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Your success is ourchallenge.Immobilien Zeitung –present everywhereduring MIPIM.„INVESTING IN GERMANY“ ENGLISH EDITIONSent by express post before the trade fair to 2,500CEOs who will be attending the trade fair, at the IZstand at the main entrance to the Palais des Festivalsand at the IZ stand in RivieraHall during the trade fair.„INVESTING IN GERMANY“ GERMAN EDITIONDistribution to all subscribers, at the mainentrance to the Palais des Festivals, in thespecialist press boxes and at the IZ stand.Read IZ oneday ahead!RTHEIZ-AppA IREFIZ ISSUE BEFORE THE TRADE FAIR,IZ 10/2017Leading trade publication of theproperty sectorDistribution per issue: 10,795** copiesas a subscription run and for the trade fair.Publication date: 9 March 2017THE CURRENT ISSUE DURINGTHE TRADE FAIR: IZ 1 1 / 2017Distribution: 10,795** copiesas a subscription run and forthe trade fair.Publication date: 16 March 2017ADTRTRADE FAIR NEWSPAPERINVESTING IN GERMANYInvesting in Germany theme and projectsnominated for the MIPIM Awards.Distribution:German edition: 13,295 copiesEnglish edition: 5,000 copiesETHBEFOREIZ-AppALSOONLINE!AS ePAPERRead IZ oneday ahead!As a supplement in IZ 10/17, at the IZ stand atthe main entrance to the Palais des Festivalsand at the IZ stand in Riviera Hall during thetrade fair.TEAFTRADEFAIRG THE TRADE FAIRDURINTHE EFFECTIVE IZ ISSUEAFTER THE TRADE FAIR:IZ 1 2 / 2017Circulation: 10,795** copiesPublication date: 23 March 2017IZ-AppRead IZ oneday ahead!approx. 21,000 participantsapprox. 2,400 exhibitors17.– 17.03.2017Online before,during and afterthe trade fair.* Source:** Source: IVW 2 / 16NEWSLETTER IZ AKTUELLThe daily newsletterfrom Monday to FridayMIPIM AT IZ.DEAvailability around the clock March 2017.Average monthly performance data 1 – 6/2016for 1,476,479 Pls*Online before,during and afterthe trade fair.FOR AN OVERVIEW OF OTHER INFORMATION ON OUR BASIC MEDIA PRICE LISTS:Your contact persons:Claudia EmrichTel. 49 (0)61 1 973 [email protected] BuhlmannTel. 49 (0)61 1 973 [email protected] FrankeTel. 49 (0)61 1 973 [email protected] SchmidtkeTel. 49 (0)61 1 973 26- [email protected] media advertising law / themed focus issues: AND HR IMAGE ADVERTISING:1A Basic media data (excerpt):8 Online HR marketing:9 Job offensive siveIZ Immobilien Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbHPostfach 3420, 65024 Wiesbaden, GermanyLuisenstraße 24, 65185 Wiesbaden, GermanyTelephone: 49 (0)61 1 973 26 - 0,Fax: 49 (0)61 1 973 26 - [email protected], www.iz.deBank details:Nassauische Sparkasse, Wiesbaden, GermanyIBAN DE36 5105 0015 0189 0265 28SWIFT-BIC.: NASSDE 55 XXXCommerzbank AG, Wiesbaden, GermanyIBAN DE36 5108 0060 0129 9888 00SWIFT-BIC.: DRES DE FF 510Payment terms: 14 days strictly net,2 % cash discount for payments on accountAn associate of

Would you like to decide on theappearance of your advertisingyourself?On our website, you can determine how oftenyour advertisement is shown. This is a uniquestrength of online advertising. In this way,your company, too, can be visible over severalmonths with a small budget.Mipim online at www.iz.deLATEST NEWS, PHOTOS AND VIDEOS RELATING TO WHAT’S HAPPENING AT THE TRADE FAIRBANNER FORMATS AND PRICES:NavigationNavigationADVERTISING FORMBOOKINGPOSSIBLEAT SHORTNOTICEDBGHDCIEEFJMAXIMUM FORMATNavigationIAdoes not movewith scrollingMINIMUM FORMATDATA SIZECPM* / EURFIXED PRICE EUR / WEEK960 x 300 px60 KB1805,40030 KB351,050A Billboard800 x 180 pxB Full size banner468 x60 px468 x60 px30 KB501 ,5001 20 x 600 px2 x 1 20 x 600 px30 KB30 KB40701 ,2002,100TOPPOSITIONPosition 1: Exclusive placementC SkyscraperDouble skyscraperD Medium rectangle300 x 250 px300 x 300 px30 KB501,500E Maxi ad480 x 100 px550 x 250 px40 KB601 ,800480 x 100 px550 x 250 px40 KB802,4001002 x 100 px 120 x 600 px60 KB1404,200 160 x 600 pxTOPPOSITIONPosition 1: Exclusive placementF   WallpaperG   Floor ad1002 x   1 20  px50 KB1203,600H   Sponsor ad navigation960 x   100 px40 KB1203,600I    Wide skyscraperDouble wide skyscraperJ   Rectangle160 x 600 px30 KB501,5002 x 160 x 600 px30 KB802,40030 KB401,200180 x   1 50 px250 x 150 pxThemaximum booking per week is 100,000 ad requests. Fixed price per week for rotation of 3 items with guaranteed delivery ofVollbelegung pro Woche liegt bei 100.000 AdR. Festpreis pro Woche in 3er-Rotation mit garantierter Auslieferung von 30.000 AdR.30,000 ad requests.TOPPOSITIONFULL-SIZE-BANNER AND MAXI AD AT POSITION 1NEW: This position can now be directly booked.As a result, your banner is situated in an immediately visible reading area.ONLINE PERFORMANCE DATA:Monthly average 1st six months 2016, www.iz.dePIs1,476,479* Visits 622,102* users 149,978**Technical data: See technical data Immobilien Zeitung, basic media data no. 27 and supply online: Promotional banners supplied complete: 7 working days before publishing date. Promotional banners to be created by us and special forms of advertising:20 working days before publishing date. Delivery by e-mail to [email protected] by 12 pm in each case, stating the customer and campaign name, period per motif, placement unit,advertisement including target link, contact for enquiries (e-mail and telephone).Costs of producing promotional banners: For bookings from EUR 1,000 net order value, we produce your promotional banner free of charge (maximum of two proofs or onegraphic designer hour). For further processing, we charge EUR 80.00 exclusive of VAT per graphic designer hour.All prices in EUR exclusive of VAT. The General Terms and Conditions apply.* Source:**Source: Google Analytics

Do you want to present your company toforeign and German business partners?The MIPIM trade fair special “Investingin Germany” is published as a Germanand an English edition. Prior to MIPIM,the English edition will be dispatchedthroughout Europe to the CEOs ofselected exhibitors.ALSOONLINER!AS ePAPEThe German edition is an insertin the total circulation of ImmobilienZeitung on 9 March 2017.You can achieve a strong presencein Cannes with both editions.The Trade Fair Newspaper„Investing in Germany“1 2ADVERTISEMENT FORMATS AND PRICES:FORMATCOLUMNSWIDTH x HEIGHTPRICE 4c1/1 page4 columns23 1 x 325 mmInside front cover4 columns23 1 x 335 mm8,800 EURInside back cover4 columns23 1 x 335 mm8,480 EUROutside back cover4 columns23 1 x 335 mm9,025 EURPanorama8 columns483 x 325 mm12,840 EURPRICE s/w6,370 EUR1/2 page vertical2 columns1 13 x 325 mm3,710 EUR1/2 page horizontal4 columns23 1 x 162 mm3,710 EUR3,290 EUR1/3 page horizontal4 columns23 1 x 108 mm1/4 page corner section2 columns1 13 x 162 mm2,750 EUR1/4 page horizontal4 columns23 1 x 81 mm2,750 EURTitle strip4 columns23 1 x 70 mm5,222 EURMasthead advertisement1 column54 x 30 mm3,055 EURIsland advertisement large 4c1 column54 x 120 mm1,240 EUR1,000 EURIsland advertisement large 2c1 column54 x 54 mm680 EUR460 EURThe stated prices apply to 2 advertisements each: one advertisement in the German edition one advertisement in the English edition of Investing in Germany 2017.AUFLAGE* UND VERBREITUNG* PRINT:10.7955.000Approx. 2.500Approx. 18.295Approx.21 price forirfaetradeditions!copies** circulation (of which 9,148 are subscription copies), German editionrintnt and pemeistrAdvene:nt deadli ry 2017documeruay, 16 FebThursdan:ublicatioDate of p March 2017y, 9Thursdaas an insert in IZ 10/2017.copies (German and English edition) will be distributed at MIPIM.copies of the English edition will be distributed to selected European exhibitors at MIPIM.copies total circulation.Technical data: Paper format: 240 mm wide x 335 mm high. Text area: 231 mm wide x 325 mm high. Number of columns: 4 columns of 54 mm each. Colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, black.No spot colours. Printing process: newspaper offset printing. Artwork: 40 halftone, max. 240 % colour overlay. Print documents in the trimmed size and without trim points. Use thecolour profile ISO newspaper30v4.icc or ISO newspaper26v4.icc to exclude colour shifts. Colour profile available for download at E-mail [email protected] more information see technical data Immobilien Zeitung, basic media data no. 27 and prices in EUR exclusive of VAT. The General Terms and Conditions apply.*Anticipated**IVW 2/2016

When do you book a flight, when do you preferto travel by rail, and when do you take yourcompany car?CROSSMEDIA EFFECT ENHANCERYou already know how you best reach yourdestination – you weigh up your strengths andoptions. We will show you how to reach yourcommunication goal and boost the impact ofyour budget with crossmedia!1 1 1 4CROSSMEDIA ADVANTAGES: A reliable way to reach your readers – regardless of their media usage habits. You can combine the strengths of each media format, creating a positive return on your budget through repeat contacts.Achieve your customer potential by reaching customers where they actively seek information: Our readers spend53.3minutes per week gaining information from the weekly print edition. This leading trade publication lands on people’s desksfirst and, over the course of the week, can be found in numerous updates, discussions and quotes in everyday working lifein the real estate industry. Skilfully use these updates to strengthen your promotional message: with a banner in the dailynewsletter IZ aktuell, with a company presentation at, and supplement your campaign in a specific way withdirect promotional measures. Collaborations with Heuer Dialog are suitable here to establish personal contact with eventparticipants and position your expertise. Apply your communication budget to crossmedia activities and thus boost youradvertising effect!PRINT: Proactive medium: regardless of areas of interest. Intensive: 53.3* minutes average reading time per person/issue. Offers longer and quieter reading experience compared with electronic media.ONLINE: Innovative. Highlight your expertise with banner advertising.USE OF IZ MEDIA Efficient way to address target groups, e.g. specific field or GRPsa per month Reaches your target group at any time day or night.IZ AKTUELL(Newsletter)NEWSLETTER Extremely successful. According to the IVW there are more than3.5 readers for every IZ aktuell subscriber! The fast, compact way to gain information.Comprehensive news available at Offers wide reach at a low price.IMMOBILIEN ZEITUNG(print)319,532GRPs per monthb536,814GRPs per month27,703readers per newsletterc39,942readers per issuefIZ.DE (online)1,476,479d GRPs per month69 % of readers (27,560**) of the printed issue ofImmobilien Zeitung also regularly read the newsletter309,197e Sessions per monthIZ aktuell and keep up to date each day*.* LSA 201 1** Weekly values based on IVW annual averagea)  one GRP ( Gross Rating Point) corresponds to one PIb) 4 issues per month x 3.7 readers per issue x two timesacquisition of an issue x 10,795 copies circulation per issuec) daily sending of the newsletter Mon to Frid) Jan.– June 2016e) Google Analytics from Jan – July 2016f) distributed circulation based on IVW 2/2016

Which situation matches yours?We are presenting our company in thedouble-edition trade fair newspaper‘Investing in Germany’ at MIPIM because:. We will make intensive use of the trade fair as a visitor.The attention attracted through advertisements in the MIPIM trade fair newspaper will support our aims. Our company will be represented with a standand the advertising will boost our presence.The cost/benefit ratio of advertising in the double edition is impressive!. As a company, we do not use MIPIM,however, the high profile of this trade fair guarantees that our advertisement will receive an equally high level of attention.10,795distributed copies* with 39,942 readers**.Dispatch to CEOs before arrival at MIPIM;As an insert in IZ on 9 March 20172,500we write personally toCEOs registered toattend MIPIM with an IIG by express post. At the main entrance to the Palais, we will have hostesses distribute both editions on themorning of each trade fair day. Our mobile trade fair stand will also be there with the latestnewspapers. The trade fair newspapers in English/German will be available in the visitors’ lounge,business lounge and first-class lounge as well as on the media wall. Immobilien Zeitung is an official sponsor of the MIPIM Awards. The hostesses at the tradefair will hand both editions to the awards guests at the entrance to the hall. All IZ products will be available at our trade fair stand in Riviera Hall. You will also be ableto get the weekly issue there hot off the presses on Thursday morning.BREAKDOWN OF THE784UK643France2,500INTERNATIONAL RECIPIENTS BY COUNTRY:383Scandinavia*lt. IVW 2/2016 **lt. LSA 2011 (3,7 Leser pro land105Czech Republic/Poland

Karsten Franke Tel. 49 (0)611 973 26-21 [email protected] Markus Schmidtke Tel. 49 (0)611 973 26-24 . DRES DE FF 510 Payment terms: 14 days strictly net, . Double skyscraper 2x 120 x 600 px 30 KB 70 2,100 D