2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM11. The importance of following legal procedure is to provide each party withA. specific duties.C. due process.B. unique rights.D. formal requests.2. What is the purpose of the Travel Promotion Act of 2010?A. To encourage travel in the U.S. and CanadaB. To track promotional activities in hospitality and tourismC. To attract international visitors to AmericaD. To support price increases for hospitality and tourism services3. What action would you recommend a restaurant's manager take when the following situation occurred?The manager phoned a restaurant supply house to order new table linens and was told that she wouldalso need to buy a case of wine and two-dozen wine glasses to get the table linens. The manager did notwant the wine or the glasses.A.B.C.D.Visit the restaurant supply house to verify the quality of the wine and the glassesBuy the linens and the add-ons from the restaurant supply houseReport the restaurant supply house for fraudReport the restaurant supply house for antitrust violations4. What type of channel power does franchising represent in the hospitality and tourism industry?A. LegitimateC. CoerciveB. RewardD. Expert5. As Corrine spoke, Mike nodded his head in agreement. Mike's nonverbal cues indicated that heA. was upset with Corrine's message.C. thought Corrine's statement was funny.B. understood what Corrine was saying.D. was confused about Corrine's remark.6. One computer tool that a businessperson can use to organize online information for a research report isA. online survey services.C. statistical applications.B. index cards.D. mind-mapping programs.7. Why is it important to use the appropriate writing style when developing research reports?A. Enhances the writer's credibilityC. Allows the writer to express creativityB. Ensures the writer's objectivityD. Reduces the need to edit the content8. Which of the following is an example of a professional e-mail message that a businessperson might sendto a customer or business associate:A. The attached document provides you with directions to our facility.B. Thanx for quick response—u r very efficient.C. We loook forward two meeting with you on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.D. WE NEED YOUR RESPONSE NOW!!!!9. Which of the following is an example of informal workplace communication:A. A human-resources manager conducts a training session for new employees.B. The president of the Cantrell Corporation announces expansion plans in a press release.C. A project manager develops a production schedule to distribute to the project team.D. Two coworkers share their opinions about a new work project during a coffee break.10. Which of the following statements is true about customer relationship management (CRM):A. A business has implemented a CRM program if it is providing good customer service.B. A primary goal of CRM is to maximize the long-term value of customer relationships.C. Price is the most important factor in building a long-term buyer/seller relationship.D. Organizational culture has little effect on a customer's experiences with a business.Copyright 2010 by MBA Research and Curriculum Center , Columbus, Ohio

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM211. A business exhibits ethical behavior in customer relationship management by implementing policies thatA. offer exclusive benefits.C. protect its customers' privacy.B. require customer feedback.D. encourage repeat sales.12. Which of the following involves a place (distribution) factor in hospitality and tourism:A. Expanding the restaurant's menu to include late-night fast-food optionsB. Using a blog to build interest in the opening of a new hotelC. Escorting guests to their roomsD. Providing lobby kiosks for guests to check themselves into the hotel13. An internal factor that affects the business environment isA. economic expansion.C. exchange rates.B. competition.D. job reorganization.14. Adapting to today's markets usually requires a business toA. overlook market trends.C. develop accounting procedures.B. keep up with technological changes.D. change its management style.15. Which of the following statements is true about the economic impact of hospitality and tourism:A. They are increasing overcrowding in cities.B. They are important in most countries' balance of payments.C. They foster world peace.D. They represent most countries' greatest imports.16. Which of the following is an example of a business paying property taxes:A. North-South Airline allocates 4,000 of its earnings to give to a college's scholarship fund.B. Cortland Hotel withholds a certain percentage of its employees' earnings, which it forwards to thefederal tax agency.C. Manny's Gas Station collects a gasoline tax from its customers at the point of purchase.D. The Bellman Corporation submits a 8,792 check to the government, which is based on thevalue of its office building.17. Which of the following is an example of job loss due to cyclical unemployment:A. Ryan recently lost his job in the construction industry during a time of economic contraction.B. Lizzy's temporary job at a gourmet food company ended in January after the holiday rush.C. Hannah left her position as a human resources manager so she could attend graduate school.D. Tristan lost his management job when the coal supply had been depleted at the mine where heworked.18. Because the leaders of a business set the tone for the business's beliefs and values, they are part of thebusiness's subculture.A. powerC. independentB. naturalD. achievement19. Jon decided to promote Bill instead of Maggie to regional manager because he thinks that women aren'tassertive enough in business situations. Jon is stereotyping on the basis ofA. gender.C. religion.B. ethnicity.D. age.20. Characteristics of self-confident people include an ability to inspire others, the willingness to take risks,and the capacity toA. admit their mistakes.C. limit their expectations.B. minimize their contributions.D. deny their weaknesses.21. Which of the following behaviors is often associated with effective hospitality and tourism managers:A. Exhibiting self-controlC. Questioning employees' motivesB. Discouraging dissentD. Being critical of others

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM22. What is a negative effect of workplace gossip?A. Lower productivityB. More collaboration3C. Less conflictD. Higher morale23. Your coworker Tim tells you that he has been experiencing a lot of stress at work lately. What is the bestadvice that you could give Tim that may help him more effectively manage his stress on a daily basis?A. Persuade him to take an unpaid leave of absenceB. Suggest that he reassign some of his work to othersC. Encourage him to take on additional projects so he doesn't focus on the stressD. Tell him to use deep breathing and visualization techniques24. An advantage to using consensus building for decision making is that itA. encourages teamwork.C. saves time.B. eliminates conflict.D. increases self-interest.25. Stacy believes that she can find ways to increase her efficiency at work. She sets high standards andgoals for the quality of her work. Stacy is a person who possessesA. empathy and creativity.C. an achievement orientation.B. a laid-back attitude.D. extroverted personality traits.26. Pedro received a check in the amount of 432.87 from the Tabor Corporation, a company in which he isa stockholder. This source of income is referred to asA. dividends.C. interest.B. wages.D. inheritance.27. One way to reduce the risk of identity theft is byA. photocopying credit-card receipts.B. disabling computer virus software.C. storing passwords on web browsers.D. shredding old bank statements.28. How do businesses transfer risk?A. Screen employeesB. Implement security measuresC. Check for hazardsD. Obtain insurance29. Ethical accounting behavior involves usingA. flexible standards.B. due care.C. passive concern.D. personal preferences.30. On a balance sheet, a business's equipment are listed asA. current liabilities.C. fixed assets.B. current assets.D. long-term liabilities.31. Which of the following is an appropriate use of a travel agent's petty-cash fund:A. Buying center pieces for the monthly travel agents association meetingB. Paying for radio advertising about an upcoming specialC. Taking new clients out to dinnerD. Buying postage to mail a client's tickets32. Which of the following is a situation that demonstrates the use of technology to recruit employees:A. The TRN Company posts its current job openings on its web site.B. The Cohen Corporation sends application forms to potential job candidates.C. A human resources manager prints review forms from a computer printer.D. A training manager distributes CDs containing the company policy manual during orientation.

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM433. Which of the following is always a true statement about marketing information used in hospitality andtourism:A. Hospitality and tourism information is costly to obtain.B. Little marketing information is available for hospitality and tourism.C. Its value is in the insights it provides and the decisions it influences.D. Its value lies in the number of studies that are conducted and the resources that are used.34. Which of the following is an example of primary hospitality and tourism market information:A. Financial statements provided in annual reportsB. Automated guest history records that can be shared by affiliated businessesC. Reservation records and registration informationD. Free reception for frequent travelers in which feedback is collected35. A restaurant wants to predict how their customers will react to a new menu. What type of relationshipshould the restaurant mine from blogs?A. ClustersC. Sequential patternsB. ClassesD. Associations36. Which of the following can be learned from monitoring the sales data of any hospitality and tourismbusiness:A. Average size of customers' familiesC. Average amount of sales per customerB. Median age of customersD. Most frequently preferred color of customers37. Which of the following research techniques should you select if you need an accurate picture ofrestaurant customers' buying or usage patterns/habits:A. ObservationC. Personal interviewB. Focus groupD. Survey38. The research data indicate a correlation of -1 r 0. What does that tell you?A. There is perfect correlation between the two variables.B. The two variables tend to increase or decrease together.C. One variable increases as the other variable decreases.D. The two variables do not vary together at all.39. Which of the following will the audience for a research report expect to find in an executive report:A. Statements of purpose and scopeB. Charts and graphsC. An explanation of the technical information presentedD. Summary of each page in the research report40. When presenting research findings orally, you can help an audience of business professionals to betterunderstand the findings if youA. use meaningful comparisons.B. call on the audience to explain their understanding of the research.C. designate a research team member to ask questions.D. provide a bibliography of the resources cited.41. When customers have low involvement with a product, and there is little difference among brands, whattype of buying behavior are they exhibiting?A. VarietyC. ComplexB. HabitualD. Basic42. When should a “customer-focused orientation” begin for hospitality and tourism businesses?A. When the initial contact with the business is madeB. When the customer receives the billC. When the customer enters the businessD. When the business attempts to a build long-lasting customer relationship

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM543. What type of market segmentation would be appropriate to use when a hotel targets people who aretraveling with their pets?A. Psychographic-social classC. Demographic-genderB. Behavioral-benefits soughtD. Mass market44. The Microsoft Corporation generated 51.12 billion in revenue in 2007. This is an example ofA. inconclusive evidence.C. factual information.B. unwarranted criticism.D. current data.45. An advantage to a business that uses intranet capabilities is that is allows employees to share thebusiness's information withA. former employees.C. customers.B. competitors.D. each other.46. Patrick e-mails a newsletter attachment to 255 of his clients once a month. How can Patrick reduce theneed to enter each client's individual e-mail address in the e-mail message header every time he sendsout the newsletter?A. Create a distribution listC. Use the copy/paste applicationB. Flag the messageD. Delete old contact information47. What software are hotels, resorts, and various transportation entities using to expedite the reservationprocess for customers?A. Online bookingC. Customer relationship managementB. Customer reservation systemsD. Websites48. What type of business record can a gift shop review to determine how many customers purchased itemson Tuesday?A. Quarterly credit statementsC. Cash balancesB. Daily sales receiptsD. Inventory status records49. What trend has resulted from the desire of the hospitality and tourism industry to gain a competitiveadvantage by exceeding customer expectations?A. Increased emphasis on trainingC. Increased emphasis on customer safetyB. Increased attention to legal issuesD. Increased attention to sustainable resources50. Which of the following is an example of an ethical issue related to the business's operations function:A. A salesperson gives a customer a price break on an obsolete item.B. An assistant buyer accepts a gift from a potential vendor.C. A manager obtains shipping information from several transportation companies.D. An assistant supervisor changes the weekly production schedule.51. What is likely to occur if a business's employees do not follow the business's security procedures?A. Increased risk of theftC. Decreased financial lossesB. Increased accident ratesD. Decreased counterfeiting activity52. To meet project deadlines, it is important for project managers and team members to possessA. effective time-management skills.C. a creative mindset.B. complex technical knowledge.D. unlimited resources.53. It is important for a business to evaluate the financial condition of a potential vendor during the vendorselection process to assess theA. vendor's required lead times.B. reliability of the products that the vendor carries.C. vendor's levels of customer service.D. risk levels of doing business with the vendor.

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM654. The SLN Company is evaluating how many snowboards that it needs to make to accommodate theanticipated demand during the winter months. This activity is performed during the stage ofthe production process.A. planningC. routingB. schedulingD. conversion55. When a purchasing agent ordered product for a national park's gift shop, s/he agreed to the terms F.O.B.destination. What can the purchasing agent expect as a result of these terms?A. The transportation company will pay shipping charges to the park's destination.B. The purchasing agent will pay shipping charges from the vendor's shipping point.C. The park will not be charged shipping charges since it's a government agency.D. The vendor will pay shipping charges to the national park's gift shop.56. How can front-office staff at a small property secure the lobby and reception areas from outsiders duringthe late night?A. By observing escalators and elevatorsB. By denying access to the propertyC. By denying access to stairwellsD. By monitoring surveillance equipment of the pool area57. What action should hotel employees take when a fire occurs, and they determine that they cannotcontain it themselves?A. Relocate gas-powered equipment to the middle of the roomB. Use an A-B-C fire extinguisherC. Shut off air-conditionersD. Open windows to let the fire out of the building58. How can keeping your workspace organized and clutter-free benefit you at work?A. It enhances your stress levels.C. It improves your computer skills.B. It prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.D. It reduces your need to set priorities.59. After considering several options, Carla selected the Copy-It-Fast Print Shop to print the business cardsfor her new company. Carla chose the print shop because it provided her former employer with qualitygoods and services. Carla made her decision on the basis ofA. friendship.C. bias.B. emotion.D. experience.60. Employers expect their employees to show their dependability byA. making suggestions for improvement.C. telling coworkers how to do their jobs.B. asking for deadline extensions.D. arriving at work on time.61. Lynda just graduated from college with a degree in recreation and parks management. She enjoysplaying several different outdoor sports. Also, through her work as a lifeguard and camp counselor, shehas found that she likes being in charge and working with others. Which of the following hospitality andtourism careers would you recommend that Lynda pursue:A. Human resources directorC. Resort activities directorB. Timeshare sales managerD. Convention manager62. What action can workers take to acquire new skills that can enhance their job performance?A. Obtain recommendations from othersC. Take classes at a community collegeB. Complete a college applicationD. Contact former employers63. Which of the following is typically required to obtain a hospitality-related certification:A. A salary increase or additional leave timeC. An industry sponsor or mentorB. A passing score on a certification examD. A supervisory or management-level position

2010 HS ICDC7HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM64. Which of the following early 20th century events had the most positive impact on the growth of masstourism:A. The introduction of paid personal leave time for employeesB. A shift in focus from industrialism to agricultural pursuitsC. The development of an American passenger train systemD. Widespread access to computers and the Internet65. Which of the following factors impacts the price of hospitality and tourism products:A. InelasticityC. FragilityB. TangibilityD. Seasonality66. Which of the following would be the best option for restaurant managers to do to encourage theidentification of new product ideas:A. Encourage competitors to recommend new product ideasB. Encourage employees to report new product ideas from other restaurants they visitC. Encourage family members to generate new product suggestions and ideasD. Encourage their trade association to regularly submit new product ideas to local restaurants67. Which of the following is an example of a business's core values:A. We deal honestly and fairly with our customers and ourselves.B. We are decreasing our overall expenses by 5% over the next 12 months.C. Demonstrate a customer-service mindset.D. Social media are used to reach our target market.68. Determine the stock turnover rate at retail at Betty's Barbecue at the end of 2009 using the current assetsportion of the restaurant's balance sheet and a portion of Betty's income statement for the same timeperiod. Round the answer to the nearest tenth, if needed.Betty's BarbecueBalance SheetDecember 31, 2008Current AssetsCashAccounts ReceivableInventoryPrepaid ExpensesSuppliesTotal Current Assets 9,0003,50042,5003,5002,500 10,5004,80038,3004,2002,300 61,000Betty's BarbecueIncome StatementDecember 31, 2008RevenueGross SalesSales AllowancesSales DiscountsNet SalesA. 161 timesB. .4 timesBetty's BarbecueBalance SheetDecember 31, 2009 60,100Betty's BarbecueIncome StatementDecember 31, 2009 325,000250750 350,000425675 324,000 348,900C. 27.7 timesD. 5.8 times69. What characteristic of the hospitality and tourism product is described in the following scenario:If an airline sells 150 of 200 seats on an airplane, the airline cannot inventory the seats until the nextflight and sell 250 seats.A. PerishabilityB. SeasonalityC. StandardizationD. Inseparability

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM870. The Coleman Company sells its own brand of tents, coolers, grills, and sleeping bags. This is an exampleofA. product positioning.C. product extensions.B. monopolizing the outdoor market.D. upselling.71. A hotel's executive housekeeper is evaluating the shampoo products of a vendor to determine whichshampoo to use as an amenity in guestrooms. Given the criteria identified, determine which shampoo theexecutive housekeeper should select.Factor'sCriteriaImportanceProduct 1Product 2Product 3Product 4Size ofContainer52343Shampoo Quality102322Price104324Brand NameRecognition32144Purity ofIngredients54323Rating Scale4 Outstanding3 Above average, but has room for improvement2 Average, just meets standards of acceptability1 Unacceptable, inadequate, poorA. Product 4B. Product 3C. Product 2D. Product 172. In just its first six months of operation, Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals has developed a long list ofindividuals who have specifically requested more information about the accommodations that SmokyMountain offers. The company has a mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address for eachperson. Which of the following direct marketing media would be best suited for communicating directlywith these potential guests on a weekly basis:A. TelevisionC. Web siteB. Direct mailD. E-mail73. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which prides itself on its extensive collection of art and artifacts, hascreated a series of audio programs featuring discussions with art experts about works of art found at FourSeason Hotels and Resorts around the country. These recordings, available in several different formats,are available for download at the company's web site. Which of the following terms best describes theseaudio programs:A. BlogsC. PodcastsB. Social mediaD. Ad serving74. Jillian, who just opened a bed and breakfast in her home, wants to create and use her own Twitterhashtag to promote her new business. Which of the following tag names is most appropriate for Jillian touse in her tweets:A. #ji11ian58&8B. #JillianssunsettosunrisebedandbreakfastinnC. #JilliansB&BD. #pigsinablanket75. Which of the following is an example of a social bookmarking web site:A. GoogleC. BingB. Del.icio.usD. Facebook

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM976. To generate excitement about its newly remodeled facilities, Wilmer's Hotel plans to send advertisingmessages to past guests via their cell phones. Each message will contain a brief video showcasing newfeatures and services that the hotel offers. Which type of mobile messaging service should Wilmer's use?A. Digitized messaging services (DMS)C. Complex messaging services (CMS)B. Short messaging services (SMS)D. Multimedia messaging services (MMS)77. The Treetop Resort and Spa wants to increase its web site's visibility on major search engines such asAOL and Google. Which of the following strategies is most likely to optimize the resort's ranking on thesearch engines:A. Detailed, accurate site mapC. Widespread HTML codeB. Extensive use of JavaScriptD. Web site age and longevity78. Advertisements for the Seashell Beach-side Resort always contain illustrations of older, well-to-do adults,especially couples, engaged in athletic activities such as snorkeling, golfing, and water-skiing. Which ofthe following is the most likely reason for incorporating these illustrations in the ads:A. To stimulate reading of the body copyC. To make the brand heroicB. To create a social context for the brandD. To add color to the advertisements79. Maeve is in the midst of developing a new advertisement for her event-planning business. Although sheis pleased with the font and font size that she is using, she dislikes the amount of space between theindividual letters and words in the ad. Maeve should adjust the of the text in theadvertisement.A. tracking and measureC. leading and trackingB. kerning and leadingD. kerning and tracking80. Which of the following color harmonies is most likely to add excitement and energy to an illustration:A. RelatedC. MonochromaticB. ComplementaryD. Analogous81. One week prior to its official grand opening, Wacky Wild Fun Park invited 200 teenagers to acomplimentary "sneak preview Saturday" of all that the amusement park has to offer—its rides, food, andentertainment. At the end of the day, as each teen passed through the exit gate, park employees gaveeach guest five Wacky Wild Key chains to pass on to her/his friends. Park employees also reminded thedeparting guests to tell their friends about all the fun they had at the amusement park. This is an exampleofA. print advertising.C. buzz marketing.B. personal selling.D. merchandising.82. An important consideration in selecting a customer evangelist for a restaurant isA. the size of the person's social circles.C. the person's work schedule.B. the person's educational background.D. the person's political affiliation.83. An up-and-coming international hotel chain invited a popular syndicated television talk show host to stayat one of its hotels for a night and then share her experiences with her viewing audience and blogreaders. The hotel chain asked the talk show host to act as a(n) in its word-of-mouthmarketing campaign.A. fact-finding personalityC. influencerB. advertising agentD. infomercial host84. Which of the following is most likely to be characteristic of an effective advertising headline:A. Avoidance of brand nameC. More than eight words long B. Multiple typefacesD. Simple, common words

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM1085. Which of the following is effective mobile ad copy for a teenage target market:A. When was the last time that you ate? Aren't you getting hungry? Then you've got to stop by.We'd love to see you. Bye.B. Psst. Are you hungry? Then stop by Pete's Pizza for a free slice of cheese pizza. Today only.Tell all your friends. See you soon.C. Pete's Pizza. Free slice.D. RU hngry? thN stop by Pete's ) 4 a fre slice. 2day 1ly. CU sn.86. Kenzie is responsible for checking advertising proofs for her restaurant chain's latest magazine ad. Themagazine production manager has provided her with four different types of proofs to review. Which of thefour types of advertising proofs would give Kenzie the most accurate approximation of color?A. LaminateC. VeloxB. BluelineD. Overlay87. Hospitality organizations often make financial donations to local charities, support community interests,and participate in chamber of commerce activities in an effort toA. increase their public presence.C. decrease expenses.B. increase tax abatements.D. decrease employee discounts.88. Kimberly, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, is planning to take a short trip to Cincinnati next month. Lastweekend, she spent several hours surfing the Web to locate information about tourist activities and hotelsin and around Cincinnati. The following Wednesday, when she went online to do some research for herHistory report, she discovered an advertisement for on a web site about the FrenchRevolution. This is an example of advertising.A. behavioralC. word-of-mouthB. contextualD. sponsorship89. Which of the following statements about creating a hotel press kit is true:A. Individual members of management need not be mentioned.B. Portions of the press kit must be updated periodically.C. The hotel's most recent financial statements are included.D. The press kit is written after receiving media requests for information.90. To ensure that guests have space to move about, special event professionals shouldA. plan the table layout according to scale.C. determine the acoustic qualities of the venue.B. utilize a classroom-style table layout.D. set up a cyclorama in the meeting space.91. To track how customers respond to advertisements, many marketers use measures.A. communication effectsC. market-shareB. exposureD. processing92. Which of the following is an example of a tourism promotion agency:A. Franklin Historical Society MuseumC. Historic Hudson River Towns, Inc.B. Scarrytown Conference CenterD. US Airways Dividend Miles Program93. Each winter, right after the first heavy snowfall or ice storm, Luisa's travel agency puts a “tropicalvacation” display in its front window, complete with travel posters, brochures, sand, palm trees, andbrightly colored beach balls. Luisa likes the display because it encourages people to go someplace warmand leave their winter worries at home. This year, however, Luisa wants to add some “key” copy to thedisplay. Which of the following would be the most memorable, effective catch phrase to put in the display:A. Talk to Our Travel Agents to Learn More!C. Caribbean Cruises on Sale Now!B. Escape!D. Sale!

2010 HS ICDCHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CLUSTER EXAM1194. When faced with a customer objection or concern, a sales representative shouldA. fervently disagree and argue with the customer.B. ignore the customer's objection or concern.C. calmly explain why the objection is not accurate/relevant.D. quickly give in to the customer's demand or concern.95. When Maddie checked in at the Happy Airline ticket counter for her five-hour economy-class flight toCalifornia, the customer service agent explained that hot meals and complimentary cocktails would onlybe served to business-class and first-class passengers. For that reason, the Happy Airline agentsuggested that Maddie pay a small fee to move from economy-class to business-class for the flight. Thisis an example ofA. comparison shopping.C. up-selling.B. affiliate marketing.D. a trade-in allowance.96. After working an average of 49 hours per week in the last six months, Annie is ready for some rest andrelaxation. On her upcoming vacation, she wants to lower her stress level, unwind, and do as little aspossible. Which type of travel motivator is most likely to impact Annie's vacation travel choices?A. PhysicalC. InterpersonalB. CulturalD.

Nov 02, 2011 · One computer tool that a businessperson can use to organize online information for a research report is A. online survey services. C. statistical applications. . A. North-South Airline allocates 4,000 of its earnings to give to a college's scholarship fund. . 2010 HS ICDC