HR Contacts –Below are the October 2018 HealthQuest announcements to share with your employees. Please asksupervisors to provide this information to employees who do not use email. Thank you very much!Important HealthQuest NewsInformation about Open Enrollment for 2019 and the State Employee First Look at Webinar schedule isposted on the State Employee Health Plan WebsiteSIGN UP TO ATTEND A MEETING OR htmThis year will be an ACTIVE enrollment and all employees will need to make theirhealth elections during Open Enrollment in the Membership Administration Portal(MAP).Open Enrollment – October 1st – 31st

Onsite Flu Clinics Run Through OctoberAll active employees and spouses, 18 -65 years of age who are covered under Plans A, C, J,N and Q of the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) are eligible for a flu shot at no cost.Everyone must register as a NEW USER!For more information such as the consent form, schedule, how to create an appointmentgo to: ation.htmWhen creating an appointment at, please use:Ship To ID: 4610Access Code: NDYxMA EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP)1-888-275-1205 OPTION 1, (web ID: SOKEAP)UPCOMING EAP WEBINARSContact Us Anytime, AnywhereSTRENGTHENING YOUR ABILITY TO EMPATHIZECall: 888.275.1205, Option 1TDD: 800.697.0353One (1) HealthQuest Credit Awarded Per WebinarWednesday, OCT 24th, 3:00PMUnderstanding other peoples' outlook, being able torecognize their emotions and being sensitive to theirsituation is vital to communicate more effectivelyand build better relationships. This course willaddress ways to improve your capacity todemonstrate empathy.REGISTER NOWWHERE ARE YOU GOING? GOAL SETTING FORPERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SUCCESSTuesday, NOV 20th, 3:00PMGoal setting gives you long-term vision and shortterm motivation. The process of setting goals allowsyou to choose where you want to go in your personallife as well as your professional career. A life withoutgoals is like a road trip without a map.REGISTER NOWNo-cost, confidential solutions to life’s challenges.Your toll-free number gives you direct, 24/7 access to aGuidance Consultants, who will answer your questionsand, if needed. Refer you to a counselor or otherresources.Online: guideanceresources.comApp: GuideanceResources* NowWeb ID: SOKEAPLog on today to connect directly with a GuidanceConsultant about your issue or to consult articles,podcasts, videos, and other helpful tools.24/7 Support,Resources &Information

Only 3 MONTHS LEFT to earn your 2019HEALTHQUEST PREMIUM INCENTIVE!lSave Money on Your Health Plan Premiums!Register for the HealthQuest Wellness Program Today!You (or your spouse) may be missing out on this opportunity! As an employee and a member of the StateEmployee Health Plan (SEHP), you can participate in the HealthQuest Wellness Program and earn 480 off yourhealth insurance premiums ( 20 per paycheck). If you have a spouse on the health plan, you must earn 40 creditseach to earn the premium reduction.Don't forget your employee ID is a letter followed by 10 digits and then EE for employee (ex. K0001234567EE).Spouses will use the employee's ID followed by SP (ex. K0001234567SP).Once your account is created, complete the Required Health Assessment worth 10 credits and earn a total of 40credits prior to December 31, 2018.Plan C, Q, N, and J members also have the opportunity to earn 10 per creditin HRA/HSA funds (up to 500 or 50 credits)Plans C, J, Q and N Members have until 11/19/2018 to Earn Credits to Receive HSA/HRA funds. Credits must be posted by11/19/2018 to count for contributions. Remember it takes 50 TOTAL Credits to max out your HSA/HRA Contributions.To Verify you have Earned your Reduction – Check your Homepage. Under “Earn Your 2018 Credits” make sure the top bar is SOLID GREEN andthe TOTAL Credits is 40 or greater.

Save Smarter with SmartShopperThere’s no harm in being proactive about your health, and now there’s a reward for it! With SmartShopper, aprogram you already have, you can receive cash rewards of up to 50 on preventative screenings and othermedical procedures. Mammograms are essential in early detection and prevention. This Breast CancerAwareness month call your SmartShopper Personal Assistant and schedule your yearly exam today.Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in the United States. Early detection is key inthe treatment of breast cancer. Mammograms can help detect breast cancer up to two years before a tumorcan be felt by your doctor. * Schedule your mammogram at your choice cost-effective location and earn a cashreward!* www.CancerCare.orgEarning cash with SmartShopper is as easy as:Getting Started With SmartShopper Takes Only MinutesSimply call your SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team, available Monday – Thursday 8AM – 8PM and Friday8AM – 6PM, at 866-820-6426 or visit to activate your account and start shopping.SmartShopper makes it easy to shop and save on medical care and gives you the choices andinformation you need to make the best care decisions.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED?Step Up! The Wellness Champion NetworkThe Wellness Champion Network consists of more than 100 volunteers representing different agencies acrossthe state and we’re always recruiting new champions to join the team!We meet on the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 am via web and audio conference for about 45 minutes.We highlight activities that different worksites are doing for idea sharing and invite outside speakers to shareprograms and resources with the group. This viral approach helps to make wellness more visible and motivateemployees to adopt healthier lifestylesDO YOU: Have a passion for wellness and helping others? Want to make a difference and promote wellness to your co-workers? Want to share ideas and experiences with wellness champions at other locations? Wish to build your skills as a leader? Have availability to meet monthly for 45 minutes via webinar?Apply now to join the Wellness Champion Network. Earn one (1) HealthQuest Creditfor monthly webinars! If you have questions, please contact theWellness Plan Coordinator. Is exercise making you fat?The benefits of exercise seem limitless. But can exercise also lead to weightgain? The answer might surprise you.Thursday, October 25 11:00-11:20 AM CentralREGISTER NOWCan't make the dates above? Register anyway to receive the recording.

Activate your benefit today at myrxss.comTake Note: Pharmacists at Rx Savings Solutions Are Looking Out for YouWhen was the last time you actually had a conversation with a pharmacist? In the retail setting, it rarely happensanymore.Sure, all the dosage info, instructions and interaction warnings are printed and stapled to the paper bag. But we doubtyou’ll ever see “capsules may be opened and the contents sprinkled on 1 tablespoonful of applesauce, pudding, yogurt,cottage cheese, or strained pears” on that printout.Those words happen to be in one of more than 1,000 Pharmacist Notes in Rx Savings Solutions. Pharmacist Notes wereadded late last year in order to provide helpful and important clinical knowledge to members. You’ll find them in certainsavings suggestions and medication searches.The note about pudding and applesauce was created for Lansoprazole 15mg delayed-release capsules. We suggest it asa money-saving alternative to Prevacid Solutab 15mg orally disintegrating tablets. But some patients may have troubleswallowing a capsule instead of the tablet. Hence, the note. Pretty helpful information when considering a switch thatcan save more than 300 per fill!Each Pharmacist Note is drafted by an Rx Savings Solutions in-house pharmacist as if they were speaking to a patient atthe pharmacy counter, their spouse, child or their own mother.So, no, we’re not providing live, one-on-one conversations with pharmacists just yet. But stay tuned! Until then, ourPharmacist Notes are the next best thing.Have you seen how much Rx Savings Solutions can save YOU?It’s a free service available to all SEHP members. It only takes a minute toactivate your account. Search for the “Rx Savings Solutions” app on Google Play,Apple’s App Store or access online at

Hi!Your New HealthQuest CoordinatorABOUT MEMy name is Lucas Dudgeon and I graduated fromKansas State University. I am very passionate abouthealth in the workplace and have a background inpublic health/physical activity promotion as well aspublic health policy. I am very excited to be your newHealthQuest Coordinator!I look forward to working with you all to improvethe health and wellness of Kansans!Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] you have questions or to say hello!

October2018Breast Cancer AwarenessSUNMON1TUE2Start this monthfocusing on yourhealth goals.Write your threenew health goalsat the bottom ofthis page.7WED34FRI5891015SAT6Enhance yoursleep quality thisweekend. Beginwinding downan hour or twobefore goingto bed.Tweak yourfavorite Fallrecipes so thatthey don’t get inthe way of yourhealth goals.1112131920Fall is pumpkinseason!Pumpkins are agreat vegetableto help balanceyour meals.A little supportcan go a longway in improvinghealth. Find aworkout buddyto help you withyour goals.14THULearn more here.161718Start thinkingabout yourwellness goalsfor the holidayseason. Writethem down tohelp them stick.Enjoy an active‘staycation’ withyour family thisweekend. Find anew bike route orwalking trail.Learn more here.2122232425Regular physicalactivity can helplower your riskfor breast cancer.29Start looking intoheart-healthyversions of yourholiday favorites.Start with thishealthy recipe.303127Did you meetyour healthgoals thismonth? Checkthem below.Learn more here.2826Three ways I can focus on my healththis month:1.2.3.

All active employees and spouses, 18 -65 years of age who are covered under Plans A, C, J, N and Q of the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) are eligible for a flu shot at no cost. Everyone must register as a NEW USER! For more information such as