Efficiency, reliability and professionalism: this is what PIEMMEBROKER has to offer its clients.Our company specialises in the supply of products, material andequipment for the Oil & Gas, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.The company was founded in 1995, at which time it already had 15years’ experience of working with advanced technology productsand manufacturers.PIEMME BROKER is able to assist its clients in each stage of theidentification, selection and ordering process.This will enable a fast, efficient and successful execution of thepurchasing and procurement of crucial and often ‘time critical’electrical, control and instru-mentation equipment.From conception to implementation you can trust PIEMME BROKER totake care the complete scope of supply irrespective of whether it’s atiny component or a bulk package for a major project.Our pledge is to always provide our customers with total commitmentand satisfaction.With a flexible and friendly team, consisting of highly experiencedand dedicated professionals, with expertise covering many industrysectors, PIEMME BROKER is fully equipped to meet its clients’increasingly challenging and demanding requirements.Furthermore it is able to provide knowledge of domestic andinternational markets along with the supply of any industrial product,particularly when the case is related to critical conditions or tospecific equipment and programs.To further enhance these activities, PIEMME BROKER is also the Italiansupply partner of internationally recognized and prestigious brandssuch as:MCT BRATTBERG - Multicable transit resistant to fire, water andsmoke and ATEX certifiedHAWKE INTERNATIONAL - Cable glands, Ex Connectors, Accessories, Control Stations and Junction Boxes for world marketsCHALMIT - Globally approved lighting equipment for Harsh andHazardous Areas.KILLARK - Complete range NEC productOGLAEND SYSTEM - Cable trays, multidisciplinary supports2

EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR BRANDSCable Glands, Adaptor, Reducer, Breather DrainHAWKE International5JUNCTION BOX - GRP - Stainless Steel - ConnectorsHAWKE International67Led SolutionsChalmit8ATEXATEXExplosion Proof Electrical Equipments NECKILLARK10The Complete Multidiscipline Support SystemCable tray and ladder - ØGLÆND SYSTEM12Multicable and Pipe TransitMCT BRATTBERG14ATEXFULL PACKAGE SOLUTIONStainless Steel Cables - Ties and Banding16Tools Ega Master17Spare Parts and Broker Solutions18Usa Market19Brands with Special Agreement - Tools - Main Customer20Certification EN ISO 9001:200822History233

Main Distributed Brand Traditional & Led Technology Emergency Lighting Flood Lighting Linear Lighting Lighting Studies on Projects Lighting High-Bay, Low-Bay, Floodligghting, LinearEnclousers & Lcs cUL / CSA NEC 500/ 505 CertifiedSocket and Plug American StandardFlitting, Conduits, Conduits Bodies,Nipples / UnionsComplete package material for Oil &Gas Market 4Cable Glands “Cold Flow” Characteristics in Brass, Nickel Plated Brass,Stainless SteelJunction Boxes GRP & STAINLESS STEEL- ATEX, IEX, EAC, INMETRO Certified.Instruments, Control & Power ConnectorsAdapter, Reducers, Plug, BreatherDrain, Insulating AdaptorMulti Cable Transit ATEX CertifiedNew MODULE HANDI BLOCK EasyinstallationFrames in Steel, Stanless Steel, Aluminium and Composite ResinEMP / EMI Electromagnetic VersionMultidiscipline Support SystemCable Ladder & Cable Tray in Stainless Steel & GRPSupport System MEKANOCable Cleats for short circuit safeNon Sparking Atex ToolsTools for Underwater UseSafety Tools AtexTools Kit

Explosion Proof Electrical EquipmentsCable GlandsCertificates“COLD FLOW”CharacteristicsATEXInspectable deluge seal(DTDS)Original reversible armour clampEC IECBRCNEXDiaphragm sealing system(Zero Cable Damage)Cold flow characteristicsInspection after sealRear sealing systemEXD IIC/Exe IIAccessoriesBRReducers Adaptors Plug Breather drain Insulating adaptor ATEX5

Junction BoxAExe II / Exe IIATEXExe IIBRTerminal J BoxGRP Wall threading 6/7 mm THICK Earthing continuity plate Strong GRPFiber Optical J BoxGRP Wall threading 6/7 mm THICK Earthing continuity plate Strong GRPWith is radical sloped face design and cut away sides, the EA rangereduces cost through unparalled installation and inspection speeds.Features Faster Installation Cut away sides enable increased handAl 9 EZ sizes follow industry standards soaccess for faster installation, providing onyou can easily switch out or retrofit your cur-average 35% extra space over competionrent Enclousures for the EA range.enclosures (up to 55%). 6Familiar FootprintsDrop Restraint FeatureEasy inspectionThe removable hinged lid with added re-See exatly what you’ve installed, withouttaining pins prevents the lid from beingwalls getting in the way.dropped from height.

ConnectorsThe Hawke Connectors RangeUtilising the most advanced technology, Hawke connectors are designed for quick and easy termination.Boasting market-leading features like the complete elimination of cross-mating, high reliability contactsand much more, the Hawke Connectors range guarantee innovation, safety and reliability.The range is ideal for use in dust and gas hazardous areas commonly found in Oil and Gas explorationand produciont and chemical process plants. Hawke connctors may also be used in explosive dust environments and hostile non-explosive environments.The revolutionary InstrumEx allows for the live mate and de-mating of signaland low power in hazardous areas safely and quickly.The ControlEx range is ideal for use in control and low/medium power applications.The PowerEx range has been designed specifically for the extremely demandingrequirements of higher power applications up to 780A and 750V as standard.Other voltages are available on special request.The FibreEx from Hawke and Acal BFI combines the strength of Hawke's market-leading connection range with the latest in Ex Fibre-Optic specifications.7

Led SolutionsThe Protecta III LED linear delivers to the industryunparalleled performance and photometric’s bringingforward all the recognised benefits of the Protecta range; aproven robust enclosure, excellent IP and low maintenancefeatures which are key to the oil and gas industry.The Lomond is a rugged, flameproof LED luminaire. Itfeatures an integrated mounting channel for universalinstallation. The aluminium and glass construction make theLomond highly resistant to aggressive chemical agents.The Acclaim is a recessed luminaire designed for use insolid or plank celling types, and is regularly used in offshore accomodation modules for both task and emergency/escape lighting.8

Led SolutionsThe HDL206NE is a compact Emergency LEDluminaire allowing up to four modulesinterlinked, providing an effective and efficientreplacement to traditional battery-backedluminaires.Crane DamperBracketProtection Exe mbZone 2 Ana 22Ambient temperature -20 50 CAlso emergency 90’Certificate: Atex, IECex, ImmetroThe innovative new 238 LED is an efficient lowenergy wellglass designed for general purposelow and medium bay illumination. With aninstant on output and 80,000 maintenance freehours (L70).Protection Exe de IIB T5Zone 1 Ana 21Ambient temerature -40 55 CCertificate: Atex, IECex, EACThe NEVIS LED delivers an instant brightwhite light equvalent to a 70W HPS.Designed for low profile applications, theluminaire can be mounted on walls, handrailsand ceilings as a wellglass making it ideal forwalkwaysor restricted height areasProtection Exe de IIB T6Zone 1 Ana 21Ambient temerature -50 55 CCertificate: Atex, IECex, EAC9

Explosion Proof Electrical EquipmentsNEC AreaListedListedNEMA ListedClass I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, DClass I, Zone 2, Groups IIC, IIB, IIAClass II, Div. 1&2, Group F, GClass IIICSA Enclousure Type AX, IP66NEMA 4X, Marine RatedEXB LiteLED LuminaireMaterial: Aluminium GRP IronControl Station10

FittingsClass I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, DClass I, Zone 2, Groups IIC, IIB, IIAClass II, Div. 1&2, Group F, GClass IIICSA Enclousure Type AX, IP66NEMA 4X, Marine RatedMaterial: Aluminium IronFS Type Device BoxesFlexibleConduitMaterial: Brass Stainless steelFire AllarmOperatorInstrumentsEnclosureFor more detail visit Killarl web site: www.hubbell.com11

The complete MultidisciplineSupport SystemNEMA ListedEC IEC 6153712

The full system is availablein Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)- Fire retardant ASFM - E84 Class 1- Self-extinguishing UL94V-0- Ultraviolet stability ASTM A570 - ASTM G514Material:Polyester Class 1 (C1)On request:Antistatic (Black colour)Class 1A (C1A)Self-lock system ncludes vibration-proof sets3D ModellingAVEVA PDMSINTERGRAPH13

Multicableand Pipe TransitFire barriers and seals penetration systems for cables and pipes forsea and land application. Reliable seals fire and explosion proof,water, smoke and gases tight.MCT Brattberg is assessed and certified in accordance with thestandard ISO 9001. The seals are certified by a wide variety ofclassification societies all over the world.The MCT Brattberg system is ingeniously simple. It is built around twocomponents: the frame and the insert block.CertificatesFramesATEX RGS type for standard marineapplications. RGSC and RGSR types withround corners for heavy duty marine applications. RGB type land applications. RGP type for installation in holesor pipe.EMC SystemFrame material-ASTM A 36 steelAISI 316 stainless steelAluminiumComposite resin with glass fibre (RGS6 only)14

Mounting Componentsand Lycron Prelubricated BlocksCompression plate - SMC End packing - STG1 Presswedge - PTG Stay plate Spare block U-block module Standard block Addblock module (variable holediameter) Insert blocks (2 halves) EMP/EMIVersion protection(against electromagnetic pulsesand interferences) NEWHandiblockPTG-PresswedgeStandard BlocksU BlocksStayplateAddBlocksSpare Blocks15

Stainless Steel Cables Ties andBandingHigly durable coated stainless steel ties are a great option for highvolume marking and maintenance operations. These fully coatedties resist fading due to weather and harsh enviroments.Roller Cable TiesMaterial: Stainless steel AISI 304 Stainless steel AISI 316Cable TiesLadder Cable TiesMaterial: Stainless Steel AISI 304 Stainless Steel AISI 316Easy Marking SystemMaterial: Stainless Steel AISI 316ToolsRemovable Cable TiesDesigned forheavy-duty use.16Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316PVC Coated

1000 VIEC oolsAquamasterAnti-DropControlSystemTitanium17

Spare Parts and Broker SolutionOver the last few years, thanks to its deep knowledge of shipbuilding and oil industries, PIEMME BROKERhas also specialized in the supply of spare parts for companies that manage oil platforms, plants and shipyards. The company provides components for any kind of machinery, putting its skills at its clients’ disposal. This service is very useful in emergency situations when the products needed by the companiesare not specifically related to their core activity.For the supply of spare parts and for the maintenance of plants, PIEMME BROKER is the best solution because its wide range of national and international products can meet any need.For any brand, any material, any field PIEMME BROKER is able to offer the original spare parts needed.In the last few years PIEMME BROKER has opened a network in the American market through which thecompany can provide any kind of product “Made in Usa” at competitive prices. It also relies on a logisticsdepartment in Houston, thanks to which it is able to ensure the control of the provided materials and anadequate packaging for shipping, DANGEROUS materials included.Equipment & spare parts for:KitchenFitness RoomMedical Equipment18

USA MarketElectrical System & Control Piemme Broker S.r.l is dedicated to provideinternational purchasing and emergency procurements with supplier around the world for oilfield products and equipments. We have opened a network in USA Marketthrough the cooperation of important companies based in Houston. We are able to submit offers with Americanmanufacturer and have a logistic solution ableto satisfy all of customer requests.Rig Material19


Main CustomerSnamprogetti Saudi ArabiaSaipem NigeriaSPCM - Saipem PortugalSaipem S.p.A.Ersai Caspian Contract LLCPetromarBoscongoRosetti MarinoFincantieriTechnip ItalyTecnimontBHGE - Nuovo PignoneTozzi HoldingMC Dermott21

HeadquarterC E R T I F I C AT EManagement system as perEN ISO 9001:2015Evidence of conformity with the above standard(s) has been furnishedand is certified in accordance with TÜV PROFICERT procedures forOfficesPiemme Broker S.r.l.S.P.181 Angolo S.P.201, 11I - 26833 Merlino (LO)scope:Trade, assembly, modifying and supply of materials andequipment for chemical and petrochemical industrial systems.Scope: 12G02; 29G05 (EA: 12; 29/1)Certificate registration No. 73 100 3020Certificate valid from 2019-01-26 to 2022-01-25Audit report No. 4347 4794First certification 2010-01-26D-ZM-14137-01-00Darmstadt, 2019-01-18Certification body of TÜV Hessen– Head of Certification body –PAGE 1 OF 1.This certification was conducted in accordance with the TÜV PROFiCERT auditing and certification procedures and is subject toregular surveillance audits. Verifiable under Original certificates contain a glued on hologram.TÜV Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Straße 16, D-64293 Darmstadt, Tel. 49 6151/600331 Rev-GB-1711Meeting roomWarehouse22

History1995 – After more than 20 Years of experience in supplying electrical and instrumental products PIEMME BROKER S.r.l. was founded in 30 sqm office in PAULLO with 4 employees.1995 - 2009 – The company continues on its way of distributionmarket and to enter in Oil & Gas Market started an agreementwith different companies: Mct Brattberg, Hawke International,Victor Lighting, Panduit.2002 – The company moved in to a new office based in PAULLO 120 sqmm with 7 employees.2009 – This year was marked by an important event; day by day theturnover average increase and PIEMME BROKER invests in a newpropriety based in MERLINO with 950 sqmm of wharehouse and250 sqmm of office, with 12 employees.2010 – PIEMME BROKER obtains the Certificate ISO 9001:2008.ISO CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008TÜV PROFICERT2011 – A new agreement was been signed with Øglænd Systems,leader in support pipe and cable tray in stainless steel and GRP2014 – The structure has been increased with two new Technical Specialists.2016 – New agreement was been signed with Partex, Stainless Steel cable ties manufacturer.2018 – Full agreement with Hubbell Harsh and Hazardous.Brands Chalmit Lighting, Hawke International, Killark23

OIL FIELD SUPPLIESPIEMME BROKER srlS.P. 181 angolo S.P. 201, n 11 - 26833 MERLINO (LODI) - Tel. 39 02 90 63 36 21 - Fax 39 02 90 63 20 [email protected] -

Easy Marking System Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316 Removable Cable Ties Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316 PVC Coated Tools. ATEX Non Sparking Titanium Titanium Anti-Drop Insulated 1000 V Aquamaster TOOLS . PARTEX PFERD SCHNEIDER TECH