Pub Catchment Report - B46 1NW1 Mile Catchment Mosaic ProfileG Domestic Success0.5 MileCatchment1 MileCatchment10 Minute DTCatchment2546Catchment Adults 18 2,7375,14857,987Catchment Adults 18 Per Pub1,3691,0301,261Per Pub AnalysisF Suburban Stability H Aspiring Homemakers Number of Pubs0.5 Mile CatchmentStandard Catchment PubChannel IndexTargetCustomers% ofPopulationGreat Pub Great Food Gold1,56857.3Great Pub Great Food Silver2,227Mainstream Pub with Food - Suburban ValueMainstream Pub with Food - Suburban Aspiration1 Mile CatchmentTargetCustomers% 67961.3Mainstream Pub with Food - Country Value20Mainstream Pub with Food - Country AspirationBit of Style10 Minute DT CatchmentTargetCustomers% 337513.75552210.1416,08610.542YPV Mainstream00.00160.3158861.575YPV Premium993.6541102.1327651.320Community Wet84831.01002,02439.312733,62158.0187Total 18 Population in CatchmentIndex2,7375,148%Index57,9870.5 Mile CatchmentSocial GradeIndex1 Mile Catchment%Index10 Minute DT 88348.010256.4120Experian Copyright 20161

Catchment Mosaic GroupsMosaic Groups in 0.5 and 1 Mile Catchment AreasMosaic Groups in 10 minute DT Catchment AreaCopyright Experian Ltd, HERE 2015. Ordnance Survey Crown copyright 2015SiteCatchmentA City ProsperityF Suburban StabilityK Municipal ChallengeB Prestige PositionsC Country LivingG Domestic SuccessL Vintage ValueH Aspiring HomemakersM Modest TraditionsExperian Copyright 2016Copyright Experian Ltd, HERE 2015. Ordnance Survey Crown copyright 2015D Rural RealityI Family BasicsN Urban CohesionE Senior SecurityJ Transient RentersO Rental Hubs2

Adults 18 by Mosaic Type in Each Catchment0.5 MileCatchmentCatchmentMosaic Type Profile%Adults 18 A01 World-Class Wealth00.0A02 Uptown Elite00.0A03 Penthouse Chic00.0A04 Metro High-Flyers00.0B05 Premium Fortunes00.0B06 Diamond Days00.0B07 Alpha Families531.9B08 Bank of Mum and Dad471.7B09 Empty-Nest Adventure1535.6C10 Wealthy Landowners00.0C11 Rural Vogue00.0C12 Scattered Homesteads00.0C13 Village Retirement00.0D14 Satellite Settlers20.1D15 Local Focus00.0D16 Outlying Seniors00.0D17 Far-Flung Outposts00.0E18 Legacy Elders1144.2E19 Bungalow Heaven00.0E20 Classic Grandparents531.9E21 Solo Retirees1485.4F22 Boomerang Boarders2238.1F23 Family Ties2729.9F24 Fledgling Free180.7F25 Dependable Me27510.0G26 Cafés and Catchments00.0G27 Thriving Independence170.6G28 Modern Parents1194.3G29 Mid-Career Convention62722.9H30 Primary Ambitions130.5H31 Affordable Fringe1094.0H32 First-Rung Futures2208.0H33 Contemporary Starts260.9H34 New Foundations00.0H35 Flying Solo291.11 Mile10 Minute DTCatchmentCatchmentCatchmentCatchment%%Adults 18 Adults 18 24.91,8703.2581.13700.600.0870.2400.83600.60.5 MileCatchmentCatchmentMosaic Type Profile%Adults 18 I36 Solid Economy00.0I37 Budget Generations00.0I38 Childcare Squeeze00.0I39 Families with Needs00.0J40 Make Do & Move On00.0J41 Disconnected Youth00.0J42 Midlife Stopgap120.4J43 Renting a Room00.0K44 Inner City Stalwarts00.0K45 Crowded Kaleidoscope00.0K46 High Rise Residents00.0K47 Streetwise Singles00.0K48 Low Income Workers00.0L49 Dependent Greys00.0L50 Pocket Pensions00.0L51 Aided Elderly00.0L52 Estate Veterans963.5L53 Seasoned Survivors00.0M54 Down-to-Earth Owners00.0M55 Offspring Overspill411.5M56 Self Supporters00.0N57 Community Elders00.0N58 Cultural Comfort00.0N59 Asian Heritage00.0N60 Ageing Access00.0O61 Career Builders00.0O62 Central Pulse00.0O63 Flexible Workforce00.0O64 Bus-Route Renters702.6O65 Learners & Earners00.0O66 Student Scene00.0U99 Unclassified00.0Total2,737Experian Copyright 20161 MileCatchmentCatchment%Adults 18 810 Minute DTCatchmentCatchment%Adults 18 .000.000.01130.200.000.04050.700.000.000.057,9873

1 Mile Catchment Mosaic Type VisualisationTop 5 Mosaic Types1. G29 Mid-Career Convention4. F23 Family TiesProfessional families with children in traditional mid-range suburbs where neighbours are oftenolderActive families with teens and adult children whose prolonged support is eating up householdresources Married couples with kids Parents aged 41-55 Traditional suburbs Adult children at home, often students Professional jobs Also have a child under 18 Likely to have life cover Own semi or detached homes High proportion with mortgage Supporting kids can cause money strains Online grocery shopping Technology for entertainment2. I37 Budget Generations5. F25 Dependable MeFamilies supporting both adult and younger children where expenditure can exceed incomeSingle mature owners settled in traditional suburban semis working in intermediate occupations Extended families Mature singles Supporting adult & younger children Traditional suburbs Ex-council owners and social renters Own lower value semis Bills can be a struggle Have lived in same house 15 years Price is important Intermediate occupations Likely to have a games console Pay as you go mobiles3. H31 Affordable FringeSettled families with children owning modest, 3-bed semis in areas where there's more house forless money Married couples in 30s or 40sFull visualisation of all types and groups are available in Segmentation Portal: Have lived there 5 years or Own semis in affordable suburbs School age childrenIf you do not have log in details for Segmentation Portal then please contact the Many in receipt of Tax CreditsExperian Helpdesk:[email protected] 968 5099 Most likely to have small petsExperian Copyright 20164

Competitor Map and ReportSource: CGA 2016Competitor MapTop 20 Nearest CompetitorsOrder Outlet NameCopyright Experian Ltd, HERE 2015. Ordnance Survey Crown copyright 2015SitePubsCatchmentExperian Copyright 2016Operator1Dog InnPunch Pub Company2Digby HotelPunch Pub Company3Beehive InnMitchells & Butlers4White HorseMitchells & Butlers5KingfisherUnknown6KingsleyIndependent Free7Hare & HoundsMitchells & Butlers8Norton ArmsIndependent Free9FarthingsStonegate Pub Company10Toby JugEnterprise Inns11Boat InnPunch Pub Company12WheatsheafMitchells & Butlers13SpitfireUnknown14Punch BowlIndependent Free15Bell InnGreene King16Cock InnMitchells & Butlers17MountforteTrust Inns18Green ManPunch Pub Company19Toby CarveryMitchells & Butlers20Swan HotelMitchells & ButlersDistance FromSite (Miles)Drivetime fromSite

G29 Mid-Career Convention 627 22.9 794 15.4 2,848 4.9 O64 Bus-Route Renters 70 2.6 70 1.4 405 0.7 H30 Primary Ambitions 13 0.5 16 0.3 486 0.8 O65 Learners & Earners 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 H31 Affordable Fringe 109 4.0 342 6.6 2,148 3.7 O66 Student Scene 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 H32 First-Rung Futures 220