Source: ar%20and%20grill.docDownloaded 27 Oct 2008 and distributed to students in ENC 3250, Professional Writing(Univ. of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee) as an example of a business plan that wouldbe suitable for Assignment 4.NOTE: The physical format of Assignment 4 should follow the instructions in theENC 3250 syllabus; the attached document is merely an example to use for guidanceto content and prose style.Business Plan ForFinale Sports Bar & GrilleIMPORTANT: The business plan option is openonly to students with knowledge andexperience in business accounting, marketing,management, and/or entrepreneurialinvestment. Send me proof of this along withthe outline.Submitted by:Jack JohnsonCar, MIDecember 10, 2006

Table of ContentsI.Executive Summary Pg: 3II.Introduction .Pg: 4III.Industry Analysis .Pg: 4 & 5IV.Organization .Pg: 5 & 6V.Management/Human Resources .Pg: 6 & 7VI.Operations .Pg: 7 & 8VII.Competitive Analysis .Pg: 8 & 9VIII.Marketing Pg: 9 - 11IX.Assumptions Page .Pg: 12X.Financial Documents .Pg: 13-15XI.Appendix .Pg: 16-19JohnsonPage 210 Dec 2006

Executive SummaryReferences in this document to “Finale Sports Bar & Grill,” “company,” “we,”“us” and “our” refer to the business of Finale Sports Bar & Grill.Finale Sports Bar is a growing restaurant featuring a variety of boldly flavored,made-to-order menu items. Our restaurants create an inviting neighborhood atmospherethat includes an extensive multi-media system, a full bar and an open layout, whichappeals to sports fans and families alike. Our concept offers elements of the quick casualand casual dining restaurant concepts featuring a flexible service model that allows ourguests to choose among convenient dining options such as quick casual counter service,casual dining table service or take-out. Our award-winning food and invitingatmosphere, combined with our guests’ ability to customize their dining experience,drives guest visits and loyalty.We want to establish our brand through coordinated marketing and operationalexecution that ensures brand recognition and the quality and consistency of our concept.These efforts include marketing programs, award-winning advertising to support ourrestaurant. Our concept is further strengthened by our emphasis on operationalexcellence supported by stringent operating guidelines and comprehensive employeetraining.Our business goal is to continue to grow and develop the Finale Sports Bar &Grill. To do so, we plan to execute the following Offer a boldly flavored menu with broad appeal. Create an inviting, neighborhood atmosphere. Enable our guests to customize their dining experience. Continue to strengthen the Finale Sports Bar & Grill name. Focus on operational excellence. Increase same-store sales and average unit volumes.JohnsonPage 310 Dec 2006

IntroductionFinale Sports Bar and Grill will strive to be the premier sports theme restaurant inthe Sunny County region. This will be the first sports bar in this region. At this sports barwe want our customers to have more fun during their leisure and dining time. The sportsbar will provide more televisions with more sporting events than anywhere else in theregion. The sports bar will provide state-of-the-art table-top audio control at each table sothe customer can listen to the selected program of his or her choice without interferencefrom background noise. The sports bar will combine menu selection, atmosphere,lighting, and service to create a sense of excitement in order to reach our goal of over-allvalue in a dining and entertainment experience.Finale Sports Bar and Grill will be held privately by a LLC company which willbe owned by Jack Johnson to financially back the new business venture. I will still be theprincipal owner of the bar. In order to start the company I will have to get a loan of anundisclosed amount (not known at this time). This loan will provide start up capital,financing for a building and supplies, pay for permits and licensing, employee training,and anything else that should arise. The expected open date for this bar and grill will beDecember 10th, 2006. This will give us the opportunity to serve customers for NewYear’s and the Super Bowl.Industry AnalysisThis restaurant industry is very large and sometimes hard to get exact numbers.There are many categories of restaurants so I outlined Services sector and the restaurantindustry according to Yahoo finance. “The nation's 900,000 restaurants should hit 476billion in sales in 2005, according to the National Restaurant Association's 2005Restaurant Industry Forecast”. Restaurants employ12.2 million, this is 9% of theworkforce in the United States, and the industry is the largest employer besidesgovernment. These numbers include single owner restaurants to the largest franchises inthe world.The growth trends for the restaurant industry are forecast to advance 4.9% in2005. Analyst predict that the U.S. Restaurant Industry which created, on average, about270,000 new jobs per year during the last 10 years is on track to add 1.8 million new jobsduring the next 10 years. On a typical day, the industry will post average sales of 1.3billion.The industry trends to watch: Greater use of technology and worker training as a means to boost productivityand efficiency. Continued increased focus on healthy lifestyles and restaurants providingcustomers with choices and customization. Increased upgrades and improvements in decor and becoming environmentallyfriendly.JohnsonPage 410 Dec 2006

The sports bar & grill will have to serve several market sectors. We will have afamily atmosphere as well as cater to the sports enthusiast. The restaurant will have toserve multiple uses; for example workday lunch, dinner with the family, watching the biggame, late-night cravings, and take-out. There will be eating and drink and sports beingwatched but I plan to have different sections for different dining experiences. There is awall that divides the bar area from the family (I say family area but this is just a littlequieter) area. No matter where you sit there will still be TV’s so you can watch sportingevents.The regulatory issues I’ll have to look more closely into are the liqueur licenses,wages for employees, building permits, and any local ordinances that may affect mybusiness.OrganizationFinale Sports Bar and Grill will be held privately by a LLC company owned byJack Johnson. The restaurant will be located in the town of Car. Car is great for tourismso a local restaurant should prove to be a good business venture.The restaurant will need to serve several market sectors. It will have a familyatmosphere as well as to cater to the sports enthusiast. The restaurant will have a lunchmenu, dinner menu, and the bar menu. The restaurant will also have weekly happy hourdrink specials along with lunch and dinner specials.To help save on insurance cost and claims top management will stress safety,stress safety, and stress more safety. Safety starts with the hiring process. The companywill be thorough in efforts to screen employees and will consider pre-employment drugtests. This should reduce on the job accidents that lead to insurance claims.The insurances for the restaurant will need to acquire will be workman’scompensation, pplications of our concept. They will receive extensive informationfrom the managers and be kept informed of the latest information on healthy eating.For process and benchmarking a big emphasis is being placed on extensiveresearch into the quality and integrity of our products. They will constantly be tested forour own high standards of freshness and purity. Food costs and inventory control will behandled by our computer system and checked daily by management.OperationsThe key food suppliers for the business will be Sysco Foods or Gordon FoodService. These two suppliers supply the same goods so the restaurant manager willchoose which vendor to do business with. The restaurant will select with the supplier thatprovides us a store credit, has exceptional delivery times, and has the best overall prices.We will get the office supplies from Office Max or Staples. The rest of the restaurantsupplies (pots, pans, silverware, cooking utensils) will come from Atlas RestaurantSupply.The inventory management and order taking and processing will all be done ontouch screen monitors placed throughout the restaurant and bar area. We will have to buythe touch monitors and maybe even a couple hand held order entry units. The softwarethe business will use is from Digital Dining, which is the premiere restaurant software.This software can be altered to the businesses needs. The software will include a point ofsale menu, inventory control analysis, credit card sales, bar and quick serve menu, officemanagement, and much more. With this software there are so many applications it coulddo I could write the paper on this alone.JohnsonPage 710 Dec 2006

We will provide ongoing training programs to assist with customer service andquality control. The training will include preparation of menu items, quality and foodportion control, beverage and inventory management, using the software, cleanliness,organization and sanitation standards, marketing and public relations.The facility size the business is looking for is building with a seating capacity ofaround 100 to 150 people or 25,000 sq. feet. This may sound big but if there is a bigsports event we want to pack them in, or people just don’t want to sit next to other peoplethis would give them space to spread out. The business will need to get all the kitchenhardware needed to run a restaurant of this size; this includes stoves, refrigerators,freezers, microwaves, deep fryers, and many other items. We will also have to buy thebig screens televisions, audio equipment, arcade games, and the table top monitors withthere own audio control.When benchmarking we will compare our business to a larger business in a largergeographic area, mainly Buffalo Wild Wing’s or Applebee’s. The business will measureand compare the number of guest per day, number of meals and drinks served, cost ofsupplies, and the waste percentage. With all these we should be able to be the premierebar and grill in Sunny County.Competitive AnalysisFinale Sports Bar and Grill is a casual dining restaurant. The geographic area thatFinale Bar and Grill will cover is mostly Car and surrounding smaller towns. Accordingto Dun & Bradstreet analysis of businesses located in Sunny County they are classifiedunder SIC code 58, eating and drinking places. With this bar and grill, I hope to move inon the customers traveling to bigger cities for their eating and entertainment needs and inreturn increasing my market share.There are many small restaurants in the area but none with the sports bar and grilltheme (shown in the appendix). The sales for the restaurants in this area range fromunder 200,000 up to 2.4 million. The closest sports bar is in Ridges, which is a fortyminute drive away. The current restaurants located in Car offer a casual diningexperience but with no sports watching entertainment.The top competitor is BW3’s which is in Ridges. BW3’s is a sports bar thatoffers an extensive menu with chicken products, full bar service, and sporting events onmany TV’s. BW3’s has the same target market that I’m trying to furnish to. They have acasual family dining experience and sports bar theme one in one restaurant. I willdifferentiate myself from BW3’s by offering a full menu selection, close to homeatmosphere, and a dining experience free from stress.BW3’s SWOT analysis will help me to better understand my business, determinemy target market, and develop a marketing plan.JohnsonPage 810 Dec 2006

Strengths Has name recognition Offers a chicken filled menu and full bar selection. Target market is anyone that would like to watch sports in a bar orrestaurant atmosphere. Uses TV and radio commercials to communicate to their markets. Offer high quality audio and video equipment for their customer viewingand listening pleasures. Location StaffWeaknesses Location is a long driving distance from Car Offer mainly chicken products, some shrimp, and maybe a couple burgers.Opportunities (for Finale Sports Bar) Finale Sports Bar could offer a full restaurant menu. Could take market share away from nightclubs. Entertainment for children Family friendly atmosphere Close locationThreats (for Finale Sports Bar) Another sports bar could move into this area. Fast food chains, people could get their food and watch sports at home. Increase food prices Inflation affecting operations for food, labor, and restaurant operatingcosts. Keeping trained efficient staff. Economy- people getting laid off and spending less money eating out.Other competitors of Finale Sports Bar and Grill are fast food chains such asMcDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC and Wendy’s. While these are notdirect competitors of Finale Sports Bar and Grill because of the different market nichethat they operate in, these companies still compete for the same market share ofindividuals dinning out. And all the fast food companies are within the same geographicarea.MarketingFinale Sports Bar & Grill target market is based on serving the sports enthusiast,the business entertainer/owner, tourism, and the local night crowd, as well as familiesJohnsonPage 910 Dec 2006

dining out. We want a variety of customers and will make sure everybody can enjoyFinale Sports Bar & Grill experience.Finale Sports Bar & Grill is planning on opening on December 10th and having agrand opening on January 10th. The opening date will be a couple weeks before the grandopening and this will allow the employees to become familiar with the operations andcustomer interaction. The grand opening will be advertised in the local papers and on theradio. Once the newness of the restaurant has subsided, Finale Sports Bar & Grill willpursue an ongoing marketing campaign targeted at the local market.PricingAll menu items are moderately priced. An average customer bill is between 5and 15 including food and drink. Bills will be considerably larger for game day visitors.Our goal is to keep the customer happy and in the end they will spend more. At FinaleSports Bar & Grill we tend to believe that this is due to us creating an atmosphere thatencourages longer stays and more spending but still allows adequate table vacancies dueto extended hours of business.Promotional Tools Advertisingo Wall posters advertising specials and menu itemso V.I.P. parties availableo In-store tour given to every new customero Outdoor message board changed weekly or dailyo Grand Opening celebrationo Yearly store birthday parties to celebrate the success of each yearo Telephone book the business will a large advertisement in the local phonebook Local Store Marketing / Public Relationso School programs - perfect attendance, honor roll, management internshipso Local charity carwash site or clothes donation siteo Customer raffle for sports jersey’s or gift certificateso Sponsor local softball teams, these will be jersey’s with Finale Sports Bar& Grills name on it. Local Mediao Direct mail - containing interior pictures of our restaurant, our prices,"Theme Nights," and an explanation of our concepto Radio campaign - complete with live remotes in our parking lot. We willpick the three top local stations with which to place our short and catchyads. We will also sponsor radio call-in contests with free meal coupons toFinale Sports Bar and Grill as the prize. We will also make "live on theair" presentations of our food products to the disk jockeys, hoping to getthe promotions broadcasted to the listening audience.o Newspaper campaign - placing several large ads throughout the month toexplain our concept to the local areaJohnsonPage 1010 Dec 2006

o Cable TV - will be a possibility if we can secure favorable rates withenough frequency.o Restaurant web page – this will give the internet users access to menus,daily specials, weekly promotions, and even placing pick up ordersFinale Sports Bar & Grill marketing budget will be a flexible five thousand perquarter. Being flexible in the marketing budget will let the advertisers adjust fordifferent sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, NASCARevents and the World Series. The marketing budget can be allocated in any way that bestsuits the time of year as long as there is always a flyer being distributed to the localpapers.To monitor how well Finale Sports Bar & Grill is doing we will measure howwell the advertising campaign is working. We will take random survey’s of the customerthat or in the restaurant. What we would like to know is how the heard of the restaurantand how they like it. In order to get responses to the surveys their will be discounts givento their order.Sample marketing budget (per quarter)Newspaper flyer - 1250Radio advertisement - 1000Web Page - 500Customer raffle - 250Direct mail - 750Cable TV - 1250 5000The Sales plan for Finale Sports Bar & Grill is train the wait staff to have extra’sadded onto the order. The wait staff will be trained on when to ask the customer if theywould like appetizers, deserts or additional menu items. Few things are more importantin any business then positive training of staff that leads to productive and profitableresults. Simply put – the better the training, the better the service. And in the end thebetter the service the employees have, the greater the returns on every aspect of yourbusiness.Finale Sports Bar and Grill will be committed to maximizing our purchasingpower by building lasting relationships with local vendors and companies that willbenefit all areas of our business. We will work directly and closely with all relatedindustry contacts to ensure our restaurant the highest quality products and merchandise atbest available prices. This will cover all aspects of our business from food & barpurchases to retail and merchandise items, fixtures and equipment.JohnsonPage 1110 Dec 2006

Assumption Page OrganizationThe cost for insurance FICA 6.2%, MCARE 1.45%, MESA 2.7%, FUTA 0.8%. This will equal a payroll tax about 11%. Management / Human ResourcesFinale Sports Bar & Grill plans to employee 10 to 20 employees. The hours are11:00 AM till Midnight, seven days per week. 4 Cooks @ 10/hr, 7 Waitress @ 2.65/hr, 3 Hostess/Bartender (they can also do other job duties) @ 6.00/hr, 2 assistantmanagers @ 12.50/hr. Open 360 days / year. OperationsThe operating expense for each month will include bank payment, supplierpayment, utilities and insurance.The bank payment will include cost of the new facility, all equipment, and otheroperating expenses.The business owner will contribute 25,000. MarketingThere will be a marketing budget of 5000 per quarter. There will be extramarketing money for the grand opening celebration.The amount of the financing needed from the bank will be approximately 300,000. This will be repaid over the next 10 years at 3,350 per month.JohnsonPage 1210 Dec 2006

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Oct 27, 2008 · Business Plan For Finale Sports Bar & Grille Submitted by: Jack Johnson Car, MI December 10, 2006 . IMPORTANT: The business plan option is open only to students with knowledge and experience in business accounting, marketing, management, and/or entrepreneurial investment. Send me proof of this along with the outline.File Size: 314KBPage Count: 13Explore furtherSample Business Plan on Bar and Grill Business Planwww.businessplanfast.comSports Bar & Grill Business Plan [Sample Template for 2022]www.profitableventure.comSports Bar Business Plan Example [UPD 2021] OGScapital www.ogscapital.comBar Pub Grill Business Planwww.businessplantemplate. How to write a Bar & Restaurant Business Plan (Step by .entrepreneursgateway.comRecommended to you b