May 14, 2013Invite a [email protected] North America President Nobuharu Mizunoand N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker(Left-right) Raleigh Mayor Nancy Macfarlane, Allscripts Presidentand CEO Paul Black, Governor Pat McCrory, and Wake CountyCommissioner Joe Bryan at the Allscripts announcementHealthcare informationtechnology company toexpand in RaleighGovernor Pat McCrory and N.C. Commerce Secretary SharonDecker announced on May 8 that Allscripts, a leadingdeveloper of Electronic Health Record, practice managementand other clinical, revenue cycle, connectivity and informationsolutions, will expand its operations center in Wake County.The company plans to create 350 jobs in North Carolina by theend of 2017 and invest 2.8 million into its Raleigh location.The jobs will be primarily in research and development. TheN.C. Department of Commerce's Anna Lea Moore was thedeveloper on this project."Allscripts is a premier employer that understands whatRaleigh, Wake County and North Carolina have to offer," saidMcCrory. "Its expansion is proof that the Triangle's technologyhub continues to grow. We've got the qualified talent, strongbusiness climate, and attractive quality of life that Allscriptsand its employees need to succeed."Allscripts offers clinical, financial, connectivity and informationsolutions to hospitals and physician practices. The company'stools help automate and connect common healthcare dataflow tasks, such as entering prescription information,managing orders and lab tests, and other medical workflowsand records. The company currently employs more than 1,000people in Raleigh.Automotive systemsmanufacturer to expand in PittCountyGovernor Pat McCrory and N.C. CommerceSecretary Sharon Decker announced on May8 that ASMO North America, a global supplierof advanced automotive technology, systemsand components, will expand itsmanufacturing operations in Pitt County. Thecompany plans to create 200 new jobs inNorth Carolina by the end of 2016 and invest 50 million in its Greenville location. The N.C.Department of Commerce's Jason Semplewas the developer on this project."ASMO has a great presence in NorthCarolina and we're thrilled that they see thevalue in growing with us in Eastern NorthCarolina," said McCrory. "They are one of ourstrong automotive manufacturing partners andhave succeeded due to product design anddemand, as well as our business-friendlyclimate in the state."ASMO North America has had a presence inGreenville since 1995, where it currentlyemploys more than 530 people. The companymanufactures front wiper motor linkages, armand blades, and radiator fan motors there forits North American customers. ASMO NorthAmerica is a wholly-owned subsidiary ofASMO, Co. LTD which is headquartered inKosai City, Japan. The company alsooperates manufacturing facilities in Statesville,as well as in Texas, and Michigan.ASMO's expansion in Greenville will enable itto add more assembly lines and die castfile:////nccomFP13/.]%20May%2014,%202013 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

Allscripts is in the process of executing a series of newinitiatives to improve product delivery and client experience.Its Center of Excellence in Raleigh is a successful and keyR&D facility. The company is seeking to expand its workforcein Raleigh where there is ample access to a top talent poolincluding highly desirable graduates from local universities.machines to meet growth expectations. Thecompany currently maintains a #1 marketshare for these automotive parts. ASMOmanufactures and ships its products directlyto Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chrysler, GeneralMotors, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and BMW.The project was made possible in part by an award toAllscripts from the state Job Development Investment Grantprogram, as voted by the state Economic InvestmentCommittee. Receipt of the award is based on proof of jobcreation and other performance requirements. JDIGs areawarded only to new and expanding businesses and industrialprojects whose benefits exceed the costs to the state, andwhich would not be undertaken in North Carolina without thegrant.The project was made possible in part by anaward to ASMO from the state JobDevelopment Investment Grant program, asvoted by the state Economic InvestmentCommittee. Receipt of the award is based onproof of job creation and other performancerequirements. Under the terms of thecompany's JDIG award, ASMO is eligible toreceive up to 12 annual grants equal to 43percent of the state personal income taxwithholdings from the eligible new jobscreated since the date of the initial award.Receipt of each annual grant is based onstate-certified proof that the company hasfulfilled incremental job creation requirements.During the next 12 years, the JDIG awardcould yield aggregate benefits to ASMO of upto 1,255,450.Under the terms of the company's JDIG award, Allscripts iseligible to receive up to 12 annual grants equal to 41 percentof the state personal income tax withholdings from the eligiblenew jobs created since the date of the initial award. Receipt ofeach annual grant is based on state-certified proof that thecompany has fulfilled incremental job creation and capitalinvestment requirements. During the next 12 years, the JDIGaward could yield aggregate benefits to Allscripts of up to 5,353,500.Additional funds from the company's JDIG award could beadded to the state's Utility Fund for infrastructureimprovements in economically distressed counties. When aJDIG is awarded to a company whose site is located in thestate's more economically prosperous counties such as Wake,25 percent of the company's grant is allocated to the UtilityFund to encourage economic development in less prosperouscounties. For more information on the county tier designations,visit the incentive report section at partners who assisted with this announcement includeN.C. Community Colleges, Wake County, City of Raleigh andRaleigh Economic Development. Read more.Allscripts to add 350 jobs in Raleigh (Triangle BusinessJournal, May 8)In addition, up to 221,550 in additional fundsfrom the company's JDIG award could beadded to the state's Utility Fund forinfrastructure improvements in economicallydistressed counties. When a JDIG is awardedto a company whose site is located in thestate's more economically prosperouscounties such as Pitt, 15 percent of thecompany's grant is allocated to the UtilityFund to encourage economic development inless prosperous counties. For moreinformation on the county tier designations,visit: reports/county-tierdesignations.Other partners who assisted with thisannouncement include N.C. CommunityColleges, Pitt County, Pitt CountyDevelopment Commission, Pitt CountyCommittee of 100 and Greenville Utilities.Read more.Japanese manufacturer to add 200 jobs inN.C. (Triangle Business Journal, May 8)Aviation Week Conference returns to NorthCarolina to highlight manufacturingFor the second year in a row, business and operationsexecutives from the world's top aerospace firms gathered inCharlotte last week (May 7-8) for the Civil AviationManufacturing Conference, sponsored by the State of NorthCarolina. Organized by Aviation Week, the conferencereturned to the state following a strong debut last year, whichN.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker (center)meets with economic development leaders fromthe Town of Fairmontfile:////nccomFP13/.]%20May%2014,%202013 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

surpassed the media company's attendance goals. This year,more than 170 executives partipated in the event despite thefederal sequestration process that has impacted companybudgets across the sector.This year's conference once again provided detailed, contentrich sessions addressing issues facing aviation manufacturers.Expert speakers from companies such as Airbus, Boeing,Bombardier, GE Aviation, and UTC Aerospace Systemsprovided insights on topics ranging from workforcedevelopment to supply chain integration.The State of North Carolina's gold-level sponsorship of theconference was made possible by support from the CharlotteRegional Partnership, North Carolina's Eastern Region, NorthCarolina Global TransPark, and Piedmont Triad Partnership,as well as the N.C. Department of Commerce.Economic Development Aerospace Forumcoming to KinstonThe Triangle/Eastern British American Business Council ofNorth Carolina, together with the N.C. Department ofCommerce and the state's three eastern regional economicdevelopment partnerships, announced the Triangle/EasternEconomic Development Aerospace Forum will be held May 22at the Global TransPark in Kinston.N.C. Commerce Aerospace Project Manager Rod Forsythe,plus representatives from the N.C. Aerospace Alliance and thepartnerships, will speak about the aerospace and aviationindustry's continued growth in North Carolina. In addition, atour of Spirit AeroSystems and the Composite Center ofExcellence will demonstrate how both facilities are contributingto the growth and economic development of Eastern NorthCarolina. The afternoon event will be capped by a reception,during which N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker willgive a keynote address on advanced manufacturing's future inthe state, followed by a dinner. Registration is open.Decker meets with FairmontleadersN.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker metwith Mayor Charles Kemp and members ofthe Fairmont economic development team onApril 16 to discuss the potential for increasedbusiness development in the community.Fairmont's downtown has seen goodprogress, but like most small communities, itneeds more job opportunities and investmentin order to grow and prosper. The N.C.Department of Commerce's Small Town MainStreet program prepared a Business andDevelopment Plan for the Town in 2006.According to annual STMS reports providedby the Town of Fairmont, the downtownexperienced the following economicinvestment since 2007:8 building facades improved3 building renovations19 net new jobs10 net new businesses 210,000 in new investment 500,000 grant for a community centerin a renovated downtown building 46,000 for development of two pocketparksSTMS also assisted the town in applying forand receiving designation of the downtown bythe National Park Service as a NationalRegister Historic District, which provides theopportunity for federal and state historic taxcredits.N.C. Department of Commerce Director ofTourism Marketing Wit Tuttell (right) presents theCertified Retirement Community certificate toPittsboro's Town Manager Bryan Gruesbeck (left)and Commissioner Bett Wilson-Foley.Pittsboro recognized as N.C.Certified Retirement CommunityN.C. Winery Guides now availableA new N.C. Winery Guide is in print and available free ofcharge. The winery guide is funded and produced by the N.C.Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, but it willnow be distributed through the N.C. Department ofOn May 2, the N.C. Department ofCommerce's Division of Tourism, Film andSports Development presented the Town ofPittsboro with its N.C. Certified RetirementCommunity certificate in a ceremony attendedby several community leaders and businesspartners. The Town of Pittsboro met arigorous set of requirements, including acomprehensive community survey and anasset assessment of the 3 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

Commerce's Division of Tourism, Film and SportsDevelopment. The guide can be ordered online or by calling 1800-VISITNC or 1-877-3NC-WINE. Winery guide orders,whether through or by phone, are fulfilled at theDivision's Call Center, located at the N.C. Correctional Institutefor Women in Raleigh. Inmates take orders for the guides andpackage them for mailing, keeping expenses low. The CallCenter also processes orders for the Division's Official 2013N.C. Travel Guide and the N.C. Department ofTransportation's state transportation map.preparedness for retiree attraction. Pittsboro isthe latest town to be designated into the N.C.Certified Community Program along withLumberton, Asheboro, Sanford, Marion andMount Airy.The General Assembly has charged theDepartment with operating the state's CertifiedRetirement Community Program, whichrecognizes towns that are positioningthemselves for retiree attraction as aneconomic and community developmentstrategy. Once a community has completedthe certification process, the Division will helpmarket and promote the community throughWeb presence on RetireNC, e-marketing,social media, public relations, visitor servicesand research among other opportunities. Formore information about the N.C. CertifiedRetirement Community Program, contactAndré Nabors at (919) 733-7502.Crowdfunding Weekend comingto DurhamNew Latin American connections to openup for N.C. Ports usersMaersk Line is adding port calls in Panama and Costa Rica toits weekly South Atlantic Express, currently connecting thePort of Wilmington with Central America. Shippers andreceivers using Wilmington can now directly accessManzanillo, Panama and Puerto Moin, Costa Rica, in additionto Puerto Cortes, Honduras, and Santo Tomas, Guatemala, innorthern Central America.New trade lanes to South America's west coast and theCaribbean for Port of Wilmington customers are also open viatranshipments at Manzanillo, Panama. Markets in Venezuela,Colombia, Ecuador, and Trinidad and Tobago are nowaccessible through this option. Over-the-road service to ElSalvador and Nicaragua continues to be available from PuertoCortes and Santo Tomas.Crowdfunding Weekend, an event designed tohelp participants launch crowdfunding projectsover the course of an action-packed 13-hourevent, is coming to Durham for the first timeon May 25 at the American Tobacco campus.The event is run by Daniel Falabella and JeffSchwarting, adjunct faculty at Brigham YoungUniversity and creators of the firstcrowdfunding class taught there. That classraised 46,883 its first semester.Due to the success of the class, Falabella andSchwarting have condensed their curriculuminto Crowdfunding Weekend, which is open tothe public. After presenting products andforming teams, participants are guidedthrough the creation of a crowdfundingcampaign, working on videos, pictures,product pricing, marketing plans, and more.Register online.Under the expanded SAE service, the ports of Puerto Cortezand Santo Tomas will be called twice in the rotation, once forimports and a second time for exports, to maintain the currenttransit times or cargo availability. A third vessel has beenadded to the SAE service.Maersk has provided weekly service between the Port ofWilmington and Honduras and Guatemala for four years.Maersk has enjoyed increasing support from North Carolinabusiness and industry. Volumes in the first quarter of 2013show 24 percent growth over first quarter 2010.Maersk Line is the world's largest container shipping companyand has a significant regional office located in Charlotte.David Murdock at the gift announcementTwo Rockingham County existingindustries plan expansionsThe Rockingham County Partnership for Economic andTourism Development announced that two local companiesDavid H. Murdock ResearchInstitute receives 50 million giftfrom MurdockDavid Murdock, the founder and visionaryfile:////nccomFP13/.]%20May%2014,%202013 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

plan to expand.Albaad, USA plans to expand its manufacturing operation inReidsville by investing 1.3 million in new machinery andequipment by the end of 2013. The company, which located itsU.S. operation in the Reidsville Industrial Park in 2004, is aworld leader in wet wipes manufacturing. Albaad currentlyemploys 182 people in Rockingham County.Amcor Tobacco Packaging Americas Inc. also plans toexpand its Reidsville plant by investing 9.5 million inmachinery and equipment and creating 30 new jobs by theend of this year. Amcor is a worldwide leader in tobaccopackaging. Currently employing 105 people, its localmanufacturing operation is also located in the ReidsvilleIndustrial Park."Having two of our existing industries plan expansions iscertainly great news for Rockingham County. Both Albaad andAmcor have been good corporate citizens here for the lastseven to eight years, and we are happy to support theirgrowth," said Rockingham County Partnership for Economicand Tourism Development President Graham Pervier."Albaad and Amcor were our first two industries to locate inthe Reidsville Industrial Park, so I am particularly pleased tosee the continued reinvestment in their facilities. Theircontinued success in Reidsville is truly something tocelebrate," said Reidsville City Manager Michael Pearce. "Theincentive packages that were agreed on by the countycommissioners and city council this week are workingtestimony of our local governments working together to helpour industries grow."The Rockingham County Board of Commissioners and theReidsville City Council each approved local incentivepackages last week to help make both these industryexpansions possible.Small businesses give North Carolina 'B ', in partnership with the Ewing MarionKauffman Foundation, has released the second-annual SmallBusiness Friendliness Survey showing that North Carolina'sstanding among small businesses improved from 2012,although the state remains average in several categories.The Small Business Friendliness Survey isthe only survey to obtain data from an extensive, nationwidepopulation of job creators and entrepreneurs in order todetermine the most business-friendly locations. While thereare various "business climate rankings" that rate locations asgood or bad for business, there are no others that draw uponconsiderable data from small business owners themselves."In surveying thousands of small businesses across America,we found that clear and consistent regulations and relevanttraining programs were among their top priorities," Co-founder Sander Daniels. "North Carolina'simprovement in these areas underscores the efforts of stateand local officials to make North Carolina more friendly tosmall businesses."Some of the key findings for North Carolina include:North Carolina earned 'B ' grades for its overall smallbusiness friendliness and for the ease of starting abusiness in the state.The state earned a 'B-' for its tax code, and smallbehind the David H. Murdock ResearchInstitute located at the N.C. Research Campusin Kannapolis, announced a gift of 50 millionto the institute on May 8 in a standing-roomonly event held at the Washington Duke Inn &Golf Club in Durham. The gift will provideoperational support for the institute during thenext eight years.Speakers at the announcement described thegift as transformational. They included Dr.Victor J. Dzau, President and CEO, DukeUniversity Health System; Thomas W. Ross,President, University of North Carolina;Steven Lommel, PhD, Interim President,David H. Murdock Research Institute andAssistant Vice Chancellor for Research, NCState University; and Robert M. Califf, MD,Vice Chancellor for Clinical and TranslationalResearch, Duke University Medical Center."In our world, chronic diseases are rampant,and there is a great concern for gettinghealthcare products to the right people at theright time," commented Califf. "No one hassolved the problems. I can't think of betterpeople to do it with 50 million in operatingcapital."Murdock established the non-profit DHMRI tosupport the corporate and academic partnersat the NCRC. The Institute offers a broadrange of advanced technologies including a950Mhz Bruker nuclear magnetic resonance,one of the largest in the world.Both Dzau and Ross mentioned examples ofscientific breakthroughs that have resultedfrom the collaborative research at the NCRCand DHMRI including:The MURDOCK Study and DukeTranslational Medicine Institute enrollingmore than 9,000 members of theKannapolis community who havecontributed more than 300,000 biologicalsamples to scientific research.The N.C. State University Plants forHuman Health Institute developing the useof herbal oils to fight pathogens likeListeria on organic fruits and vegetables.The UNC-Chapel Hill Nutrition ResearchInstitute receiving more than 26 million ingrants to research chronic diseases likeobesity and to develop strategies forpersonalized nutrition.N.C. A&T and N.C. Central universitiescollaborating on the discovery thatcompounds in ginger can treat anemiacaused by chemotherapy and renaldisease.Appalachian State University's expertise innutrition and exercise immunology.Murdock donates 50 million to research inKannapolis (The News & Observer – Raleigh,May 8)file:////nccomFP13/.]%20May%2014,%202013 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

businesses ranked it in the bottom-third of states in termsof difficulty in understanding and filing taxes.Among major metros nationwide, Raleigh-Durham washighly rated, earning an 'A' grade overall. Charlotte andWinston-Salem were given a 'B' and 'C ', respectively.North Carolina's lowest grade (a C-) was for the ease ofhiring, particularly troubling given the state's fifth-highestunemployment rate. However, the state ranked well for itstraining and networking programs, earning a grade of 'B '.Nationally, professional licensing requirements were moreimportant to small business owners than taxes indetermining a state's overall business-friendliness,confirming the findings from last year's study.African-American and Hispanic small business ownerswere more likely than their white counterparts toencourage others to start a new business.The top ranking states overall were Utah, Alabama, NewHampshire, Idaho, and Texas. The lowest rated wereIllinois, California, Hawaii, Maine and, in last place, RhodeIsland.The full survey results include full sets of rankings, easilysearchable quotes from North Carolina small businesses,regional comparisons within states, and Census datacomparing North Carolina's key demographics against those ofother states.Year-to-date MetricsBelow are year-to-date metrics tracked by theN.C. Department of Commerce's Division ofBusiness and Industry Development thatillustrate some of the recent activities of theDivision. The metrics include the number ofnew economic development projects assignedto B&I development staff; the number ofeconomic development projectannouncements; the number of announcedjobs created and capital invested; the numberof interactions existing industry staff had withbusinesses throughout the state; and thenumber of contacts received by the BusinessLink North Carolina/Business ServiCenter.Jan. 1 - May 13, 2012New projects assigned:Projects announced:Jobs announced:Capital investmentannounced:Industry visits byexisting industry staff:Calls to Business LinkN.C.:158466,832 614M4787,946N.C. in the NewsThis Week's HighlightsWorld of Bluegrass announces festival lineupWhen the International Bluegrass Music Association's annualWorld of Bluegrass convention comes to Raleigh this fall, it willbring some serious star power to town. The IBMA announcedits headline acts for the accompanying Wide Open BluegrassFestival, happening Sept. 27-28 at downtown Raleigh's RedHat Amphitheater, with some of the genre's biggest names.Performers include a collaborative supergroup of AlisonKrauss, Del McCoury, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice, Jerry Douglasand Sam Bush; the Grammy-winning Brevard band SteepCanyon Rangers, backing up humorist/ banjoist Steve Martin;Punch Brothers; and '80s pop star Edie Brickell. The overallIBMA convention is Sept. 24-28 in Raleigh, where it begins athree-year run after eight years in Nashville. Last year's IBMAconvention drew a reported 13,600 visitors to Nashville.(919) 733-4151I-26 Connector project finds new life(Citizen-Times — Asheville, May 9)As MetLife finalizes Cary location, firmexpands in Raleigh (Triangle BusinessJournal, May 8)Honda Aircraft on target for jobs,construction as it seeks FAA approvals(The Business Journal of the GreaterTriad, May 8)What a Canadian flu vaccine means forDurham (Triangle Business Journal, May8)Nuclear storage container maker addingGreensboro jobs (The Business Journal ofthe Greater Triad, May 7)CEOs say N.C. is third-best state forbusiness (Triangle Business Journal, May7)Home care company plans to bring 50jobs to Alamance, Randolph counties(Times-News — Burlington, May 5)Dan Ackroyd returns to Wilmington(StarNews — Wilmington, May 5)Building Location:301 North Wilmington StreetRaleigh, NC 27601-1058file:////nccomFP13/.]%20May%2014,%202013 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

Business Services Community ServicesTourism Services Workforce Services Press RoomInvite a FriendMailing Address:4301 Mail Service CenterRaleigh, NC 27699-4301Unsubscribe Subscribe [email protected] SYNC archive 2013 North Carolina Department of Commerce SYNCTM is a trademark of the N.C. Department of Commerce.file:////nccomFP13/.]%20May%2014,%202013 s%20in%20Expansion.htm[12/23/2014 4:11:35 PM]

developer on this project. "Allscripts is a premier employer that understands what Raleigh, Wake County and North Carolina have to offer," said McCrory. "Its expansion is proof that the Triangle's technology hub continues to grow. We've got the qualified talent, strong business climate, and at