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FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATIONWEB GIS FOR JOURNALISTS MMC 4936 FALL 2014Mondays & Wednesdays, 3pm-5pmRoom 210 AC1Instructor: Susan JacobsonEmail: [email protected]: AC2 317BOffice Hours: Fridays, 2-3pmInstructor: Jennfier FuEmail: [email protected]: Boyuan GuanEmail: [email protected] DESCRIPTIONMMC 4936: Web GIS is a special topics course designed to give students a solid foundation inWeb publishing and Web GIS. By the end of the semester, students will: Learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3.Learn the basics of JavaScript and JQueryProduce a new layout for the Zen Garden project.Participate in a crowdsourced project on King Tide Day.Produce an interactive photo slideshow with HTML5/CSS3.Participate in a mobile-social reporting project on Election Day.Produce a multimedia map story with HTML5/CSS3.Learn how to give and receive constructive criticism.REQUIRED TEXTS AND MATERIALSALL STUDENTS must have the following by the second week of class: Signed a Release and Assumption of Risk formJoined the class blog - http://fiuwebgis.wordpress.comCreated an account on Code Academy ( RequirementsAll equipment that students will need for class assignments may be checked out through theEquipment Room, once you have signed a Release and Assumption of Risk form (we will dothis in class).1

Helpful Links Class Blog The instructors will publish important information about the course, courseassignments and helpful resources.SJMC Equipment Room and Software tPageEssential resource for all equipment room related questions, as well as questionsabout and access to software, manuals, equipment, etc.CodeAcademyhttp://www.codeacademy.comZen // UI Academy – 200 pointsStudents must create an account on Code Academy ( Eachweek students will have assigned homework on Code Academy. Each homework assignmentis worth 10 points. A few of the unassigned Code Academy tutorials will be available for ExtraCredit at 5 points each. For a schedule of each assignment, refer to the class blog a/Zen Garden Layout – 100 pointsStudents will use HTML5 and CSS3 to design a simplified version of the Zen Garden. Forreference, the Zen Garden site: Students must link this workto the class blog.King Tide Day Crowdsourcing Project – 50 pointsStudents will participate in a crowdsourced reporting project on some aspect of climatechange or sea level rise during the week of October 6. See the class blog for ways toparticipate. DUE Monday, October 13Interactive Photo Slideshow – 100 pointsThe Interactive Photo Story will consist of a series of 5-12 photographs, with captions, thatthe user navigates by pressing buttons. Students must hand-code the HTML5 and CSS3formatting for this project. The photos should tell a story. Students must publish their WebStory online and link it to the class blog. Students must submit a Project Brief and a source listto the instructor.Election Day Project – 50 pointsStudents will use their cell phones to report on Election Day activities on Tuesday, November4. See the class blog for ways to participate. DUE Wednesday, November 5.2

King Tide Day Map Project – 100 pointsStudents will first sketch a design for a map featuring the King Tide Day data, and then createa map interface to the data using ArcGIS. DUE Wednesday, November 12.Multimedia Package – 150 pointsStudents will create a multimedia story consisting of (at least) 800 words and at least threeother multimedia components, including photos, photo slideshows, video, audio slideshows,infographics and other graphic elements. You must hand in a Project Brief, a completedscript, and a source list with your package. Students must hand-code the HTML5 and CSS3 forthis project. Students must publish their Web Story online and link it to the class blog. DUEFriday, December 12.Participation – 100 pointsParticipation includes regular attendance, on-time arrival to class and participation in classdiscussions. This includes posting required material to the class blog and your blog in atimely manner. Things that count against participation include: arriving late, missingdeadlines and using cell phones in the classroom.MAXIMUM POINTS POSSIBLE – 850Final Grade ScaleAll grading will be done on a point system, with a letter grade assigned at the end of the termbased on points earned from a total of 850 points. Grades of Incomplete will be given only foracceptable written medical reasons. You can calculate your final score as follows:94% and higher or 799 points and higher: A90-93% or 765-798 points:A87-89% or 739-764 points:B 84-86% or 714-738 points:B80-83% or 680-713 points:B77-79% or 654-679 points:C 70-76% or 595-653 points:C65-69% or 552-594 points:DBelow 65% or below 551 points:FCOURSE POLICIESAttendance - Both your physical presence in class and your class participation are essential.You will be expected to attend every class with the assigned work completed, and tocontribute meaningfully to class discussion. One (1) unexcused absence will be allowedduring the semester. You may fail this course with more than one unexcused absence.Excused absences will only be granted with documentation for situations such as sickness,injury, family emergency and religious holidays.Deadlines - Successfully meeting deadlines is an essential part of being a professional mediaproducer. Therefore, late work will only be accepted in the case of a documented emergencyor if circumstances are cleared with me prior to the due date. Late work submitted withoutprior approval will result in substantial grade reduction. Work submitted more than 2 weekslate will not be accepted.3

Academic Honesty - As FIU students, you are expected to strictly follow the honor coderegarding academic honesty. Florida International University outlines your responsibilities asfollows: Florida International University is a community dedicated to generating andimparting knowledge through excellent teaching and research, the rigorous and respectfulexchange of ideas and community service. All students should respect the right of others tohave an equitable opportunity to learn and honestly to demonstrate the quality of theirlearning. Therefore, all students are expected to adhere to a standard of academic conduct,which demonstrates respect for themselves, their fellow students, and the educationalmission of the University. All students are deemed by the University to understand that ifthey are found responsible for academic misconduct, they will be subject to the AcademicMisconduct procedures and sanctions, as outlined in the Student Handbook. Misconductincludes: Cheating – The unauthorized use of books, notes, aids, electronic sources; orassistance from another person with respect to examinations, course assignments, fieldservice reports, class recitations; or the unauthorized possession of examination papers orcourse materials, whether originally authorized or not. Plagiarism – The use andappropriation of another’s work without any indication of the source and the representationof such work as the student’s own. Any student who fails to give credit for ideas, expressionsor materials taken from another source, including Internet sources, is responsible forplagiarism. Any students who fail to meet these expectations will receive an “F” for the coursegrade and will be reported to the Chair of the Department, as well as the Dean of the School.Original Material - All work in this class is assumed to be yours, and composed of your originalmaterial, or material that you have permission to use. Research and sourcing is fundamentalto story construction. Quote attribution is basic. If you use images, audio or video that youdid not create, you must GET PERMISSION FROM THE INSTRUCTOR AHEAD OF TIME andattribute them accordingly. Failure to cite material amounts to plagiarism, and you will failthe course.Factual Errors and Spelling Errors - All student projects must be free of errors of fact. Eachgrammar, style or spelling error, will result in a 5-point deduction from the project finalgrade. Factual errors may result in a failing grade on the assignment. Meticulous research,careful copyediting, and a thorough proofreading of final work, will usually catch any errorsbefore the project is submitted for grading.Blackboard - This course will utilize Blackboard. Students are expected to log in regularly.Class Blog - The instructor will use a WordPress blog to post course notes, and students areexpected to link their completed projects to the class m/Lab Time - You will need to schedule time to work on the computers outside of class.Constructive Criticism -In this class, students will be required to present their work to theclass and explain their production choices. Students will constructively critique each other'swork. This communal display and critique of work will help produce a competitiveenvironment wherein you push yourself to produce high quality work. However this situationshould also be a cooperative one, where students help each other with challenges and ideas.4

Digital Challenges - The digital medium presents many unique challenges. Learning to workwith digital difficulties is part of learning to work with the digital medium. For best results, Irecommend the following: Back up all of your files.Save your files often as you are working.Complete your production projects prior to the due date and test them.Pay close attention to all tutorials and take notes, even if you think you know thematerial.Online Resources – This class is rich in material to help you with the technical aspects of yourprojects. Documents with technical details are available on Blackboard and the class blog. Oftena Google search will turn up helpful information (ex: “How do I crop images in Photoshop?”).CLASS SCHEDULEThis is an outline of our planned schedule. This schedule is subject to change.Week 1 – August 27Course IntroductionAssignments: Join class WorldPress blog.Sign Release and Assumption of Risk form.Begin working on Code Academy HTML Basics and Build Your Own Web Page.MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1- NO CLASSWeek 2 – September 3Intro to HTML5/CSS3Assignments: Complete Code Academy HTML Basics 2Complete Code Academy Basics 3Begin Work on Zen Garden.Week 3 – September 8HTML5/CSS3Assignments: Complete Code Academy Introduction to CSS.Complete Zen GardenWeek 4 – September 155

ZEN GARDEN DUE. Review Zen Garden.Creating Interactive Photo Slideshows.Assignments: Complete Code Academy CSS Classes and IDs.Complete Code Academy CSS Positioning.Begin interactive photo slideshow.Week 5 – September 22Creating Interactive Photo SlideshowsAssignments: Complete Interactive Photo SlideshowComplete Code Academy JavaScript: Intro to JavaScriptComplete Code Academy JavaScript: Intro to Functions in JavaScriptComplete Code Academy JavaScript: Rock, Paper, ScissorsWeek 6 – September 29PHOTO SLIDESHOW DUE. Review Photo Slideshows.Assignments: Watch this GIS Intro Video Prior to October 6: Code Academy JQuery: Intro to the DOMComplete Code Academy JQuery: Functions and SelectorsWeek 7 – October 6MEET IN HL ROOM 124GIS: Learning ArcGIS DesktopBasics of Map ProjectionsCrowdsourcing King Tide DayAssignments: Complete Code Academy JQuery: Modifying HTMLComplete Code Academy JQuery: JQuery EventsWeek 8 – October 13MEET IN HL ROOM 124Finding Geographic Data in ArcGISAddress Geo-Coding with ArcGISKing Tide Day Crowdsourcing DUEAssignments: Complete Code Academy JQuery: JQuery Effects.6

Week 9 – October 20MEET IN HL ROOM 124Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS onlineIntro to Web GISAssignments: Sketch Interface for King Tide Day dataComplete Code Academy JavaScript: For-LoopsComplete Code Academy JavaScript: While-LoopsWeek 10 – October 27MEET IN HL ROOM 124King Tide Day Sketch DUEIntroduction to GeoSpatial Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Geospatial MashupsAssignments: Begin Map of King Tide Day DataComplete Election Day Project on November 4Complete Code Academy JavaScript: Control Flow11 – November 3MEET IN HL ROOM 124Geospatial Mashups & WebGIS ApplicationsElection Day Project DUE November 5Assignments: Complete King Tide Day MapComplete Code Academy JavaScript: Choose Your Own Adventure 2Week 12 – November 10MEET IN HL ROOM 124WebGIS ApplicationsKing Tide Day Map DUEAssignments: Complete Code Academy JavaScript: Arrays and ObjectsWeek 13 – November 17Creating Multimedia Packages.Assignments: Begin working on Multimedia Package.Complete Code Academy Arrays and Objects.7

Week 14 – November 24Creating Multimedia Packages.Assignments: Work on Multimedia packageWeek 15 – December 1In-Class Workshop for Multimedia Package.Assignments: Complete Multimedia Package.FINALS WEEK – December 8-12 - MULITMEDIA PACKAGE DUE8

GRID FOR MMC4936 – Fall 2014WEEKCLASS TOPICASSIGNMENT8/25Course introduction.Join class blog. Beginwork onCodeAcademySign Release and Assumption of Riskform. Complete Code Academy HTMLBasics & Build Your Own Web Page.DUE THIS WEEKMONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 LABOR DAY NO CLASS9/3Intro to HTML5/CSS3Complete Code HTML Basics 2 andHTML Basics 3 – DIV AND SPANONLY. Begin work on Zen GardenCode Academy module onHTML Basics and BuildYour Own Web Page.9/8HTML5/CSS3Complete Code Academy CSS: AnOverview. Complete Zen Garden.Code Academy HTMLBasics 2 & HTML Basics 39/15Creating aninteractive PhotoSlideshow.Review Zen Garden. Begin PhotoSlideshow. Complete Code AcademyCSS Classes and IDs, CSS Positioning.ZEN GARDEN DUE. CodeAcademy CSS: anOverview9/22Creating aninteractive PhotoSlideshowComplete Photo Slideshow. CompleteCode Academy Intro to JavaScript,Intro to Functions in JavaScript, andRock-Paper-Scissors.Code Academy CSSClasses and IDs. CSSPositioning.9/29ProgrammingConcepts.Complete Code Academy JQueryIntro to the DOM, JQuery Functionsand Selectors.PHOTO SLIDESHOW DUE.Code Academy Intro toJavaScript, Intro toFunctions, and RockPaper-Scissors.10/6ArcGIS Intro. Basics ofMap Projections.Complete Code Academy JQueryModifying HTML and JQuery Events.Participate in King Tide Day.Code Academy JQueryIntro to the DOM, JQueryFunctions and Selectors.10/13Finding GeographicData in ArcGIS.Address Geo-Coding.Complete Code Academy JQueryEffects.King Tide Day DUE. CodeJQuery Modifying HTMLand JQuery Events.10/20Creating & SharingGIS with ArcGISOnlineComplete CodeAcademy JavaScriptFor Loops and While Loops.Code Academy JQueryEffects.10/27Web GISComplete Code Academy CompleteCode Academy Control Flow.Code Academy For Loopsand While Loops.11/3Web GISMobile-SocialReportingComplete Code Academy ChooseYour own Adventure 2Code Academy ControlFlow. Election Day ProjectDUE.11/10WebGISComplete Code Academy CodeAcademy Arrays and Objects.ADVENTURE 2 DUE.11/17Creating MultimediaPackages.Begin Multimedia Package.Code Academy Arraysand Objects.11/24In-class workshop.Continue Multimedia Package12/1In-class workshop.Complete Multimedia PackageFINALS WEEK – Friday, December 12 – Multimedia Package Due9

Florida International University FIU Digital Commons Course Syllabi Fall 2014 MMC 4936 Web GIS for Journalists Susan Jacobson Journalism and Mass Communications Department, Florida International University, [email protected] Zhaohui Fu Florida International University, [email protected] Boyuan Guan Florida Internat