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Table of ContentsACT Test Scores. 14Administration. 3Administration of Medications. 10Admission and Residence Policies. 11Assistant Principal. 3Associate Principals. 3Athletic Rules of Conduct. 37Athletics. 6Athletics/Clubs/Awards. 6Attendance at Graduation Ceremonies. 33Attendance Guidelines and Procedures. 39Attendance Procedures. 38Automobiles, Parking and Parking Permits. 27Board of Education. 8Brief History of Rich Township High Schools. 8Bullying. 15Buses. 27Cafeteria. 29Class Bell Schedules. 4Clubs. 7Coats, Jackets, Hats, Scarves, Sun-Glasses,Outerwear and Book Bags. 27Computer Use and Internet Information. 24Coordinator of Instruction - Special Education. 3Correspondence Courses. 31Corridor Passes. 29Courses Outside of District 227. 31Curriculum Information. 29Custody of Students. 29Dance Admission and Regulations. 28Deadline for Application. 33Diplomas. 33District 227 Tardy/Truancy Procedures2013--2014 School Year. 40District Administration. 8Dual Credit Policy. 31Early Graduation. 33Entering and Leaving the Building DuringSchool Hours. 39Expectations for Student Behavior. 17Food and Beverages. 27Grade Reports to Parents. 32Graduation Requirements as Approved by theDistrict 227 Board of Education. 32Honor Roll Recognition. 32I.D. Cards. 28Independent Study. 34Insurance. 10Literacy Skill of the Month. 29Make-Up Work. 30Material Safety Data Sheet Plan (MSDS). 412Mediation. 14Medical Requirements. 10Method of Granting Credit. 32Mid-Quarter Notice to Parents. 32Minimum Student Competency Tests. 34Non-Discrimination Disclosure. 9Notice Regarding Teacher Qualifications. 30Parent Notice: Section 504 of theRehabilitation ACT of 1973. 9Pass/Fail Option. 34Physical Education Electronic DeviceProcedures. 38Police Liaison Program. 10Principal. 3Privacy Acts - School Records. 13Pupil Personnel Services. 3Registration Fees. 11Religious Holidays. 39Repeating Courses. 31Request for Course Level Change. 31Response to Intervention (RTI). 35Rich Central Administration. 3Rich Central High School. 3Rich Township High School District 227Computer Access and Internet StudentAgreement Form. 26Rich Township High Schools District 227Asbestos Inspection and Management Plan. 41Scheduling Events. 7School Procedures. 27School Security Program. 11Special Education Records. 35Special Education Screening Procedure. 35Student Activities. 35Student Athletics. 37Student Bill of Rights. 13Student Classification. 33Student Clubs. 36Student Photos in Media. 13Student Quick Reference Directory. 5Student Records. 9Student Responsibilities. 13Student Rights, Responsibilities and Regulations.13Student/Parent Information. 9Student-Initiated Class Withdrawals. 30Textbook Rental Plan. 33Transportation. 28Uniform Grievance Procedure. 14Visitor Passes. 29Weighted Grades. 31

Rich Central High SchoolOlympia Fields, ILwww.richcentral.orgRich Central Administration3600 W. 203rd StreetOlympia Fields, IL 60461679-5600AdministrationPrincipalMs. Venesa Woods708-679-5648ASSOCIATE PRINCIPALMrs. Sherry Stokes708-679-5633ASSOCIATE PRINCIPALMrs. Traci Toth708-679-5778Assistant PrincipalDr. Donald Parker708-679-5794COORDINATOR OF INSTRUCTION - SPECIAL EDUCATIONMs. Jacalyn Bailey-Moss708-679-5683Pupil Personnel ServicesCounselors Deans Social WorkerPaul JurgesErrol DiceGhana CooperFreshman AcademyFreshman A: A-GBridget Stewart: A-GSheila Allen Stokes708-679-5645708-679-5817708-679-5820Debra Witt: H-OTBA: H-OPsychologist708-679-5637708-679-5816Kim Groves708-679-5656Taylor Palmer: P-ZRudy Fisher: P-Z708-679-5643708-679-5819Student AssistanceCoordinatorAttendance ClerkRegistrarMaureen O’HaraLance JeffersonYvetta Harrold708-679-5780708-679-5818708-679-56353

2013-2014 Rich township District 227High SchoolClass Bell SchedulesREGULAR DAY SCHEDULE11:21 AM DISMISSALEB7:20 – 8:12 EB7:20 – 7:46Common Plan7:30 – 8:15 CP7:30 – 8:1518:20 – 9:1218:20 – 8:4629:17 – 10:0978:51 – 9:17310:14 - 11:0639:22 – 9:483L Lunch10:14 – 10:4249:53 – 10:193X Class10:47 – 11:39510:24 – 10:50411:11 – 12:03210:55 – 11:214L Lunch11:11 – 11:39 *11:21 DISMISSAL – NO SRT4X Class11:44 – 12:36 * CP – Common Plan512:08 – 1:005L Lunch12:08 – 12:365X Class12:41 – 1:336L Lunch1:05 – 1:33SRT1:38 – 2:0872:13 – 3:051:30 PM DISMISSAL SCHEDULE3L Lunch4L LunchEB7:20 – 8:00 EB7:20 –Common Plan7:30 – 8:15 Common Plan7:30 –18:20 – 9:0018:20 –29:05 – 9:4529:05 –79:50 – 10:3079:50 –3L10:35 – 11:15310:35 –3X11:20 – 12:004L11:20 –4X12:05 – 12:454X12:05 –5X12:50 – 1:305X12:50 –EBCommon Plan127345L5X45L Lunch7:207:308:209:059:5010:3511:2012:0512:506L Lunch– 8:00 EB7:20– 8:15 Common Plan7:30– 9:0018:20– 9:4529:05– 10:3079:50– 11:15310:35– 12:00411:20– 12:45512:05– 1:306L12:50*1:30 dismissal – no 012:451:30

Student quick reference directory“What to do if.”Schools are institutions unique from other kinds of organizations in the sense that they are almost totallypeople-oriented. This directory is prepared for your use to cut through the school’s red tape, complexprocedures, and generally, to help make your life at Rich Central a little easier and enjoyable. It is difficult to anticipate all of your questions or dilemmas. If for some reason a question does arise that is notlisted and you need an answer, the following sources are available to you.A. Classroom TeacherB. NurseC. Your CounselorD. An Administrative LiaisonE. The Dean’s OfficeF. Social WorkerG. The Main Office“So - what do I do if.”1. I want to know if weather will force Rich Central to close.Listen to WCGO, 1600 AM, or any major Chicago radio station. You may also call the school at708-679-5600 and listen to the voicemail message, or access the following web pages: I am not going to be able to attend school today.Have your parent or guardian call 679-5818, before 7:30 a.m. to report your absence.3. I am going to be late for school.If you are late due to a medical appointment, medical emergency, or death in the family, have yourparent contact the attendance office at 679-5818 before 7:30 a.m. If you are late for any other reason,you must check in at the security desk to get a tardy pass to class.4. I have to leave school early.A. Have your parent or guardian call 679-5818. Sign out in the Attendance Office.B. Any emergency requiring your dismissal will be communicated to you immediately.5. I am feeling ill.Ask for a pass to the nurse.6. My hall locker won’t open, or my combination doesn’t work.Ask for a pass to the Deans’ Office.7. I lost my I.D. card!See the receptionist in the main office. This card is not transferable. Report the loss to the schoolcashier immediately. A new card may be obtained for 6.00 (this includes a new lanyard). If your IDcard had an activity bus pass sticker, please go to the athletic office for a new sticker after receivingyour replacement ID.8. I lost a book! (Hat, mittens, scarf, coat, anything)Check the lost and found bins near in the cafeteria. Check with the bookroom to see if your bookwas turned in.5

The next section is connected with the problems that may occur with a student/teacher relationship. Inalmost every instance the student should first talk things over with the teacher. Sometimes a third personcan help. The person you should talk to about classroom related problems, is either your counselor oran administrator.Some classroom-related questions or concerns that are experienced by the students:1. I’m not getting along with my teacher.Discuss this with your teacher, counselor, and/or an administrator.2. I think the grade I received was incorrect.First talk with your teacher, and if not satisfied, then talk with an administrator.3. I’d like to change classes.Ask for a pass to the counselor. A change may not be possible because of class size, because ofextensive disruptions to your class schedule, honors down-track rule, or the deadline for studentinitiated changes has passed.4. I don’t understand what is being taught.Talk to your teacher immediately for help or assistance before or after school. Attend tutoring sessions and also talk to your parent or guardian.5. I have some personal problems.You should talk with your counselor, the social worker, or any staff member with whom you feelcomfortable.6. I feel like dropping out of school.Immediately speak to your counselor, dean, school social worker, or school psychologist.7. I feel left out of things.Talk it over with your counselor. He or she may suggest activities and people you can talk to so thatyou get involved.The idea behind these questions and answers is to assist you in feeling comfortable and successful hereat the Rich Central Campus; but remember, before anyone can realize your concern, you must makesomeone aware of the pending problem.ATHLETICS/CLUBS/AWARDSAthleticsRich Central offers extensive opportunities for those students who are interested in Athletics. During theschool year, the following interscholastic sports will be offered:BOYS:BaseballCross TrackGIRLS:BasketballTennisVolleyballCross CountryBowlingSoftballTrackSoccerCheerleading6

ClubsClubs at Rich Central are educational activities meeting regularly. Each club has one or more facultyadvisors and is subject to the supervision of the Assistant Principal.There will be no exclusion to membership in school activities by reason of:1. Grades (Illinois High School Association rules govern interschool activities).2. Sex (unless of obvious necessity).3. Year in school (honorary activities and the like are excepted).4. Other membership (the school schedule is self-limiting).Fraternities, sororities and secret societies are specifically banned by State Law; Section 31, Article 3,of the School Code of Illinois. It states that “The governing body of any high school shall suspend orexpel any pupil who is a member of, or joins, or promises to join, or who becomes pledged to becomea member of any public school fraternity, sorority, or secret society.”SCHEDULING ACTIVITIES: All activities to be scheduled must be cleared on the official school calendarin the main office. Activities after 3:10 p.m. must be cleared with the principal’s secretary. Student groupsholding after school activities must arrange for the attendance of faculty representatives at these meetings. It is expected that clubs and organizations sponsoring meetings, dances, etc. will restore the areato a neat and clean condition. This must be done immediately following the activity unless permissionis obtained in advance from the principal. It is the policy of the district not to schedule school events ona Sunday or designated holidays.Note: Activities scheduled in the gymnasium must be cleared on the school calendar by the AssistantPrincipal for Athletics and Activities.CLASS MEETINGS: Besides the class meetings held during school hours, in the first week of schooland before class elections in the spring, class officers call after school meetings to discuss such thingsas homecoming plans and class parties. Every student is invited to help carry out class projects.Rich Central offers the following clubs and activities:Flag and Drum CorpsDrama ClubThe Torch (school newspaper)SpeechStudent CouncilThe Oracle (school yearbook)Art ClubCultural ClubAsian ClubCamera ClubChess ClubBusiness Professionals of AmericaComputer ClubDECA ClubEcology ClubFrench ClubSpanish ClubFuture Leaders of the World (FLOW)Future Teacher’s ClubKey ClubFrench National Honor SocietyStudent Mentor ProgramMathletesSpanish National Honor SocietyPeer MediationPep ClubNational Honor SocietyScholastic BowlSpeech ClubScheduling EventsAll activities to be scheduled after 3:05 in the afternoon must be cleared on the official school calendarin the Main Office. Student groups holding after school activities must arrange for the attendance offaculty representatives at these meetingsIt is expected that clubs and organizations sponsoring meetings, dances, etc., will restore the area toa neat and clean condition. This must be done immediately following the activity unless permission isobtained in advance from the principal.When school is in session the day following an activity, the student activity must end prior to 9:30 p.m.All dance activities on Friday and Saturday evenings must conclude prior to 11:15 p.m. Exception tothese times must have the principal’s approval.Note: Activities scheduled in the gymnasium must be cleared on the school calendar by the AssistantPrincipal.It is the policy of the district not to schedule school events on a Sunday.7

Rich Township High School District 227Board of EducationCheryl Coleman.PresidentDr. Delores Woods .Vice PresidentAntoine Bass. SecretaryBetty Owens.Shelia FridayEmmanuel Imoukhuede.Dr. David MorganDistrict Administration20550 S. Cicero AvenueMatteson, IL 60443708-679-5800Dr. Doris Langon. Interim SuperintendentMrs. Julie Grohn. Director of Human ResourcesMrs. Cynthia Hudson.Asst. Supt for OperationsDr. Jennifer Norrell.Asst. Supt for Student Learning and AccountabilityMr. Michael Engel.Director of Finance/OperationsMrs. Kathy Martin. Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel ServicesMr. Ted Koutavas. Supervisor of TechnologyMr. Keith McLean. Supervisor of Building and GroundsMrs. Betsy Williams. Supervisor of Food ServiceCOORDINATOR OF SPECIAL PROGRAMDr. Bridget Imoukhuede.Alternative EducationBrief History ofRich Township High schoolsHigh School District #227 serves the residents of Country Club Hills, Matteson, Olympia Fields, ParkForest, Richton Park, small sections of Chicago Heights, Tinley Park, and University Park and adjoining rural areas in South Cook County. The district was formed from non-high school territory in 1949.Construction of the East Campus of Rich Township High School, financed by a 1,600,000 bond issue,began in September 1952. Twelve months later it was operating as a four-year high school. During the1952-53 school year, a ninth grade school was operating in the Faith United Protestant Church in ParkForest, located on a 55-acre site donated by American Community Builders, Inc. The original buildingaccommodated approximately 750 students.The East Campus was formally dedicated in December 1953 by the Secretary of Health, Education andSafety, Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby. It was fully accredited by both the North Central Association and theState of Illinois during the initial year of operation. In 1954, it won, for the municipalities which it serves,the All-American City award, the first ever to be awarded to a school.In 1955, a 450,000 bond issue financed the addition of 12 classrooms and a gymnasium. This increasedthe capacity of the school to approximately 1,100 students. In 1957, a 1,050,000 bond issue waspassed and the money used to increase the size of the East Campus to accommodate 1,500 to 1,600students. At the same time, 50 acres of land for a new high school site was purchased in Olympia Fields.In 1959, a 1,690,000 bond issue was passed to finance building of the initial stage of a new CentralCampus in Olympia Fields. The first stage provided facilities for about 700 students. The building hasbeen recognized as one of the “significant schools of the future” in a monograph published by the FordFoundation. In its July 1960 issue, The Nation’s Schools carried a cover picture and a ten-page articleon the new school under the title, “An Image of the Future in Olympia Fields, IL.” In 1960, a bond issue of 225,000 was approved to equip the new school, which opened to approximately 425 students in the ninthand tenth grades in September 1961. At the same time, the East Campus enrolled about 1,600 students.In 1962, a 1,250,000 bond issue was authorized by voters in the district to build and equip an additionto the Central Campus facility bringing its capacity to 1,500 students. This addition was completed forthe opening of the school in September 1963.8

In 1966, a 2,700,000 bond issue was authorized by voters in the district; 2,500,000 of the bond issuewas for the purpose of building and equipping additions to the Central and East Campus facilities. Thisbrings the capacity of the Central Campus to 2,100 students and the East Campus to 1,800 students. 200,000 was used to purchase land for a third high school.In 1969, a 3,200,000 bond issue was authorized by voters in the district; 300,000 was to build an addition to the East Campus. This addition consisted of a little theater and two arts and crafts classrooms.The remaining 2,900,000 was for the purpose of building Rich South High School. Rich South openedat the East Campus for freshmen and sophomores in September of 1972 with an enrollment of 600students and then moved into the new facilities at the South Campus in January 1973.student/parent informationNon-Discrimination DisclosureNo student will be denied access to any program offered by the Rich Township High Schools on the basisof sex, race, color, national origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disability.Parent Notice: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against persons with a disability inany program receiving federal financial assistance. In order to fulfill obligations under Section 504, RichTownship High Schools has the responsibility to avoid discrimination in policies and practices regardingits personnel and students. No discrimination against any person with a disability should knowingly bepermitted in any of the programs and practices of the school system.Rich Township High Schools have the responsibilities under Section 504, which include the obligationsto identify, evaluate, and if the student is determined to be eligible under Section 504, to afford accessto appropriate educational services.If the parent or guardian disagrees with the determination made by the professional staff of the schooldistrict, he/she has a right to a hearing with an impartial hearing officer.The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) also specifies rights related to educationalrecords. This Act gives the parent or guardian the right to: 1) inspect and review his/her child’s educational records; 2) make copies of these records; 3) receive a list of the individuals having access to thoserecords; 4) ask for an explanation of any item in the records; 5) ask for an amendment to any report onthe grounds that it is inaccurate, misleading, or violates the children’s rights and; 6) a hearing on theissue if the school refuses to make the amendment.STUDENT RECORDSRich Township High Schools comply with the School Code of Illinois, the School Student Records Actand the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act pertaining to the maintenance of student records. Allstudent records are maintained accordingly; in the case of an emergency, or as otherwise allowed by law,information contained in a student’s records will not be released without the consent of the appropriateparent or guardian.Students, parents or guardians entitled to access of the student’s records have the right, except as limitedby the School Student Records Act or other law, to inspect, copy and challenge the accuracy, relevanceor propriety of information contained in the student’s records. Please contact the District Office if youneed more information.Rich Township High Schools designate the following categories of student record information as “directoryinformation” which may be generally available:1. Identifying information: name, address, gender, grade level, birth date and place, and parents’/guardians names and addresses2. Academic awards, degrees, and honors3. Information in relation to school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics4. Any major field of study5. Period of attendance in the schoolParents or guardians entitled access to the student’s records have the right to direct the District to prohibitthe releases of this information for their student(s), except in the case of an emergency. Please contactthe District Office if you need more information, or if you wish to prohibit the release of such information.9

It is the practice of Rich Township High School District 227 to destroy the temporary student record ofeach student no later than five years from the date the student graduates or withdraws from the school.The student temporary record contains all records of each individual student except for basic identifyinginformation, the academic transcript, attendance record, accident and health record, and the record ofrelease of permanent record information.Students, or parents or guardians entitled to receipt of a student’s records, who desire copies of thestudent’s temporary records may request and receive copies at any time prior to the destruction of therecords, upon paying the actual cost of copying the records to the District. Parents of handicappedstudents or students placed in special education programs should be aware that information in theirstudent’s temporary record may be of continued diagnostic or therapeutic value to the student, andparents or students desiring such records may have the custody of such records transferred to themprior to the destruction date of the records.It is the practice of District 227 to release the official student records to another school official recordscustodian upon request from the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian when the student enrolls in anotherschool. Such records include, but are not limited to: birth date, addresses, grades and grade level, parent’s names and addresses, attendance records, family background information, intelligence test scores,aptitude test scores, psychological and personality test results, teacher evaluation and other informationrelevant to the education of the student.No person, business or organization, can require that information from a student’s temporary record begiven before the student obtains a job, credit or insurance coverage, unless the required information isnot otherwise available under the School Student Records Act. No person, business or organizationcan require that information from a student’s temporary record be given before the student is grantedany other right, privilege or benefit, unless the required information is not otherwise available under theSchool Student Records Act. No person, business or organization can deny a student any other right,benefit or privilege because it has not been given information from the student’s temporary record, unlessthe information is not otherwise available under the Student School Records Act.InsuranceStudent accident insurance is available on a voluntary basis for all students wishing to participate.Complete information is provided to students and parents early in the school year.Medical RequirementsArticle 27, Section 8 of the Illinois School Code requires that public school children have a health examination once every four years by a physician licensed to practice medicine. All students are required tohave the Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis).Incoming freshman students will be given examination forms to be filled out by a doctor and dentist.These must be returned to the school before the student enters high school.Immunization records must be received by the start of the school year in order for the student to continueattending classes.Administration of MedicationsMedications shall be administered by the school nurse or principal’s designee according to the followingguidelines:1. Written authorization from a licensed physician2. Written permission for administration of the medication in the school setting from the parent or legalguardian (with review of the protocol with the parent or legal guardian prior to obtaining their signedpermission).3. The parent is responsible for ensuring that the medication arrives safely at school in a properlylabeled container. The same procedures should be followed for all medications, whether prescriptionor non-prescription.4. All prescription medication must be stored in the Health Office and taken under the supervision ofthe school nurse or designee.Police LIAISON ProgramThe purpose of the Police Liaison program is to create a positive and protective educational atmosphereat Rich To

3. Year in school (honorary activities and the like are excepted). 4. Other membership (the school schedule is self-limiting). Fraternities, sororities and secret societies are specifically banned by State Law; Section 31, Article 3, of the School Code of Illinois. It states that “The governing