R E U V E NREVIEWYOUR WINDOW INTO THE WORLD OF YESHIVA KETANA OHR REUVENVol. 8 Issue #18UPCOMING EVENTSSunday,February 7, 2021Hascholas GemaraMonday,February 15, 2021No transportationEarly dismissal K-P @121st-8th @1Tuesday,February 16, 2021Carnival DayRegular ER & NRtransportation,No SC transportationFeruary 5, 20215:01 PM "tyz hay bkexzi zyxtYeshivas Ohr Reuven 2021 Raffle Campaign to begin Rosh Chodesh Adar!As in past years, Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven’s 10th annual raffle campaign will begin onRosh Choder Adar 5781!This year the boys can look forward once againto fantastic prizes as well as new and amazingclass prizes! Each class will have the opportunityto experience everything from pizza parties toexciting class trips. As Purim approaches we wanteach and every talmid to do their best and collect on behalf of the Yeshiva – with aspecial emphasis on health and safety. Remember to wear a mask (not just for purim)and keep your distance when possible! Please note: all of last year’s class and individualtotals will be added to this year’s totals as recorded. All drawing prize levels (1st prize, 2ndprize, and 3rd prize) from the 2020 raffle campaign will be drawn at the conclusion of the 2021raffle campaign (yes, we still have all the tickets from 2020!) Looking forward to an amazingcampaign!Wednesday & Thursday,February 17 & 18 , 2021Regular ER & NRtransportation,No SC transportationFriday,February 19, 2021Dress Up DayIMPORTANT NOTESIn case of inclement weather, theYeshiva will send out an email andtext. You can also call the Yeshiva’smessage lines.Yeshiva Ketana message line:845.362.8362, x 199. Mesivtamessage line: 845.362.8362, x 198Rabbi Weissman's 2nd graders had a major siyum on Parsha Vayera, with aspecial visit from our S’gan Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Brodie!A special Thank You to Srivki Weisberg for coming in totake pictures for the special Tu B'Shevat magnets! Thankyou also to all the parents of students who were notthere that day who sent in pictures from home! We hopeby now that you all received the picture magnet mailing!If you did not receiveyour magnet in the mail (or if you maybe received someone else’s magnet in yourenvelope:)), please email [email protected] Grandview Avenue Suffern, NY 10901845.362.8362www.ohrreuven.comYeshiva Ketana Mesivta Beis Medrash Kollel AlumniFrom Kindergarten to Kollel and Beyond!

PARENT FEEDBACK“Eli learned from our dining room this morning, and it was sofascinating, we all wanted to join Rebbi Peikes’s class!”“Thank you for arranging the zooms. It made the day easier.Our son loved the stories. Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven has somany talented rebbes who can do funny voices! (R’ Plotzker’sstories)”Rabbi Peikes’s 8th grade talmidim enjoying their siyum onfinishing the 1st perek of makkos masechtos moed katanand beitza!End of Year Calendar Changes:Last day of school, Thursday, June 17th8th Grade Graduation, Wednesday, June 16thFirst day of sessions for the 2021-2022 school year will beTuesday, August 24thPre1-A’s Tu B’shvat carnival last week!The Yeshiva would like to thank Mr. Lavi Needlemanand the entire Hatzacha landscapingcrew for their tireless work in havingYeshiva plowed and working onremoving the mounds and mounds of snow.Lost & Found! The Yeshiva Ketana’s lost and found is located ona table near the Yeshiva Ketana’s shul/lunchroom. Please reviewthe items pictured below and ask your son to check for any missingitems. Items may have been added since the pictures below weretaken. The lost and found will be emptied on Wednesday February10th. Unclaimed items will be kept by Mrs. Sarah Rosenberg in heroffice for 1 week before discarded, given away or donated.Rabbi Peikes’s 8th grade talmidim Retzufos Learning!PLEASE SHARE WITH US! Please email any Mazel Tovinformation to [email protected]!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Elisha Kohn, KindergartenYossi Eisenstadt, KindergartenIzzy Golomb, 1st gradeMoshe Zev Tepper, 1st gradeAvraham Peikes, 4th gradeAkiva Weinraub, 4th gradeDani Alexander, 6th gradeNissan Gavriel Itzkowitz, 7th gradeYoni Mause, 7th gradeShmuel Fishman, 7th grade

RabbiYisroelGottliebPARENTING PARSHAintheur,hvhv vru, i,n rjt ur,h rnt sju vhv vru, i,n osue ur,h rnt sj huk ic gauvh wru thhj wr hbcThe sons of Rabbi ?iyya and Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi engage in a dispute concerning this issue. One says that the episode withYitro was before the giving of the Torah, and one says that the episode with Yitro was after the giving of the Torah.-Zevachim, 116aktrah ,t wv thmuv hf ung ktrahku vank wv vag rat kf ur,h gnahu cu,fv rntaf uzv ,gsv kg 'ktua hbt vz kf ogurnta unf 'ovk uagba ,ukusdv ,utkpbvn tuva vru,v i,nc ktrahku vank vaga vn gnaa rnt tk vnku, ohrmnnsgu ohnav vmenku .rtv kg ost ohvkt trc rat ouhv ink lhbpk uhv rat ohbuatr ohnhk tb kta hf) ck s ohrcs(:hjhu v,t ,gna ratf atv lu,n rcsn ohvkt kue og gnav 'uvunf gnabv ut vzv kusdv rcsf vhvbv ohnav vmeAnd nonetheless I ask about this opinion, when the verse [here] states, "And Yitro heard all that the Lord had done for Moshe andfor Israel His people, that the Lord had brought Israel out from Egypt" - and why did it not state that he heard that which He didfor Moshe and for Israel at the giving of the Torah, about all of the great wonders that He did for them, as it stated (Deuteronomy4:32), "You have but to inquire about bygone ages that came before you, ever since Hashem created man on earth, from one endof heaven to the other, 'Has anything as grand as this ever happened, or has its like ever been known? Has any people heard thevoice of Hashem speaking out of a fire, as you have, and lived?'"-RambanYou had to be there-EveryoneOne of the great curiosities of matan Torah can easily be overlooked, tucked away in a subtle position regarding the chronology ofevents in this week’s parsha. A simple debate with enormousimplications unfolds toward the end of maseches Zevachim.There, Rabi Hiya and Rabi Yehoshua Ben Levi dispute whetherYisro’s return along with Moshe’s wife and two sons occursbefore matan Torah as implied by the order of the pesukimor after. Consider, for a moment, that the one who stakes outthe position that Yisro arrived after matan Torah is essentiallyarguing that Moshe allowed his children to miss the seminalevent of Jewish history, the giving of the Torah! How can wefathom that Moshe would allow such an oversight?A momentary step back to consider Moshe’s role and purposemay shed some light. Moshe’s mission as not just to ascendto the mountaintop and come back down bearing the Torahin hand. Had he managed to bring Torah to the generation ofthe wilderness and then failed to pass it on, his mission wouldhave been an abject failure. But, it is much easier to transmitthe Torah to those saw G-d and witnessed the heavens openup atop Har Sinai than it is to teach that generation howto transfer the Torah to their children who were not there.Moshe’s true mission was the latter, to ensure they wouldpass the torch to those not yet born.That is much easier said than done. How do you teach anexperience? How do you transfer the inspiration you gleanedfrom that experience? The answer, unfortunately, is that asmuch as you’d like to, you can’t. You need to recognize thatyou will never be able to transmit the inspiration of yourexperiences to your children, and to teach them with the fullcognizance and awareness that they did not see what you saw,hear what you heard, and experience what you experienced.How could Moshe teach them to do that? He could start withhis own children, leaving them at the grandparents for matanTorah and forcing himself to teach those who missed theparty.Moshe and his children lay out a parenting challenge for alltime. It is a problem that most acutely affects baalei teshuva,in parenting, but is common to all of us. How many have feltthe frustration of watching children roll their eyes back as weemotionally belt out a zemer or nigun that inspires us. I havewitnessed, at times, parents’ misguided attempts to try torecreate their own inspiration for their children, clueless tothe fact that what may have inspired them as adults againstthe backdrop of their life experiences will be highly unlikelyto have the same effect on their young children. I recall onceengaging with a parent who had been deeply moved andinspired by a certain chassidishe rebbe and his tish, and he tookhis young son to participate in the tish. But, while the fatherin his first encounter with the rebbe’s tish saw community,spirituality, connection, and the presence of the Divine, his

RabbiYisroelGottliebPARENTING PARSHAintheson saw a bunch of men in strange coats and funny hatsspeaking a foreign language and singing unfamiliar songs.The key is not to try to recreate your own experiencesfor your children, nor to expect them to be inspired byyour sharing the memory of your experiences with them.Instead, try to foster opportunities for children and youngadults to have age-appropriate, inspirational experiencesof their own. Look at the world not through the lens of yourgeneration but that of your children. The Torah is timeless,but the path each generation carves to reach the samedestination is unique. Be open and alert to what is inspiringthe kids today and give your children the opportunity toparticipate.We will all constantly face the challenge of trying to pass thevalue of our experiences to our children and the frustrationthat accompanies that attempt. Moshe rabbeinu laid thegroundwork for dealing with that challenge when he ledby example, transmitting Torah to his children who missedthe original.Good Shabbos,Rabbi Yisroel GottliebPrincipal

פרשת יתרו שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום This weeks שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום programis sponsored byFirstLastName of ( תלמיד Please Print Clearly)!!WEEKLY PRIZES!! 1st Grade – 5 פסוקים Many פרשיות of this yearare still available for sponsorship!Please help support this wonderful program.Monthly (4 weeks) sponsorship: 175One week full sponsorship: 50One week partial sponsorship: 30To sponsor a פרשה please contact Rabbi Plotzker:[email protected] 2nd Grade – 10 פסוקים 3rd Grade – 15 פסוקים 4th Grade – 20 פסוקים 5th Grade – 25 פסוקים 6th Grade – 30 פסוקים 7th Grade – 40 פסוקים 8th Grade – 50 פסוקים My son completed שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום forthis פרשה in the amount specified for his class. Bonus:Did double the grade required amount!Parent’s signature

Nissan Gavriel Itzkowitz, 7th grade Yoni Mause, 7th grade Shmuel Fishman, 7th grade . vhv vru, i,n rjt ur,h rnt sju vhv vru, i,n osue ur,h rnt sj huk ic gauvh wru thhj wr hbc . This weeks םוגרת דחאו ארקמ םינש