A quarterly publica on of Loyal Chris an Benefit Associa onVol. 18 Issue 1ELEMENTARYSECONDARYThe deadline to apply is May 1st!POST-SECONDARYCAMPINGSCHOLARSHIPSCould your children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildrenuse money to a end school or a summer camp?

PRESIDENT'SMESSAGESpring is in the air! With spring upon us, there are many things todo and look forward to. The Easter holiday, spring cleaning, ge ng thegardens ready and planning a summer vaca on are just some of the thingsto keep us busy. Even though you are busy, I hope you make some me tosave some money by entering your great-grandchildren, grandchildren orchildren in one or more of the various scholarship programs we offer.LCBA offers mul ple scholarships that every benefit member andtheir direct descendants can apply for! We have programs for virtuallyeveryone. College/post-secondary, secondary, elementary and campingscholarships are available. We also provide the Road Scholar programs( dedicated to lifelong experien al learning for ourage 55 benefit members.New for 2018: Every benefit member who applies for a scholarship online will receive one addi onal entry Each applicant will get an addi onal entry for every current benefitmember (parent, grandparent, great-grandparent) with an ac veLCBA cer ficate listed on the applica on The Elementary/Secondary Scholarship was raised from 200 to 350!Stay informed &win a gi card!Don’t miss anotherscholarship applica ondeadline or other LCBAfunc on in your area.Send us an email [email protected] the subject “MyEmail” and include yourName, Address, andPhone Number. Onceper quarter we will drawone submi ed emailaddress to win a 25 VisaGi Card. We will onlyno fy you of ma ers ofimportance to you as anLCBA member.We really have something for just about everyone, so be sure to applynot only for yourself but for your eligible family members. Check out theop ons in this edi on and remember, our scholarships are lo ery basedso everyone has a chance to win! Deadline to apply is May 1, 2018.One other thing you may wish to consider is running for our Board ofDirectors. Later this year we will be making the call for nomina ons. Ifyou think you have knowledge and skills that could benefit your fellowmembers please consider serving on the board. LCBA's board meetsin person, typically at the Home Office, four mes per year. Betweenmee ngs management provides periodic updates to keep board membersinformed. We are always looking for people willing and able to serve soplease think about it and look for the call in the next Direc on magazine!Thank you,Douglas Tu lePresident & CEO1

DirecƟonPublisher - Douglas Tu le, Erie, PAemail: tu [email protected] ScholarshipsExecu ve Editor - Michele King, Erie, PAemail: [email protected] a child, grandchild, or greatgrandchild? Are they going to camp thissummer, a ending a Chris an school nextyear or working on their college degree?As a benefit member of LCBA you areoffered many scholarship op ons!Art Direc on - Michael Mursch, Erie, PAChair of the Board of DirectorsRobert Muth, Conneaut Lake, PABoard of DirectorsKaren Balaban, Esq, Harrisburg, PAPat DiCesare, Burnt Hills, NYMa hew Dupee, Nazareth, PAPaul Kenny, Erie, PAKaren LeVert, Durham, NCRichard Suchan, Buffalo, NYAnne Sweigart, Blu on, OHBarbara Waclawek, Buffalo, NYDirecƟon is a member of the Communica onsSec on of the American Fraternal Alliance,combined circula on of which reaches11,000,000. DirecƟon (USPS 208-680) ispublished quarterly by the Loyal Chris anBenefit Associa on, 8811 Peach Street, Erie,Pennsylvania 16509.Periodicals postage paid in Erie, PA.POSTMASTER:Douglas Tu lePO Box 13005Erie, Pennsylvania 16514-1305Communica ons for publica on should beaddressed to:A n: Michele KingLCBA / Direc onPO Box 13005, Erie, PA 16514-1305Issues rela ng to mailing list, change ofaddress and non-delivery of papers shouldbe addressed to:10Member SpotlightA er making dreams come true for somany kids, Carol Stark got a dream ofher own granted.7The Benefits of SinglePremium Whole LifeInsurance Plans6Looking for an insurance plan that will giveyou the most for your money?contents1 . President’s Message3 . Branch Events814-453-4331 –or– 800-234-LCBA (5222)Hearing Impaired Relay Service: Dial 711Fax: 1-888-316-0471h p://www.lcbalife.orgemail: [email protected] Send Address Changes To:Issue # 18-1Please mail form 3579 toLoyal Chris an Benefit Associa on(ISSN #1040-7596)Box 13005, Erie, PA 16514-130514. Orthodox Divisionbusinesshours:Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.holidayclosings:Good Friday:Friday, March 30Mul media DepartmentA n: Michael MurschLCBA / Direc onPO Box 13005, Erie, PA 16514-1305Communica ons for publica on will not beadmissible unless accompanied by the nameand address of the writer. Contact us at theabove address or at:11. Financial Report13. Mee ng MinutesMemorial Day through Labor DayMonday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.Friday: 8:00 a.m. - NoonMemorial Day:Monday, May 28Monday a er Easter:Monday, April 2check usout on:FacebooklcbalifeLinkedinlcbalifeTwi [email protected] LCBAEriewww.lcbalife.org2

BRANCH y2018EPHRATA, PASeveral members volunteered atTabor Community Services, helpingto prepare mailings.E HRATA, PAEPVolunteers peeled potatoes andmade stuffing to help the churchprepare their free communityChristmas Meal.www.tabornet.orgBRANCHEPHREPH ATA,A PAFebruary's Branch mee ng featured speakersfrom Hospice Pathways Center for Grief & Loss,a support program for children who have lostsomeone. A quilt that was made at one of thecamps for kids was thways/BRANCHEPHREPHRATA, PAHRChristmas was a joyful gathering of 24members that played Christmas Bingowhile enjoying ice cream. Oldest Branchmember Anna Rose Schannauer surprisedus with her Christmas ou it and offered aprayer for the children of the world.BRAANCHERIEIE,, PABRANCHAt their January mee ng Branch members preparedValen ne gi s for homeless veterans living at LibertyHouse in Erie. The gi s included personal items such astoothpaste, shaving essen als, etc., candy and a valen e/3ERIE, PANeighborhood children and their families joined LCBABranch 49 for their annual Christmas Party. Each childreceived a gi , Christmas cookies and

BRANCH EVENTSFebruary 20March 16BRANCHBRANCHEPHRATA, PABranch 1557 volunteering by cu ng out pads from towels for Gain USA tomake pads to donate to impoverished countries.NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHBranch members visited with Santa atthe St. Joseph Seniors Christmas Party.BRANCHDOVER, OHBRANCHBranch 867 collected over 50 pairs ofglasses and 9 hearing aids throughoutthe month of January. Mr. Jim Gibbsfrom the Lions Club came to theFebruary mee ng to pick them up.BRANCHNEW PHILADELPHIA, OHLCBA President & CEO Doug Tu leawards Andrea Fox the Fraternalist ofthe Year 2nd Runner-Up cer ficate.BRANCHERERRIEIE, PAIEPAERIEE, PABranch 49 Christmas PartyOn November 4th, Branch1198 held their annual HolidayBou que where they sold cra sand raffled off a handmade quilt.BRANCHALTOONA, PAwww.lcbalife.org4

BRANCH EVENTSSalem LCBA Branch 654 at St. PaulCatholic Church collected stuffedanimals for residents at AuburnSkilled Nursing in memory and inhonor of Frances Ziegler.Francy, who served as presidentof the Salem LCBA for nearly 35years, was a pa ent at Auburn a erbeing diagnosed with inoperableBRANCHGlioblastoma. She passed toeternal life in heaven with herCreator on Sept. 16, 2017.S LESAL M, OHBRANCHSAALELEM,M OHM,Installed at a recent Branch mee ng,newly-elected officers of Salem LCBABranch 654 are (from le ) JessieMiller, trustee; Do Miller, VicePresident; Rose Bedell, President;Joyce Kowalczyk. Con nuing in officeare: Mimi Johnson, secretary; BarbDumovic; treasurer and trustees:Be y Dangelo, Joan Cole; and RuthHuggins.BRANCHSALEM,SAM, OHM,Branch Christmas party and December mee ng.BRANCCHBRANCHFORD CITY, PAFORD CITY, PABRANCHFOORD CITY, PABranch 1425's January mee ngfeatured Federal speaker CarolBlondeaux, Supervisor of CustomerService, USPS. She spoke aboutthe history of the postal serviceda ng back to the days of BenjaminFranklin and provided a local historyof the Ford City Post Office built inthe 30s, accompanied by photos ofthe building construc on.5Branch 1425 Christmas party.President & CEO Doug Tu le andBranch 1425 President Deb Cerasopresent Marcia Orton with theFraternalist of the Year Award.

Upcoming BranchEvents and DatesAPRIL 19, 2018Branch 49 (Erie, PA) – MonthlyMee ng 6:00-8:00 PMLuther Memorial, 225 West 10th St.,Erie, PA 16501APRIL 21 & 22, 2018Branch 1155 (Findlay, OH) - Dishcloth& Bake Sale 9:30 AM - 12:30 PMSt. Michael the Archangel Church,750 Bright Rd., Findlay, OHAPRIL 27, 2018Branch 654 (Salem, OH) - Sip & Paint6:30 AM - 8:30 PMSt. Paul Gym, 935 E. State St., Salem, OHAPRIL 29, 2018Branch 1425 (Ford City, PA) - SpringSmorgasbord 11:30 AM - 1:00 PMDivine Redeemer School Cafeteria, FourthAve., Ford City, PAMAY 1, 2018SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE DUEMAY 17, 2018Branch 49 (Erie, PA) – MonthlyMee ng 6:00-8:00 PMLuther Memorial, 225 West 10th St.,Erie, PA 16501JUNE 5, 2018Branch 1155 (Findlay, OH) Monthly Mee ng 7:00-8:30 PM2636 Hollybrook Dr., Findlay, OHBRANCHFORD CITY, PAAPresident & CEO, Doug Tu le,presents a Pla num BROOMAward to Deb Ceraso,President of Branch 1425.The Benefits ofSingle PremiumWhole LifeInsurance PlansAGENCYINCLooking for an insurance plan that income-tax free, unlike with annuitywill give you the most for your contracts all growth has to bemoney? Have you considered a single claimed as income.premium whole life insurance policy?A single premium life insurance plan So how exactly does a singleis when a lump sum of money is paid premium whole life insurance planinto a policy, which in return will get work? The name of the plan saysyou an increased death benefit larger it all, it is a one- me premiumthan the sum of money paid into the payment that purchases you apolicy. Many mes when a person completely paid up plan. There arehas a lump sum of money,several deciding factorsthey automa cally thinkas to how an insuranceto put it into an annuitycompany calculates theproduct, in which the deathguaranteed death benefit.benefit is only as largeThe main deciding factoras the amount of moneyfor the company is age;contributed. Annui es havethe younger you are whenBridgetTestrakethe poten al for a greatapplying, the greater theInsurancedeal of growth, but thebenefit. That is because,Strategistgrowth accumulates slowlybeing younger, you have aover me, whereas with a single longer remaining life expectancy,premium whole life policy, the death which allows the premium morebenefit is guaranteed from day oneme to grow before being paid-out.un l your me of passing, at which For example, a 30 year old nonme the funds will be distributed to smoking female can get 50,000 ofyour designated beneficiaries’.coverage for a one- me premiumpayment of 8,500, whereas a 60There are several benefits toyear old non-smoking male can getpurchasing a paid-up single 50,000 of coverage for 22,000.**premium whole life policy. Onesuch benefit is that since the policy If you are interested in whole lifeis fully funded, the cash invested insurance, don’t want to have tobuilds and grows tax-deferred. This have the hassle of paying premiumstax-deferred growth, otherwise for the rest of your life, and wantknown as cash value, can either be that guaranteed benefit for yourwithdrawn or have a loan taken out family, then a single premium lifefor emergencies that can come up insurance plan may be best forunexpectedly.* Lastly, and possibly you. If you have ques ons, or arethe most important benefit, is that interested in learning more aboutthe guaranteed death benefit, in this product, please call us at 1-800addi on to any growth, is distributed 234-5222 to speak to a licensedto the designated beneficiaries’, agent for more informa on.* Rules, penal es, charges, etc. for withdrawals or loans vary depending on the insurancecompany ** Quotes are examples, rates vary depending on the insurance companywww.lcbalife.org6

SpotlightCarol StarkA er making dreams come true for somany kids, Carol Stark got a dream ofher own granted last night.Carol Stark has been dona ng her meand talents to help children in needfor most of her life, working with nonprofit organiza ons like “For Our Kids,”the Ephrata Lions Club, and helpingkids in local schools.The Akron woman has held morespaghe dinners, catered more events,decorated more floats, sold moreflowers, and worked on more fundraisersthan most other folks do in a life me.But she was concerned that, at 73, shewouldn’t have the energy to carry onthese ac vi es forever.Tuesday night on the football fieldat Cocalico High School, in front ofhundreds of grateful people, Stark wassurprised with a huge televised “thankyou” party in honor of her unselfishwork through the years. The eventincluded other big surprises for Stark,but they won’t be revealed to the publicun l the episode airs in February.“This is overwhelming,” Stark said.“At 73, I don’t know how long I cancon nue (doing charity work) I alwayshad a dream that maybe the summerschool would con nue, so this makesme very happy.”Over the years, Stark has raised asignificant amount of money to pay forkids to be able to go to summer school7Ephrata, PABranch 1557By Marylouise Shollyto help them get ahead in life.Stark will be the featured home-towncelebrity in an upcoming episode ofMike Rowe’s “Returning The Favor,” ana onal TV and Facebook show thatfocuses on everyday people doingextraordinary things.Married to John Stark, the couple haveeight children and 24 grandchildren. Theen re family had gathered to add to thesurprise, a few coming from other states.Tuesday night’s celebra on was asurprise of massive propor ons, with ana onally known celebrity, a TV crew,cheerleaders, pep squad and pepband, and hundreds of well-wishers, allconverging on the Cocalico athle c field.Folks who turned out for the chillyevening celebra on were given hotchocolate to warm up as they waited forCarol to appear.The TV camera crew gave direc ons tothe crowd of well-wishers, who became“extras” in Stark’s featured episode.Directors advised the crowd whereto stand or which way to move formaximum exposure as a long boom witha ached camera scanned the crowd.TV celebrity Rowe spoke to the crowdbefore going to get Carol at her home.“We’re here to honor Carol Stark,” Rowesaid, to a deafening round of applause.“We’re also shoo ng a li le TV show tohonor one woman who has given of herme and talent for as long as anyonecan remember.”Rowe was so impressed, he said, whenCarol baked a batch of PennsylvaniaDutch chocolate whoopie pies forhim, a er he men oned how muchhe liked them.“She doesn’t even know me, and yetshe did that for me,” Rowe said.“Returning The Favor” is the numberone program on Facebook, Rowe said.At the highlight of the evening, whenRowe surprised Stark with a specialhonor, confe guns boomed out theirpaper ammuni on, covering the trackaround the field — and many of theguests — with pastel-covered confethat fell thick as snow as the crowdcheered their approval.“We look for people like you (for theshow), people who do what most folkswon’t or don’t want to do,” Rowe saidto Stark. “So we invited the community.”Folks were happy to share theirmemories[sic] of Stark’s work andcharacter.“I’m here to honor Carol for her kindheart; she is a good-hearted, kindperson,” said Sandi Davidson of Denver.“Let me tell you about Carol oneThanksgiving, a girl living in a motelwith her kids called Carol and said ‘Iunderstand you have some turkeys,could we have one?’ and Carol askedPhoto by Dick WannerMEMBER

her how she was going to cook it in amotel. “The girl said she’d cut it up andput pieces in a toaster oven,” Davidsonsaid. “So Carol said, ‘look, I’ll roast it foryou ‘ and then she also brought thempie, gravy, a whole dinner .that’s Carol;that’s your person in a nutshell.”many reality shows are (lowlife), but thisshows the be er part of humanity.”The biggest tributes came from some ofthe people Carol has helped.Carol Stark & LCBA“Mrs. Stark, I love you,” said Tyler (lastname not available). “Everything here isall the stuff you deserve. You’ve touchedthe lives of so many people.” Very ac ve in Branch 1557.Robin, a young woman, said she metStark back in 1988, at a cri cal me inher life.“She took me under her wing,” Robinsaid. “She took me to work, she showedme how to save money, she babysat mykids. There are not enough words in theworld to describe this woman.”Linda Kromer of Ephrata said she’sknown Carol for many years.“She does great work with kids,” Kromersaid. “She helps kids get their GED, shehelps them with summer school, and shehelps homeless kids, and she has had somany spaghe dinners for fund raisers.”Tim and Carolyn Wahl of Denver arefans of Rowe’s “Returning the Favor”show because it’s something posi ve towatch, they said.“His show is about giving back and it’swell-put together,” Tim Wahl said. “SoHaving a local person on the show isicing on the cake.“We’ve enjoyed reading about whatshe’s done and she well deserves the Works with local at-riskyouths growing flowers andmaking cra s that the Branchthen sells at fundraisers. Has been nominated forLCBA's Fraternalist of theYear by her Branch.recogni on,” Carolyn Wahl said of Stark.“It’s good to see something like (Rowe’sprogram) being produced, too, becauseit’s quality TV for a change.”Jill ShoberHilt of Ephrata said theirchildren grew up together.ShoberHilt said Stark has always beenworking, always raising money for kids,and catering was one of the many waysin which she supported a number ofnon-profit agencies.“She catered a dinner for mygrandparents one me; she catereddinners for years,” ShoberHilt said.“She used all that money to helpothers. Carol is a unique person andshe deserves this honor.”Ginny Dissinger of New Holland startedthe non-profit New Holland FarmersMarket, and Carol was a vendor there,selling flowers to raise money forher causes.“The money wasn’t for her; she raisedmoney for organiza ons that helpedchildren,” Dissinger said.One of Sara Givler’s daughters marriedone of Carol’s sons, so they are family,Givler said.“I’ve always known Carol, before ourchildren married, and she has suchgenerosity of spirit,” Givler said. “Sheworks like crazy for those kids. Sheworks nonstop and it’s all for the kids— spaghe dinners, parade floats,anything — she is so busy and I say‘shouldn’t you slow down?’ but shenever sees that.”Upon the unveiling of the specialsurprise the show planned for Stark,Givler was ecsta c.“It is a marvelous tribute!” Givler said. “Ican’t wait to see her reac on.”Theepisodeof“Returningthe Favor” filmed on Tuesdaynight will be aired online TheEphrata Review will print more specificdetails when they become available.Carol Stark's episode of Returning the Favor is live on Facebook. You can also watch it at www.lcbalife.orgArƟcle and photographs reprinted with permission from the 11/29/17 ediƟon of The Ephrata Review.ANNOUNCEMENTS!We love hearing from our members!Want to share the good works of a fellowLCBA member? A family accomplishment?Maybe just something you are proud ofand want to share?Send content via email with subject line"Direction Content" to [email protected] or by mail to Direction Content, PO Box13005, Erie, PA 16514.Note: Submission of material or suggestions does notguarantee publication.Branch 892(New Philadelphia,OH) members Barb Youngand her daughter, MelanieFitzgerald, a ended “LateNight Catechism” at thePerforming Arts Center withher granddaughters, Ryan,Ryley, and Raegan Fitzgerald.www.lcbalife.org8

DĂŝů ĐŽŵƉůĞƚĞĚ ĂƉƉůŝĐĂƟŽŶ ƚŽ͗ATTN: ScholarshipsLCBAPO Box 13005Erie, PA 16514-1305Email to:[email protected] ƉƉůŝĐĂƟŽŶHOME OFFICE USE ONLY EĂŵĞ / ! WůĞĂƐĞ ŝŶĐůƵĚĞ ĂŶ ĞŵĂŝů ĂĚĚƌĞƐƐ ĨŽƌ ĐŽŶĮƌŵĂƟŽŶ ƚŚĂƚ ǁĞ ŚĂǀĞ ƌĞĐĞŝǀĞĚ LJŽƵƌ ĂƉƉůŝĐĂƟŽŶ͘ /E hZ /E&KZD d/KE ĞƌƟĮĐĂƚĞ η/ŶƐƵƌĞĚ EĂŵĞ (if other than applicant)EmailLASTFIRST ĚĚƌĞƐƐWŚŽŶĞCityStateZip ŝƐƚ ĂĚĚŝƟŽŶĂů ďĞŶĞĮƚ ŵĞŵďĞƌ;ƐͿ ĐĞƌƟĮĐĂƚĞ η͛Ɛ͗STUDENT / CAMPER 1LASTName FIRSTZĞůĂƟŽŶƐŚŝƉ ƚŽ /ŶƐƵƌĞĚDate of BirthFIRSTWĂƌĞŶƚͬ'ƵĂƌĚŝĂŶ EĂŵĞ ĞůĞĐƚ ƐĐŚŽůĂƌƐŚŝƉ;ƐͿ ĂƉƉůLJŝŶŐ ĨŽƌ͗ D Ed Zzͬ KE Zz Žƌ WK dͲ KE Zz LASTWŚŽŶĞ DW/E' ,KK /E&KZD d/KE ŶƌŽůůŵĞŶƚ ĂƚĞ DW /E&KZD d/KE ĂƚĞ ƩĞŶĚŝŶŐEĂŵĞ ŽĨ /ŶƐƟƚƵƟŽŶCamp Name ĚĚƌĞƐƐ ĚĚƌĞƐƐCityStateZipCity ŽŶƚĂĐƚ EĂŵĞStateZip ŽŶƚĂĐƚ EĂŵĞWŚŽŶĞdƵŝƟŽŶWŚŽŶĞCost KE͛d &KZ' d dK /E h zKhZ W,KdK͊STUDENT / CAMPER 2LASTName FIRSTZĞůĂƟŽŶƐŚŝƉ ƚŽ /ŶƐƵƌĞĚDate of BirthFIRSTWĂƌĞŶƚͬ'ƵĂƌĚŝĂŶ EĂŵĞ ĞůĞĐƚ ƐĐŚŽůĂƌƐŚŝƉ;ƐͿ ĂƉƉůLJŝŶŐ ĨŽƌ͗ D Ed Zzͬ KE Zz Žƌ WK dͲ KE Zz LASTWŚŽŶĞ DW/E' ,KK /E&KZD d/KE ŶƌŽůůŵĞŶƚ ĂƚĞ DW /E&KZD d/KE ĂƚĞ ƩĞŶĚŝŶŐEĂŵĞ ŽĨ /ŶƐƟƚƵƟŽŶCamp Name ĚĚƌĞƐƐ ĚĚƌĞƐƐCityState ŽŶƚĂĐƚ EĂŵĞWŚŽŶĞZipCityStateZip ŽŶƚĂĐƚ EĂŵĞdƵŝƟŽŶWŚŽŶĞCost&Žƌ WK dͲ KE Zz ,K Z ,/W ͕ ƉůĞĂƐĞ ƐĞŶĚ ŽĸĐŝĂů ƚƌĂŶƐĐƌŝƉƚƐ ŝŶ Ă ƐĞĂůĞĚ ĞŶǀĞůŽƉĞ ĨƌŽŵ LJŽƵƌ ƐĐŚŽŽů ƚŽ͗ ͕ ƩŶ͗ ĐŚŽůĂƌƐŚŝƉƐ͕ WK Ždž ϭϯϬϬϱ͕ ƌŝĞ͕ W ϭϲϱϭϰ Žƌ ŝĨ LJŽƵƌ ƐĐŚŽŽů ƵƐĞƐ ĂŶ ŽŶůŝŶĞ ƐLJƐƚĞŵ ƉůĞĂƐĞ ŚĂǀĞ ƚŚĞ ůŝŶŬ ĞŵĂŝůĞĚ ĚŝƌĞĐƚůLJ ƚŽ ͘ If my child/grandchild is a winner, I give permission to LCBA to use his/her name and/or images to promote LCBA and itsscholarship programs. (See LCBA’s privacy policy online for complete details.)Parent/Guardian Signature9DateAPP18SCH

It s' ScholarshipTime Again!Have a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild?Are they going to camp this summer,a ending a Chris an school next year orworking on their college degree?Did you know that you can help with the cost just by being amember of LCBA? LCBA offers Scholarship Benefits to helpits members and their extended families subsidize the evergrowing costs of educa on. Every year LCBA gives away over 20,000 through its scholarship programs.NEW THIS YEAR! EARN EXTRA ENTRIES! Oneaddi onal entry for applying online! Eachapplicant will get an addi onal entry for every currentbenefit member (parent, grandparent, great-grandparent)with an ac ve LCBA cer ficate listed on the applica on.APPLY ONLINE ATWWW.LCBALIFE.ORGCamping ScholarshipLCBA will award ten 200 campingscholarships each year via a lo eryto children (ages 5 to 16) to a enda camp of their choice. Camps maybe recrea onal, nature, sports orspecial interest oriented.WNO 0!5 3Elementary/SecondaryScholarshipTwenty scholarships of 350 areawarded each year via a lo ery.Student applicants may a end anyaccredited Chris an elementaryor secondary school in the UnitedStates and must be enteringkindergarten to 12th grade.Wouldn’t that be a great thing as a grandparent to call your grandchild totell them you entered them into LCBA’s Scholarship contest and they won 2,500 towards their college tui on? Or as a parent not having to worryabout whether or not you can afford to send them to camp this summer?A full descrip on, eligibility requirements and applica on formscan be found at you have any ques ons please contact LCBA at 1-800-234-5222.But hurry, applica ons are due to the Home Office by May 1, 2018.“We truly feel a Catholic educa on is important in our children’s lives. Thesacrifices that we make in order to send them to a Catholic school teach uswhat God has given us. Thank you LCBA for helping us make this dream ofours a reality. This scholarship money will help us encourage our children tocon nue to grow closer to God, while also receiving an incredible educa on.”Post-Secondary ScholarshipThis program provides for amaximum of five 2,500 one-yearscholarships for students a endingor entering an accredited degree orcer ficate gran ng ins tu on andworking towards their first degree/cer ficate. The scholarship may beused to cover any post-secondaryeduca on expense.Bruce and Julie M. (Warren, MI) 10

2017 ANNUALFINANCIAL REPORTSummary of Opera onsYears ended December 31, 2017 & 2016IncomeStatement of Financial Posi onDecember 31, 2017 & 2016Assets2017 62,437,130BondsCommon & Preferred stockReal estateCer ficate loansCash & cash equivalentsShort term investmentsEDP equipmentIncome due & accruedTotal Assets 189,264,4542016 ,216,44320172016Life insurance premiumsAnnuity premiumsAccident & Health premiumsNet investment incomeOther income 7,641,6758,125,584143,8338,388,9066,997,862 11,103,4368,255,35860,6258,438,045683,770Total Income 31,297,860 28,541,234Death benefitsLife & annuity benefitsReserve ,3663,671,717Total Member Benefits 21,889,449 200174,879Total Opera ng Expenses7,682,2795,716,207Total Benefits & Expenses 29,571,728 28,495,368Member Benefits 185,373,374Opera ng ExpensesCommissionsGeneral expensesTaxes & OtherLiabili es & Surplus 185,373,374dŽƚĂů ƐƐĞƚƐϭϴϵ͕Ϯϲϰ͕ϰϱϰ ϭϴϱ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϭϴϱ͕ϯϳϯ͕ϯϳϰ ϭϳϬ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϭϴϮ͕ϵϬϰ͕ϯϭϲ ͕ϱϵϳ͕ϯϲϴ 43)Other Changes in Surplus(101,366)(855,975)Net Change in Surplus 815,543 ƚŽ ZĂƚĞĚϲϴ͘ϯй ͕ϬϬϬϮϬϭϱϮϬϭϲϮϬϭϰϮϬϭϱΨϬ RI %RQGƐ DUH ,QYHVWPHQW 4XDOLW\ϮϬϭϰϮϬϭϯΨϭ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬ ϭϲϱ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϮϬϭϯdŽƚĂů ƵƌƉůƵƐ dƌĞŶĚ/ŶǀĞƐƚŵĞŶƚ YƵĂůŝƚLJĂƚ ϭϮͬϯϭͬϮϬϭϳ ĞůŽǁ Ϭ͘Ϭйϰ͕ϯϱϲ͕ϯϲϳ ZĂƚĞĚϬ͘ϯй ZĂƚĞĚϬ͘ϵй 6,909ϯ͕ϱϰϬ͕ϴϮϰ 189,264,454Net Gain from Opera onsInvestment capital gain (loss)Dividends incurredNet Incomeϱ͕ϭϰϲ͕ϲϰϮ Total Liabili es & Surplus 231,664691,7283,540,824ϱ͕ϯϰϵ͕ϭϰϳ 265,086789,6944,356,367ϱ͕ϭϬϴ͕Ϯϲϰ Cer ficate reservesDeposit-type contractsCer ficate claimsProvision for dividendsAdvance premiumsInvestment reservesAccrued general expensesOther liabili esUnassigned fundsϮϬϭϲϮϬϭϳϮϬϭϳWƌĞEĞĞĚ WƌĞŵŝƵŵƐKƉĞƌĂƚŝŶŐ džƉĞŶƐĞƐdŽƚĂů ϬϭϯϮ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϮϬϭϰ'ĞŶĞƌĂů ϬϭϳϮϬϭϱ ŽŵŵŝƐƐŝŽŶƐϮϬϭϲϮϬϭϳdĂdžĞƐ Θ &ĞĞƐϲ͕ϵϯϴ͕ϯϳϳ ϳ͕Ϭϱϯ͕ϬϭϮ ϴ͕ϲϭϭ͕ϵϵϲ ϳ͕ϭϯϱ͕ϰϰϮ ϳ͕ϰϳϵ͕ϵϯϰ ϱ͕ϯϲϴ͕ϯϲϳ ͕Ϯϴϳ ͕ϬϬϬϱ͕ϴϮϯ͕ϮϬϴ Ϭ͕ϬϬϬϱ͕ϭϱϭ͕ϳϳϬ ϴ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϭϱ͕ϵϭϭ͕Ϭϵϭ ϭϬ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϭϵ͕ϰϭϵ͕ϰϭϵ ΨϭϮ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϭϳ͕ϯϯϯ͕ϯϱϳ Ψϰ͕ϬϬϬ͕ϬϬϬϭϱ͕ϱϴϳ͕ϳϭϳ Ϭϲ͕ϴϯϭ Ϯ ϲϮϬϭϳΨϬWƌĞEĞĞĚ ŝĨĞWƌĞEĞĞĚ ŶŶƵŝƚLJ

Financial Highlights* LCBA’s risk-based capital ra o improved to376% at December 31, 2017 from 324%at December 31, 2016. This increaseis a ributed to the growth in surplusexperienced in 2017, as LCBA’s risk-basedcapital remained consistent with the prioryear, dropping by just under one percent.* In the PreNeed market, managementcon nues to work on improvements andmade changes to the distribu on and servicemodel at the end of the year in order tospur future growth. Medicare Supplementpremiums have shown consecu ve yearsof significant growth, but remain a smallpercentage of overall net premiums. Seear cle by VP-Finance/Treasurer, Ross Aresco,for further premium discussion pertainingto LCBA’s new life line of business.* The quality of LCBA’s investment por olioremains high with an average ra ng of"A" and over 98% of bonds at investmentgrade. As an cipated, reinvestment ratesremained low in 2017, leading to a slightreduc on in book yield. Early in the year,LCBA took advantage of improved marketcondi ons to sell all of its non-agency,mortgage-backed securi es to furtherreduce risk in its por olio.* Commission expense increased significantlyin 2017 on the heels of strong sales growthof the new life product line, to 3.6 millionfrom 1.6 million in 2016, or an increase of122%. This follows a 950 thousand, 85%increase in 2016.* General Expenses decreased 1.7% in 2017and ended the year under budget. Expenseswere up 15% in 2016 due primarily to thecosts associated with the new productline, which began development in the firstquarter of the year. Addi onally, in 2016,LCBA completed its five year Pennsylvaniastate insurance department examina onin 2016, which cost the Associa onapproximately 230,000 and resulted in aclean examina on report.Insurance for Insurers:New Business Strain and the Risksand Rewards of ReinsuranceBy: Ross W. Aresco, LCBA VP-Finance & TreasurerWhile I typically only provide bullet point commentary to accompany theannual financial report in the Spring issue of Direc on Magazine, for acouple reasons I felt it was a be er idea this me around to write anar cle. First off, I haven’t wri en an ar cle in the Direc on magazine forquite some me and really enjoy doing so! While my last ar cle was onthe fun topic of spending me with my kids on Father’s Day, this mewe’re going to get into the numbers a bit. This brings me to the secondreason for wri ng an ar cle: we had a heck of a year in 2017 and wedid something that we haven’t done in years, which is to sign a newreinsurance treaty (treaty is insurance parlance for “contract”). Evenmore significant is that we signed a reinsurance treaty that had a bigimpact on how LCBA’s financials look when compared to the prior year.The first thing that is important to understand, and the reason why wepursued a new reinsurance treaty, is the concept of new business "strain",as it pertains to life insurance sales. In a typical life insurance sale, inthe first year of the policy, income earned via premiums is outweighedby the expenses, causing a loss in the first year. These expenses includecommissions paid to the agent involved with selling the policy, costs ofselling and issuing the policy, and the establishment of a reserve for thepolicy’s death benefit. These expenses in excess of the income createsa financial bu

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