Supported Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness & a Forensic History who are beingreferred from OMH Psychiatric CentersRequest for ProposalsNew York CityOctober 20151

Table of Contents1.2345Introduction and Background. 31.1Purpose of the Request for Proposal . 3Proposal Submissions . 32.1Letter of Intent . 32.2Designated Contact/Issuing Officer . 42.3Key Events/Timeline. 42.4RFP Questions and Clarifications . 42.5Addenda to Request for Proposals . 42.6Eligible Agencies . 52.7Disqualification Factors . 52.8Grants Gateway Requirement . 52.9Packaging of RFP Responses. 52.10 Proposals Executive Order #38. 52.11 Instructions for Bid Submission and Required Format . 6Administrative Information . 63.1Reserved Rights . 63.2Debriefing . 73.3Protests Related to the Solicitation Process . 73.4Term of Contracts . 83.4.1 Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises . 8Evaluation Factors for Awards . 84.1Evaluation Criteria . 84.2Method for Evaluating Proposals . 84.3Process for Awarding Contracts . 94.3.1 Initial Awards and Allocations . 94.3.2 Reallocation Process . 104.4Award Notification . 10Scope of Work . 115.1Introduction . 115.2Objectives and Responsibilities . 125.3Reporting Requirements. 135.4Operating Funding . 145.5Proposal Narrative . 145.5.1 Population. 145.5.2 Housing Implementation . 145.5.3 Agency Performance . 155.5.4 Financial Assessment . 16AppendicesAppendix A:Appendix B:Appendix B1:Appendix C:Appendix D:2Transmittal FormOperating Budget FormBudget NarrativeOMH Direct Contract FormCriteria for Determining Serious Mental Illness

1.Introduction and Background1.1Purpose of the Request for ProposalThe New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is committed to investment incommunity-based services that will reduce the demand for services and longlengths of stay in inpatient settings. The Office of Mental Health announces thisRequest for Proposals (RFP) for the development and operation of up to 121 unitsof Supported Housing for individuals with a serious mental illness who meet thefollowing criteria: are current patients of NYS OMH Psychiatric Centers (PCs) whowere admitted into the State Psychiatric Center immediately following a prisonsentence.While a full range of community services are being developed in ongoingdiscussions with local stakeholders using OMH State funded pre-investments,Supported Housing has been identified as one of the priority programs enablingindividuals to successfully remain in the community. The 2015/2016 Enacted NYSState Budget authorizes funding for the development of up to 200 units ofSupported Housing which have been allocated throughout the PC’s catchmentareas in New York State. A total of 121 units of Supported Housing have beenallocated for New York City. Awards will be distributed to serve the followingPsychiatric Centers Catchment Region accordingly:Group # 1 30 units designated for Manhattan Psychiatric Catchment RegionGroup # 2 31 units designated for Manhattan Psychiatric Catchment RegionGroup # 3 31 units designated for Kingsboro Psychiatric Catchment RegionGroup # 4 23 units designated for Creedmoor Psychiatric Catchment RegionGroup # 5 06 units designated for Bronx Psychiatric Catchment RegionSixty-one (61) Supported Housing units are designated to serve individuals with aserious mental illness who are patients of Manhattan Psychiatric Center (MPC)and who were admitted into Manhattan Psychiatric Center immediately following aprison sentence. Two agencies will be awarded 30 and 31 units each.Thirty-one (31) Supported Housing units are designated to serve individuals with aserious mental illness who are patients of Kingsboro Psychiatric Center (KPC) andwho were admitted into Kingsboro Psychiatric Center immediately following aprison sentence. One agency will be awarded 31 units.Twenty-three (23) Supported Housing units are designated to serve individualswith a serious mental illness who are patients of Creedmoor Psychiatric Center(CPC) and who were admitted into Creedmoor Psychiatric Center immediatelyfollowing a prison sentence. One agency will be awarded 23 units.Six (6) Supported Housing units are designated to serve individuals with a seriousmental illness who are patients Bronx Psychiatric Center (BPC) and who wereadmitted into Bronx Psychiatric Center immediately following a prison sentence.One agency will be awarded 6 units.2 Proposal Submissions2.1Letter of IntentAgencies interested in responding to this Request for Proposals are encouragedto submit a Letter of Intent to Bid to the OMH Issuing Officer by 11/12/15. The

Letter of Intent to Bid shall be non-binding.Please mail the letter of intent to the Issuing Officer:Carol Swiderski,Contract Management Specialist 2New York State Office of Mental HealthContracts and Claims7th Floor 44 Holland AvenueAlbany, NY 122292.2Designated Contact/Issuing OfficerOMH has assigned an Issuing Officer for this project. The Issuing Officer or adesignee shall be the sole point of contact regarding the RFP from the date ofissuance of the RFP until the issuance of the Notice of Conditional Award. Toavoid being deemed non-responsive, a bidder is restricted from making contactwith any other personnel of OMH regarding the RFP. Certain findings of nonresponsibility can result in rejection for a contract award. The Issuing Officer forthis RFP is:Carol SwiderskiContract Management Specialist 2New York State Office of Mental HealthContracts and Claims7th Floor44 Holland AvenueAlbany, NY 122292.3Key Events/TimelineRFP Release DateLetter of Intent to Bid DueQuestions DueQuestions and Answers Posted on WebsiteProposals DueAnticipated Award NotificationAnticipated Contract 04/1602/01/16RFP Questions and ClarificationsAll questions or requests for clarification concerning the RFP shall be submitted inwriting to the Issuing Officer by fax at (518) 402-2529 or by e-mail by 11/18/15.The questions and official answers will be posted on the OMH website by 12/02/15and will be limited to addressing only those questions submitted by the deadline.No questions will be answered by telephone or in person.2.5Addenda to Request for ProposalsIt is the bidder’s responsibility to periodically review the OMH website to learn ofrevisions or addendums to this RFP. Changes to the RFP will also be posted in theNYS Contract Reporter. No other notification will be given.

2.6Eligible AgenciesEligible applicants are not-for-profit agencies with 501(c) (3) incorporation that a)have experience providing housing and supportive services for any special needsgroup that is contracted for and monitored by a city, state or federal governmentagency and/or b) provide mental health services to persons with serious mentalillness through programs that are licensed by OMH or are under contract withOMH or the county Local Government Unit (LGU).If unsure if your agency is an eligible applicant, contact the Issuing Officeridentified in Section FactorsFollowing the opening of bids, a preliminary review of all proposals will beconducted by the Issuing Officer or a designee to review each proposal’ssubmission for completeness and verify that all eligibility criteria have been met.Proposals that do not meet basic participation standards will be disqualified,specifically: Proposals from applicants that do not meet the eligibility criteria as outlinedin2.6; or Proposals that do not comply with bid submission and/or required formatinstructions as specified in 2.11 or Proposals from eligible not-for-profit applicants who have not completedVendor Prequalification, as described in 2.8, by the proposal due date of4:30 PM on 12/09/15.2.8Grants Gateway RequirementPursuant to the New York State Division of Budget Bulletin H-1032, dated June 7,2013, New York State has instituted key reform initiatives to the grant contractprocess which require not-for-profits to register in the Grants Gateway andcomplete the Vendor Prequalification process in order for proposals to beevaluated and any resulting contracts executed. Information on these initiatives canbe found at received from eligible not-for-profit applicants who have not beenPrequalified by the proposal due date of 4:30 PM on 12/09/15 cannot be evaluated;therefore, such proposals will be disqualified from further consideration.2.9Packaging of RFP ResponsesSubmit one hard copy of the entire proposal package described in 2.11 above, aswell as an agency identified flash drive containing the proposal as one document(Word or PDF format), by U.S. mail or hand delivery to be received by 4:30 PM on12/09/15. It must be sealed in an envelope or boxed and addressed to the IssuingOfficer named above in 2.1 and below. Bidders who are mailing proposals shouldallow a sufficient mail delivery period to ensure timely arrival of their proposals.2.10Proposals Executive Order #38Pursuant to Executive Order#38 (, dated January 18, 2012,State agencies are required to promulgateregulations and take any other actions within the agency's authority, includingamending agreements with providers, to limit provider administrative costs and

executive compensation. Any contract awarded through this RFP will be subjectto such restrictions and to related requirements. Once established, therequirements will be posted to OMH's website.2.11Instructions for Bid Submission and Required FormatEach proposal is required to contain: Completed Agency Transmittal Form (Appendix A);Proposal Narrative;Operating Budget (Appendix B);Budget Narrative (Appendix B1).Entire submission on agency identified flash drive as one PDF document.The Proposal Narrative must be concise (no more than 20 pages, not includingattachments). In the event the narrative is over 20 pages, OMH will only read andreview the first 20 pages of the proposal narrative submitted.On the Agency Transmittal Form, please indicate what groups are being requestedin priority order. (See instructions in Section 4.3.1)The Operating Budget and Budget Narrative (Appendix B and Appendix B1) areseparate documents that appear in the RFP section of the OMH website and canbe downloaded in PDF format. Bidders must not substitute their own budgetformat. Failure to use the provided Operating Budget and Budget Narrativeformats may result in disqualification for non-responsiveness.Proposals cannot be submitted via e-mail or facsimile. All proposals receivedafter the due date and time cannot be accepted and will be returned unopened.Proposals should be sent to:Carol SwiderskiContract Management Specialist 2New York State Office of MentalHealth Contracts and Claims 7th Floor44 Holland AvenueAlbany, NY 12229Attn: Supported Housing NYC Region RFP3Administrative Information3.1Reserved RightsOMH reserves the right to: Reject any or all proposals received in response to the RFP that aredeemed non-responsive or do not meet the minimum requirements; Withdraw the RFP at any time, at the agency’s sole discretion; Make an award under the RFP in whole or in part; Disqualify a bidder whose conduct fails to conform to the requirements ofthe RFP; Seek clarifications of proposals for the purposes of assuring a full

understanding of the responsiveness to the solicitationrequirements;3.2 Use proposal information obtained through the state’s investigation of abidder’s qualifications, experience, ability or financial standing, and anymaterial or information submitted by the bidder in response to the agency’srequest for clarifying information in the course of evaluation and/orselection under the RFP; Prior to the bid opening, direct bidders to submit proposalmodifications addressing subsequent RFP amendments; Prior to the bid opening, amend the RFP specifications to correct errors oroversight, supply additional information, or extend any of the scheduleddates or requirements and provide notification to potential bidders via theOMH website and the New York State (NYS) Contract Reporter; Eliminate any non-material specifications that cannot be complied with by allof the prospective bidders; Negotiate any aspect of the proposal in order to assure that the finalagreement meets OMH objectives; Conduct contract negotiations with the next responsible bidder, should theagency be unsuccessful in negotiating with the selected bidder; Require clarification at any time during the procurement process and/orrequire correction of arithmetic or other apparent errors for the purpose ofassuring a full and complete understanding of a bidder’s proposal and/orto determine a bidder’s compliance with the requirements of thesolicitation; Conduct a readiness review of each selected bidder prior to the execution ofthe contract as set forth in Section 4.4; Cancel or modify contracts due to the insufficiency of appropriations.DebriefingOMH will issue award and non-award notifications to all bidders. Both awarded andnon-awarded bidders may request a debriefing in writing requesting feedback ontheir own proposal, regardless if it was selected for an award, or disqualified, within15 business days of the OMH dated letter. OMH will not offer ranking, statistical, orcost information of other proposals until after the NYS Office of the StateComptroller has approved all awards under this RFP. Written debriefing requestsmay be sent to the Designated Contact, as defined in Section Related to the Solicitation ProcessProtests of an award decision must be filed within fifteen (15) business days afterthe notice of conditional award or five (5) business days from the date of thedebriefing. The Commissioner or his designee will review the matter and issue awritten decision within twenty (20) business days of receipt of protest. All protestsmust be in writing and must clearly and fully state the legal and factual grounds forthe protest and include all relevant documentation. The written documentation

should clearly state reference to the RFP title and due date. Such protests must besubmitted to:NYS Office of Mental HealthCommissioner Ann Marie T. Sullivan, M.D44 Holland AvenueAlbany, New York 122293.4Term of ContractsThe contracts awarded in response to this RFP will be for five years with ananticipated start date of 02/01/16. Selected applicants awarded a contract underthis RFP will be required to adhere to all terms and conditions in OMH’s MasterGrant Contract.3.4.1Minority and Women Owned Business EnterprisesIn accordance with Section 312 of the Executive Law and 5 NYCRR 143, itis expected that all contractors make a good-faith effort to utilize Minorityand/or Women Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) when there is anopportunity to subcontract or purchase supplies to carry out a contract withthe lead contracting agency.4Evaluation Factors for Awards4.1Evaluation CriteriaAll proposals will be rated and ranked in order of highest score based on anevaluation of each bidder’s written submission as well as OMH internalreviews.The Evaluation will apply points in the following categories as defined in Section5.5:Technical EvaluationPopulationHousing ImplementationAgency Performance: Bidder’s Narrative OMH Internal ReviewsFinancial AssessmentTotal Proposal Points20 points30 points30 points20 points100 pointsFor a detailed description of evaluation criteria for the Technical Evaluation andthe Financial Assessment components, see Section 5.5 (Proposal Narrative).The OMH internal review will consist of an assessment of the bidder’sorganizational competency. This will include a review of the bidder’s residentialprograms over the past two years to assess occupancy rates and admissionsfrom priority populations.4.2Method for Evaluating ProposalsDesignated staff will review each proposal for completeness and verify that alleligibility criteria are met. A complete proposal shall include all requiredcomponents as described in Section 2.11. If a proposal is not complete or does

not meet the basic eligibility and participation standards as outlined in Sections2.6 and 2.7, the proposal will be eliminated from further review. The agency willbe notified of the rejection of its proposal within 10 working days.Evaluation of proposals will be conducted in two parts: Technical Evaluationand Financial Assessment. OMH’s evaluation committee, consisting of at leastthree evaluators, will review the technical portion of each proposal andcompute a technical score. A financial score will be computed separatelybased on the operating budget and budget narrative submitted.Evaluators of the Technical Evaluation component may then meet to discuss thebasis of those ratings. Following the discussion, evaluators may independentlyrevise their original score in any section. Once completed, final TechnicalEvaluation scores will then be recalculated, averaged, and applied to the finalFinancial Assessment score to arrive at final scores. Any proposal not receivinga minimum average score of 65 will be eliminated from consideration.In case of a tie in the scoring process, the proposal with the highest score on theHousing Implementation section will be ranked higher.4.3Process for Awarding Contracts4.3.1Initial Awards and AllocationsAn agency may submit a proposal for as many groups as it desires, howeverin the interest of spreading resources as broadly as possible, no one agencywill initially be awarded more than one group.Eligible agencies should bid on the groups they are both eligible for andinterested in developing housing in, indicating their order of preference.Eligible agencies must indicate what group(s) they are bidding on and orderof preference if bidding on more than one group.Initially only 1 grouping per agency will be awarded in the following manner:Eligible agencies with the highest score will be given their first preference, theeligible agency with the next highest score given their first availablepreference and so on.In the event of a tie score between two proposals, the agency with the highestscore on the Technical Evaluation will receive the higher ranking. Agenciesmust indicate, on the provider agency transmittal form (Appendix A), order ofpreference of the groupings for which they are bidding. Use a scale of 1 - 5(with 1 being the highest preference and 5 being the lowest preference), toindicate preference. Only indicate preference for the groupings for which youare interested in developing housing in and for which you are bidding.In the event all groupings are not awarded, OMH reserves the right to contactand offer, in order of ranked score, the agencies who received an award andalso bid on the groups not awarded. Such contact will allow OMH todetermine the interest in the agency accepting an additional grouping so thatall groupings are awarded. Selection is based on interest from the highestbidder to the lowest bidder.It should be noted that although groupings are developed by Psychiatric

Center catchment regions, residents may prefer to reside in a differentborough than the one they reside in currently. Providers are stronglyencouraged, whenever possible, to accommodate an individual’s geographicchoice and/or desire to be reunited with family or friends, or to move in with ornear a friend.4.3.2Reallocation ProcessThere are a number of factors that may result in some or all of the SupportedHousing units allocated to one or more contractors being reallocated. Thisincludes, but is not limited to, failure to develop the housing within theapproved time frame, inability to find Supported Housing apartments, lack ofreferrals from State Psychiatric Center and retention of clients in the housing.A contractor will be provided notification if any or all of the units allocated to itare reallocated.To reallocate beds, OMH will go to the next highest ranked proposal that didnot get an initial award of beds. If there are no agencies left with a passingscore, OMH will go to the top of the list and work its way down the list toreallocate units.4.4Award NotificationAt the conclusion of the procurement, notification will be sent to all successful andnon-successful bidders. All awards are subject to approval by the NYS AttorneyGeneral and the Office of State Comptroller before an operating contract can befinalized.OMH reserves the right to conduct a readiness review of the selected bidder prior tothe execution of the contract. The purpose of this review is to verify that the bidderis able to comply with all participation standards and meets the conditions detailed

in its proposal.Upon receipt of an approved fully executed contract from NYS, contractors canbegin to locate apartments appropriate for Supported Housing.5Scope of Work5.1IntroductionFive (5) awards will be made through this RFP.They are as follows:oooooGroup # 1 61 units designated for Manhattan Psychiatric CatchmentRegionGroup # 2 31 units designated for Manhattan Psychiatric CatchmentRegionGroup # 3 31 units designated for Kingsboro Psychiatric CatchmentRegionGroup # 4 23 units designated for Creedmoor Psychiatric CatchmentRegionGroup # 5 06 units designated for Bronx Psychiatric Catchment RegionThis RFP is issued to provide rental assistance, contingency funds, and housingcase management services for up to 121 individuals who meet the criteria outlinedbelow. Priority consideration must be given to those consumers who have anAssisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) order.The Supported Housing units developed through this award are designated forindividuals with serious mental illness who are patients of Manhattan, Kingsboro,Creedmoor, or Bronx Psychiatric Centers and who were admitted into the StatePsychiatric Center immediately following a prison sentence.Agencies must partner with the OMH NYC Field Office, Single Point of Access(SPOA) for Housing, MPC, KPC, CPC, and/or BPC and the Health Homesestablished in the area where housing will be developed, to target appropriatehousing for this high need population. Agencies are required to developcoordinated discharge/and admission plans with State Psychiatric Center staffand Health Home(s) to identify and /provide services and supports forindividuals to ensure their successful transition into the community.Additional services and supports may be available to support the successfuldischarge and transition of these individuals into the community. This mayinclude state operated supports including Mobile Integration Teams (MIT) and“bridgers”, and treatment services through an array of outpatient clinics. The MITis an interdisciplinary team that provides additional support to consumerstransitioning into the community including help with medication, mealpreparation, use of transportation, leisure time activities and budgeting, Inaddition, when available, individuals may be eligible for the Pathways HOMEProgram and the Parachute Treatment Program. The Pathways HOME Programutilizes an adapted critical time intervention model of care with engagementcommencing in the hospital and continuing for a maximum of six to nine monthsin the community. The Parachute Treatment Program utilizes a social network11

model to engage the person, their family or other key members in the person’ssocial network to foster positive, long term change. Treatment services may beprovided for up to two years.It is critical that agencies establish partnerships and/or collaborative agreementswith at least one of the Health Homes serving their community and become anetwork partner in at least one Health Home. Note, however, that establishing apartnership with a particular Health Home does not preclude Supported Housingagencies from being required to serve all individuals regardless of which HealthHome they are assigned to. It is an expectation that agencies will work with allHealth Homes regardless of established partnerships.Individuals moving into this Supported Housing should be enrolled in a HealthHome or Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTC) to receive care coordination.Home and Community Based Services may be available to HARP-eligibleindividuals. In addition, consumers may have access to Assertive CommunityTreatment (ACT) and Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS). If theperson being referred is not yet enrolled in a Health Home or MLTC it will beincumbent upon the Psychiatric Center staff or Supported Housing agency tomake a referral to the Health Home or MLTC. Lack of enrollment should notpreclude high need individuals from being referred and admitted into aSupported Housing unit.A list of designated Health Homes is available on the NYS Department ofHealth’s website at: care/medicaid/program/medicaid health homes/5.2Objectives and ResponsibilitiesSupported Housing is “extended stay/permanent” housing. Residents ofSupported Housing can remain in this housing as long as their clinical andfinancial circumstances render them eligible and allow them to meet theirresponsibilities as a tenant. Supported Housing is not lost during acutehospitalization (90 days or less), and there are no program attendancerequirements. Residents of Supported Housing are tenants and will have thesame rights and responsibilities as any other tenant in New York City.Supported Housing provides affordable, independent housing and access tocommunity based support services based on the needs and desires of theresident. Residents of Supported Housing may be able to live in the communitywith a minimum of staff intervention from the contract agency. Others may needthe provision of additional supports, such as an Assertive Community Treatment(ACT) team and intensive or supportive case management services. Someresidents may be coping with co-occurring substance abuse disorders and be atvarious stages of recovery.Services provided by the contractor will vary, depending upon the needs of theresident. Supported Housing staff will encourage and assist residents to developnatural community supports, use community resources and pursue anindividualized path towards recovery. Staff will help the individual to establish ahousehold and facilitate the resolution of landlord-tenant issues. It is expected12

that the need for services provided by the contractor and other agencies willdecrease over time as integration in the community improves and the residentsmake progress in their recovery.When possible, tenants should hold their own leases. Renting stu

2.3 Key Events/Timeline. RFP Release Date 10/27/15 . Letter of Intent to Bid Due 11/12/15 . Questions Due 11/18/15 . Questions and Answers Posted on Website 12/02/15 . Supported Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness & a Forensic History