CELEBRATING 28 YEARS OF SINGLES GOLF IN AMERICAChicago Chapter - American Singles Golf Association - August 2020Stay healthy and safe andhope to see you on the linkssoon!Susan Herman - 08/31/2020Joanne Jacobs - 08/31/2020Ken Kusumoto - 08/31/2020 Alice ZyksAbout Our Members(THIS REPORT RAN 08/09/2020)President’s MessageHi!Can’t believe it’s Augustalready! Covid-19 has madethe 2020 season unique, but thankfully golfis a safe way to exercise and socialize withold and new friends. We’ve had somefabulous golf weather recently and greatattendance at the outings. Check the calendar on the website or the e-blasts forupcoming outings and details on how tosign up – don’t wait too long or you’ll endup on the waiting list.Thanks to everyone who volunteered tohelp Marie coordinate the outings, and toTom U. and Tim D. for running the Chicago Challenge and Club Championship.Happy Birthday to these members:Marie Bush - 08/28Michael Colligan - 09/04Ann Engelmann - 08/23Kathleen Gallo - 08/17Paul Gentile - 08/17David Halper - 09/06Robert Lewandowski - 08/08Robert Ptak - 08/29Margaret Quinn - 08/21Jeanne Schneeberger - 08/04Gregg Straley - 08/07Joe Torcivia - 09/15Ruth Wiechmann Browne - 08/17These members are up for renewal:(date shown is last day of membership)Marie Di Virgilio - 08/31/2020Upcoming Multi-Chapter Events (see National is slowly working towards a multi-chapter event forthis year, however, contracts have not been signed but we are“penciled-in” with anticipation of signing soon. Details out soon*: Reunion in Pinehurst—Arrive Sunday, Nov. 8, depart Wednes-day, Nov. 11. Package includes 3 nights’ stay, 2 rounds of golf, 3breakfasts, welcome reception and 3 dinners. Bringing in the New Year 2021—Arriving in Florida on Sunday,January 3, departing January 6. Looking at locations now. Webelieve we’ll get some great rates as traditionally the crowds returnhome after the New Year’s vacationers return home. Stay tuned.* All events subject to change once contracts have been signed.Welcome newest members:Jennifer Bender - Joined 07/29/2020Eugene Keefe - Joined 07/22/2020Michaelene Lewand - Joined 07/30/2020Sheila Ramacci - Joined 06/18/2020These members recently renewed:Christine CoyneDavid HalperRobert LewandowskiThese members did not renew theirdues:(date shown is date membership expired)Patrice Al-Saden - 07/31/2020Bernadette Glass - 07/31/2020Mari Lou McCann - 06/30/2020Seth Porter - 06/30/2020Madelon Silgalis - 07/31/2020Raymond Vogel - 06/30/2020Our chapter currently has 76 members.Next MeetingTBDMeeting LocationTBDOur Chapter Website: www.ASGAChicago.orgMeetup Website: next page for list of officers and board members.)National OfficeOffice Hours: 9:00am to 2:00pm, M-F (Eastern)National Office: 980-833-6450 or 1-888-GOLFMATEGo to to make changes to youraddress, phone, etc. To join or renew your dues, go Golf is a registered trademark of ASGA, Inc.

Chicago Chapterof theAmerican Singles Golf AssociationPresidentAlice [email protected] Chair MessageA big thanks to all who have stepped up to coordinate an outing this season. Ithas taken a lot of weekly work off my plate and is making for an enjoyable rest ofthe season. We have outings lined up through the first weekend in October, withjust a couple outings left that could use a coordinator. See the list below of upcoming outings.We’ve had some really good turnout for many of the courses we’ve played over the lastcouple months. With everything going on these days, I’m so thankful we can still enjoy thegame. It’s great to see our friends on the course and on the patios and decks afterward toshare a drink or a bite to eat. Come out and join us! Marie Bush, [email protected] Aug 8Ravisloe Country ClubSSun Aug 9Bowes CreekNWCathy HillSat Aug 15St Andrews - ChampionshipWTim DowlingGolf ChairpersonMarie BushSun Aug 16St Andrews - ChampionshipWTim DowlingSat Aug 22Chevy ChaseNCindy PausicSocial ChairpersonKathi BrownSun Aug 23ArrowheadWJudy JohnsonSat Aug 29Bollingbrook Golf ClubSKurt KupitzSun Aug 30Mt ProspectNWSharon MeyerSat Sep 5Steeple ChaseNWKathi BrownSun Sep 6Orchard ValleyWDeb BackmanSat Sep 12Calumet Country ClubSSun Sep 13Prairie IsleNWCindy PausicSat Sep 19Palatine HillsNWDeb BackmanSun Sep 20SanctuarySColleen NelmsSat Sep 26CantignyWKate DudleySun Sep 27Deerpath Golf CourseNSat Oct 3Sun Oct 4Glencoe Golf ClubRuffled FeathersNSChairman of the BoardRuth Wiechmann BrowneSharon MeyerMembership ChairpersonRichard [email protected] ChairpersonsCindy PausicKathy HendricksonSecretaryChristine CoyneTreasurerDeborah BackmanLegalRobin RashWebmasterTim RyanSixteen golfers came outfor a mid-week round atMistwood on July 15. However, mother nature dealt us a few boltsof lightening, closing the course as wewere about halfway through. Rainchecks were given out and we've given itanother go on Wednesday, Aug 5. Coordinator: Marie BushNineteen golfers played Stonewall Orchard on July 18. Happily, the weather cooperated.Forecasters predicted partly cloudyskies, 96 degrees and high humidity.However, a storm in Wisconsin brought asteady breeze from the north and a hightemp of “only” 86 degrees. Robin Rash,our only walker, especially appreciatedCoordinatorSherry BradysColleen Nelmsthis. One golfer, who prefers to remainanonymous, chipped in on 17 for a birdie.More luck than skill, the chip shot came inlike a rocket and would have sailed acrossthe green, but the ball hit the flagstick anddropped decisively into the cup. Anothergreat golfer said they shot a 42 on thefront and the back. Additionally, the staffwas friendly and helpful. However, theytook it upon themselves to put out proximity markers. The unsanctioned-contestwinners were: Cathy Hill (#9 women’sproximity), Greg Mieczynski (#17 men’sproximity) and Marie Bush (#18 longestputt). Winners received admiration andbragging rights but no coupons. Mostplayers enjoyed a beverage on the patiooverlooking the 18th green after the round.Coordinator: Marie DiVirgilio

2020 has brought more challenges than one can ever hope for! This did not hold back ASGA from participating in its17th annual Chicago Challenge! As a short break from the troubles in the world today, we were fortunate to continue atradition of friendly competition on the beautiful George Dunne golf course on July 11 and 12. When I accepted the lead ofa team and we picked at random in a rushed time frame, I had no idea what to expect. I did not know that I would be kindly welcomed from a great group of golfers I knew very little about. I did not know that we would put together a solid group of foursomeswho would help each other shine. Thank you, Scott W and all of the Crushers, who brough their A game and contributed to an outstanding weekend of golf. Thank you, Tom U, for your efforts in keeping this tradition going. Finally, thank you Kurt and the Katz for yourgreat sportsmanship; you guys rock! Colleen Nelms

Springbrook - Sun July 19On July 19 at Springbrookthe skies opened up just asmany of us were arriving atthe course. It dumped so much water, thecourse was only open to walkers after theall clear was given to resume play. Threeintrepid golfers got out their push carts andhit the links. And, some of us stayed forlunch at the clubhouse to catch up withfriends while others just went home to waitfor a clear day to try again. Coordinator:Marie BushHeading to the far westsuburbs on July 25, ASGAwas welcomed by the amazing staff at Whitetail Ridge.Golf carts were waiting with our nameplates on each and the day started with abang. Birdie juice was flowing early, withColleen’s first birdie on hole 1, followed byBarry’s birdie a couple holes later, thenMarie B joining in the dance. Lots of parsthroughout the day! The course wasbeautiful, the weather was sunny and thegroup was glowing with positivity! Coordinator: Colleen NelmsCan you believe 27golfers played Highlandsof Elgin on Chicago’shottest day in July? No,I can’t either. It was 95degrees on July 26, but with the slopeand humidity it felt like 150 degrees.Seven foursomes traversed the hilly terrain in single and shared carts. Steadfast walkers Judy Johnson and KurtKupitz walked the 18 and were still aliveto talk about it. Many of the group wentto Stanley’s for beers on the shadedpatio. Our posted scores will be a test ofthe new GHIN handicap system’s allowance for weather related challenges. Ididn’t hear of any personal bests beingrecorded, but I think we all had fun.Coordinator: Linda CiprellaThe day started out perfect at Balmoral Woods onAugust 2, and the rollinghills and tree-lined fairways were bringing ussome challenging holes. Then came thedeluge. It caused us to wait out thedownpour either under the awning of thehalfway house or under cover of cartswith umbrellas. There were buckets ofwater coming from the skies. After about15 to 20 minutes, the skies cleared up,and allowed us to continue, trying toavoid the worst of the fresh puddles andwet fairways. A few people opted to callit a day, but most of us finished beforethe rain started up again. We'll look forward to trying it again next year, hopefully with drier weather.Coordinator: Marie BushIf you have a newsletterarticle/notice, pleasesubmit it to [email protected] Nextmonth please send on by September 5 forSeptember’s newsletter.ASGA Chicago website: olfers should eat moresnacks on the course,according to Tiger WoodsBY: RACHEL BLEIER golf.comWith the PGA and LPGA Tours both onan extended hiatus due to coronavirus,players have had a lot of free time to fill.For Lexi Thompson that meant breakingdown her workouts for her fans and hosting live Q&As on social media.During one of these Q&A sessions, a fanasked Lexi if Tiger had ever given her anyadvice.Her answer? Yes.His advice? It was about on-coursesnacks.According to the announcers recountingthe story on the PGA Tour Live streamduring the morning wave at the Travelers,Tiger told Lexi to “eat as much as you can— every two or three holes.”For Tiger, this means munching on acrunchy peanut butter and banana sandwich throughout his rounds.Any advice from Tiger is generally goodadvice; he’s got the resume to prove it. Soif he says you should snack, there’s agood chance you should snack.Golfers burn an average of 400-700 calories per round when riding in a cart. Thatnumber jumps to 800-1200 calories perround if you choose to walk. (This calculator allows you to specify your scenario fora more personalized calories burnedcount.)Either way, you’re bound to get hungrybefore your round is over. What’s more,snacking every few holes helps keep yourenergy up and your blood sugar level soyou can stay focused on going low.So the next time you’re headed out toplay, make sure you bring plenty of snacksto keep you fueled up on the course.

From the USGA —COVID-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQsThe guidance below supplements a memo released by the USGA as to how the Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicappingapply in response to questions received from golf course owners, administrators, tournament organizers and golfers. Aswas noted in that memo, it is not the intended purpose of the below guidance to either encourage or discourage anyonefrom playing the game, but rather, in our governance role, to help golf course operators, committees and golfers better understand how the Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping apply to the various questions we have received.The questions received fit into four main topics. In each of the four topics below, the guidance provided serves both to directly answer the questions asked as well as cover additional considerations that might also serve useful.FLAGSTICKMay a course remove all flagsticks to minimize the possibility of exposing players to coronavirus?May a committee introduce a code of conduct that does not allow players to remove (or even touch) the flagstick? The flagstick serves an important purpose in the game of golf – that is as an indicator to a player as to where the hole islocated on the putting green or a target for shots. If a Committee decides to set-up a golf course without flagsticks, consideration should be given as to how best to support such a decision by providing players the location of each hole on the green. Whether this is general guidance (such asin the right front portion) or through a detailed hole-location sheet. As another means of minimizing exposure to players, a Committee might decide to introduce a code of conduct thatprohibits players from touching or removing the flagstick. As is authorized under Rule 1.2b, such a code could also includepenalties (such as one penalty stroke or the general penalty) if a player is in breach of its standards. Before a Committee decides to introduce such a restriction, it is recommended that consideration be given to the factthat removing the flagstick is an instinctual, even automated, act for many players. Drafting such a code of conduct to restrict only deliberate acts to affect the outcome of the hole would be reflective of that reality and would mean that a playe rwho instinctually removes the flagstick would not get a penalty in doing so. If a Committee takes any of the above actions, it is at the discretion of the Committee whether scores would be acceptable for handicap purposes.BUNKERS AND BUNKER RAKESWe have removed all bunker rakes from our course to help stop the spread of coronavirus. What options do wehave for players who end up in unraked areas? By removing rakes from the course, the Committee has various options as to how best to address the likely possibilityof a player’s ball coming to rest in an unmaintained area of sand and should consider which is the best approach under yourunique circumstances. If you have limited play and most players at your course use a golf cart, the best approach might be to ask that eachplayer takes a rake with them. If it is decided that no additional Rules will be put into effect to deal with these areas, it would be advisable to stronglyencourage that players try their best to smooth the disturbed area with a foot or a club. Additional options could include changing the status of bunkers to be part of the general area. This would give playersadditional options under multiple relief rules (Rules 16 and 19) and would remove the restrictions normally in effect underRule 12. Ground under repair could be used in two different manners. The first being to declare all bunkers to be ground underrepair and treat them as part of the general area. This would allow players the option to take free relief outside the bunkerunder Rule 16.1. The second is to treat disturbed areas only as ground under repair. This would still allow a player free relief from such areas, but would require such relief to be taken elsewhere within the bunker. As a last resort, we have fielded questions as to whether a Committee may add a preferred lies local rule that wouldallow a player to place the ball elsewhere in a bunker without penalty (such as within one club length of where the ball cameto rest). While that may seem like a good option in that it requires players to play from the bunker, there will be times whe nno effective relief would be available to a player, such as when a bunker is frequently played from and large areas are unraked. It would be recommended that the other options, such as those listed above are considered first, noting that using

the ground under repair options above ensure a player will get full relief and when dropping from knee height, balls veryrarely plug. If a Committee takes any of the above actions, it is at the discretion of the Committee whether scores would be acceptable for handicap purposes.SCORECARDS AND SCORINGWe are holding a competition, but want to limit how scorecards are exchanged both between players and after theround to the Committee. Do you have any recommendations? The Rules already allow numerous options to address these concerns noting that certifying a score does not require aphysical signature, nor does it require a physical scorecard. If a Committee wishes to run a competition using a form of electronic scoring, this could come in many forms, such asasking that each marker send an email to the Committee and the player he or she is marking for, including the player’s hole by-hole scores. The player can then reply to verify the accuracy of the card. When electronic methods are used, such as the email example above or similar methods that involve text messaging,the Committee should decide when a scorecard would be considered to have been returned. For example, this could bewhen the player responds certifying that the scores are correct or some other action that the Committee might consider moreappropriate. A Committee might also wish to employ the above method but also combine these with a physical scorecard by havingthe marker take a picture of the completed scorecard and either email or text it to the Committee using the same processdescribed above. If physical scorecards are the preferred method, a Committee may wish to have the player and marker not exchangecards but rather verbally communicate the hole-by-hole scores to the Committee verbally in the scoring area. Additionally,verbal confirmation could be a substitute for the physical signature. As with the electronic scoring methods described above,the Committee should be diligent to clearly define when a scorecard has been returned, such as when a player leaves thegolf shop if that is where the process takes place. If a Committee takes any of the above actions, it is at the discretion of the Committee whether scores would be acceptable for handicap purposes.MODIFICATIONS TO THE HOLE; NOT REQUIRING THAT PLAYERS HOLE OUTA number of questions have been received that relate to modifying the hole so that players no longer need to reach into thehole to remove a ball to minimize the possibility of exposing golfers to coronavirus.These have included some courses setting holes so that the hole liner remains an inch or two above the surface of the greenwhile others have placed various objects into the hole or around the flagstick (such as foam pool noodles or plastic piping)so that a ball is unable to fall to the bottom.While in all of these instances, the ball is not holed per the Rules of Golf (Rule 3.3c), a round played under these conditio nswill result in an acceptable score for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines (see Rule 3.3 of the Rules ofHandicapping).While the most likely score procedure is intended to support certain formats of play where the player is not required to holeout (such as in match play when the player’s next stroke is conceded or in fourball stroke play when a partner picks up), it isalso temporarily in effect where the above described safety measures are being used.When using most likely score, the player should consider the number of strokes most likely required to complete the hole,and determine whether the ball would have been holed or not. Most likely score is at the player's best judgment and shouldnot be used to gain an unfair advantage.This measure is temporary and in effect within the United States until advised otherwise by the USGA.The above guidance will continue to be updated. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Rules of Golfand Rules of Handicapping departments by going to

TMCall Us at 1-980-833-6450Fax This Form to UsEmail/Mail This Form To UsOnline ( & DAY BORNNote: Meeting locations may vary. Upon joining, you will receive a monthly newsletter telling you about monthlymeetings, outings, etc. If you have any questions, contact your local chapter leader or call 1-888-GOLFMATEor 980-833-6450. Please complete information box at right.YOUR USGA HANDICAP orAVERAGE GOLF SCOREDues are 89.00 (for12 months) OR 178.00 for 24 months (includes free ASGA logo’d shirt when joining for two years!). Best rate per yearis 267 with our “buy 3 years, get 4th free shirt” plan. Credit card users: JOIN BY PHONE: 1-980-833-6450 or FAX COMPLETED FORM to1-980-225-0231. Your membership kit will be mailed upon receipt of payment. Free shipping if ASGA shirt is ordered with application.PRINT CLEARLY - THE INFO BELOW SHOWS HOW IT WILL APPEAR ON YOUR CHAPTER’S ROSTER. (*SEE OPT-OUT CLAUSE BELOW)HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? CHAPTER YOU ARE JOINING OR RENEWING IN:NAME E-MAIL ADDR:ADDRESS CITY ST ZIPHOME ( ) WORK/CELL ( ) EMPL. BYPOSITION ( ) AVAILABLE FOR WEEKDAY GOLF ( ) WILLING TO VOLUNTEER FOR CHAPTERNOTE: ASGA DOES NOT CONDUCT BACKGROUND CHECKS ON APPLICANTS FOR MEMBERSHIP OR MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION. Golf can be a dangerous sport. Accidents canoccur by you or another party striking a golf ball, by a golf cart turning over, or simply falling down steps. PLEASE TAKE ADEQUATE PRECAUTION when playing in ASGA events.Chapters and individuals running golf tournaments are not professionals but are volunteers, and therefore, you must assume additional responsibility for your own safety.Please abide by the safety rules posted inside your golf cart, at the golf course, as well as the official website of the United States Golf Association ( If youhave a safety concern, you must immediately bring it to the attention of the person(s) running an event, your chapter president or golf course management personnel.LEGAL STUFF : Read this section in a larger font at FROM LIABILITY AND EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I, the undersigned Applicant (hereinafter referred to as“Releasor”), in consideration of being permitted to participate in golf activities organized or sponsored by ASGA, Inc., d/b/aAmerican Singles Golf Association, a Delaware Corporation, or its affiliate chapters in the United States and Canada, (the“Releasees”) and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency is hereby acknowledged, hereby on behalfof myself and my heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives agree to fully indemnify, defend, hold harmless, andnot to sue Releasees and/or Releasee’s directors, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates from and on account of any and allpast, present, and future claims, debts, causes of action, damages, personal injuries, wrongful deaths, property loss, andproperty damage (including attorney’s fees and costs relative thereto), whether due or not, direct or contingent, liquidated orunliquidated, latent or patent, known or unknown, which in any way concern or relate to any act or omission of Releasees.Except in the event of any gross and willful negligence, I shall bring no claims, demands, actions and causes of action, and/orlitigation, against Releasees for any economic and non-economic losses due to bodily injury, death, property damage, sustainedby me in relation to the premises and operations of the golf course, including riding on golf carts or playing the game of golf. Iam aware that participation in and/or observance of the golf activities and/or other activities sponsored by Releasees is or maybe an inherently dangerous activity and may have health-related risks, and agree that I am voluntarily participating in and/orobserving such activities with full knowledge of all dangers and risks involved. In addition, I hereby expressly assume all risks ofinjury, death, property loss, property damage, and other loss and damage which may occur relative to my participation in and/orobservance of such activities. I understand and agree that this Release includes any and all claims based on the past, presentand future ordinary negligence, action, and/or inaction of Releasees and/or Releasee’s directors, officers, employees, agents,and affiliates. I acknowledge that I have read this Release, have been fully and completely advised of the potential dangersincidental and inherent to the participation in and/or observance of the activities organized and/or sponsored by Releasees, andam fully aware of the legal consequences of signing the Application Form acknowledging this Release. I agree that this Release, waiver and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of myresidency, and that if any portion of this Release is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding continue infull force and effect.TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Membership in the American Singles Golf Association (ASGA) becomes effective upon receipt ofdues and is valid for the period of time requested as indicated on the application form, subject to these Terms and Conditions. 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The Chicago Chapter of theAmerican Singles Golf AssociationWANTS YOU!We’re 3,000 members in 75 cities and we’re ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN! So if you’resingle (i.e. divorced, widowed, legally separated or never married) and enjoymeeting others through the game of golf, you’re invited to inquire aboutmembership by calling the American Singles Golf Association directly at1-888-465-3628 (1-TRIPLE-EIGHT-GOLFMATE) or visit our website at

Susan Herman - 08/31/2020 Joanne Jacobs - 08/31/2020 Ken Kusumoto - 08/31/2020 . Thank you, Scott W and all of the Crushers, who brough their A game and contributed to an outstand-ing weekend of golf. Thank you, . down her workouts for her fans and host-ing live Q&As on soci