i.MX Applications Processor eReaderRoadmap 1st Gen EPDC 2 and 3 Gen EPD ControllerndEnterpriseColor9” H/WEPDCrd4th Gen EPD ControllerDual Core GPUUltimate FlexibilityH/W REGALM4Extreme Standbyi.MX6DualLiteEPDC / Power /Performancei.MX 7DualMainstreamLatest PanelREAGL6”Performance Cost Mixi.MX50i.MX 6SoloLitei.MX 6SoloLitei.MX 6SLLValueGen TrailingPanel5”-6”i.MX 6ULLProductionProduct ples1Cortex-A9Cortex-A9 M4Cortex-A7Cortex-A7 M4CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYNDA OnlyCortex-A53 M4Cortex-A35 M42017

i.MX Applications Processor POS RoadmapPCI 3.0POSi.MX 6DualLite K21FIntegratedi.MX 6Solo K21FPCI 4.1PreCertRich OSCryptoVideo3D GPUPreCertK21Fi.MX 6DualPlusPreCertRich OS3D GPUVideoRich OSElliptical CryptoActive Tamperi.MX 7DualRich OS3D GPUVideoi.MX 8XKXRich OSElliptical CryptoActive TamperPreCertBasic Rich OSSecure BootAnti-TamperePOSPCI 5.0i.MX 7SoloSleevePreCertPreCertPreCerti.MX7i.MX 6ULi.MX25PreCertK81mPOSDonglePure SwiperChip-n-PinPinPadRTOSSecure BootAnti-TamperPreCertK21FProduct tex-A9Cortex-A9 M4Cortex-A7Cortex-A7 M4CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYNDA OnlyRTOSSecure BootElliptical CryptoAnti-TamperCortex-A53 M4Cortex-A35 M42017

i.MX Applications Processor Smart Home RoadmapConnected Smart Home 1.0WiFi/BT/15.4EnterpriseGatewayConnected Smart Home 2.0Thread/Weave/Brillo/Home KitSmart Home-IoT – Cloud IntegrationHigh Speed Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet/PCI-EHigh Speed ConnectivityGigabit Ethernet/PCI-Ei.MX 8M Quadi.MX 6DuaLitei.MX 7Duali.MX 8DualXHMP: Low Power & SecurityHMP: Low Power & SecurityThermostatHome ControlHMP– Low Power/Portable & Securityi.MX7i.MX 7Soloi.MX 7ULPi.MX 6SoloXi.MX7Low CostHeadlessControl units/ Solar Panelcontroli.MX28i.MX MX7i.MX 6ULProduct QualPlanningExecutioni.MX 7ULPCortex-A9Cortex-A9 M4Cortex-A7Cortex-A7 M4CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYNDA Only2017 Cortex-A53 M4Cortex-A35 M4

i.MX Applications Processor Wearables & Battery Operated Roadmap1st Generation WearablesHigh Performance GPUEnterpriseWearables – Low Power, small packageMulti-Core Performancei.MX 6Dual/Quad PoPScalable Wearables PortfolioHigh Performance GPU/VPUi.MX 8DualXi.MX 6Dual/Quad PoPi.MX 7DualLow PowerMainstreamIndustriali.MX 8MSoloLow Power, small package sizerunning Android/LinuxHeterogeneous Processing – lowPoweri.MX 6SoloLitei.MX 7Soloi.MX7i.MX 7ULPValueConsumerLow Costi.MX7i.MX28i.MX 6ULi.MX 6ULLProduct QualPlanningExecution A9 M4Cortex-A7Cortex-A7 M4CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYNDA OnlyCortex-A53 M4Cortex-A35 M42017

i.MX Applications Processor Home/Network Audio RoadmapM4VoiceMulti RoomSoundbarAVRWithConnectivityi.MX 8M Quadi.MX 6Dual/Quad PlusDSPi.MX 6Dual/Quadi.MX 8Dual/QuadXPlusDSPi.MX 8DualXM4Entry,Multi RoomwithConnectivityM4M4i.MX 7Duali.MX 8M Soloi.MX 6SoloXi.MX 6SLLM4Entry,PortableM4i.MX 7Soloi.MX28i.MX 7ULPi.MX 6UltraLitei.MX233Product Quali.MX 6ULL20172016Production AvailableProposalPlanningExecution ProductionSamples5CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYCortex-A9Cortex-A9 M4M4Cortex-A7Cortex-A7 M4NDA OnlyCortex-A53 M4Cortex-A35 M4M4


Linux Multiple Display NXP Multi display solution is to putdifferent images/video on fourdisplay devices at the same time. 1x 1080p HDMI2x 720p LVDS1x WVGA LCDTarget on Linux 3.10.17i.MX6Q SABRESD BoardBlock Diagram of the IPU DI Port for Multiple Display7CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYData Flow for Frame Buffer

Android Triple-Display The user can play different video by clicking control button for specifyingthe target device. 1x 1080p HDMI2x 720p LVDSTarget on Android KitKat 4.4.3i.MX6Q SABRESD Board8CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

CVBS 360 Surround View - PCIeHDMI DisplayAnalogCamerasD1i.MX 6Q SDBIntersil TW6865PCIe Interface 4x D1 Analog CameraPCIe inputHDMI outputTarget on Linux 3.10.17i.MX6Q SABRESD Board9CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

CVBS 360 Surround View – MIPI CSI 104x D1 Analog CameraMIPI CSI inputHDMI display outputCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYTarget on Linux 3.10.53i.MX6Q SABRESD Board

LVDS 360 Surround View – MIPI CSI 4x 720p Digital CameraMIPI CSI inputHDMI display outputTarget on Linux 3.10.53i.MX6Q SABREAI Board11CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

Ethernet 360 Surround View 4x 720p Digital CameraEthernet inputLVDS display outputTarget on Linux 3.14.28i.MX6Q/DL SABRESD Board12CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

Digital Cluster13 Virtual cluster demo is built on top of the Linux fastboot demonstrationpublished in the IMXCommunity. The boot time is roughly 1.2s.The demonstration is based onL3.0.101 4.1.1 BSP release running on i.MX6Q/DL SDP board.CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

HDMI MHL-In This reference design shows how to make a HDMI/MHL output deviceaccess to i.MX platform through the ADV7481 which act as a bridge thatconvert HDMI/MHL signal to MIPI (video) & I2S (audio) signal. The ADV7481 MHL 2.1 capable receiver supports a maximum pixel clockfrequency of 75 MHz, allowing resolutions up to 720p/1080i at 60 Hz in 24bit mode. The ADV7481 HDMI capable receiver supports a maximum pixelclock frequency of 162 MHz, allowing HDTV formats up to 1080p, anddisplay resolutions up to UXGA (1600 1200 at 60 Hz). Below is theHDMI/MHL IN system block diagramTarget on Linux 3.10.53 and Android KitKat 4.4.2 on i.MX6Q/DL SDB 14CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

Android KitKat EInk Support15 Android is a common operation system in portable devices includingmobile phone and tablet, also a choice for eReader. There is a device driver in Linux kernel to support E-Ink feature but it isneeded to modify the Android framework so that Android application willnot handle any additional update requirement of E-Ink. Target on Android KitKat 4.4.2CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

ThinClient16 Receiver is a Linux application that provides access to a session runningon a server. When the connection to the server is established, it is similar to workingon a local computer on the client side Target on Linux 3.0.35 for i.MX6Q/DL SABRESD BoardCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

QQ IoT 17QQ IoT on i.MX6UL EVK (Linux) and i.MX6Q Piano Pi (Android) BoardCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY

i.MX Applications Processor POS Roadmap Production Pending NDA Only Rich OS 3D GPU Video 2015 PCI 3.0 PCI 4.1 2016 POS Integrated ePOS Sleeve mPOS Dongle Pure Swiper Chip-n-Pin PinPad i.MX 7Dual i.MX 7Solo i.MX 6UL Pre Cert Rich OS Elliptical Crypto Active Tamper Basic Rich OS Secure Boot Ant