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IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSwall outlet. To disconnect, turn any control to “off” thenremove plug from wall outlet.12. Do not use appliance for other than intended use.13. Use extreme caution when disposing hot steam.14. For household use only.When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautionsshould always be followed, including the following:1. Read all instructions.2. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.3. To protect against fire, electric shock and personal injury,do not immerse cord, plugs or appliance in water orother liquids.4. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance isused by or near children.5. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning.Allow it to cool before putting on or taking off parts, andbefore cleaning the appliance.6. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord orplug or after the appliance malfunctions, or has beendamaged in any manner. Return appliance to the nearestauthorized service facility for examination, repair oradjustment.7. The use of accessory attachments not recommended bythe appliance manufacturer may result in fire, electricshock, or personal injury.8. Do not use outdoors.9. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table orcounter, or touch hot surfaces.10. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or ina heated oven.11. Always attach plug to appliance first, then plug cord intoSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSSPECIAL CORD SETINSTRUCTIONSRegarding your cord set:A. A short power-supply cord (or detachable power-supplycord) is to be provided to reduce risks resulting frombecoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord.B. Longer detachable power-supply or extension cords areavailable and may be used if care is exercised in their use.C. If a long detachable power-supply cord or extension cordis used,1) The marked electrical rating of the detachable powersupply cord or extension cord should be at least asgreat as the electrical rating of the appliance,2) If the appliance is of the grounded type, the extensioncord should be a rounding type 3-wire cord, and3) The longer cord should be arranged so that it will notdrape over the counter-top or table-top where it can bepulled on by children or tripped over.2.

Notice: This machine has a 3-prong grounded plug.To reduce the risk of electrical shock, this plug will fit in anoutlet only one way. If the plug does not fit in the outlet,contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT modify the plug inany way.JURA-CAPRESSOJura was founded in 1931 in Switzerland. Capresso wasfounded in 1994 in the USA. Both companies have joinedforces in the US to bring you the finest Fully AutomaticCoffee Centers available anywhere. With innovative anduser-friendly features, high quality materials, clear instructions and superb customer service, we are sure you willexperience the best coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latteyou have ever had. We hope you will enjoy your new FullyAutomatic Coffee Center and will recommend it to yourfriends. For more information about our products visit ourwebsite appliance is for household use. Any servicing other thancleaning and user maintenance should be performed by anauthorized service representative. Do not immerse base in water or try to disassemble. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not removethe base. No user serviceable parts inside. Repair shouldbe done by authorized service personnel only. Check voltage to be sure that the voltage indicated on thename plate agrees with your voltage. Never use warm or hot water to fill the water container!Use cold water only! Keep your hands and the cord away from hot parts of theappliance during operation. Never clean with scouring powders or hard implements.Customer Service1-800-220-5701Mon-Thu 9AM – 9PM Fri 9AM – 8PM Sat 9AM – 5PMEastern Standard [email protected] Ruckman Road, Closter, NJ 07624201-767-3999 Fax: 201-767-9684Website: www.capresso.com3.

Fig. Coffee SpoutLeft Button Cluster and Rotary Dial (See Fig. 3)Removable Water TankLow Water Flotation Device (See Fig. 7.4)Clearyl Water Care Cartridge*Lid for Water TankGround Coffee FunnelLid for Ground Coffee FunnelLid for Bean ContainerBean Container / fineness selector (See Fig. 5 and 6)Right Button Cluster (See Fig. 4)Auto-Cappuccino System with frothXpress andMilk ContainerStainless Steel Cup PlatformRemovable DrawerMeasuring ScoopTwo Cleaning Tablets (white)Water Hardness Indicator StripClearyl Water Cartridge (unpacked)14Fig. 2119. Used Coffee Container20. TrayFig. 1aMain Power Switchlocated in backnext to power cord13. Cup Platform14. Drawer15161718* Attention: The Water Filter Cartridge should be in a pouch.4.If your machine comes with the cartridge installed, it is not a new machine!Call customer service 1-800-220-5701.

1READY7Fig. 31. On / Off Button62. Rinse Button52One TouchCappuccino Button3. Ground Coffee ButtonMilk Button4. On/Off Illumination45. Coffee ButtonHot Water Button6. Espresso Button37. Display88. Rotary Dial with Push ButtonFig. 3Fig. 4GrindFineness SelectorFig. 5Fig. 64Fig. 75.Fig. 8Fig. 9

frothXpress Systemventing tipchromeface plateFrothing rangeDIALSteam onlyno siphoningSteaming rangeFig. 10Fig. 11Fig. 12Fig. 13Black less steel rodFig. 14Fig. waterandsteam/milknozzleFig. 16

Siphoningwithflexiblehosehot water/steamnozzleFig. 17Fig. 20Fig. 18Fig. 21Fig. 19Fig. 227.Fig. 23

TABLE OF CONTENTSPAGEImportant Safeguards / Jura Capresso . 29a.PAGEPre-warm Cups . 14Drawings .4-79b.Brewing Coffee and Espresso . 151.Product Warranty Registration. 109c.Overriding Strength and Cup Size During Brewing . 152.Operating Instructions / Quick Reference Guide . 109d.Using Pre-Ground Coffee . 153.Welcome to the Impressa C9 One Touch . 1010.Auto Cappuccino System. 163a.Bean-to-cup, “Crema Coffee” andPressure Brewing . 1010a. Preparing the Thermal Milk Container. 163b.Different Coffee Drinks. 113c.Coffee Facts. 1110c. Preparing One-Touch Cappuccino,Cafe Mocha and Latte . 174.Please Do / Please Don’t . 1110d. Preparing Latte Macchiato . 175.Factory Settings / Options. 1210e. Preparing Hot Milk / Hot Chocolate . 186.Preparing the Machine for the First Time . 1210f. Overriding the Cappuccino and Milk Settings . 186a.Filling the Water Tank. 1310g. Cappuccino Rinsing. 186b.Filling the Bean Container . 1310h. Using Hot Water. 186c.Turning the Machine On for the First Time . 1311.Visual Programming of Beverage Portions . 197.Adjusting the Grinder . 1312.Water Care . 198.Daily Preparation. 1412a.Water Hardness Monitor . 198a.Turning the Machine Off / Rinsing . 1412b.Changing the Water Hardness Monitor . 209.Coffee Preparation . 1413.Clearyl Water Filter Cartridge. 2010b. The Froth XPress System . 168.

TABLE OF CONTENTSContinued13a.PAGEInstalling & Activating the Clearyl Cartridge . 2016.PAGEAutomatic Cleaning Cycles . 2713b.Automatic Clearyl Replacement. 2116.1Cleaning with Special Tablet . 2713c.Manual Clearyl Replacement . 2116.2Manual Tablet Cleaning . 2713d.Do Not Let the Clearyl Filter Dry Out!. 2117.Decalcifying. 2814.Programming . 2217.1Decalcifying Procedure . 2814.1Re-Programming Beverage Buttons . 2217.2Manual Decalcifying. 2914.2Restoring Factory Settings for Beverage Buttons . 2318.Tips For Better Coffee . 2914.3Energy Saving Mode . 2319.Error Messages / Troubleshooting. 2914.4Setting The Actual Time. 2320.Supplies. 3014.5Auto-On. 2421.Limited Two-Year Warranty. 3114.6Auto-Off. 2422.Free Repair Service / Extra Repair Coverage . 3114.7Information . 2414.8Display Settings . 2414.9Languages. 2415.Care and Maintenance Messages . 2415.1Manual Maintenance Cycles . 2515.2Cappuccino Cleaning . 2615.3General Cleaning Instructions . 2615.4Emptying the System before Transport. 27Jura-Capresso Inc.81 Ruckman Road, Closter, NJ 07624201-767-3999 Fax: 201-767-9684Customer Service: 1-800-220-5701Email: [email protected] Website: www.capresso.com9.

1. PRODUCT WARRANTY REGISTRATIONRemove the Product Registration from the Welcome Pack, fill itout and mail or fax it to us within two weeks or register yourproduct online through our website: This registration is part of your warranty (chapter 21).If your retailer sent the product registration to Jura-Capresso whenyou purchased the machine, it is not necessary to register again.2. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSQUICK REFERENCE GUIDE / DVDThank you for choosing this Jura-Capresso product.Important: Do not try to set-up the Impressa C9 One Touchwithout following the set-up steps in chapter 6. Or use theQuick Reference Guide. Take time to study this instruction manual. It covers manyfeatures of the C9 OT and provides helpful hints and willenhance your enjoyment with coffee beverages. We highly recommend viewing the enclosed DVD.3. WELCOME TO THE IMPRESSA C9 One TouchThis fully automatic coffee/espresso/cappuccino center iscompletely programmable and extremely user friendly. The C9OT prepares a cup of cappuccino or latte at a push of a buttonwithout moving your cup, brews one or two cups of cremacoffee or espressos at a time, produces unlimited amounts ofhot frothed and hot steamed milk and delivers up to 15 oz. hotwater – all with a push of a button. The new stainless steelThermoblock heating systems switches from brewing coffee tofrothing milk within a few seconds. The two-step pressure brewingsystem well known in commercial applications - was adaptedand refined by Jura coffee specialists and is the trademark ofeach Jura-Capresso coffee center. This two step brewing systemensures optimal coffee extraction and will finish every cup with arich layer of "crema" - proof of perfectly pressure brewed coffee.The adjustable, commercial conical burr grinder grinds beans tothe desired fineness (6 settings). Use pre-ground coffee with theseparate funnel. Program a specific amount of frothed/steamedmilk and coffee and the C9 OT will always deliver your preferredsize cappuccino without moving the cup. A separate hot watersetting prepares a cup of tea or any other hot beverage inseconds. With two pre-set coffee buttons, two pre-set milkbeverage buttons, and the easy-to-use Rotary Dial you canprepare thousands of different coffee beverages with the pushof a button. Override or re-program your favorite coffee drinks.The C9 OT automatically reminds you when to refill water, clean,change filter or DE-SCALE. The "Information" section lets youknow how many coffees you prepared with the different coffeebuttons. With its piano black front, stainless steel and chromeaccents the C9 OT will compliment any kitchen setting. Enjoyyour Impressa C9 One Touch!3a. BEAN-TO-CUP / “CREMA COFFEE" /HIGH PRESSURE BREWINGAccording to the majority of coffee experts, grinding the beansjust before brewing, tamping and brewing under high pressure isthe ideal extracting process for maximum flavor and strength.The C9 OT automatic coffee center will always produce espressoand coffee with a thick, foamy layer called "crema." The crematraps the fine aromatics and the light gaseous flavors that registeron the palate. The high pressure and the short brewing time10.

prevent the extraction of bitter oils and release less caffeine thanany other brewing method. You will always make the absolutefreshest and most aromatic cup of coffee. This is the reason whymany European restaurants and hotels serve only fresh pressurebrewed coffee. Experiment with your C9 OT and prepare thebest and most enjoyable cup of coffee!coffees and instant coffees. Espresso is not a bean! It's the way the coffee is roasted andprepared. Typical US espresso roasts result in darker beans withan oily surface. European espresso roasts are medium brownwith no or very little oils on the surface.3b. DIFFERENT COFFEE DRINKSHere are some guidelines for the most popular coffee drinks: Ristretto: 1/2 to 1 oz. of coffee. Sweeten to taste. Espresso: 1 to 2 oz. coffee. Sweeten to taste. Double Shot: 3 to 4 oz. of coffee. Sweeten to taste. Crema Coffee: 5 to 8 oz. of coffee. Cappuccino: 3 to 4 oz. of hot frothed milk plus espresso. Latte: 3 to 5 oz. steamed milk with little or no froth plusespresso. Café Mocha: Use chocolate milk then proceed as in makingcappuccino or latte.Experiment with the size of your milk based drinks. For strongercoffee taste add more coffee, for more milk taste add morefrothed/steamed milk.4. PLEASE, DO. Fill water tank daily with fresh, cold water. Before filling the bean container, remove any foreign particles(small stones) from coffee beans. Let frozen beans thaw for 3 to 4 hours before pouring theminto the bean container.Important: If you pull out the drawer (Fig. 20) at any time youmust empty the used coffee container and the drawer. If youdon't, the used coffee container will overflow inside the machineand can cause serious damage to the internal mechanism.3c. COFFEE FACTS Caffeine is tasteless. A "strong" coffee or espresso is mostlythe result of the amount of coffee in relation to the amount ofwater. The longer a bean is roasted, the less caffeine it has.The shorter the brewing time the less caffeine in your cup. Arabica and Robusta are two genetically different kinds ofbeans. "Arabica" beans have more flavor and a little less caffeinethan "Robusta" beans which are mostly used in lower pricedAll Display Messages Are Shown in REDPLEASE, DON’T. (or you void your warranty protection): Never pull out the drawer during the brewing process. Onlypull the drawer when the display instructs you or when thedisplay shows READY. Never fill instant coffee into the bean container or ground coffeefunnel; it will damage the brewing chamber. Never fill sugar coated coffee beans into the bean container. Never fill frozen beans into the bean container. Do not keepbeans in the freezer. Store them in a dark, airtight container. Never fill anything other than coffee beans into the beancontainer (no chocolate, rice, nuts, spices, etc.).11.

Never fill anything but fresh, cold clean water into the watercontainer, except when decalcifying (chapter 17.1). Never use mineral or carbonated water. You can use tapwater, bottled water, spring water, distilled water and reverseosmosis water. Never repair or open the machine yourself. All repairs shouldbe performed only by an authorized service center. Do not place the machine on a surface which is sensitive tohot or cold water and steam. Never place the machine on anuneven surface.5. FACTORY SETTINGS / OPTIONSThe IMPRESSA C9 One Touch can be set up in many differentways. Beverages, on/off settings, temperature, water treatmentand display information can be programmed to your personalpreferences. Beverage buttons can be customized with regardsto volume (cup size), coffee strength (STRENGTH), temperature,and duration of milk steaming/frothing.Volume (WATER): The Coffee buttons can be programmed to brew between 0.5and 8 oz. of coffee per cup.Note: pushing the Espresso and Coffee buttons twice within twoseconds brews a “double” cup (up to 16 oz.). The Hot Water Button can be programmed to dispense up to15 oz. of hot water.Coffee strength (STRENGTH): All Coffee buttons can be set to three strength settings MILD,NORMAL, STRONG. In MILD the conical burrs grind for approx.5 seconds, in STRONG, the grinding takes about 9 seconds.When brewing double cups the C9 OT will always grind STRONG.Temperature: All coffee buttons can be set to NORMAL or HIGH. The Hot Water function is set to HIGH. Steaming for frothing can be set from 3 to 120 seconds.Factory Settings for Beverage Buttons: All coffee buttons are set to temperature HIGH. Espresso button (Fig. 3.6)1.5 oz./ STRONG. Coffee button (Fig. 3.5) 5 oz. per cup / NORMAL. Cappuccino; one-touch button (Fig. 4) 14 seconds milk,2 oz. coffee / NORMAL. Milk portion button (Fig. 4) 30 seconds milk, Water portion button (Fig. 4) 6 oz.;Other Factory Settings: 2-hour auto shut-off. Water hardness setting: 10ºdH. Filter: FILTER - (Clearyl Water Care Cartridge: not installed) Language: English. Display: AM/PM and OZ. Energy Save: off Time: not set Auto on: not set6. PREPARING THE MACHINE FOR THE FIRST TIME Make sure all accessories, literature and any other items areremoved from the bean container and the water tank. DO NOT install the Clearyl water filter now (chapter 13a). Make sure the machine sits on an even, flat surface and thedrawer and used coffee container are inserted (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). Plug in machine.12.

6a. FILLING THE WATER TANKPlease note: Only use fresh, cold water. Never fill water tankwith carbonated water, milk or any other liquid. Remove the water tank, rinse and fill with fresh, cold water. Replace water tank and make sure that it engages securely.Alternatively, you can also pour the beans into an open bowl andlet them sit for about 5 hours. The oils will evaporate (this willnot change the taste of your coffee). Then fill the beans into thebean grinder. Now beans will feed into the burrs more easily.6b. FILLING THE BEAN CONTAINERPlease note: To ensure that the conical burr grinder continues tofunction properly, please avoid using any kind of coated orflavored beans (all coating and flavors contain sugar or sugarsubstances). Such coating can damage the burrs. Using suchbeans voids the warranty. Have your coffee store grind the sugarcoated beans and use as described in chapter 9d.Flavored Coffee: If you like flavored coffees we recommendadding flavors to your coffee after brewing. This way you canuse your regular coffee beans in the bean container. Adding theflavors after brewing lets you control the flavor intensity muchbetter than with pre-flavored coffee. Your local coffee storetypically carries a variety of liquid flavors. Open the lid for the bean container and remove the AromaProtection Lid. Make sure the bean container is empty and clean. Fill beansinto the bean container (Fig. 5).Frozen Beans: Thaw 3 to 4 hours before adding to beancontainer. This prevents moisture from seeping into the grinder.Oily Beans: Beans with an oily surface tend to stick together.This may prevent a continuous flow of beans from the beancontainer into the burrs. As a result the grinder does not grindenough coffee and you might get weak or no coffee at all.Stir the beans in the bean container just before grinding.6c. TURNING THE MACHINE ON FOR THE FIRST TIME Make sure bean container and water tank are filled. Press the Main Power Switch in the back of the machine (Fig. 1a)A red light in the left round button cluster illuminates (Fig. 3.4). Push the On/Off button (Fig . 3.1). The display shows PRESSRINSE and the Rinse button (Fig. 3.2) illuminates. Place a cup underneath the Auto Cappuccino System(Fig. 17) and push the Rinse button (Fig. 3.2). SYSTEM FILLING.The machine dispenses a small amount of water. HEATINGthen PRESS RINSE. Place cup underneath the dual coffee spout (Fig. 17) and pressthe Rinse button (Fig. 3.2). RINSING. The machine dispensesa small amount of water. READY.Please note: You can only make coffee when the display readsREADY. Place a cup under the coffee spout and push one of the coffeebuttons. The machine will grind and brew coffee. If the displayshows FILL BEANS push one of the coffee buttons again. Discard the first two cups of coffee.You are now ready to brew coffee.7. ADJUSTING THE GRINDERIMPORTANT: The grinde can only be adjusted while the grinderis actually grinding.Adjust the grinder to the roast of your coffee.13.

Light roast: use a finer adjustment (smaller dots).Dark roast: use a coarser adjustment (larger dots).Open the cover of the bean container (Fig. 1.9).To adjust fineness, turn the grinding wheel during grinding tothe desired position (Fig. 6).Only the Dual Coffee spouts were used: The C9 OT displaysRINSING. For a few seconds hot water will be dispensedthrough the Dual Coffee Spouts. The C9 OT turns off (displayoff, red light in left button cluster is on).ATTENTION: Oily beans tend to stick together. Stir beans justbefore grinding to ensure a proper flow of beans into the burrs.Please note: If coffee does not flow through the Dual CoffeeSpouts in a constant stream, turn the wheel to a coarser setting.8. DAILY PREPARATIONFill the water container every morning with fresh, cold water. Thiswill enhance the taste of your coffee. Make sure the Main Power Switch is on (Fig. 1b). In this casethe left button cluster is illuminated. Push the On/Off button (Fig. 3.2). The display shows HEATING.After approx. 2 minutes the display shows PRESS RINSE andthe Rinse button illuminates. Push the Rinse Button (Fig. 2,E). Hot water will warm up allinternal parts and pump through the coffee spouts RINSING.The water will be caught in the drawer underneath. The rinsecycle stops by itself and the display reads READY. You arenow ready to make coffee.8a. TURNING THE MACHINE OFF / RINSINGAlways place cups under the Dual Coffee Spouts and the AutoCappuccino System (Fig. 17). When turning the C9 OT off, thespouts that were used (coffee and/or milk) will be rinsed.The Auto Cappuccino Spouts and the Dual Coffee Spoutswere used: If the “Cappuccino Rinsing” cycle was not used(chapter 10g) the C9 OT will first prompt C CLEANING (for"Cappuccino" Cleaning) and the Rinse button illuminates(chapter 15.2). If the Rinse button is not pushed within the nextten seconds, the display shows RINSING and the Dual CoffeeSpouts are rinsed. Then the display shows RINSE RIGHT andthe Rinse button illuminates. Push the Rinse button. The C9 OT will dispense hot waterthrough the coffee spout of the Cappuccino system,CAPPUCCINO RINSING. The C9 OT turns off (display off,red light in left button cluster is on).9. COFFEE PREPARATION9a. PRE-WARM CUPSREADYIn the morning pre-warm your cups with hot water feature. Coldcups reduce the coffee temperature by 5ºF to 10ºF. Place your cup under the Auto Cappuccino system and pushthe Hot Water button (Fig. 4) WATER. Push the Hot Water button again to stop and discard thewater READY.14.

9b. BREWING COFFEE AND ESPRESSOThe machine has two pre-set coffee buttons, ESPRESSO(Fig. 3.6) and COFFEE (Fig. 3.5). Both buttons are pre-set forcoffee strength, coffee volume and temperature (chapter 5).Brewing one cup: Place one cup underneath the Dual Coffee Spouts and pushthe desired button. The machine will grind, tamp and thenbrew the coffee. It uses a 2-step brewing process (pre-brewphase), pauses for a few seconds, and then starts the brewingprocess. The display shows the name of the button youpushed, e.g. 1 ESPRESSO and the selected coffee strength,e.g. STRONG. The C9 OT will stop automatically and discardthe used coffee grounds internally. When the display showsREADY, you can brew the next cup of coffee.Brewing two cups: Place two cups underneath the Dual Coffee Spouts and pushthe desired button twice. The display shows e.g. 2 COFFEES.The C9 OT will brew twice the programmed amount of coffee(e.g. 2 x 5 oz.) and then stop automatically and discard theused coffee grounds internally. READY.Please note: When brewing two cups the C9 OT will alwaysgrind the maximum amount of coffee (setting STRONG).Important: After the brewing stops, the machine will discard theused coffee grounds. Please do not try to pull out the drawer(Fig. 20) during this operation. It can seriously damage themachine.There is no need to pull out the drawer until the displayshows the message EMPTY TRAY or EMPTY GROUNDS.Please note: You can always stop the brewing process bypressing any of the coffee buttons.9c. OVERRIDING STRENGTH AND CUP SIZE DURINGBREWINGThe coffee strengths for one-cup settings can be changedbefore or during grinding.The coffee volume can be changed during brewing. Thisfeature will not change the factory setting.Example:Brew a 4 OZ cup of coffee, STRONGREADY Open the cover for the Rotary Dial and turn the Rotary Dial(Fig. 3.8) until the display shows STRONG. Push the Coffee Button (Fig. 3.5). When the coffee starts brewing, turn Rotary Dial until thedisplay shows, 4.0 OZ. The C9 OT will brew 4.0 oz of coffee.If you use the same coffee button again and do not use theRotary Dial, the C9 OT will brew a cup according to theprogrammed settings for this button.For re-programming see chapter 11 (cup sizes) and chapter14.1 for cup sizes, temperature and strength.9d. USING PRE-GROUND COFFEEYou can also use pre-ground coffee, bypassing the grinder.This is convenient if someone requests decaf coffee, decafcappuccino or flavored coffee.Please note: Never fill the funnel with instant coffee. Do not fillthe funnel with more than two scoops. The funnel is not a storagecontainer. If coffee is ground too fine the brewing process maybe stopped.READY.15.

Push the Ground Coffee button (Fig. 3.3) FILL PRE-GROUND/ READY. Fill 1 or 2 level measuring scoops of ground coffee into theopening for ground coffee (Fig. 1.7) and close the lid (Fig. 1.8). Now push one of the coffee buttons to brew your coffee, e.g.1 COFFEE, then briefly PRE-GROUND. The pre-groundcoffee is tamped and brewed, then READY.Please note: If the Ground Coffee button (Fig. 3.3) is pressed bymistake just press one of the coffee buttons, NOT ENOUGHPRE-GROUND. The machine will automatically stop and returnto READY.Please note: After use of sugar coated or flavored coffeethrough the pre-ground coffee funnel you may experience someflavor transfer when switching back to your regular coffee.10. AUTO CAPPUCCINO SYSTEMThe C9 OT features the Auto Cappuccino System with two spoutslocated one in front of the other (Fig. 16) The front spout producessteam (steam nozzle). The rear spout produces high pressurebrewed coffee. Attached to the steam nozzle is the removablefrothXpress system (Fig. 13). It siphons, steams and froths milk.The C9 OT Cappuccino System prepares a variety of milk baseddrinks without ever moving the cup: Cappuccino, Latte, CaféMocha, Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate.10a. PREPARING THE THERMAL MILK CONTAINERThe C9 OT comes with a 14 oz. double-walled vacuum stainlesssteel container. This custom-made milk container can keep coldmilk cold for up to eight hours. There is no need to worry aboutthe milk getting warm during the day.The milk container comes complete with: lid and attachedstainless steel hose two short flexible hoses one long flexiblehose spare black and transparent fittings (Fig. 14 and 15).The two short hoses have a connecting piece on each end. Unscrew the milk container lid. A stainless steel hose isattached to the inside of the container. A small transparentfitting holds the hose in place (a spare fitting is included). Rinse the milk container with fresh water before first use andfill with fresh cold milk. Close the container. Insert one end of the short flexible hose into the lid opening. Remove the red cap from the side of the frothXpress andinsert the other end of the short flexible hose (Fig. 16).You are ready to steam/froth milk.Storing the milk container: always remove the outside flexiblehose and unscrew the lid before storing the milk container in therefrigerator.Important: The milk container is not dishwasher safe. Do notimmerse the milk container in any liquid.Using the long flexible hose: To siphon milk directly from a milkcarton or any

JURA-CAPRESSO Jura was founded in 1931 in Switzerland. Capresso was founded in 1994 in the USA. Both companies have joined forces in the US to bring you the finest Fully Automatic Coffee Centers available anywhere. With innovative and user-friendly features, high quality materials, clear i