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What’s New? Traditional BSN at Orlando, Cocoa, and Daytona willonly start in fall semester RN to BSN applicants are being reviewed on an ongoing basis No Separate Nursing Application – must apply to UCF byUndergraduate Admissions deadline Must email the RN License and be in correct PendingTrack (AS NURSPND or RN NURSPND) New Statewide Concurrent BSN Program Available to any student enrolled in an ASN program at anyFlorida public institution No Financial Aid Available for UCF courses Burnett Honors Nursing Scholar Program Fingerprint and Background Check due AFTERconditional admission

Pre-License Student Process Apply to Undergraduate Admissions or Registrar 3months prior to Nursing application deadline Submit all test scores and transcripts toAdmissions or Registrar Apply to Nursing Program during specific window Submit TEAS scores by Nursing applicationdeadline Receive Nursing admission decision in 6-8 weeks Do background check and fingerprinting within 7days of conditional admission Register for appropriate orientation

Post-License Student Process Apply to Undergraduate Admissions or Registrar 3months prior to Nursing application deadline Submit all test scores and transcripts toAdmissions or Registrar Email RN license to [email protected] Nursing will run an ongoing query and studentswho meet all minimums will be auto-admitted Auto emails will go out to students when they areadmitted or fail to meet minimums Register for online orientation Get plan of study approved by advisor

Traditional and Second DegreeApplication Ranking Overall GPA 3.0-4.0 TEAS Composite Score 78-100 Prerequisite Sciences GPA 2.0-4.0 Prerequisite Non-Science GPA 2.0-4.0 Preferred prerequisite courses

TEAS ATI TEAS 4 sections (170 questions): Reading Mathematics Science English and Language UsageTEST OFESSENTIALACADEMICSKILLS (TEAS ) Minimum score of 78.0 for Traditional, Accelerated, andConcurrent BSN. Maximum score is 100. Can be taken THREE times within a calendar year, with at least30 days between attempts. ATI TEAS – New Version Accepting TEAS V until December 31, 2017WWW.ATITESTING.COM

Prerequisite d ZOO 3733C(4) HumanAnatomy BSC2093C/2085C (4) A&P1 PSY 2012 (3)GeneralPsychology PCB 3703C(4) HumanPhysiology BSC2094C/2086C (4)A&P2 DEP 2004 (3)DevelopmentalPsychology MCB 2004C(4)Microbiology MCB2010C(4)Microbiology HUN 3011 (3) HUN2202/Human2201 (3)NutritionHuman STA 2023/Nutrition2014C (3)StatisticalMethods CHM 1032 (3) Any CHM/GeneralBSC/PHY (3)ChemistryAccepted

Concurrent BSN AdditionalPrerequisitesSSC/UCF ConcurrentVC/UCF ConcurrentENC1101ENC1101Approved SSC GEP Humanities (allcultural state core apply)Approved VC GEP Humanities (allcultural state core apply)MAC1105BSC2010CHUN2202 or HUN3011 or HUN2201 HUN2015HUN2202 or HUN3011 or HUN2201 HUN2015

Nursing Petition If any of the 8 nursing prerequisites weretaken out of state or at a private college,you must submit this petition. Completed petition form, along with coursedescription, goes before a faculty committeeonce a month. e-programs/details/transfer-courses

Summer 2018 Second Degree BSNPreliminary Admission StatisticsSummer 2018 Second Degree BSNTotal Applicants294Total 89.4AdmittedStudentRanges4.0 - 3.1497.3 –80.7SciencePrereqGPA3.93Non-SciencePrereq GPA4.0 – 3.394.0 - 3.673.96

Fall 2018 Traditional BSN OrlandoPreliminary Admission StatisticsFall 2018 Traditional BSN OrlandoTotal Applicants (allcampuses)Total ScienceNon-SciencePrereq GPA Prereq GPA3.8386.23.843.9596 – 784.0 – 3.274.0 – 3.54Admitted4.0 - 3.42Student Ranges

SSC Concurrent AdmissionSpring 2018 SCC/UCF Dual Enrollment Concurrent BSNTotal Applicants204Applicants with all prereqs done138Total Invited76Total Admitted with all prereqs done byapplication76

VC Concurrent AdmissionSpring 2018 Valencia/UCF Dual Enrollment ConcurrentBSNTotal Applicants121Applicants with allprereqs done71Total Invited40Students only missing HUN2015 upon admission.

Students Can Learn More Information Sessions–– ionSession.pdf Advising Appointment– Website–

College of Nursing!(407) [email protected]

Prerequisites SSC/UCF Concurrent VC/UCF Concurrent ENC1101 ENC1101 . HUN2202 or HUN3011 or HUN2201 HUN2015 HUN2202 or HUN3011 or HUN2201 HUN2015. Nursing Petition If any of the 8 nursing prerequisites were taken out of state or at a private college, you must submit this petition. . Spring 2018