Information Meeting:Proposed ClosureofMidway Elementary SchoolSchool District No. 51 (Boundary)January 24, 2022


TrusteesIntroductions Rose Zitko, ChairJaime Massey, Vice ChairMark DanylukBronwen BirdLarisa van MarckCindy StrukoffKatie JepsenSenior Management Anna Lautard, Superintendent of Schools Miranda Burdock, Secretary-Treasurer David Reid, Director of Operations

Information Meeting: Monday, January 24, 2022Presenting information to trustees and publicInformation package reflective of tonight's presentation willbe availableConsultationProcessTimelineWritten Submission TimelineDeadline: Thursday, February 17, 2022For those individuals affected by proposed closureMail, fax, or emailPhone discussions not acceptedPublic Meeting(s)Thursday, February 24, 2022, at 6 pm in MidwayTentatively - Thursday, March 3 or 10, 2022, if neededTo discuss the proposed closure, share written submissionsand listen to community concerns and proposed options

Midway ElementarySchool

Facility Built in 1948 Originally had 3 classrooms and went up to Grade 10 Enlarged and renovated in 1978 Gym and library added Variety of configurations over the years Has been K– 3 for at least the past 12 years Currently 2 classrooms, with a library and a gym, as well as a StrongStart Outreachprogram6

Educational Staff 2.625 teaching time allocated 2 full-time classroom positions 1 part-time (0.625) for prep, Library, Literacy Support and release time for non-enrolling Also works at Greenwood Elementary (0.375) Non-enrolling Programs 0.25 Learning Support for students who need additional support 0.125 Library 0.17 Literacy Support 0.25 principal who also teaches prep at MES 0.25 principal, prep teacher at Greenwood Elementary 0.25 district responsibilities for west end of district7

Support Staff 2 educational assistants 0.50 clerical (works out of Greenwood) 0.50 Indigenous Culture and Student Success Facilitator – also 0.50 at Greenwood Elementary 0.25 Child and Youth Care Worker - also at Greenwood, West Boundary and Beaverdell 0.25 StrongStart Facilitator – also at Greenwood, West Boundary & Beaverdell StrongStart Centres 1 supervisor (should have 2 supervisors) Custodian for 5 hours a day Also have itinerant staff who support students Speech language pathologists, Applied Behaviour Analyst, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy8

Students 31 students 15 students in K/1 16 students in Grade 2/3 29% (9 of 31) of students are from Midway 71% (22 of 31) of students are from Greenwood 36% self-declare Indigenous ancestry Across SD 51, students have significant needs that we need to meet, and MES is nodifferent Support needed for learning and behavioural challenges9


Staffing / Student Learning Attracting qualified specialist teachers difficult when position divided between 2 schools Learning Support Teacher must be qualified to give Level B assessments Librarian and Literacy Support positions Student support fragmented for students at Midway Elementary and Greenwood Elementary 1 day a week from Child and Youth Care Worker 2 days a week from Indigenous Culture and Student Success Facilitator Principal who travels between schools When at one school, cannot physically support other school – students and staff Valuable time is lost on travel – sometimes multiple times in a day Difficulty offering intramurals or coaching because of travel between schools11

Staffing / Student Learning cont. If staff absent with no replacement, domino effect for both schools Principal must cover so unable to do prep or other components of job Takes away time from other students, not able to give full attention Additional supervision during unstructured times If supervisor unable to work, falls on principal or other staff to cover Takes time out of classroom if educational assistant covers Principal again can be pulled from other school Logistics around supplies that are shared between 2 schools Not easily available for staff who need something for their teaching12

Facility Age and condition of building is a challenge In 2018, SD 51 completed a provincial architectural review that is used to calculate thefacility condition index (FCI) comparing the maintenance, repair and replacementdeficiencies of the facility with its replacement value. MES is rated as “very poor” Roofing assessment in 2020 Needs replacement and insulation added: 400 000 Has priority 3 asbestos removal assessment Any project requires pre-inventory assessment and abatement (project audit) However, MES is not the only school that has a low rating13

FCI Rating IndexFacilities Only Excellent – Under 0.05 Good: 0.05 – 0.15 Average – 0.15 – 0.30SD 51 Facilities Poor – 0.30 – 0.60 Very Poor – 0.60 and aboveSD 51 FacilitiesSchool Board Office – Midway0.85Technology Building0.57Bus Garage – Grand Forks0.80Hutton Elementary0.55Boundary Central Secondary – Main0.73Boundary Central – Industrial/Arts0.55Perley Elementary – Main0.70Greenwood Elementary0.52Midway Elementary0.69Board Office – Grand Forks0.45West Boundary Elementary0.69Christina Lake Elementary0.42Beaverdell Elementary0.66Hutton Hideaway0.36Glanville Centre0.63Perley Indigenous Education0.36Grand Forks Secondary0.62Big White Community School0.21Bus Garage – Midway0.6114

ImplicationsofProposed Closure

If Midway Elementary closed: Date: June 30, 2022 Students in Midway would be bused to Greenwood Elementary School (K to 7) No change to staffing for 2022/23 year - MES educational staff will transition to Greenwood 4 divisions 5 full-time Teachers (Learning Assistance, Library, prep) 4 full-time Educational Assistants 1 full-time Indigenous Culture and Student Success Facilitator 1 half-time Child and Youth Care Worker 0.50 Principal who still teaches .25 prep and has .25 district responsibilities (but at GES nearlyfull-time) 1 full-time clerical Custodial to be determined16

Financial 95% of annual operating revenue is through grant from the Ministry of Education Allocation of grant is largely based on student FTE and school configurations No change to Enrolment-based Funding or Supplement for Unique Student Needs Projected impact to Supplement for Unique Geographic Factors as follows:MES K-3, GES 4-7GES K to 7DifferenceSmall Community Supplement2,560,8682,339,451-221,417Low Enrolment Factor1,665,6251,665,6250Rural Factor194,330194,3300Climate arseness FactorStudent Location FactorSupplemental Student Location FactorTotal17

Potential Savings Maintenance (facilities and grounds) No reduction in staffing, staff re-deployed Supplies/equipment (custodial) Utilities Insurance Mileage Not doubling up on educational resources Library, gym equipment, science equipment, technology (iPads, photocopier), PAsystems18

Busing Tentatively Pick up at Midway Elementary at 8 am with school starting at 8:35 School day ends at 3:12 with drop off at Midway Elementary around 4:15 pmRenovations Minor renovations to change Greenwood Elementary back to K-7 school Can be completed Summer 2022StrongStart No plans for the Outreach program in Midway at this time, but hours for facilitator will be maintained insome capacity in the west end of the district19

Possible Uses of MES Nothing definitive Possible to have agreement with other stakeholder groups to lease part of building Grants available for capital projects so district not bearing cost of renovations Lease agreements to cover costs and/or generate revenue Ministry of Education will soon have childcare portfolio District may work with non-profit groups to provide childcare or preschool, or it maydecide to apply for a license Cannot be for profit Focus on quality programing which would need qualified early childhood educator Would have to align with SD 51 vision and mission District is open to discussion20

Submission Process Individuals affected by the proposed closure of Midway Elementary may submit their concernsto School District 51 in three ways: Mail: Box 640, Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0 Fax: 250 442 8800 Email: [email protected] Deadline is Thursday, February 17, 2022 Full name and address must be on submissions Written responses may be referred to at subsequent public forums respecting the closure, unlessthe correspondent specifically states in the written response that they wish to remainanonymous.21

Future Meetings To discuss the proposed closure, summarize written submissions, and listen tocommunity concerns and proposed options. 6 pm on Thursday, February 24, 2022, in Midway If necessary, 6 pm on Thursday, March 3 or March 10, 2022 Trustees to make decision at Regular Board meeting on Tuesday, March 15, 2022If you want an information package, or require additional information, please callthe School Board Office at 250 442 825822


School Board Office –Midway 0.85 Bus Garage –Grand Forks 0.80 Boundary Central Secondary –Main 0.73 Perley Elementary –Main 0.70 Midway Elementary 0.69 West Boundary Elementary 0.69 Beaverdell Elementary 0.66 Glanville Centre 0.63 Grand Forks Secondary 0.62 Bus Garage –Midway