december 2017MUTUAL FUND Investor GuideTHE ETF Investor Guidemutualfundinvestorguide.comMatthew D. SauerFounder & ChiefInvestment OfficerMatthew Sauer is theFounder and ChiefInvestment Officer of theMutual Fund Investor Guidefamily of newsletters.Each month he analyzesand provides buy, sell andhold recommendations forhundreds of mutual fundsand ETFs in threenewsletters: The InvestorGuide to Fidelity Funds,The ETF Investor Guideand The Investor Guide toVanguard Funds.Matthew is also theFounder and ChiefInvestment Officer ofMDS Wealth Advisors,a Registered InvestmentAdvisor that providespersonalized investmentsolutions.In ThisIssue1 Perspective2 Portfolio Updates3 Model Portfolios4 Data & Rankings15 ETF Spotlight:Large-Cap ValueETFsMarket Perspective:Stocks Conclude AnotherSuccessful YearInvestors priced tax cuts into the market lastmonth, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 5.93 percent. Heavily taxed sectorsoutperformed, and a rotation into financialsbegan. The Federal Reserve hiked interest ratesas expected and signaled a hawkish 2018.The tax reform bill has been especially beneficial for industrials, banks and retail. The SPDRfunds covering these sectors, XLI, KBE andXRT, rose 6.68, 6.61 and 11.52 percent, respectively. All outperformed the market. SPDRTechnology (XLK) gained a solid 3.05 percent,but that was only a little over half of the DowIndustrials’ increase.The industrial sector saw strength in severalsubsectors. iShares Transportation (IYT) gained10.39 percent in the past month, iShares U.S.Home Construction (ITB) 5.60 percent andiShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense (ITA) 5.77percent. President Trump’s long-awaited infrastructure plan could strengthen industrials evenfurther. Global X Infrastructure Development(PAVE) advanced 6.99 percent over the pastmonth ahead of a rumored January announcement. PowerShares Dynamic Building &Construction (PKB) rallied 3.94 percent. PKBoutperformed PAVE from March (PAVE inception date) through late November, but PAVEhas outperformed since then. PKB has benefited from greater exposure to homebuilders,but PAVE from a purer play on large infrastructure construction. Both funds maintain “Buy”ratings this month.Dividend ETFs have also performed well overthe past month. Vanguard Dividend Appreciation (VIG) rose 5.37 percent. WisdomTree U.S.Quality Dividend Growth (DGRW) increased5.60 percent, Schwab U.S. Dividend (SCHD)5.35 percent, PowerShares Dividend Achievers(PFM) 5.33 percent and iShares Core DividendGrowth (DGRO) 5.12 percent.Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen attended herlast Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)meeting in December. Fed officials hiked interest rates a quarter point to a range of 1.25to 1.50 percent. The Fed statement was largelyunchanged from the prior meeting. The Fed’sforecast for economic growth and unemployment both shifted in a bullish direction, whilethe inflation forecast was lowered. The majorityof Fed officials expect three rate increases in2018. The futures market speculators think aJune hike is likely, but as of mid-December seeonly two hikes in 2018.The U.S. economy expanded by 3.3 percentin the third quarter. As of December 19, theAtlanta Federal Reserve’s GDP Now modelforecasts 3.3 percent growth in the fourth quarter. The New York Fed’s Nowcast predicted 4.0percent growth as of December 15. The NewYork Fed also anticipates 3.1 percent growth inthe first quarter of 2018.Analysts forecast 10.6 percent growth infourth-quarter S&P 500 earnings, down veryslightly from the September 30 consensus forecast of 11.3 percent. It signals optimism amonganalysts. If recent history holds, the finalgrowth rate in S&P 500 earnings is likely to bein the low teens. Sales growth estimates haverisen from 5.7 percent to 6.6 percent during thequarter.Growth is expected in every S&P 500 sector.Energy’s expected growth of 126.3 percentrepresents the highest relative, as it is still recovering from depressed earnings. Materials,technology, financials and utilities are forecastto grow earnings by 28.3, 15.3, 12.2 and 12.0percent. Industrial estimates fell from 10.2 to1.8 percent as forecasts for General Electric(GE) declined. Shares of GE fell more than 25percent in the fourth quarter ahead of its dividend cut and restructuring announcement.Chinese economic data showed investmentslowing in November, but lending is still growing at a healthy clip. The central bank injected(continued on page 2)1

The ETF Investor GuideMarket Perspective: Stocks Conclude Another Successful Year (continued)money into the banking system to stabilize the yuan. If the government continues propping up the economy withliquidity, it will support growth and, byextension, commodity prices in 2018,but at the expense of a greater slowdownlater. China’s natural gas prices ralliedfaster than bitcoin’s as part of a pollution reduction effort. China investedin new production, but the results havemissed forecasts. As a result, Chineseimports soared. Liquefied natural gas(LNG) prices in Asia hit a 5-year highand are more than triple the U.S. price.The National Association of Homebuilders confidence index hit 74 in December, the highest reading since 1999.The tax bill provides a double benefitfor homebuilders. In addition to reducing the relatively high tax burden, itwill also increase the take-home pay ofhomebuyers. Housing starts in November also beat expectations. Although thehousing sector is doing well, the pace ofnew home sales is on par with the 1960sand 1980s expansions. Adjusting forModel Portfolio UpdatesThe Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed5.93 percent last month, the Russell 2000Index 4.56 percent, the S&P 500 Index 4.33percent, the Nasdaq 3.44 percent and theMSCI EAFE 1.73 percent.In 2017, the Nasdaq has risen 28.86 percent.The Dow Jones Industrial Average has advanced 24.74 percent, the S&P 500 19.52percent, the MSCI EAFE 19.24 percent andthe Russell 2000 12.76 percent.We made no changes to the portfolios thismonth.The ETF Aggressive Sector Portfolio increased 4.55 percent in the past month. Itis up 20.71 percent this year. SPDR S&PRegional Bank (KRE) rose 6.11 percent,SPDR Industrials (XLI) 6.09 percent andVanguard Consumer Staples (VDC) 5.03percent.population growth, there’s still plenty ofupside for the sector.The U.S. Dollar Index declined slightlyover the past month. The outlook for thedollar remains bullish, but even without a stronger dollar, faster economicgrowth and higher interest rates makethe U.S. a relatively attractive destination among developed markets. SPDRS&P 500 (SPY) gained 4.46 percentover the past month. iShares MSCIEAFE (EFA) returned 1.98 percent,and iShares MSCI Emerging Markets(EEM) 1.16 percent. This marks thethird consecutive month of outperformance by SPY versus EAFE, and thesecond versus emerging markets.The outlook for emerging markets isclouded by Chinese growth. Emergingmarkets saw a significant run in 2017,and many could experience pullbacks.European ETFs such as iShares MSCIEurozone (EZU) experienced their bestperformance from March through May,culminating with the French election.The ETF Straight Growth Portfolio returned 4.06 percent last month. VanguardValue (VTV) increased 5.38 percent andVanguard Dividend Appreciation (VIG)5.37 percent. Rydex S&P MidCap 400 PureGrowth (RFG) outperformed expectations,rising 4.18 percent. The portfolio has increased 19.80 percent this year.The ETF Balanced Growth Portfolio increased 2.15 percent last month. VanguardDividend Appreciation (VIG) led with a return of 5.37 percent. WisdomTree MidCapDividend (DON) increased 4.51 percent.The portfolio is up 9.75 percent in 2017.The ETF Conservative Income Portfolio gained 1.51 percent in the past month.It is up 7.93 percent this year. iSharesCore High Dividend (HDV) climbed5.93 percent. Vanguard Dividend Appreciation (VIG) returned 5.93 percent.2 DECEMBER 2017 PHONE: (888) 252-5372The European Central Bank is stillbuying bonds as part of its quantitativeeasing program, while the Federal Reserve is shrinking its balance sheet. Aweaker euro is a headwind for EuropeanETFs that are denominated in euros,but not for currency-hedged ETFs suchas WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity(HEDJ).Financial website Benzinga has namedCharles Schwab the best broker for ETFinvestors. The firm offers ample research and help for investors, along witha low fee of 4.95 for shares that aren’tcommission-free. The average expenseratio on its own ETFs is 0.12 percent,with the cheapest charging just 0.03percent. Unlike other brokers, Schwabdoesn’t charge early redemption fees oncommission-free ETFs. The win followsaggressive cost cutting at Schwab in itsbid to become the leader in ETF investing.The ETF Global Portfolio rose 2.06 percent in the past month. The portfolio is up15.11 percent this year. PowerShares International Dividend Achievers (PID) increased 3.25 percent. iShares S&P Global100 (IOO) rallied 3.16 percent.The ETF Aggressive Value Portfolio advanced 2.26 percent in the past month. It isup 19.30 percent this year. SPDR S&P Regional Bank (KRE) increased 6.11 percent,while SPDR S&P Pharma (XPH) added5.91 percent.The ETF Bear Market Portfolio increased0.87 percent last month. The portfolio is up4.65 percent in 2017. Schwab U.S. Dividend (SCHD) climbed 5.35 percent. iSharesU.S. Preferred (PFF) returned 1.05 percent.

Model PortfoliosETF Aggressive Sector PortfolioTickerKREIBBVDCFHLCXLIIYFXLKNameSPDR S&P Regional BankiShares Nasdaq BiotechVanguard Consumer StaplesFidelity MSCI HealthcareIndustrial Select SPDRiShares US FinancialsTechnology Select Sect SPDRTOTALETF Straight Growth PortfolioTickerUSMVVIGVTVRFGCWBNameiShares US Minimum VolVanguard Div AppreciationVanguard ValueRydex S&P MidCap 400 PureSPDR Barc Convertible SecsTOTALETF Balanced Growth PortfolioTickerDONVIGHYGMINTBKLNCWBNameWisdomTree MidCap DivVanguard Div AppreciationiShares High Yield BondPIMCO Short MaturityPowerShares Senior LoanSPDR Barc Convertible SecsTOTALETF Conservative Income PortfolioTickerHDVHYGVIGMINTSPSBCWBNameiShares Core High DividendiShares High Yield BondVanguard Div AppreciationPIMCO Short MaturitySPDR Short Term Corp BondSPDR Barc Convertible SecsTOTALETF Global PortfolioTickerHYLSBNDXPIDIOOIHDGNameFirst Trust Tactical High YieldVanguard Intl BondPwrShrs Int'l Divid Ach.iShares S&P Global 100WTree Intl Hedged DivTOTALETF Aggressive Value PortfolioTickerIEFKREXPHVGTHEDJXBINameiShares 7-10 Yr TreasurySPDR S&P Regional BankSPDR S&P PharmaVanguard Info TechWTree Europe HedgedSPDR S&P BiotechTOTALETF Bear Market PortfolioTickerBSVIAUUSDUMINTPFFSCHDNameVanguard Short Term BondiShares Comex GoldWTree US Dollar BullishPIMCO Short MaturityiShares US PreferredSchwab U.S. DividendTOTAL(Data provided as of 9.30%YTD1.23%8.84%-6.69%1.74%8.70%20.19%4.65%Value 29,355.61 24,517.37 14,313.15 44,272.22 34,084.46 49,998.76 44,263.08 240,804.65Value 55,067.10 73,251.44 20,027.72 35,473.87 23,050.89 206,871.01Value 39,398.60 25,376.21 28,485.70 21,088.17 31,421.15 22,075.81 167,845.64Value 21,202.83 35,144.70 12,033.34 26,829.66 36,929.58 20,794.09 152,934.20Value 11,981.25 35,587.87 13,536.46 49,793.34 38,193.98 149,092.91Value 33,806.24 17,689.16 13,716.01 41,276.50 15,263.35 22,834.58 144,585.84Value 21,851.86 9,422.70 16,106.33 14,455.41 14,256.77 17,080.96 93, DECEMBER 2017 3

The ETF Investor GuideData & Rankings(Data provided as of 12/15/17)% Return (3 and 5 Years Annualized)SymbolNameNAVRankAdviceYTD1 Month 3 Month1 Year3 Year5 ield %Beta3 YearSD3 YearExpenseRatioLarge Cap SPYGVUGFirst Trust Large Cap Gr AlphaDEX ETF61.07iShares Core US Growth54.20iShares S&P 500 Growth153.97iShares Russell 1000 Growth135.35iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Growth157.33Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF112.28Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Tr Stk ETF272.15PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF41.49First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Wtd ETF58.31PowerShares QQQ ETF157.62First Trust NASDAQ-100 ex-Tech Sect ETF48.74Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth ETF105.33Schwab US Large-Cap Growth70.93SPDR S&P 500 Growth ETF33.11Vanguard Growth SUSAVIGVTIVVXLGiShares Core Dividend GrowthWisdomTree U.S. Quality Div GrowthiShares MSCI KLD 400 SocialWisdomTree Earnings 500 ETFPowerShares Russell Top 200 Eq WeightWisdomTree Total Earnings ETFFidelity Dividend ETF for Rising RatesFirst Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX ETFSchwab Fundamental US Broad MarketSchwab Fundamental US Large CompanyiShares Core S&P Total US Stock MktiShares Core S&P 500iShares Russell 1000iShares Russell Top 200iShares Russell 3000iShares Dow Jones USiShares Morningstar Large-CapVanguard Mega Cap ETFVanEck Mstar Wide Moat ETFiShares S&P 100PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite ETFPowerShares Dividend Achievers ETFPowerShares Buyback Achievers ETFGuggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFSchwab US Broad Market ETFSchwab US Dividend Equity ETFSchwab US Large-CapPowerShares S&P 500 High Quality ETFSPDR Portfolio Large CapSPDR Portfolio Mid CapSPDR Portfolio Total Stock MarketSPDR S&P 500 ETFiShares MSCI USA ESG SelectVanguard Dividend Appreciation ETFVanguard Total Stock Market ETFVanguard Large-Cap ETFGuggenheim Russell Top 50 Mega Cap 2999399979797979499959597CVYDEFDHSDIAGuggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETFGuggenheim Defensive Equity ETFWisdomTree Equity Income ETFSPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF22.2547.1573.27246.2578979598BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong .201.61 10.820.62 8.550.789.141.05 .45Large Cap BlendStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyBuyBuyStrong BuyBuyBuyBuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyBuyBuyStrong 11.781.381.772.011.571.831.761.81Large Cap Value4 DECEMBER 2017 PHONE: (888) 252-5372BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong Buy13.9221.2111.8827.494.023.854.426.204.48 14.53 6.08 5.487.57 20.27 10.89 12.895.56 12.23 10.71 13.2911.31 27.03 15.51 16.074.500.042.00

% Return (3 and 5 Years Annualized)SymbolNameNAVRankAdviceYTD1 Month 3 Month1 Year3 Year5 Year19.3917.8217.0512.3511.75 14.4311.83 14.639.78 13.27Yield %Beta3 YearSD3 YearExpenseRatioLARGE CAP VALUE VVOOVVTVVYMGuggenheim DJIA DividendWisdomTree LargeCap Dividend ETFWisdomTree Total Dividend ETFWisdomTree Dividend ex-Financials ETFFirst Trust Dow 30 Equal WeightWisdomTree LargeCap Value ETFFirst Trust Morningstar Div Leaders ETFFidelity Low Volatility Factor ETFFidelity Core Dividend ETFFidelity Quality Factor ETFFirst Trust Large Cap Val AlphaDEX ETFFidelity Value Factor ETFFirst Trust Value Line Dividend ETFiShares Core High DividendiShares Core US ValueiShares S&P 500 ValueiShares Russell 1000 ValueiShares Russell Top 200 ValueiShares Morningstar Large-Cap ValueVanguard Mega Cap Value ETFPowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 ETFPowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value ETFOppenheimer Large Cap Revenue ETFSchwab U.S. Large Cap ValueSPDR S&P Dividend ETFSPDR S&P 500 Value ETFiShares MSCI USA Minimum VolatilityVanguard S&P 500 Value ETFVanguard Value ETFVanguard High Dividend Yield RFGVOTPowerShares DWA NASDAQ Momentum ETFFirst Trust Multi Cap Gr AlphaDEX ETFInnovator IBD 50iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 GrowthiShares Russell Mid-Cap GrowthiShares Morningstar Mid-Cap GrowthSPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Growth ETFPowerShares DWA Momentum ETFPowerShares Fundamental Pure Mid Gr ETFGuggenheim S&P MidCap 400 Pure Gr FVLIJHIWRJKGMDYNFOPWCSCHMTTACTTFSVOVXFBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyHoldStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyHoldBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong 7110.2416.9016.3511.18 14.5312.94 09.620.97 10.530.70 .390.560.390.040.350. Cap GrowthVanguard Mid-Cap Growth ETFBuyBuyBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong .3221.2413.72 16.8511.96 15.710.241.05 12.870.92 .280.050.90 10.511.03 11.051.03 11.440.90 10.490.89 10.071.14 13.040.96 11.801.01 0.150.630.390.350.07Mid Cap BlendGuggenheim Spin-Off ETFGuggenheim S&P Mid Cap 400 Eq WtWisdomTree MidCap Earnings ETFFirst Trust Mid Cap Core AlphaDEX ETFFirst Trust Value Line 100 ETF ETFiShares Core S&P Mid-CapiShares Russell Mid-CapiShares Morningstar Mid-CapSPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETFGuggenheim Insider Sentiment ETFPowerShares Dynamic Market ETFSchwab US Mid-CapTrimTabs Float ShrinkAdvisorShares Wilshire Buyback ETFVanguard Mid-Cap ETFVanguard Extended Market 697989785959197979184HoldBuyStrong BuyHoldHoldBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyHoldBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong .9427.3818.6518.1924.3512.1218.3517.0410.56 16.5310.59 15.2511.38 .96 11.240.99 10.581.06 DECEMBER 2017 5

The ETF Investor Guide% Return (3 and 5 Years .039998998792939593988197879594Strong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyBuyBuyBuyStrong BuySellStrong BuyHoldBuyBuyYTD1 Month 3 Month1 Year3 Year5 Year2.50 6.294.51 6.934.66 6.575.227.054.05 6.854.01 6.833.71 5.664.31 6.434.995.132.91 3.955.20 9.245.19 6.695.57 10.564.75 967.684.547.477.7313.73 14.78 16.9720.02 12.14 15.8521.88 12.51 15.1421.75 11.42 13.3717.81 14.77 16.809.69 13.38 16.1319.44 10.93 13.9819.91 11.94 13.3611.0912.322.6713.339.9414.320.02Yield %Beta3 YearSD3 YearExpenseRatioMid Cap ValueGuggenheim Mid-Cap Core ETFWisdomTree MidCap Dividend ETFiShares Select DividendFirst Trust Multi Cap Val AlphaDEX ETFiShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 ValueVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETFiShares Russell Mid-Cap ValueiShares Morningstar Mid-Cap ValuePowerShares High Yld Eq Div Achiev ETFPowerShares Fundamental Pure Mid Val ETFGuggenheim S&P 500 Pure Value ETFOppenheimer Mid Cap Revenue ETFPowerShares S&P 500 High Beta ETFVanguard Mid-Cap Value .831.000.470.632.31Small Cap GrowthIJTIWOJKKPXSGRZGSLYGVBKVTWGiShares S&P Small-Cap 600 GrowthiShares Russell 2000 GrowthiShares Morningstar Small-Cap GrowthPowerShares Fundamental Pure Sm Gr ETFGuggenheim S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Gr ETFSPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETFVanguard Small-Cap Growth Tree SmallCap Earnings ETFFirst Trust Dow Jones Sel MicroCap ETFSchwab Fundamental US Small CoFirst Trust Small Cap Core AlphaDEX ETFiShares Core S&P Small-CapiShares Micro-CapiShares Russell 2000iShares Morningstar Small-CapPowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Sm-Mid ETFOppenheimer Small Cap Revenue ETFSchwab US Small-Cap ETFSPDR S&P 600 Small Cap ETFDESIJSIWNJKLPXSVPZIRFVRZVSLYVVBRWisdomTree SmallCap Dividend ETFiShares S&P Small-Cap 600 ValueiShares Russell 2000 ValueiShares Morningstar Small-Cap ValuePowerShares Fundamental Pure Sm Val ETFPowerShares Zacks Micro Cap ETFGuggenheim S&P MidCap 400 Pure Val ETFGuggenheim S&P SmallCap 600 PureVal ETFSPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Value ETFVanguard Russell 2000 Growth 164959578BuyBuyBuyStrong BuyStrong BuyBuyStrong 70.790.47Small Cap BlendVanguard Small-Cap ETFStrong BuyHoldBuyHoldBuySellBuyBuyBuySellStrong BuyHoldStrong 461.521.600.940.741.361.181.36Small Cap ValueVanguard Small-Cap Value ETFStrong 6.522.227.3212.380.686.4910.605.007.737.89 11.79 15.054.99 8.76 8.95 12.48 15.834.30 6.597.24 11.47 13.585.02 6.20 6.03 9.28 13.554.605.71 2.68 10.25 14.773.787.057.38 10.93 13.375.51 9.32 9.88 11.18 14.836.10 10.55 -1.887.47 12.640.95 4.76 5.00 11.09 15.044.41 6.63 10.26 11.50 .381.81AllocationAOAAORIYLDiShares Aggressive AllocationiShares Growth AllocationiShares Morningstar Multi-Asset Q Real Return ETFReality Shares DIVS ETFFidelity Momentum Factor ETFAdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETFIQ Hedge Macro Tracker ETFiShares US Preferred StockPowerShares Financial Preferred ETFPowerShares Global Listed Private Eq Hold18.7714.8210.624.09 18.733.08 15.341.38 12.479.32 10.727.55 8.555.655.16Alternative6 DECEMBER 2017 PHONE: (888) Strong Buy8.70Strong Buy 7 3.301.78 1.042.70 5.938.72 23.06-6.82 -13.49 -12.79 -15.931.788.14 1.80 0.050.08 9.82 5.27 5.501.18 12.317.48 6.800.56 21.17 11.73 12.765.626.743.25-1.12 13.500.45 3.450.74 4.050.854.111.12 13.31

% Return (3 and 5 Years Annualized)SymbolNameNAVRankAdviceYTD1 Month 3 Month1 Year3 Year5 YearYield %Beta3 YearSD3 YearExpenseRatioALTERNATIVE SPJORJISGGWEATIQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETFiPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETNiPath S&P 500 VIX MT Futures ETNWisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy 3129382128183040167572838766SellSellSellSell5.72 0.93 1.58 6.201.74 2.40-72.37 -22.79 -34.14 -72.86 -62.36 -57.11-47.58 -11.78 -14.55 -47.09 -30.79 -30.51-4.49 0.76 2.40 -4.60 -3.30 -0.160.47 3.261.00 61.750.41 26.960.26 0.10CommoditiesiPath DJ-UBS Cotton SubTR ETNTeucrium Corn ETFiPath DJ-UBS Livestock SubTR ETNPowerShares DB Agriculture ETFPowerShares DB Commodity Tracking ETFiPath DJ-UBS Cmdty TR ETNGreenHaven Continuous Commodity ETFiShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed TrustiPath S&P GSCI Total Return ETNiPath DJ-UBS Coffee SubTR ETNEL

The ETF Aggressive Sector Portfolio - in creased 4.55 percent in the past month. It is up 20.71 percent this year. SPDR S&P Regional Bank (KRE) rose 6.11 percent, SPDR Industrials (XLI) 6.09 percent and Vanguard Consumer Staples (VDC) 5.03 percent. The ETF Straight Growt