i26166hyi26166hyUser’s Manual26166hyDisplay Audio & Navigation Systemiwww.MyHyundai.comBlue Link Assistance: 855-2-BlueLink (855-225-8354)Roadside Assistance: 800-243-7766i26166hy26166hy.indd 1CMY2/3/20 7:47 PMK02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

ii26166hyiiii26166hy26166hyii26166hy26166hy.indd 2CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

iii26166hyiiiTable of Contents26166hyWelcome to Blue Link. 1Hyundai Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy . 2Enrolling in Blue Link. 3Setting Blue Link Preferences and Alerts . 5Blue Link Features Overview . 7Accessing Blue Link FeaturesSmart Phone Mobile Application . 9Using Blue Link in Your Car . 11Using Blue Link Online . 12In-Vehicle Wi-Fi . 13Blue Link FeaturesBlue Link Connected Care PackageSafetyAutomatic Collision Notification and Assistance. 14SOS Emergency Assistance. 15Enhanced Roadside Assistance . 16Car CareMonthly Vehicle Health Report . 17Automatic Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification . 18Service Link . 18On-Demand Diagnostics . 19Driving Information. 19Maintenance Alert . 20EV and PHEV Exclusive Features. 21Blue Link Remote PackageConvenienceRemote Door Unlock/Lock . 22Remote Horn/Lights . 23Remote Start with Climate Control* . 24Car Finder . 26SafeguardStolen Vehicle Recovery. 27Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. 27Vehicle Immobilization. 28Panic Notification. 28Alarm Notification. 28Valet Alert . 29Geo-Fence . 29Speed Alert . 30Curfew Alert . 30Accessible viathe Mobile AppBlue Link Guidance PackageDestination Search by Voice . 31Index26166hy. 32iii*Not available on all modelsBlue Link User’s Manualiii26166hy26166hy.indd 3CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

126166hy126166hyWelcome toBlue Link is a dynamic, telematics technology that allows Hyundaivehicles to send—and receive—important and useful information.The system uses an enhanced cellular network, with automatic roaming,that optimizes connections and prioritizes emergency requests. In yourvehicle, Blue Link uses voice-response technology, with the addition ofGPS anda live assistance team for selected needs.With Blue Link you get Automatic emergency assistance, in the unfortunateevent of a collision. The convenience of Destination Search by Voice,as well as the ability to remotely operate various vehicle features. The peace of mind that comes with in-vehicle, on-demanddiagnostics, and more Watch & Learn moreabout Hyundai Blue LinkIn addition, selected features incorporate notificationsof text messaging or email.via your choicePlease note that selected Blue Link features and notifications requirethat you first input information or set preferences online.(See Blue Link Features Overview, pages 7-8)*Not available on all models.Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc.1 I Blue Link User’s Manual126166hy26166hy.indd 1CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy1NOTICE: THIS VEHICLE MAY UTILIZES 3G WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, WHICHIS EXPECTED TO NO LONGER FUNCTION AFTER 2022. YOUR VEHICLE WILLBE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO BLUE LINK SERVICES AFTER 2022 AND MAYNOT BE UPDATED TO SUPPORT OTHER TECHNOLOGIES.26166hyAn available smart phone mobile app gives you direct access to selectedRemote features such as Remote Start with Climate Control* and RemoteDoor Lock/Unlock.

226166hy226166hyHyundai Vehicle Owner Privacy PolicyYour Hyundai vehicle may be equipped with technologies and services thatuse information collected, generated, recorded or stored by the vehicle.Hyundai has created a Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy to explain how thesetechnologies and services collect, use, and share this information.You may read our Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy on the Hyundaiusa.comwebsite at px. Ifyou would like to receive a hard copy of our Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy,please contact our Customer Connect Center at:Hyundai Motor AmericaHyundai Customer Care CenterP.O. Box 20850Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850800-633-5151 [email protected]’s Customer Connect Center representatives are available Mondaythrough Friday, between the hours of 5:00 AM and 7:00 PM PST andSaturday and Sunday between 6:30 AM and 3:00 PM PST (English). ForCustomer Connect Center assistance in Spanish or Korean, representativesare available Monday through Friday between 6:30 AM and 3:00 PM PST.2f Google Inc.Blue Link User’s Manual I 2226166hy26166hy.indd 2CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

326166hy326166hyEnrolling in Blue LinkEnrollment begins with creating an account on, theHyundai owner website that you can use to access your Blue Linkpreferences as well as a number of other ownership tools.You can do this at your dealership or at home.If you have not done so already, go to and select“register”.On the REGISTRATION screen, you will provide basic information aboutyou and your vehicle that will be automatically populated into your BlueLink Enrollment and Preferences screens. Please note that you will needyour Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to complete this step.326166hyAfter the enrollment process, you can learn about all the Blue Link featuresand the associated packages—at, and try themduring your free trial periods. In order to setup feature preferences, log onto your Blue Link account on I Blue Link User’s Manual326166hy26166hy.indd 3CMY2/3/20 7:47 PMK02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

426166hy426166hy3 Blue Link PackagesBlue Link services come in three packages:Connected Care Safety:– Automatic Collison Notification and Assistance– Enhanced Roadside Assistance– SOS Emergency Assistance Car Care:– Driving Information– On-Demand Diagnostics– Automatic Diagnostics Trouble Code Notification– Monthly Vehicle Health Report– Maintenance Alert*– Service LinkRemote Remote Service: Vehicle Safeguard:– Remote Door Lock/– Stolen VehicleUnlockRecovery– Remote Horn/Lights– Stolen VehicleSlowdown– Remote Start withClimate Control*– VehicleImmobilization– Car Finder****–Alarm Notification– Parking Meter Reminder– Panic Notification Vehicle Safeguard Alert***:– Valet Alert– Geo-Fence– Speed Alert– Curfew AlertGuidance*** Destination Search by Voice Destination Send-to-CarPurchasing PackagesOwners can subscribe to Blue Link packages in the following groupingsafter applicable complimentary or trial periods: Connected Care Connected Care Remote Guidance Connected Care Remote Connected Care Guidance* Not available on all models, ** Available via Mobile App only, ***Only availabe onmodels equipped with factory-install navigation systemBlue Link User’s Manual I 4426166hy26166hy.indd 4CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy4When selling or trading in your vehicle, you are entitled to a refund ofany unused portion of your subscription.Please call 855-2-BlueLink (855-225-8354) to cancel your subscription.26166hyCancelling Packages

526166hy526166hySetting Blue Link Preferences and alerts1. To get started with Blue Link, log on to andselect Blue Link from side menu.Blue Link Home page2. Selecting Preferences and AlertsThis is where the rubber hits the road - where you are able to select,activate, adjust and control the settings for the Blue Link system in yourHyundai. Explore everything! You might be surprised at how easy to use and practical - many of these amazing features are: Add Secondary Drivers Add Emergency Contacts Update Blue Link PIN Set Notifications View Monthly Vehicle Health Report Activate Remote Features Destination Search by Voice Geo-Fence* Speed Alert*26166hy Curfew Alert*5*Only available on models equipped with factory-install navigation system5 I Blue Link User’s Manual526166hy26166hy.indd 5CMY2/3/20 7:47 PMK02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

626166hy626166hySetting or Changing Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)To protect your vehicle and your privacy, many Blue Link features—andthe Smart Phone Mobile App—require a secure Personal IdentificationNumber (PIN) to allow activation. You will set your PIN during the Blue Linkenrollment process.To change your PIN, select My Account from the side menu and edit BlueLink PIN. Input your MyHyundai account password, create a new PIN and keepa record of it for later reference. Your PIN should not begin with a zero (0).Personal Identification Number (PIN) Preferences screen626166hyWatch & Learn moreabout Hyundai Blue LinkAccount SettingsBlue Link User’s Manual I 6626166hy26166hy.indd 6CMY2/3/20 7:47 PMK02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

726166hy726166hyBlue Link Features OverviewPreferencesWebsiteMobileAppCONNECTED CAREAuto Diagnostic Trouble CodeNotificationAutomatic Collision Notification(ACN)Driving InformationEnhanced Roadside AssistanceMaintenance Reminder6,7Monthly Vehicle Health ReportOn-Demand DiagnosticsService LinkSOS Emergency AssistanceREMOTEAlarm NotificationVehicle Safeguard Alerts6,7Curfew AlertGeo-FenceSpeed AlertValet AlertCar FinderParking Meter ReminderRemote Door Unlock / LockRemote Horn & LightsRemote Start with ClimateControl4Stolen Vehicle RecoveryStolen Vehicle SlowdownVehicle ImmobilizationAccess to FeatureIn-VehicleDisplay DANCE7Destination Search by VoiceDestination Send-to-CarXXX1) Live Agent Assistance2) Within 1 mile radius3) Option to schedule service is provided following an Auto DTC occurrence4) Remote Start is only available for Push Button Start-equipped vehicles withan AutomaticTransmission or Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Remote ClimateControl requires Fully Automatic Temperature Control.726166hyFeatures and Packages are subject to change.7 I Blue Link User’s Manual726166hy26166hy.indd 7CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

826166hy826166hyAccess to FeatureWebsiteNotifications and MessagesMobileAppText MessagingEmailXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNotification 166hy5) Access to all Blue Link services will remain unavailable while the vehicle is in StolenVehicle Recovery mode6) Not available on all models7) Only available on models equipped with factory-install navigation systemBlue Link User’s Manual I 8826166hy26166hy.indd 8CMK2/3/20 7:47 PM02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl 2/26166hy

926166hy926166hyAccessing Blue Link FeaturesSmart Phone Mobile ApplicationYou can download the Blue Link Mobile Apps on yoursmart phone from the following sites: iPhone — Apple App Store AndroidTM — GoogleTM PlayBlue Link AppPlease note: Remote Start with Climate Control is only available for Push ButtonStart-equipped vehicles with an Automatic Transmission or DualClutch Transmission (DCT) and Fully Automatic Temperature Control. See page 24 of this manual for additional information about RemoteStart with Climate Control.26166hy The app will display a pop up window giving users the option to openor download the appropiate smartphone app based on their vehicleselection.9 Search “Hyundai Blue Link” to quickly find all Blue Link relatedmobile apps on GoogleTM Play or the App Store.9 I Blue Link User’s Manual926166hy26166hy.indd 9CMY2/3/20 7:47 PMK02.03.2020 19:53PM26166hy5.000 in x 8.250 inHyundai Motor Americakarenl (sa1)26166hyrcalvopi

free trial period to receive Blue Link services, including emergency notification services. Rearview Mirror in HomeLink – equipped models if equipped if equipped