APPLICATION FOR ADVANCED STANDINGLPN TO RN PATHWAYASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE – NURSINGNAME LMC STUDENT ID NUMBERADDRESSCITY STATEZIPHOME PHONE CELLPHONEEMAIL ADDRESSYEAR OF GRADUATION SCHOOLLICENSE NUMBER STATE LICENSE WAS RECEIVED INSEMESTER AND YEAR OF INTENDED NURSING PROGRAM STARTWORK RECORD SINCE LPN GRADUATIONFACILITYPOSITIONDATESEach LPN to RN Advanced Standing student must complete the following: Complete a Lake Michigan College Application – official copies of ALL non-LMC transcripts to the LMC Records Office for official Transfer Credit EvaluationMeet with Director of Nursing to review eligibility and register for Pharmacology II, if requiredConsult with an academic advisor in person or via email before and/or while completing entrance requirementsSubmit an Advanced Standing application by September 12 for a Spring pathway start, or May 12 for a Fall pathway startBe a graduate of a State-approved LPN program and hold (or be eligible for) an active unencumbered LPN LicensureSubmit a reference letter verifying work experience as an LPN for at least 6 monthsComplete all current program entrance requirements and testing (see Guidelines for Admission)English as a Second Language (ESL) applicants only: complete the TOEFL with an 84 or higher, and speaking subscore of 26 orhigher, prior to taking HESI A2ALL applicants: Complete the HESI A2 (Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Math) with a score of 75 or higherHold a minimum overall College GPA of 2.50 minimumMy signature below verifies that I have read and understand the entrance requirements for the LPN to RN pathway, I have met or Iam planning to meet with the Director of Nursing, and I have consulted with an Academic Advisor in person or via email before and/orwhile completing my entrance requirements.STUDENT SIGNATURE DATEPRINTED NAMEApplication must be submitted to:Revised 10/21/2019Lake Michigan College, Health Sciences Office2755 E Napier AvenueBenton Harbor, MI 49022Email: [email protected]: 269-927-8186Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN1

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ADVANCED STANDING GUIDELINES FOR ADMISSIONApplication RequirementsCompleted or will CompleteApply to Lake Michigan College. Apply online ALL official transcripts for Transfer Credit Evaluation. Transcripts may takebetween 8 and 10 weeks to evaluate. May meet with Academic Advisor todetermine potential transfer credit while waiting for evaluation to be completed.Meet or consult with an Academic Advisor to discuss LPN to RN requirements, setup a plan to complete any outstanding or expired prerequisitesSubmit your LPN to RN Advanced Standing Application to the Health SciencesOffice (page 1 of this document).Submit a copy of your current LPN Licensure and a reference letter verifying workexperience as an LPN (must be from DON or supervisor)Meet with the Director of Nursing to discuss eligibility, progress, and to register forPharmacology II, if required.ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSAcademic Requirements (complete at LMC or through Transfer Credit)Completed or Will CompleteTOEFL iBT Test – required for Non-Native English Speaking Students/English as aSecond Language Students ONLY***Must be taken before the HESI A2. Minimum overall score of 84 and minimumspeaking subscore of 26 required for entry.HESI A2 Assessment – score of 75 or higher within two (2) attempts.Overall/College GPA – MINIMUM 2.50 GPA requiredPharmacology II - required if prior Pharm credit is older than 3 years.MATH 122 or 123 Intermediate Algebra or Quantitative ReasoningHEAL 121 Calculations for Healthcare Professionals (“B” or higher grade required.)ENGL 101 English Composition I and ENGL 102 English Composition IIBIOL 205 Human Anatomy (may require BIOL 110 as a prerequisite)BIOL 206 Human Physiology (may require CHEM 104 as a prerequisite)PSYC 201 Introduction to PsychologyFine Arts/Humanities (may be completed during the third program semester concurrentwith Nursing program courses).*All courses unless otherwise noted must be passed with a “C” or better.*All science and math courses must be passed within 10 years of program start.*Pharmacology II registration requires permission from Director of NursingRevised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN3

ADVANCED STANDING GUIDELINES FOR ADMISSION, CONTINUEDCLINICAL COMPLIANCE AND UNIFORM REQUIREMENTSPrior to starting Nursing program classes as a second year student, LPN to RN students MUST complete the followingclinical compliance items. When starting the program, LPN to RN students will start directly into clinical and lectureNursing courses and must be fully clinical compliant before starting class. Students must also have their books, uniform,and supplies ready. Details regarding clinical compliance can be obtained from the Health Sciences Office. For specificinformation about each requirement, see pgs. 5-6.RequirementCommentsRegister for Nursing Program ClassesE-mail will be sent by Health Sciences Office upon completion of allpre-program requirementsCompletion of 10-panel drug screen (urinalysis) through ComplioFailure to pass drug screen will result in inability to start programand/or program exitCompletion of background check through ComplioFailure to pass background check may result in inability to startprogram and/or program exitCompletion of physical exam (Health Certification form)Copy can be obtained from Health Science OfficeProvide proof of current vaccinations and/or immunity to thefollowing communicable diseases: Hep B, MMR, Varicella, TdapDocumentation of vaccinations must be uploaded to ComplioProvide proof of current, negative TB test through a two-step skintest or a TSPOT/Quantiferon Gold blood testTB Test MUST be current and must be renewed annuallyProvide proof of current BLS Provider CPR certificationPurchase uniform through Scrub Depot (see flyer for details) – pleaseallow at least 6 weeks for order to be finished. Students mustpurchase uniform shoes, watch with a second hand, and stethoscope.Purchase books (see Nursing office and Bookstore for specifics)Attend the Skills Fair (see Nursing office for more detail)Applicants who do not meet the above criteria should contact the Director of Nursing, Health Sciences Office, or theHealth Sciences Academic Advisor for guidance. By signing below, you acknowledge you have reviewed the aboverequirements.STUDENT SIGNATURE DATESTUDENT PRINTED NAMERevised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN4

ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE – NURSINGLPN TO RN ADVANCED STANDING ADMISSIONLake Michigan College and the Health Science Department are pleased that you are interested in the Associate in AppliedScience – Nursing program as an LPN to RN Advanced Standing student. The selection process was established to enhancestudent success in the nursing curriculum and passing scores on the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN). LPN toRN is considered an “advanced standing” pathway. Students must complete ALL program prerequisites and pre-programrequirements in order to start the Nursing Program as an LPN to RN student. Students are required to follow the belowadmission process to establish a timeline for program entry. Students are responsible for checking in with their advisorand/or the health sciences office if they have any questions or if their plan for admission changes.All LPN to RN Advanced Standing Applicants Must:1. Submit a Lake Michigan College application at ( Submit a completed Lake Michigan College LPN to RN application form (page 1 of this document). This applicationmust be directly submitted to the Health Sciences Office either in person, via fax, via US Post, or via e-mail.3. Meet with the Lake Michigan College Director of Nursing.4. Meet or consult with an Academic Advisor to determine progress or set up a plan to complete any outstandingprerequisites.5. Be a high school graduate or successfully complete the GED test.6. Be a graduate from a State Approved LPN program.7. Hold or be eligible for a LPN Licensure and submit a copy of licensure with application.8. Submit a reference letter verifying work experience as an LPN totaling at least 6 months before program start.The letter must be signed by an immediate supervisor or the Director of Nursing. This letter must be submittedwith application.9. Forward to the Lake Michigan College Records Department ALL official transcripts from colleges previouslyattended. It is your responsibility to confirm that your transcripts are on file. (Please allow 8-10 weeks fortranscripts to be processed. All official transcripts MUST be received in order to determine. Failure to have alltranscripts submitted on time to LMC may result in an incomplete LPN to RN Advanced Standing application).10. If previously completed Pharmacology coursework is older than 3 years, complete Pharmacology II.11. If previously completed Pharmacology/Med Math coursework is older than 3 years, complete HEAL 121Calculations for Healthcare Professionals, or test out in the Testing Center. Review material is available in thetesting center.12. Complete the HESI A2 Exam with a score of 75 or higher within two (2) attempts maximum. The exam can be takenat the LMC Assessment Center. Previous scores from the HESI A2 exam taken at LMC are valid for 5 years, afterwhich students must re-take the HESI. ESL/Non-native English Speaking Students MUST take the TOEFL iBT Testprior to taking the HESI A2. Minimum TOEFL iBT test scores are 84 overall, and a speaking subscore of 26.13. Meet the Technical Standards for Admission to the Health Science Department and the Technical Standards andFunctions required for the LPN to RN pathway.14. Be 18 years of age or older when they begin the Nursing Program.The nursing program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the field of nursing; positions are locatedwithin hospitals, medical clinics, private practices, and other medical institutions. Upon successful completion of thenursing program, students are eligible to take the NCLEX exam. Satisfactory completion of the NCLEX exam allows thenurse to use the initials RN (Registered Nurse).Applicants meeting the above criteria (Advanced Standing Guidelines for Admission) will be granted credit for firstsemester and second-semester Nursing classes through a Prior Experiential Learning (PEL) Credit. The cost of the PEL is 50 PER CLASS (expect to pay approximately 250 - 300 dollars).Revised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN5

Admission Requirements and Checklist for the LPN to RN Program - DETAIL1. Students must have completed all prerequisite and pre-program coursework with a final grade of “C” or higher ineach course, except for HEAL 121 which requires a “B” minimum grade. Advanced Standing students mustcomplete ALL courses required of a new Nursing student prior to starting the program. All science and mathcourses MUST be completed within 10 years of program start. If a course expires while a student is completingother pre-program requirements, it is the students’ responsibility to follow up with an advisor to discuss optionsfor completion.The following prerequisite courses are required prior to starting the Nursing program: BIOL 205 – Human Anatomy (requires BIOL 110 or 101 as a prerequisite) BIOL 206 – Human Physiology (may require CHEM 104 as a prerequisite) ENGL 101 and 102 – English Composition I and II MATH 122 or MATH 123 – Intermediate Algebra or Quantitative Reasoning HEAL 121 – Calculations for Healthcare Professionals (requires MATH 122/123 as a prerequisite) THISCLASS REQUIRES A “B” MINIMUM GRADE! Nursing Pharmacology II (if prior pharmacology experience is older than 3 years) PSYC 201 – Introduction to Psychology Humanities/Fine Arts – May be taken concurrently with Nursing program classes in the third programsemester. Applicable courses include: three (3) credits in any 100-level course or higher in one of thefollowing disciplines: Art, Foreign Language (or Honors 122, 195, 196), Humanities, Music, Philosophy(or Honors 171, 175), Drama, Any 200-level English course (or Honors 204, 208, 256, 258).While in the program, all Nursing (NURS) courses must be completed with a minimum percentage grade of 78%to be considered passing. There is a limit of two (2) class failures allowed during the Nursing Program. This appliesto all Nursing courses, including Pharmacology II for LPN to RN Advanced Standing students.2. A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required for Nursing program admission as an LPN to RN Advanced Standing student.If the number of LPN to RN seats in the program is limited, Advanced Standing students with the highest overallGPA will be selected for admission. Admission is not guaranteed.3. All clinical sites will be arranged and confirmed by the Health Sciences Office prior to students receivingacceptance notifications. The clinical site is a third-party entity into which students are placed for practicalexperience. LMC cannot guarantee that a clinical site will always be available. Arrangement for such a site dependsupon the college’s ability to enter into formal agreement with a proposed site. Students should not rely upon theavailability of a clinical site in a particular geographical location. All nursing clinical practicum courses are subjectto special scheduling dates which may not follow traditional college semester calendars.While LMC uses its best efforts to negotiate clinical sites, even after they become available they can becomeunavailable for reasons beyond the control of LMC, and in that event, LMC has no liability. No one at LMC hasauthority to modify the conditions and information outlined in this application other than in writing signed by theDean of Health Sciences.4. Prior to starting Nursing program classes, LPN to RN Advanced Standing students must complete the HealthCertification Form (physical), their background check and drug screen, proof of immunizations, a TB test, andobtain Professional Level CPR certification. Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider through American Heart Associationor CPR for Professional Rescuer through Red Cross are acceptable levels of CPR for the Nursing program. CPRcertification MUST be maintained and current while in the Nursing program. Fully online courses are NOTaccepted.Revised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN6

5. All LPN to RN students must successfully complete a drug screen and criminal background check, as required bythe agreements LMC has with clinical sites, PRIOR to starting Nursing program classes. These checks must havebeen completed no longer than six months prior to the beginning of this first clinical rotation. The cost for thedrug screen and criminal background check is the responsibility of the student and facilitated through a vendordesignated by LMC. The completed reports (with no active exclusions reported) must be received by the LMCHealth Sciences Office prior to any nursing student beginning Nursing program classes.LMC does not provide criminal background checks, drug screens, health physicals, and/or any requiredvaccinations. Costs associated with completing these requirements are the responsibility of the student.6. Students are responsible for the costs of their uniform, shoes, stethoscope, and watch with a second hand.Students are encouraged to order their uniform at least 6 weeks in advance to make sure they are clinical readywhen starting the Nursing program.7. LPN to RN students are required to attend the Nursing Skills Fair held prior to each semester. This allows them tobrush up on skills and assessment prior to starting class and clinical.Admission process is nondiscriminatory in regards to age, color, height, weight, creed, disability, marital status, sexualorientation, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, or gender identity or expression.Revised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN7

Technical Standards for AdmissionHealth Science DepartmentThe Health Science Department faculty has specified the following non-academic criteria which applicantsgenerally are expected to meet in order to participate in the Health Sciences programs and professionalpractice. These technical standards are necessary and essential and have been developed to provide forthe health and safety of the patients receiving care from the Health Sciences Department students.OBSERVATION – The applicant must be able to participate in all demonstrations, laboratory exercises,and clinical practicum and to assess and comprehend the condition of all patients assigned forexamination and treatment.COMMUNICATION – The applicant must be able to communicate with patients and members of thehealthcare team with accuracy, clarity, and efficiency within rapidly changing healthcare settings. Theapplicant must also be able to give and / or receive verbal directions about or to a patient or members ofthe healthcare team within rapidly changing health care settings. The applicant must be able to gatherdata from written documents, oral presentations, and observation of patients within a variety of settings.PSYCHOMOTOR –The applicant must have motor functions sufficient to provide safe nursing careactivities, grasp large or small objects, and manipulate a variety of objects. The applicant must havesufficient hearing ability to identify and differentiate a variety of sounds (i.e.; lung sounds, heart sounds,and monitor alarms). The applicant must have sufficient visual ability to identify measurements onsyringes and to detect changes in a patient’s skin or health status.INTELLECTUAL/ CONCEPTUAL, INTEGRATIVE, AND QUANTITATIVE ABILITIES – The applicant must be ableto measure, calculate, reason analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information and observations. Problemsolving, the critical skill demanded of health science practitioners, requires all of these cognitive abilities.BEHAVIOR AND SOCIAL ATTRIBUTES – The applicant must possess the emotional health required for fullutilization of intellectual abilities to safely provide care to patients. The applicant must be free ofbehaviors or evidence indicating addiction, abuse, or dependence on alcohol or other drugs that have thepotential to impair judgment. Applicants must be able to tolerate physical and mental workloads, functioneffectively under stress, adapt to changing environments and conditions, display flexibility and functionin the face of uncertainties inherent in the clinical setting and with patients. Compassion, integrity andconcern for others, interest and motivation are personal qualities each applicant should possess.Revised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN8

Technical Standards and Functions Required for SuccessfulCompletion of Degree Program in NursingStandardsFunctions (List is NOT all-inclusive)Vision sufficient to accurately observe patients ata distance and close at hand.Note changes in a patient’s skin color, or facialexpression.Vision sufficient to be able to read documents,computer screens, and equipment markings.Read electronic records, charts, textbooks. Notemeasurements on syringes of various sizes, IVbags, medications.Speech sufficient to be understood by others;ability to understand the communication ofothers within rapidly changing health settings.Communicating with patients and other healthcare professionals.Hearing sufficient to differentiate various bodysounds, alarms, and equipment results.Hear and differentiate lung, heart, bowel sounds,blood pressure, and Doppler.Physical condition sufficient to perform generaland emergency patient care.CPR, pressure to control bleeding, walking andstanding for extended periods of time.Sufficient fine motor coordination to performtasks related to diagnostic maneuvers.Ability to palpate and auscultate, manipulatesyringes, insert IVs.Sufficient muscle strength, lower back and kneestability to handle patients in a safe manner.Lifting and transferring of patients, physicallyassisting patients.Sufficient psychological stability and emotionalhealth to use intellectual abilities, exercise goodjudgment, complete responsibilities relating tothe care of patients, and develop effectiverelationships with patients.Function effectively in stressful clinical situations,adapt to changing environments, demonstratecompassion and integrity, provide care withoutevidence of behaviors of addiction or abuse ofdrugs or alcohol.NoteYou need to be able to perform each of these tasks with or without accommodation. If an accommodation is necessary becauseof a disability it is your responsibility to provide documentation and to request accommodation. The college will endeavor tosatisfy requests for reasonable accommodations; however, it is not guaranteed.Revised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN9

ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE - NURSINGPrerequisites to Program Admittance and Course SequencePlease note that the NURS course sequence below is tentative pending curriculum changes for Fall 2020.Course names and numbers are subject to change.BIOL 110 (or BIOL 101 or comparable prerequisite for BIOL 205)Credit Hours4Contact Hours5Prerequisite Ranking CoursesCHEM 104 Fundamentals of General, Organic, & BiochemistryBIOL 205 Human AnatomyMATH 122 or MATH 123444654Prior to Start of ProgramBIOL 206 Human PhysiologyHEAL 121 Calculations for Healthcare Professionals (B MINIMUM)ENGL 101 English Composition I413613362113102153352133610221Level 1 - First SemesterPSYC 201 Introduction to PsychologyNURS 180 Nursing FundamentalsNURS 131 Pharmacology ISemester Total:Level 2 - Second SemesterENGL 102 English Composition IINURS 182 Community Mental Health Nursing (7 weeks)NURS 181 Medical-Surgical Nursing 1 (7 weeks)NURS 136 Pharmacology IISemester Total:Level 3 - Third SemesterThis is where most LPN to RN students start the Nursing program. All requirements listed above (or programapproved substitutions), including PSYC 201, and ENGL 102, must be completed before program start.Humanities/Fine Arts Course**33NURS 291 Medical-Surgical Nursing 2 (7 weeks)48NURS 292 Maternal & Child Nursing (7 weeks)59NURS 290 Advanced Health Assessment11Semester Total:1322Level 4 - Fourth SemesterNURS 293 Medical-Surgical Nursing 3 (7 weeks)48NURS 294 Medical-Surgical Nursing 4 (7 weeks)510NURS 288/289 Current Issues in Nursing11Semester Total:1019PROGRAM TOTAL:71106**Humanities/Fine Arts Course: Any 100-level course or higher in one of the following disciplines: Art, Foreign Language (orHonors 122, 195, 196), Humanities, Music, Philosophy (or Honors 171, 175), Drama, Any 200-level English course (or Honors204, 208, 256, 258).Suggested Support Courses for BSN Transfer: Medical Terminology HEAL 103; PSYC 203 Human Development; BIOL 210Microbiology; MATH 216 Statistics; HEAL 113 Nutrition and Diet Therapy.Revised 10/21/2019Advanced Standing Application – LPN to RN10

6. Be a graduate from a State Approved LPN program. 7. Hold or be eligible for a LPN Licensure and submit a copy of licensure with application. 8. Submit a reference letter verifying work experience as an LPN totaling at least 6 months before program start. The letter must be sign