PROCESS VALVESORBIT Installation, Operationand Maintenance ORBIT

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEINTRODUCTIONTo achieve maximum performance and to prolong equipment life, it is important to have correctinstallation and proper maintenance.ORBIT Valves and Actuators are designed to require a minimum amount of maintenance.Lubrication isn't necessary to effect a seal, only to reduce friction and wear on moving parts.An effective lubrication program should be established from experience with the valve for itsparticular application and frequency of operation.ORBIT's recommended lubrication schedule should be used as a minimum guideline.All ORBIT Valves are equipped with an adjustable stem packing chamber which is required only ifa stem leak should develop.BEFORE YOU BEGINThis manual outlines the correct methods for proper installation and maintenance ofORBIT Valves and Actuators.Step by step procedures should be followed closely to prevent damage to the valves(and/or actuators) or injury to personnel.WARNINGValves are pressure containing vessels which can be dangerous if nothandled correctly.DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING ON THE VALVE OR ACTUATOR UNLESSSPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED TO DO SO IN THIS MANUAL, OR WITHOUTFIRST CONSULTING AN ORBIT REPRESENTATIVE.FAILURE TO DO SO COULD RESULT IN INJURY TO PERSONNEL ANDDAMAGE TO VALVE, ACTUATOR AND PROPERTY.OTHER LITERATURE AVAILABLEThis manual covers only installation, operation and maintenance ofORBIT Valves and Actuators.Other information includes:VALVE REPAIRACTUATOR REPAIRACTUATOR SIZING GUIDEPRODUCT INFORMATIONTECHNICAL CATALOGConsult your ORBIT Representative for additional information on ORBIT Valves and Actuators. CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M

PROCESS VALVESTABLE OF CONTENTSORBIT INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEPre-Installation Inspection2Installation of Manually Operated Valves3Installation of Actuated Valves5REFERENCE DATAFigure Number Codes8Position Indicator Reference Chart8End Flange Bolting Dimensions9Groove Numbers for Ring Type Joint (RG/RTJ) Flanges10Valve Illustrations Showing Lube Points11LUBRICATIONLubrication Schedule and Recommended Lubricants12Valve and Actuator Lubrication12STEM PACKING ADJUSTMENTStem Packing Adjustment15Stem Packing Materials17DRILLING VALVESInstallation, Lubrication and Stem Packing Adjustment17TRADEMARK INFORMATION18ADDITIONAL ORBIT INFORMATIONThe ORBIT ValveTechnical Reference Data for Valves and ActuatorsDimensional Data for Valves and ActuatorsAutomated Valve PackagesStandard Instrumentation Packages for ORBIT Pneumatic ActuatorsParts List and Ordering Instructions CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M1

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEPRE-INSTALLATION INSPECTION15The first step is tocheck the valve nameplatefor size, class and trim.Size and class are alsomarked on the body.On handwheel valves,cycle fully open and fullyclosed to check for ease ofoperation.Check indicator rod travelagainst dimensions onpage 8 to verifyfull stem travel.2Verify that the valve issuitable for the service inwhich it is being installedby referring to the servicetag and nameplate.SIZECLASS6For valves equippedwith power actuators,verify that a proper airsupply or electric powersource is available.TRIM3748Check the handwheeland position indicator rodfor possible damage.On flanged valves,remove the flangeprotectors and inspect theflange facings for deepnicks and scratches.2 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3MFor actuated valvesequipped with aninstrument package,verify that all componentsand piping are undamaged.After these pointshave been checked andapproved, the valve isready for installation.

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEINSTALLATION OF MANUALLY OPERATED VALVES152637Small valves(as shown at right)may be lifted or carried bythe handwheel withoutdamage to the valve.This will provide longervalve life and easieroperation.Larger valves should belifted by using the liftinglugs provided, or by loopinga chain around bonnet asshown at right.Never lift larger valvesby the handwheel.Attempts to lift a large orheavy valve in this fashioncan result in injury topersonnel and damage tovalve and property.4During installation,orient the valve so that thepreferred pressure end willbe toward the higherpressure, when the valveis closed.The words preferredpressure end have beenabbreviated to“Pref. Pres. End”and can be found stampedon one end connection.This stamping is markedwith red paint.NO!BE SURE TO CHECK FORPREFERRED PRESSURE ENDPREFERREDPRESSURE ENDWhen possible, ORBITvalves should be installedwith the bonnet in avertical position.When repairs are necessary,consult your ORBITrepresentative for detailson how to repair an ORBITvalve without removing itfrom the line.8ORBIT flanged valvescan be bolted into the lineusing standard studs andnuts.See pages 9 and 10 for moreinformation.HIGHER PRESSURE(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE) CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M3

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEINSTALLATION OF MANUALLY OPERATED VALVES (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)9ORBIT Block-and-Bleed,or grease seal valves arethreaded for a fitting, butare shipped with a pipeplug to prevent damage tothe valve and/or fitting.The pipe plug should nowbe removed and replacedwith the proper fitting.13 Securely tighten witha pipe wrench.For safety, threaded pipingrequires secure anchoringof all components that arescrewed into threadedvalves.14 For weld end valves10 On threaded valves,inspect the threads in bothends of the valve to verifyno damage occurred duringshipment.Be sure there is no dirt, grit,or chips in the valve boreor threads.the temperature requiredto weld the valve into theline will exceed the ratedworking temperature ofthe valve.ORBIT valves with Nylon orTeflon seats are vulnerableto damage by excessiveheat, so use the followingprecautions.15 Close the valve beforewelding to protect the seatand core face.11 Apply a quality threadcompound to the threadson the pipe.16 We recommend thesize of the weld rod neverexceeds 5/32 in. (4.0 mm)diameter and the maximumbody temperature does notexceed the valve ratingduring welding.12 Carefully align thepipe and valve threadsand thread the valveclockwise on the pipe.4 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M17 When insulating lowtemperature valves, do notinsulate above this line.Insulating above this linecan result in injury topersonnel and damage tovalve and property.

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEINSTALLATION OF ACTUATED VALVES15263748ORBIT automatedpackages are equippedwith lifting eyes.These should be usedduring installation toprevent damage to theunit and avoid injury topersonnel.For valves equippedwith actuators notmanufactured by ORBIT,use lifting eyes if present.Otherwise, loop a chainaround the valve bonnetto lift the unit.During installationorient the valve so thatthe preferred pressure endwill be toward the higherpressure when the valve isclosed.This is importantbecause it reduces wearand because the valve maybe rated at a differentworking pressure wheninstalled in the oppositedirection.(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)The words preferredpressure end have beenabbreviated to“Pref. Pres. End”and are stamped on oneend connection.It is marked with red paintfor easy identification.On piston actuatedvalves, a gas over oil tank isprovided to assure smoothoperation and preventvalve damage.The gas over oil tankmust be in the verticalposition when the valve isinstalled.Unless otherwise specifiedat the time of order, thegas over oil tank will bemounted in this position.If your valve andactuator package is to beinstalled with the stem inother positions, the gasover oil tank must bemounted vertically.For example, in ahorizontal piping run.Depending on valve andactuator combination,bracing may be requiredto support actuator. CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M5

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEINSTALLATION OF ACTUATED VALVES (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)913 Unless otherwise1014 Connect the opening1115 The first step inOr in a vertical run.Depending on the valveand actuator combination,bracing may be needed tosupport the actuator.ORBIT valves andactuators can be installedin the line using standardstuds, nuts and gaskets.See pages 9 and 10 formore information.After the valve andactuator unit has beeninstalled in the line, theactuator power supplyshould be connected.12 IMPORTANT!For pneumatic actuatorsmanufactured by ORBIT,the supply pressure must beregulated to the amountshown on the nameplate.Failure to comply with thiscan damage the unit.6 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3Mspecified on the nameplate,the minimum actuatorpressure should always bewithin 5 psi, 0.3 bar ofmaximum pressure.air supply for thediaphragm actuator to thebottom point A.Connect the closing airsupply to the top point B.installing an ORBIT PistonActuated Valve is to checkthe NAMEPLATE todetermine if the actuator isthe LG type or the LS type.LG or LS will be the firstletters of the actuatorfigure number.For example,LS-124-D-3-X-S.16 If the nameplate isillegible do not attempt toinstall without consultingan ORBIT Representative.(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEINSTALLATION OF ACTUATED VALVES (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)17 On LG type doubleacting piston actuators, theclosing air supply isconnected to point A andthe opening air supply isconnected to the top of thegas over oil tank point B.21Also on LS spring closepiston actuators the pipeplug on top of the gas overoil tank must be replacedwith the filter breathersupplied. Failure to do thiscould keep the unit fromoperating and result ininjury to personnel anddamage to valve, actuatorand property.1822 Most piston actuators1923 Cycle the valve fully2024 The valve and actuatorFor LG type springclose piston actuators theopening air supply isconnected to the top of thegas over oil tank point B.On loss of air supply, theactuator closes forcing theoil into the tank.The LS type pistonactuator is a new designthat reduces the size of thegas over oil tank and allowsquicker operating times.The opening air supply isconnected at point A andthe closing air supply isconnected to the top of thegas over oil tank point B.For LS type springclose piston actuator theopening air supply is atpoint A.Failure to connect theopening air supply to thispoint will keep the actuatorfrom opening the valve.except those equipped witha hydraulic open mechanismwill be the LS model.The Double Acting pistonwith a hydraulic open modelwill continue to be the and fully closed toverify correct operation.Check the indicator rod forfull travel. Rod traveldistance can be found onpage 8.Check the instrumentationfor correct operation.package is now ready foroperation. CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M7

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEORBIT FIGURE NUMBER CODESORBIT VALVELITTLE ROCK, ARKSTANDARD TRIMSIZEFIGEND TO END 15”1995 MOP AT 500F2250 MOP AT -20FSTEM ASBODY STEEL WCCCORE TRIM 17-4CORE FACE NITEMP -20/ 500F3” 900 CL1523H RFSN 110091620001PKGGP6SEAT CR13 TEFMFG 6D-0073DATE 04/01 ISO 14313IMPACTTEMP -50FMODEL1. Steel Valves (API 6D or ASME B16.34)Carbon Steel and Low AlloyLow Alloy Steel Valves (WC6, WC9, C5)API Wellhead ValvesBritish Gas CouncilCorrosive 316 SS (-100 F)Duplex Stainless SteelDrilling ValvesHigh Alloy (Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, 6MO)CLASS1. 150ASME 300ASME 600ASME 900ASME 1500ASME 2500API 1000API 2000API 3000API 5000PN205064100250420-PORT SIZE & CONNECTION2. Port, Flanged and Hub EndReduced Port, Flanged and Hub EndFull Port, ThreadedReduced Port, Butt Weld and Socket WeldFull Port, Butt WeldFull Port, Socket WeldFull Port, Butt Weld x RFFull Port, SpecialReduced Port, SpecialTRIM* ModifiedT7 ModifiedStandard (T3)Special PreparationSour Corrosive (T7)Low Temp./Corrosive (316 SS) (T8)SUFFIX**A, H, H8 - Type of SeatL - Adapted for ActuatorBB - Block and Bleed ModelGS - Grease Seal ModelS - Non-Standard End to End Dimension* For a more complete explanation of trims andfigure numbers, consult you ORBIT Representative.** Valve figure numbers may use more than onesuffix. Example: 1423H8L.8 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3MPOSITION INDICATOR REFERENCE CHARTOn an ORBIT Actuator or an ORBIT Valve with a rising stem valve positionindicator, the indicator rod shows valve position. To determine if a valve, orvalve and actuator package is achieving full travel, measure the protrudingportion of the indicator rod in the closed position. Cycle the valve and measurethe indicator rod in the open position. Subtract to find valve SIZE11 1/21 1/22 x 1 1/2 x 22, 3 x 2 x 32, 3 x 2 x 32, 3 x 1 13/16 x 33, 4 x 3 x 43, 4 x 3 x 43, 4 x 3 x 43, 4 x 3 x 44, 6 x 4 x 64, 6 x 4 x 64, 6 x 4 x 64, 6 x 4 x 66, 8 x 6 x 86, 8 x 6 x 86, 8 x 6 x 86, 8 x 6 x 86, 8 x 6 x 88, 10 x 8 x 108, 10 x 8 x 108, 10 x 8 x 108, 10 x 8 x 108, 10 x 8 x 1010, 12 x 10 x 1210, 12 x 10 x 1210, 12 x 10 x 1210, 12 x 10 x 1212, 14 x 12 x 1412, 14 x 12 x 1412, 14 x 12 x 1412, 14 x 12 x 14141616, 18 x 16 x 1816, 20 x 16 x 201820, 24 x 20 x 24mm25404050 x 40 x 5050, 80 x 50 x 8050, 80 x 50 x 8050, 80 x 46 x 8080, 100 x 80 x 10080, 100 x 80 x 10080, 100 x 80 x 10080, 100 x 80 x 100100, 150 x 100 x 150100, 150 x 100 x 150100, 150 x 100 x 150100, 150 x 100 x 150150, 200 x 150 x 200150, 200 x 150 x 200150, 200 x 150 x 200150, 200 x 150 x 200150, 200 x 150 x 200200, 250 x 200 x 250200, 250 x 200 x 250200, 250 x 200 x 250200, 250 x 200 x 250200, 250 x 200 x 250250, 300 x 250 x 300250, 300 x 250 x 300250, 300 x 250 x 300250, 300 x 250 x 300300, 350 x 300 x 350300, 350 x 300 x 350300, 350 x 300 x 350300, 350 x 300 x 350350400400, 450 x 400 x 450400, 500 x 400 x 500450500, 600 x 500 x 600ASME -900NOMINAL TRAVELin.mm1 1/81 1/21 3/41 1/21 1/21 3/41 3/41 1/21 3/42 1/42 1/41 3/42 1/42 15/322 3/82 15/322 7/83 1/43 5/83 3/42 7/83 1/44 1/47 1/28 15/163 1/44 1/44 3/88 15/164 1/44 11/165 3/810 7/84 1/410 7/85 9/165 9/165 7/810 19122783108111227108119137276108276141141150275

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEEND FLANGE BOLTING DIMENSIONSASME/ANSIValveSizein.CLASS 150CLASS 300NumberLength *LengthofFastenerofofFasteners Diameter Studs CapscrewsPer 600NumberLength *LengthNumberofFastenerofofofFastenerFasteners Diameter Studs Capscrews Fasteners DiameterPer Valvein.Lengthof*LengthofCapscrewin.181/23-85/83 1/4-85/83 1/23 1/2-1 1/281/23 1/4-83/43 1/2-83/44 1/44 1/4-2 x 1 1/ 2 x 285/83 1/4-165/83 1/2-165/84 1/44 1/4-285/83 1/4-165/83 1/2-165/84 1/44 1/4-2 BB/GS85/83 1/4----------3x2x385/83 1/2-163/44 1/4-163/455-3*85/82 1/21 1/2163/44 1/4-163/455-4 x 3 x 4*165/82 3/41 3/4163/44 1/2-167/85 3/45 3/4-165/82 3/41 3/4123/44 1/2-167/85 3/45 3/4-----43/4-2 1/4-----163/44-243/44 3/4-2416 3/46 3/4-163/432163/44 3/4-2416 3/46 3/4-----83/4-2 1/2-----163/44 1/4-247/85 1/2-241 1/87 1/27 3/4-123/44 1/41 1/2167/85 1/2-241 1/87 1/27 3/4-43/4-287/8-3-----4*6x4x66*8x6x88*207/84 1/2-2816 1/4-321 1/48 1/28 1/2-47/84 1/22 1/441-3 3/4-----10247/84 1/2-3216 1/4-321 1/48 1/28 1/2-12 x 10 x 12247/84 3/4-321 1/86 3/4-401 1/48 3/48 3/4-12247/84 3/4-321 1/86 3/4-401 1/48 3/48 3/4-14 x 12 x 142415 1/4-401 1/87-401 3/89 1/49 1/4-14----401 1/87-401 3/89 1/49 1/4-16 x 12 x 16--------401 1/21010-16 x 14 x 163215 1/4-401 1/47 1/2------163215 1/4-401 1/47 1/2-401 1/21010-18 x 16 x 18321 1/85 3/4-481 1/47 3/4-401 5/8 10 3/411-20 x 16 x 20401 1/86 1/4-481 1/48-481 5/8 11 1/4 11 1/218321 1/86 1/4----------481 1/47 3/4-361 5/8 11 1/4 11 1/2--------121 5/8--5 3/4----481 1/29-481 7/81313 1/4-10 x 8 x 10*20*24 x 20 x 24----* Space limitations prevent the use of through bolts in some of the holes in the end flanges on these valves.These holes are drilled and tapped so that a shorter stud bolt or capscrew can be used.(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE) CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M9

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEEND FLANGE BOLTING DIMENSION (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)ASME/ANSIValveSizein.CLASS 900CLASS 1500Number of Fastener Length of StudsFasteners DiameterRFRTJPer of FastenerFasteners DiameterPer Valvein.CLASS 2500Length of of FastenerFasteners DiameterPer Valvein.Length of 1/2815 1/25 1/2815 1/25 1/2----2167/85 3/45 3/4167/85 3/45 3/4161773x2x3167/85 3/45 3/4161 1/877161 1/499 1/43167/85 3/45 3/4161 1/877161 1/499 1/44x3x4161 1/86 3/46 3/4161 1/47 3/47 3/4161 1/210 1/410 3/44161 1/86 3/46 3/4161 1/47 3/47 3/4161 1/210 1/410 3/46x4x6241 1/87 1/27 1/2241 3/810 1/410 1/216213 3/414 1/26241 1/87 1/27 1/2241 3/810 1/410 1/216213 3/414 1/28x6x8241 3/88 3/48 3/4241 5/811 1/212 3/424215 1/4168241 3/88 3/48 3/4241 5/811 1/212 3/424215 1/41610 x 8 x 10----241 7/813 1/413 1/2242 1/219 1/220 1/210321 3/89 1/49 1/4241 7/813 1/413 1/2----12 x 10 x 12----32214 3/415 1/4----12401 3/8101032214 3/415 1/4----14 x 12 x 14401 1/210 3/411--------16 x 12 x 16----322 1/217 1/218 1/2----16 x 14 x 16401 5/8--------11 1/4 11 1/2RG/RTJ GROOVE NUMBERSSize in.10ASME/ANSI ClassGroove NumbersR1616001 1/2600, 900 & 1500R202600R232900 & 1500R2422500R263600 & 900R3131500R35R32325004600 & 900R3741500R39R38425006600 & 900R4561500R46R47625008600 & 900R4981500R5082500R5110600 & 900R53101500R5412600 & 900R57121500R5814600R6116600R6518600R6920600R73 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3MTYPICAL RING TYPEGROOVED FLANGED


PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE - LUBRICATIONORBIT RECOMMENDED LUBRICATION SCHEDULEThe frequency of valve lubrication should be based on user's past experience with installed equipment. The following schedule oflubrication should be used as a minimum guideline until operating experience indicates otherwise:1.A minimum of once a year.2.Every time the valve is serviced for stem leak.3.We recommend quarterly lubrication if valve is operated infrequently (once a day or less).4.Every 1000 cycles if valve is operated more than 10 times a day.5.Every 500 cycles if the valve is used in corrosive or other severe services and operated more than 10 times a day.SPECIAL SERVICE MAINTENANCEConsult your ORBIT Representative before performing any maintenance on valves in special services such as oxygen, ethylene oxide,hydrofluoric acid and any other potentially dangerous services.RECOMMENDED LUBRICANTSFor standard valves we recommend a high quality lithium base grease. For temperatures below -20 F (-29 C) we recommend a lowtemperature grease.The typical fluid used in the gas over oil system is automotive automatic transmission fluid such as Mobil ATF 220 or equivalent.142536ORBIT valves will givemaximum performance andlong life when used with aneffective maintenanceprogram.Lubrication is not usedin ORBIT valves to effect aseal. It is used only toreduce friction and wear onmoving parts. The onlyexception is the Grease Sealmodel which utilizes greaseas a secondary sealant.The recommendedlubrication schedule andtypes of grease are shownat the top of this page.12 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3MThe only tool requiredfor lubrication is a greasegun with standard hydraulictype coupler.Valves equipped with alower tube fitting or agrease seal fitting require asafe vent coupler forlubrication.This is available from ORBITor Alemite, part #G-310428.WARNING! Pressurecontaining areas of thevalve can be dangerous ifnot handled properly.If valve is in service do notremove any parts unlessspecifically instructed todo so by an ORBITRepresentative or ORBITrepair manuals.All ORBIT valves areequipped with an upperlube fitting as shown.This lubricates the upperportion of the stem andthe bearings.No line pressure will beencountered.Between two and tenstrokes on the grease gunprovides adequate lubepenetration.(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE - LUBRICATION(CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)711 ORBIT Grease Seal812 Lubrication is identical913 All ORBIT valves1014 O.S.&Y. ORBIT valvesAll large bore ORBITvalves are also equippedwith a lower lube fittingin the pressure area of thevalve. This is a safe ventlube fitting.Remove the cap slowlyto be sure the ball check inthe fitting has sealed offthe line pressure.Do not remove any partsother than this cap.Thread the safe ventcoupler to the lube fitting.Before attaching the greasegun be sure the outputcapacity is higher than theline pressure.Two complete strokeson the grease gun providesufficient lubrication.Cycle the valve if possible toevenly distribute the grease.Excess grease will dischargeinto the system piping.valves are equipped with asafe vent lube fitting in theseat area of the steps 8 - 10 exceptlubricate until the leakstops.(except O.S.&Y. design)equipped with diaphragmactuators are lubricatedthrough the upper lubepoint on the valve bonnet.No line pressure will beencountered.Two strokes of the greasegun provide adequatelubrication. Excess greasewill make the positionindicator difficult to see.equipped with diaphragmactuators are lubricated atthe lube point on theadapter sleeve* above theline pressure.Two strokes of the greasegun provide adequatelubrication. Excess greasewill make the positionindicator difficult to see.* New style ORBIT diaphragmactuators have grease fittinginstalled in actuator case.(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE) CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M13

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE - LUBRICATION(CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)1520 All ORBIT piston16 Diaphragm actuators21 To check the fluidORBIT diaphragmactuators equipped with amanual close mechanismhave an additional upperlube point located on themanual closer stem. Springclose diaphragm actuatorshave no upper lube point.equipped with a two waymanual mechanism have anupper lube point that isonly accessible when themanual mechanism is in theopen position.17 All ORBIT pistonactuators have a lower lubepoint above pressure linepressure.actuators are quipped witha gas over oil tank to assuresmooth operation andprevent valve damage.Proper fluid level isimportant.level, read the nameplate todetermine if the actuator isthe LG type or the LS type.If the nameplate is illegibleor missing DO NOT attemptto check the fluid levelwithout consulting ORBITRepresentative.22 To check fluid level forthe LG type, CLOSE the valve.This forces the hydraulicfluid from the actuator intothe gas over oil tank.In the closed position thefluid should reach the levelindicated in the chart below.WARNING! If the fill plug isremoved in the OPEN position,actuator pneumatic pressure will beencountered if the system is underpressure. Personal injury and/ordamage to property may result.18ORBIT piston actuatorsequipped with a manualclose mechanism have anadditional upper lube point,which lubricates the manualmechanism stem.Piston actuators with a twoway manual mechanismhave no upper lube point.19Piston actuatorsequipped with two waygear mechanism have alube point on the gear boxas shown.14 CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3MCORRECT FLUID LEVEL FOR LG TYPE PISTONActuatorTank SizeFluid Levelin.mmHoleLG-12412 x 19305 x 483one onlyLG-18514 x 27356 x 686bottomLG-205, 20614 x 27356 x 686topLG-20614 x 33356 x 838topLG-26616 x 38406 x 965topCapacitygallon litre5191245155718682810623 To check the fluid levelfor the LS type pistonactuator, OPEN the valve.This forces the oil fromabove the lower piston intothe gas over oil tank. Thefluid should reach the fillplug level indicated in thecart below. WARNING! If thefill plug is removed in the CLOSEDposition, actuator pneumaticpressure will be encountered if thesystem is under pressure. Personalinjury and/or damage to propertymay result.CORRECT FLUID LEVEL FOR LS TYPE PISTONActuatorTank SizeFluid Levelin.mmHoleLS-12410 x 11 1/2 254 x 292one onlyLS-18512 x 19305 x 483bottomLS-20512 x 19305 x 483topLS-20614 x 27356 x 686bottomLS-26614 x 27356 x 686topLS-20714 x 30356 x 762bottomLS-20814 x 30356 x 762topLS-26714 x 30356 x 762topLS-26916 x 41406 x 1041topCapacitygallon litre311623830124515571215145314532595

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCESTEM PACKING ADJUSTMENT15263748All ORBIT valves exceptO.S.&Y. bonnet designutilize a hydraulic typestem packing chamber.Stopping stem leakspromptly reduces damageto the packing and thevalve.WARNING! Do notremove packing fitting.Personal injury and/ordamage to property mayresult.Stem leaks are mostfrequently associated withstart ups or other operatingchanges, but some maydevelop during steadyoperation or after long use.To stop stem leaks,advance or tighten thepacking adjustment screw.This forces the plasticpacking past the ball checkinto the packing chamber.As the plastic packingis forced into the packingchamber it increases thepressure and reactivates theChevron type packing rings.Usually 5 to 10 turns on theadjustment screw will stopthe stem leak.(CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE)Should the plasticpacking become depleted,it can be replaced byremoving the packingadjustment screw.(This should be done slowlyand carefully to be sure theball check has sealed off thepacking chamber pressure.)and replacing it with thetype of plastic packing thatis shown on the nameplate.Do not substitute the charton page 17.Replace the adjustmentscrew and advance it to stopthe leak but do not exceed a50 lb. pull on a 6 in. wrench(20 kg pull on a 150 mmwrench). A sufficient numberof threads in the packingchamber must be leftexposed to allowengagement of the packingscrew threads.DO NOT OVER PACK!Over packing can result instiff handwheel operationor can build up excessivepressure in the stempacking chamber, causingforceful expulsion of theentire packing fitting.To prevent over packingwhen the valve is in service,do not exceed a 50 lb. pullon a 6 in. wrench (20 kgspull on a 150 mm wrench).If the valve is not inservice, partially open thevalve and advance theadjustment screw until thehandwheel will not coast(freewheel) after being spun.Do not exceed a 50 lb. pullon a 6 in. wrench (20 kg pullon a 150 mm wrench). CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3M15

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCEADJUSTMENT (CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE)9WARNING! If thevalve has been overpacked - DO NOT TRYTO REMOVE THE BODYOF THE PACKING FITTINGto relieve the excessivepacking pressure. Injuryor damage could result.The packing chamberretains high pressureeven if the valve is notin service.10more compression can beapplied by evenly adjustingthe hex nuts on the glandretainer bolts. Too muchcompression on theretainer can cause thestem to bind, making thevalve hard to operate.14Remove the packingadjustment screw and gentlytap against the ball checkwith a 1/8 in. pin punch.This will allow the excessivepressure to escape past theball check.Wear safety glasses andgloves and stand to theside of the packing fittingcenterline while relievingpacking pressure.WARNING! Nevercompletely remove thehex nuts from the glandretainer bolts while thevalve is in service andunder pressure.Personal injury and/ordamage to property mayresult.11 ORBIT high15 For the packing1216 The stem packing willtemperature valves featurean adjustable type stempacking made possible byutilizing a deep stuffingbox, packing gland, andgland flange retained withadjustment bolts and nuts.Effective sealing ofpressure by the stempacking rings is maintainedby the compression appliedto the gland flange andretainer bolts.1613 If a stem leak occurs, CT-ORB-IOM/6ORBIT05/08 ION-3Madjustment nuts to beaccessible on large boreO.S.&Y. valves the covermust be removed.not harden up to 800 F(427 C).This packing is veryeffective, requires littleattention and is suitable forsteam, air, water, liquefiedpetroleum, natural gas anda variety of chemicals.

PROCESS VALVESINSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCESTEM PACKING MATERIALSGP-6GP-19GP-7Oxygen andRelated ServiceGeneral ServiceAmmonia ServiceGP-26GP-20High TemperatureGraphite Rings O.S.&Y. ModelGP-27Unleaded GasolineWith MTBE*316 S.S. ValveRECOMMENDED REPLACEMENT FOR DISCONTINUED PACKINGObsoletePackingRecommended dReplacementRecommended UseGP-5General ServiceGP-6GP-15HFU ServiceGP-19GP-8Hydrogen Fluoride ServiceGP-19GP-16GP-20GP-9Hydrogen Sulfide ServiceGP-6800 F Service(Rings O.S.&Y. Model Only)GP-10-50 F ServiceGP-6GP-17-100 F ServiceNoneGP-11Hydril Valve Stem PackingGP-7GP-18NoneGP-12Halogen StyleGP-7600 F Service(Injectable)GP-14Chlorine ServiceNoneGP-22600 F Service(Injectable)None*MTBE - Methyl Tertiary Buthyl EtherDRILLING VALVES13ORBIT Drilling Valvesare designed for holdingpressure in one directiononly. They must be installedso that the greater amountof pressure will be appliedto the preferred pressureend. Damage to valve mayresult if not installedproperly.The special lube fittingon top of the valve is in thevalve pressure area so usethese precautions:A Attach a grease gun without-put higher than linepressure to the fitting.B Back out the shut-offscrew 2 to 3 turns ONLY.C Pump in 1 to 2 lbs., 0.5 to1 kg., of lithium baseg

valves. 14 For weld end valves the temperature required to weld the valve into the line will exceed the rated working temperature of the valve. ORBIT valves with Nylon or Teflon seats are vulnerable to damage by excessive heat, so use the following precautions. 15 Close the valve before weldi