Natural Capital Accounting andValuation of Ecosystem Services(NCAVES) projectAlessandra Alfieri

Partners Implementing partners United Nations Statistics Division United Nations Environment Programme (CBD) Sponsor European Union Partnership Instrument Five partner countries Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa Project duration 4 years from 2017-2020

Overall objectives Advance the knowledge agenda on NaturalCapital Accounting, in particular ecosystemaccounting By initiating pilot testing of SEEA ExperimentalEcosystem Accounting, with a view to: Improving the measurement of naturalbiotic resources, ecosystems and theirservices at the (sub)national level Mainstreaming biodiversity andecosystems in (sub)national level policyplanning and implementation Contributing to the development ofinternationally agreed methodology andits use in partner countries.

Work streams Piloting ecosystemaccounts (in each of the5 partner countries) forselected areas (nationaland/or regional) Developing guidelinesand methodology Indicators Business accounting(sustainabilityreporting) Communication andoutreach Training and capacitydevelopment

W1: Piloting ecosystem accountsApproach: Flexible:(no blueprint), depending on country needs Mainstreaming: accounts should inform policy and be sustained Inclusive:build on existing work programs and projects andconsolidate past experiencesDeliverables: National assessment (policy mapping) National plan Compilation of selected ecosystem accounts in physical terms Economic valuation of ecosystem services and natural capital Policy applications / scenario analysis

Brazil Many players and projects PIV (green domestic product) law adopted in October, makes explicitreference to need to align with SEEA A decree is being developed for implementation Institutional Framework Casa Civil, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Environment, Ministryof Energy, etc. Pilot ecosystem accounting in RioGrande river basin with SWAT Hydrological services erosion as a result of land cover change/ deforestation Carbon (Storage / sequestration)

ChinaContext Ecological civilization Xi Jinping Thought Strong ownership by NBS regional stats bureaus National ecosystem assessment (2014) by CAS,Project Land timber water (minerals) Technical support to Guizhou and Guangxi provinces Measurement and valuation of selected ecosystem services, Interest to use for ecological compensation schemes Next steps Linkages to CAS NatCap Project on GEP

Mexico Assessment and national plan Condition and extent accounts soil S-world model Measurement of ecosystem services carbon storage crops coastal protection water capture and supply coastal protection by mangrove ecosystems State of Aguascalientes results to be released shortly

India High level panel MOSPI Just published land, water and timber accounts Picked one region to develop extent, condition and ecosystemservices

South Africa National land and ecosystem extent accounts; Full suite of ecosystem accounts for KZN; - will provide pilotfor national ecosystem service accounts) City-region accounts (several) Protected area accounts Marine ecosystem accounts Endangered species accounts/ Species in trade accounts Next steps The National Strategy on SEEA/NCA will be revised; theidea is to develop a 10-year strategy (2020-2030) revisedafter 5 years; Technical consultants under recruitment

W2: Guidelines and methodology Objective: developing guidelines and methodology Standards (revised SEEA EA; Technical Recommendations) Practical guidelines Synergy: between country and global work programme Results from pilots linked to research agenda and willcontribute to standards (e.g. SEEA EA 2020) Deliverables / outputs: Annual global forum on advancing ecosystem accounting Contribute to issues on research agenda Learn from experiences from other countries

W3: Indicators Objective: assess how the SEEA is able to inform indicatorprograms, both international and national Deliverable: an indicator set based on SEEA Environmental andEcosystem accounts, in the context of the 2030 SustainableDevelopment Agenda Working with UNEP-WCMC Phase 1: Assessment Phase 2: Country consultation Phase 3: In country testing - using the developedecosystem accounts

W4: Business accountingObjective: contribute to alignment between NCA and corporatesustainability reporting (nowadays explosion of corporatereporting standards) Liaise with national companies to use results of the NCAproject Organize workshop(s) on alignment of corporate sustainabilityreporting and NCA Bring the results to global processes e.g.: ISAR – UNCTAD/UNEP; GRI; IIRC Natural Capital Coalition

W5: Communication and outreachObjective: awareness raising, demonstrating value added of NCA(regional; national and global) Deliverables: Development of a global knowledge platform on SEEA Website: SEEA Newsletter (please sign up!) Archive of publications Discussion platform National website National forums / workshops Demonstrate and consult on progress Outreach for broader engagement

W6: Training and capacity buildingObjective: enhance capacity and enlarge the community ofpractitionersDeliverables: Training modules for ecosystem accounting in support ofcapacity development (E-learning) Regional training workshops National training workshops In country technical support (consultants) to project team

Events in 2018 andearly 2019 Follow up mission to 5 partner countries Expert meeting on Ecosystem Valuation inthe context of Natural Capital Accounting(24-26 April, Bonn) Forum of Experts in Ecosystem Accounting2018 (18-20 June 2018, New York, USA) Side-event UN World Geospatial Congress(19-21 Nov 2018, Deqing, China ) Side-event – Convention on BiodiversityCOP-14 (22 Nov 2018, Sharm El-Sheikh,Egypt) Regional Training Workshop on the SEEAExperimental Ecosystem Accounting inLatin America region (28-30 November2018, Rio de Janeiro) 3rd Policy Forum on Natural CapitalAccounting (26-27 November 2018, Paris ) Expert Meeting on SEEA indicators (5-7February 2019, Cambridge, UK) Forum of Experts in Ecosystem Accounting2018 (Apr/May 2019, New York, USA)

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Valuation of Ecosystem Services (NCAVES) project Alessandra Alfieri . Partners Implementing partners United Nations Statistics Division United Nations Environment Programme (CBD) Sponsor European Union Partnership Instrument Five partn