan Requirements for the Sacrament are: engage in two years of faith formationprior to Confirmation, must be baptized, received First Reconciliation, and FirstEucharist.7. A Confirmation Candidate must also have a sponsor who is an active Catholic. Thesponsor must not be a parent. Turn in the Sponsor Form by January 9th or 10th.

JHYM Stewardship OpportunitiesJesus calls us to adopt an attitude of service and as Christian stewards, we share our time, talent,and treasure with others in need. Teens are expected to participate in a minimum of 6stewardship projects (that total a minimum of 20 hours): two that serve their family, two thatserve St. Jude parish, and two that serve the community. Teens need to record each service effortin their Stewardship Log as well as reflect on, fill out, and turn in one Stewardship Reflectionpage to their mentor by the end of April.Ideas to Serve YourFamily:Ideas to Serve YourParish:Help clean a relative/friend/neighbor’shouseTutor a younger sibling/neighborHelp a relative/friend/neighbor moveTake care of a relative/friend/neighbor’spet, check mail, get newspaper, waterplants while they are awayShovel driveway or do yard work for arelative/friend/neighborBabysit for a relative/friend/neighborHelp take care of a sick relative/friend/neighborAs more opportunities become available forin-person service, we will email you andhighlight the opportunities on the LifeLongapp!Participate in the Teen Mass;Instrumentalists, Servers, Greeters,Commentators, Readers, or EucharisticMinisters. Contact Matthew Krumdrick [email protected] decorate the church for Advent/Christmas/Lent/Easter or clean the churchafterwardsMeal Angels: Make and deliver a meal to a St.Jude family [email: [email protected]]Volunteer at St. Jude Summer Kid’s Campand/or Assist with the Faith Formationgrades 1st – 6th[email: Katie Neu [email protected]]Volunteer with Children’s Liturgy of TheWord [email: [email protected]]Provide babysitting at Parish events[email: [email protected]]

Policies for Junior High Youth MinistryFamily Mass Reflections:To assist teens in more fully and actively participating in and understanding Mass as well as how faith is lived athome and in the community, we ask teens to complete at least 7 Family Mass reflections by the end of April.Reflection pages can be downloaded or filled out on-line at 5 pm Saturday Mass and 9 am Sunday Mass is live streamed at Reflections on Stewardship Efforts:Teens are asked to complete 6 Stewardship Projects: 2 to Family, 2 to Parish, 2 to Community (roughly equaling20 hours). As well as reflect on, fill out, and turn in one Stewardship Log & Reflection page (per year).Reflection pages can be downloaded at Arrival Policy:All teens must arrive at Franciscan Hall (Door 6) for our monthly Small Group sessions. Any Workshops orConfirmation Prep sessions will enter through the main church doors. Masks must be worn the entire time ofeach indoor gathering.Student Dismissal Policy:Dismissal for all gatherings will be from the St. Jude Church building.Masks:All students, volunteers, and staff are required to wear a mask while in the building. Masks can be the papersurgical type or cloth. Designs are allowed as long as they are appropriate (appropriateness determined by FaithFormation staff). Bandanas and scarves are not permitted. Face shields are not allowed except in specialcircumstances. Masks are worn covering the nose and mouth.Hand Sanitizing:Hand sanitizing dispensers will be available at each entrance. Hand washing will be encouraged when possible.Students will be encouraged to sanitize when entering a classroom, exiting a washroom, and periodicallythroughout the session when needed. Students may bring a capped water bottle to session. No food is allowedduring session, except for special medical reasons previously disclosed to the Faith Formation office.Physical Distancing:Physical distancing will be maintained when possible in all areas of the building. Seats are arranged 3 ft apart inthe classroom spaces. Student seating will be sanitized before and after Faith Formation sessions.

Attendance Policy:We keep accurate attendance records so that we can account for each student. If your student is not able toparticipate in person for any Workshops or Confirmation Preps, we ask that you watch the Live Streamedvideo (also available for viewing on the Vimeo channel afterwards.)Tardiness:Teens are expected to be on time. If a student is not able to attend their regularly scheduled gathering withtheir Small Group, it is essential to let the mentor know in advance.Early Dismissal:Parent/guardian must provide handwritten consent, indicating time and reason for departure, even if a phonecall has been made. The notice should indicate the name of the person picking up the teen as well.Behavior:The behavior of the students attending St. Jude Faith Formation is expected to be exemplary of Christianvalues. Such a code of conduct requires that the student show the proper respect for themselves, others, andany property we may use. St. Jude’s discipline code is one that encourages responsibility and self-discipline,resulting in self-understanding and self-esteem. Therefore it is important that the parents, teachers/ministers,and administration/staff have the same high expectations for the student’s behavior. In order for he or she togrow socially, emotionally, and in faith, your child needs to be in a safe environment in which there areconcerned adults who set firm, consistent, positive limits while also providing warmth and support for theappropriate behavior. Teens are required to adhere to these foundational rules: Confidentiality is a huge element of the small group experience (absolutely no gossiping!).Everything said within the small group is expected to be kept confidential in the small group. The leaderhas been instructed to maintain this at all times unless the leaders know that a teen has expressedsomething that should/will cause the injury of self or others. Respect for mentors, peers, St. Jude church building, school, and property through right choices ingroup or one-on-one interactions.The procedure for disciplinary action will be as follows:1st Offense: The teen will receive a warning from an adult stating that they have not followed theexpectations of proper behavior in the small or large group setting.2nd Offense: The parents will receive a letter stating the problem and the teen will be sent to theFaith Formation Workroom to meet with the Director of Junior High Youth Ministry. Thestudent will not be allowed to return to a Junior High gathering until that letter issigned by a parent and returned to the Faith Formation Office.3rd Offense: The parent will have to attend gatherings with their teen, possibly until the end ofthe year.4th Offense: The parents will find alternative means of faith formation for their teen.

Late Pickup from Faith Formation:We understand that sometimes rides can be delayed due to unexpected circumstances. We will ask that you callin to let us know so that we can adjust the logistics of dismissal and wait with your child until you arrive. Pleasecall 815-463-4261 with your estimated time of arrival. We will need your student's name and their mentor'sname at the time of the call.Dress Code:A teen’s general appearance should not be distracting, immodest, or unkempt. Guidelines: Articles of clothing which display obscene or suggestive phrases or images should NOT be worn. Occult (Satanic/devil worship) clothing or related symbols may not be worn. Clothes that display antisocial, immoral, or illegal behavior are not allowed. Clothing or accessories which promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco products or which promote violence ordeath are not permitted. Uniform equipment is not allowed on premises. (ie, shoulder/knee/shin pads and shoes with cleats) Hats/sunglasses must be removed upon entry to the building. Electronic devices must be turned off. This includes cell phones, ipods, hand-held game devices, etc.Anyone using such a device during a gathering will have to forfeit the item until the end.Special Needs:It is also helpful to the mentor to be informed of any learning, emotional, or behavioral problems. If you did notinform our office of any concerns, please do so. You also are encouraged to talk to the mentor personally. It isimportant that the Director and mentor have this information just as you would inform the principal and teachersof the teen’s day school so we can better serve your teen.Health and Emergencies:At the time of registration, you completed an emergency form for your child/children. If there are any changesto this information, please notify our office. It is important that we are informed of any health problems ormedication that the child is receiving in case your child would require emergency treatment. In an emergency wewill attempt to telephone parents first. If not successful, we will notify the other responsible person you notedon the registration form. The authorization gives us permission to have the child treated if you cannot bereached in an emergency. If any information changes (telephone, address, or insurance), please advise the FaithFormation Office so we can have updated information on your children.Emergency School Closing:If weather or other conditions make it necessary to cancel classes, St. Jude Faith Formation Office is part of theEmergency Closing Center. An announcement will be made on AM radio stations: WJOL (1340), WMAQ(670), WGN (720), WBBM (780), or WLS (890). It will also be announced on the following television channels:CBS (2), NBC (5), WGN (9), FOX (32), and CLTV (37). When New Lenox schools have been closed or haveearly dismissal for inclement weather, we may also cancel faith formation classes that day.Walking or Riding Bikes to Faith Formation:This is highly discouraged due to the darkness when gathering has concluded. If you are unable to drive yourchild to your teen’s event/session please try to arrange a ride with another family.

Tornado Alarms:The tornado alarm at St. Jude is denoted by a rapid succession of short bells signaling an alert situation.When a tornado alarm sounds, students are to: Maintain silence so instruction may be heard. Walk single file to the corridors and sit on the floor as close together as possible (not next to orbelow any glass walls or exits) Place your head between the knees with the hands over head to be protected from falling debris. Wait quietly for all-clear bells to sound.Parent Conferences:Parents may schedule a conference at anytime with their teen’s small group mentor or the Director ofJunior High Youth Ministry.Parish Website:Please take some time to visit our homepage at St. Jude Church has much to offer andthe website will be a useful tool to help your family stay connected to the life of the parish as a whole.Statement of Non-Discrimination:St. Jude Parish admits students of any race, color, sex, or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges,programs, and activities. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, nationality, andethnic origin in administration of its policies, supplementary programs, or any other program basedfunction.Procedure to Resolve a Problem or Concern:If a parent has an issue with a small group leader, the parent is to speak with the small group leader. Ifthis issue is not resolved, the parent may meet with the Junior High Director. A meeting will then beset up between the parent, the small group leader, and the Junior High Director. Parents are welcometo take their concerns to the Faith Formation Director if they are still unsatisfied.Amendments to the Handbook:Statements in this book are subject to amendment with or without notice. The Faith Formationprogram will attempt to keep parents informed of all changes as soon as they are able to do so. Somechanges might be made immediately due to unforeseen circumstances.Diocesan Policies/Procedures for VolunteersRequired Information: Following the mandate of the Bishop for our diocese, all persons over 18working with minors (this includes catechists, aides, and volunteers who will be working with the FaithFormation Program) must consent to: Attend a three-hour session of “Protecting God’s Children.” Acknowledge the following forms within your Virtus account:- Standards of Behavior for Those Working with Minors- Policy Regarding Sexual Abuse of Minors rev 2013 A criminal background check (every 5 years). Sign the DCFS form for "Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status"(Annual basis)

DIOCESE OF JOLIET:PASTORAL POLICY REGARDING SEXUAL ABUSE OF MINORS, Revised February 2013I. INTRODUCTIONOn June 14, 2002, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved the Charter for the Protection ofChildren and Young People. On December 8, 2002, the Essential Norms for Dealing with Allegations of SexualAbuse of Minors were approved by Pope John Paul II. In June of 2005, the Charter and the Norms wererevised, and in 2011, the Charter was revised in order to re-af irm the deep commitment of the Church tocreate a safe environment for children and youth. The Diocese of Joliet irst promulgated a policy regardingsexual abuse of minors on June 14, 1990. Revisions were made in September 1993, in June 1997, in June 2003and July 2008.As with the previous edition, this policy is intended to be in conformity with provisions from the Charter forthe Protection of Children and Young People and from the Essential Norms for Dealing with Allegations ofSexual Abuse of Minors. This policy is designed to ensure appropriate responses to allegations of sexual abuseof minors and vulnerable adults by clergy, seminarians, religious, employees and volunteers. It addressespreventing sexual abuse through education and screening, reporting abuse, providing pastoral assistance topersons affected by abuse and the processing of allegations. A copy of this policy is to be given to all clergyand seminarians as well as to all employees and volunteers who will sign an acknowledgement of its receipt.The policy is also to be published on the diocesan website.II. DEFINITIONSA. Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse is any sexual conduct with a minor or a vulnerable adult which is eitherunlawful and/or contrary to the moral teaching of the Church, which is engaged in by an adult employee/volunteer of the Diocese or a parish. It also includes the acquisition, possession, or distribution ofpornographic images of minors for the purposes of sexual grati ication, by whatever means or the use ofwhatever technology.B. Ministerial Relationship: A ministerial relationship is established between persons when care or servicesare given. Persons in a ministerial relationship with others include clergy, seminarians, diaconal candidatesand religious, as well as employees and volunteers.C. Employee: An employee is a person who is compensated for services to a diocesan agency, parish or school.D. Volunteer: A volunteer is a person who functions without compensation in any role within a diocesanagency, parish or school.E. Minor: A person who has not reached his or her 18th birthday is de ined as a minor.F. Vulnerable Adult: A vulnerable adult is one who habitually lacks the use of reason (Canon 99) or who,because of mental or physical disability is incapable of protecting himself/herself from sexual abuse.G. Director of Child and Youth Protection: The Director of Child and Youth Protection, also known as theDirector, is appointed by Bishop to oversee the workings of the Diocesan Of ice of Child and Youth Protection.ffffffIII. POLICIESA. Healing and Reconciliation1. Ministry to Victims: The Victim Assistance Coordinator, appointed by the Bishop, is to coordinateassistance for the immediate pastoral care of persons who claim to have been sexually abused as minors orvulnerable adults. Such care will serve to nurture healing and reconciliation. The Diocese of Joliet is toassist the healing process of the abused. For this reason, it seeks to treat all allegations of sexual abuse witha prompt, direct, thorough and con idential pastoral response. Appropriate assistance is offered to victimsin accord with recommendations of the Review Board. This may include counseling, spiritual direction,support groups or other social services.2. Ministry to the Accused: Appropriate steps are to be taken to protect the reputation of the ac

Junior High Youth Ministry Adult Handbook St. Jude Catholic Community New Lenox, Il 60451 2021-2022 After reviewing this handbook please complete the electronic acknowledgment form linked on the previous page. FAITH FORMATION CONTACT INFORMATION Director of JH & HS Youth Ministri