Small Business Coaching Program Guidelines and ApplicationCITY OF CAMBRIDGECOMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENTSmall Business Coaching ProgramGUIDELINES AND APPLICATIONThe City of Cambridge will offer the Cambridge Small Business Coaching Program to Cambridge small servicesand/or retailers who are eligible using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG/HUD) criteria.Program Guidelines and HUD Eligibility Requirements for Small Business OwnersThe Small Business Coaching Program entails two steps: Step I – Decide what type assistance expertise you need: marketing, architecture/ interior design, legalassistance, financial planning, commercial insurance or restaurant operations/management. Check youreligibility. Complete an application. Send your business certificate and application to Bonnie-May Shantz,[email protected] Step II – Once your application is received, reviewed and approved, you will be emailed or called to set-upa time for up to 2 hours of coaching over the phone or via online video call. Coaching can be two, one-hoursessions, or split up in other ways that work best for you and the consultant’s schedules.Small Business Coaching is a first come, first serve program. A business can only work with one type ofcoaching consultant during the fiscal year.EligibilityApplicants can meet the HUD Eligibility requirements in one of two ways:1. Applicant’s business is INSIDE the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS) areas (see NRS map onpage 2):Applicant automatically meets eligible requirements if one of the following applies: Applicant is a small business retailer, whose retail, home-based, creative for-profit, or restaurant orstore-front service establishment is located in one of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas(NRS) of the City of CambridgeOR Applicant is the owner of a business located outside the NRS but in the City of Cambridge and lives inone of the NRS areasJuly 2020 – June 2021City of Cambridge, MA1

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Small Business Coaching Program Guidelines and ApplicationSmall Business Coaching Program ApplicationThe City of Cambridge funds the Small Business Coaching Program with Community Development Block Grantfunding from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). HUD requires that we obtain thefollowing information from all applicants to the Program. This information is used by the City to determine theeligibility of the applicant under HUD guidelines and is not shared with an outside party.You must be HUD-Eligible in order to participate in in the Small Business Coaching Program. The informationyou provide on this application is kept in strict confidence. Please complete all applicable spaces on thisdocument and be sure to sign and date it on the last page.SECTION A:Please printBUSINESS NAME:BUSINESS ADDRESS:BUSINESS PHONE:BUSINESS EMAIL:OWNER/MANAGER NAME(S):HOME ADDRESS(ES):DUNS #:SECTION B:1. Is your business establishment located in one of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas (NRS)(within the shaded areas of the attached map of the City of Cambridge)?Check one— YES NOOR2. Is the business owner’s residence located in one of the NRS areas and your business located in anotherpart of Cambridge?Check one— YES NOIf you answered YES to either question 1 or 2, please skip to Question 6.If you answered NO, please continue completing the document.July 2020 – June 2021City of Cambridge, MA3

Small Business Coaching Program Guidelines and Application3. Is your business a micro-enterprise? Please check the line that indicates the total number of people yourcompany employs:A. Five employees or less, including the owner (micro-enterprise)B. More than five employees, including the owner4. What is the total number of members in your family*?:Definition of Family: All related, immediate family members living in the same household.e.g.: husband, wife, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.5. Please check the box for the category in which the combined gross annual income of your family falls.(Include all sources of family income, as defined above):# OF MEMBERS IN mber7-member8-memberVER Y LOW-INCOMEup to 44,800up to 51,200up to 57,600up to 63,950up to 69,100up to 74,200up to 79,300up to 84,450LOW-MODERATE INCOME 44,801 - 67,400 51,201 - 77,000 57,601 - 86,650 63,951 - 96,250 69,101 - 103,950 74,201 - 111,650 79,301 - 119,350 84,451 - 127,050If your family income does not fall within these ranges, please skip to the end and sign and date this document.If it does, please continue and complete the entire document.6. ETHNICITY: Check only the one that applies to you:Hispanic or LatinoNot Hispanic or Latino7. GENDER and RACE: Check one or more that apply to you:American Indian or Alaska NativeAsianBlack or African AmericanWhiteNative Hawaiian or other Pacific IslanderAsian and WhiteBlack or African American and WhiteAmerican Indian or Alaska Native andWhiteAmerican Indian or Alaska Nativeand Black or African AmericanOther multi-racialMaleFemaleOtherJuly 2020 – June 2021City of Cambridge, MA4

Small Business Coaching Program Guidelines and Application8. Business Structure: corporation sole proprietorship partnershiplimited liability company9. EMPLOYEESPlease give the current number of employees you currently have in Cambridge (including the owner):Full timePart time10. FOOD TRUCKS (Please skip to Section B if you are not food truck business)Does your food truck spend over 50 percent of every week in Cambridge?YESNOSECTION C:Declarations – Please provide details below on any question with a YES response.1. Does the applicant or co-applicant owe any property taxes to the City of Cambridge?YESNO2. Is the applicant or co-applicant one or more of following:Involved in a political campaignYESNOA candidate or public official or foreign political officialYESNOAn immediate family member of a political officialYESNOA business entity formed by or for the benefit of any public officialYESNOA member of a local board or committeeYESNODoes your business sell cannabis, cannabis products or use yourYESNOproperty for the manufacturing, storing of cannabis?If yes to any of the above questions, please provide details here:July 2020 – June 2021City of Cambridge, MA5

Small Business Coaching Program Guidelines and ApplicationSECTION D:1. Business description: (brief description about what you do and the value you provide to your customers):2. What’s been keeping you up at night?3. If you could get assistance on one issue for your business, what would it be?4. If you could fix one thing about your business, what would it be?5. This year we have consultants in the fields of:Interior Design / Merchandising / ArchitectureLegal ConsultationCommercial InsuranceMarketing – Social Media, Digital and TraditionalFinancial PlanningRestaurant / Food Service – including menu design and operationsPlease rank your first two (#1 and #2) choices from the list above. EDD staff will work with theconsultants and your schedule appointments as soon as possible. You will only be scheduled with oneconsultant.6. I would like the consultant to focus on the following:July 2020 – June 2021City of Cambridge, MA6

Small Business Coaching Program Guidelines and ApplicationAdditional OpportunitiesAre you interested in the Small Business Enhancement Program?Are you interested in the Storefront Improvement Program?Are you interested in the Retail Interior Accessibility Program?Are you interested in being a part of Diversity Directory?YESYESYESYESNONONONOBusiness CertificateI have attached my business certificatePLEASE SIGN AND DATEI certify that the information I have provided on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.I understand that the information provided in Section B of this form is subject to verification by HUD.I understand that someone will contact me for a follow up survey after I have completed the program.Print Company NameOwner(s’) Signature DatePrint Owner Name(s)Please provide a copy of your business certificate from the City of Cambridgewith this application.Application Deadline: May 15, 2021This Program is first come, first served.July 2020 – June 2021City of Cambridge, MA7

a time for up to 2 hours of coaching over the phone or via online video call. Coaching can be two, one-hour sessions, or split up in other ways that work best for you and the consultant’s schedules. Small Business Coaching is a first come, first serve program. A business can only work with one type of