Teaching Strategies GOLD Online AssessmentAugust 2015Issue 9Got GOLD?Inside thisissue:A New View inthe online GOLDsystem2ONE GOALCONFERENCE3OEL/VPK & TheStrong MindsGOLD Program4Spotlight on EHSExpansion GrantSites5Contact Us @ELCPBC & NPFAll About KidsLearning Center6Martha Smith Large FCCHWinning photos sent in by .All About Kids LC and Martha Smith LargeFCCHSend in your winning photo now! See GOLD Assessment Teamcontact on Page 6 of this newsletter for where to send photos.

Page 2Got GOLD?A New View in GOLD“View Documentation” has anew look and it’s even moreuseful than before.The view documentation tab hasalways been a great way for teachers and administrators to revisit all of theanecdotal records, work samples, videos, and photos entered for thechildren in their classrooms.Before viewing connections to a piece of documentation requiredteachers or administrators to click on the action tab, and select the “View”option.Now all connections are displayed for you automatically in the “View Documentation” mode.Why is this new view better you ask? It will save teachers and administratorstime. We all know finding time throughout the day to do everything we arerequired to do is not always easy. With this new view a teacher can automatically see the connections she has created to all the documentation listedwithout having to search further. She can also quickly check the level assigned to those connections by simply clicking on the rainbow Icon. Thisnew view also allows a teacher see right away if she has not assigned a levelto a particular connection.Check out the new view .see what you think!

Page 3Presenting at ONE GOAL. Sharingour approach with the communityOn July 23rd, Dr. Barbara Becraft presented to a largegroup of early childhood educators, administrators, andleadership professionals about the approach that PalmBeach County is taking with the GOLD online assessmenttool. There were many questions to address that day.anda rich dialogue filled up the hour of time that we had totell our story. We shared the value of what we do with theGOLD authentic assessment tool. We talked about the 3Year Plan that we use to allow time for teachers to masterthe GOLD & we wereheard by many in theECE community.

Page 4Got GOLD?Office of Early Learning VPK-GOLD Initiative& The “Strong Minds GOLD Program”.Requirements & UpdatesTRAINING Requirements: (to be completed before entering documentation andlevels.-12 Hour Face-to-Face Training through DCF systemOR-Online Basic Course in VPK Platform – to be found in the Teacher Homepage“Teaching Strategies GOLD Online Professional Development” (if Basic OnlineCourse is not completed by May 1, 2015 in another GOLD program, this online option is advised)OR-Online Basic Course in another platform (such as, Strong Minds GOLD Program orLSF HS/EHS) this online course is located in the Dashboard under the PD tab, undercourses option– if these are completed by May 1, 2015 they should be sent [email protected] Requirements:-Completed by Fall 2016 – for all teachers entering dataDATA ENTRY Requirements:-2015-2016 (roll out year): Checkpoint levels entered and finalized (in all areas) forthe first time in AP3 (not necessarily in Spring 2016 – depending on VPK schedulefor each site)-Supporting documentation can be in the system, or on paper.Questions? Call: 866-447-1159

Page 5Expansion Grant SitesIt has been very exciting for the EHS partners that recently joined the StrongMinds GOLD program, they have been able to successfully complete the IntroTraining and now they are able to observe the children in action for long periodsof time, documenting their abilities in many areas of development and carefullyconnecting it to the different dimensions and objectives within the GOLD onlinesystem.The checkpoint process it’s not always an easy task but the EHS providers havetaken on the challenge and they see the importance of having documentation thatsupports the final level decision.The GOLD Apphas many uses; it has helped many teachers meet their quantitygoals, it is just a click away and you will have access to multiple forms of documentation; video, photo and audio which can be use as an addition to the documentation process.

Questions?Call or email the ELC Assessment Team.ELC Assessment TeamDr. Barbara BecraftAssistant Director of 9426Lina GalianoAssessment and Education 9Sandra SchultzAssessment 427Partners in TechnologySince 2005, Nonprofits First has worked to promote quality and accountability in the nonprofit sector. By providing services, resources and opportunities, we have strengthened hundreds of agencies as they work to achieve ahigher level of service delivery, community impact and success.GOLD Programs can contact the Nonprofits FirstIT Helpdesk at : 561.910.3895

-Online Basic Course in VPK Platform – to be found in the Teacher Homepage “Teaching Strategies GOLD Online Professional Development” (if Basic Online Course is not completed by May 1, 2015 in another GOLD program, this online op-tion is advised) OR-Online Basic Course in another platfor