STATEOFDELAWARESTATE FIRE PREVENTION COMMISSIONDELAWARE FIRE SERVICE CENTER(302) 739 – 3160FAX (302) 739 – 4436STATE FIRE PREVENTION COMMISSIONMonthly MeetingJune 20, 2017MEMBERS PRESENTDavid J. Roberts, ChairmanAlan Robinson, Jr., Vice ChairmanTom DiCristofaroRon MarvelLynn TruittMarvin C. SharpJoseph M. ZerolesALSO PRESENTRae Mims, Deputy Attorney GeneralPatrick Matthews M.D., BLS Medical DirectorSherry Lambertson, Executive SpecialistDavid J. Truax, Investigator/Compliance OfficerGrover P. Ingle, State Fire MarshalRobert P. Newnam, Director, State Fire SchoolGUESTSTed Walius, DVFARichard Toulson, Seaford Fire Co.Robert E. Quillen, Jr., Hartly Fire Co.Richard Perillo, Brandywine Hundred Fire Co.Warren Jones, DVFAElmer Steele, DVFAW. Mike McMichael, DSEMSAAnthony Spiezio, DTISarah Timmons, Raymond F. Book & AssociatesRay Book, Raymond F. Book & AssociatesBill Betts, DVFA1463 CHESTNUT GROVE ROADDOVER, DELAWARE 19904

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 2CALL TO ORDERChairman Roberts called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCEAPPROVAL OF MAY 16, 2017 COMMISSION MEETING MINUTESIt was moved by Vice Chairman Robinson, and seconded by Commissioner Truitt thatthe minutes of the May 16, 2017 Commission meeting be approved. Motion carried byunanimous vote.REPORT OF THE STATE FIRE MARSHALINFORMATIONAL ITEMSPersonnel ItemsThe Administrative Specialist I position in New Castle County remains dormant due tothe hiring freeze.Ted Walius, Part Time Fire Inspector submitted his retirement letter after 13 years ofemployment with the Office of State Fire Marshal. His last day will be June 29, 2017.He has done a great job and will be missed. Fire Marshal Ingle wishes him luck in hisfuture endeavors.John Reedy, Fire Protection Specialist II submitted his retirement letter after 9 years ofservice, which will be effective July 31, 2017. He’s been an asset to the agency and willbe missed. Fire Marshal Ingle wishes him luck in his future endeavors.It was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by Commissioner Zeroles to sendthe Fire Marshal retirees letters of appreciation. Motion carried by a unanimous vote.Fire Injuries/Fire Fatality UpdateFire Marshal Ingle reported that Delaware suffered three fatalities so far in 2017.Fire Marshal Ingle reported that the victim in the April, 2017 Alder Park fire succumbedto his injuries at Crozer Hospital. The cause of his death was thermal burns and theincident remains under investigation.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 3Fire Injuries/Fire Fatality Update cont.Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 6:49pm, Wilmington Manor Fire Company and other NewCastle County Fire Companies were dispatched to a structure fire with a burn victim inthe unit block of Third Avenue, Midvale. Upon arrival of the first due Engine, smokeshowing was reported and a burn victim had been removed from the structure.The victim was treated by paramedics and transported to Christiana Hospital with lifethreatening injuries. The victim was later transferred to Crozier where the victimsuccumbed to those injuries early June 16, 2017. There were no working smoke alarmsin the structure. The incident is under investigation.New Castle Site – Water Issue UpdateFire Marshal Ingle reported that the water issue at the New Castle County Division hasbeen resolved. The project has been completed and past all testing requirements.Dover OfficeFacilities Management is in the process of putting on a new roof at the Dover office. Theproject will take approximately two months to complete. They are also in the beginningstages of a project that will replace the cooling tower in Kent County.Delaware Burn CampFire Marshal Ingle has appointed Jennifer Adams, Juvenile Firesetter InterventionCoordinator to the Delaware Burn Camp Board of Directors on behalf of the agency.Camp FuryRebecca Legar, Senior Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Coordinator has been requested toparticipate with the Delaware State Fire School, Camp Fury. She will be participatingwith respect to the Juvenile Programs.DTI UpdateFire Marshal Ingle reported issues have been on going with the phones and computers atboth the Fire School and Fire Marshal Office. They have been down numerous times aday. The State help desk brought Verizon into the conversation and it was learned thatthe issue was on the part of Verizon. Fire Marshal Ingle has kept Anthony Spiezio of

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 4DTI Update cont.DTI in communication of what is happening. Verizon replaced a bad part in the systemon June 19, 2017 stating this should clear up the problems with connect ability.Fire Marshal Ingle thanked Anthony Spiezio for all that he does.Lewes – Chief of PoliceMarch 31, 2017, Assistant State Fire Marshal Chionchio and Chief Deputy Harry Millermet with the Lewes Chief of Police and the City Manager to introduce the agencybecause both of the Police Chief and City Manager are fairly new. Part of the discussionwas with regard to the fireworks in Lewes. Fire Marshal Ingle reported that an articlewent out in the Cape Gazette from the City of Lewes. His agency did not play a part inthe article.The City Manager requested a summary letter of what was discussed at the meeting. TheCity Manager had that letter put on the City Council agenda. The Office of State FireMarshal attended the Council meeting on June 12, 2017. The Council asked an attendingFire Marshal why they were coming down two weeks prior to the July 4th holiday. Theupcoming holiday had nothing to do with the meeting. It was merely a meet and greet forthe Office of State Fire Marshal to offer their assistance as they’ve done in the past.Some complaints have been received about the ongoing events in Lewes with fireworkson the beach. The beach belongs to the City of Lewes. The Office of State Fire Marshalwas not telling the City to have a public fireworks display or how to conduct business. Itwas merely a review of law with the Chief of Police and the City Manager with an offerof assistance of resources as available.Fireworks ReleaseFire Marshal Ingle reported that the annual fireworks release has been completed.Large Loss FireMay 22, 2017, at approximately 5am, Felton Fire Company responded to a large loss fireon West Evens Road. It was a 2 story dwelling that was heavily involved upon arrival.No one was home at the time of the fire. Two canines were found deceased inside of thestructure. The structure was mostly collapsed and damaged is estimated at over 150,000. The incident remains under investigation.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 5Large Loss Fire cont.May 25, 2017, at approximately 5pm, Hockessin Fire Company responded to a large lossfire on Neptune Drive in Northstar Development. The flames were through the roof uponthe fire department’s arrival. The cause of fire was determined to be faulty electricalwiring. Seven occupants escaped without injuries. Damages are estimated at over 300,000.May 30, 2017, at approximately 6:20am, Indian River Fire Company responded to a fireat Lingo Creek Apartments at the Shops of Long Neck. An unattended candle came intocontact with bedding inside of the structure. Fortunately, this fire was contained to theone area by a sprinkler system.June 6, 2017, at approximately 6:00pm Delmar Fire Company responded to a call onRaceway Road for a burn victim. The victim was pumping fuel that was used to transferfuels used for racing vehicles into a plastic drum when a flash fire occurred. He wastransferred to Bayview Hospital in Baltimore with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the rightside of his neck and waist. They were non-life threatening injuries. The victim has beenreleased from the hospital.June 6, 2017, at approximately 10:00pm Harrington Fire Company responded to abuilding fire call on Dupont Highway at the Harrington American Legion. An individualwas found in the men’s room with his cloths on fire as well as a fire in the building. Thevictim was transferred to Crozer Hospital in critical condition. The fire and smoke alarmwere in working order. The smoke alarm notified the occupants of the building and theywere able to get out. It was a small fire within the building. The incident remains underinvestigation.June 10, 2017, at approximately noon Bethany Beach responded to a fire in Sea Colonyon North Edgewater House Road. A small appliance (counter toaster) caused minor firedamage within the unit. There was fire and water damage throughout the high risestructure. This is one of the older buildings built prior to sprinkler requirements.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 6DFIRS Incidents ReceivedTOTAL STATE PARTICIPATION IN COMPLIANCE79 %DELINQUENT DEPARTMENTSNew Castle CountyHolloway TerraceAprilCranston HeightsAprilTownsendFebruary - MarchBelvedereNovember – December 2016Kent CountyBowersJanuary – MarchCheswoldNovember – December 2016 & January – April 2017DoverMarch – AprilHartlyAprilHoustonJanuary – AprilLittle CreekAprilSouth BowersJanuary - AprilSussex CountyEllendaleAprilGreenwoodApril30 Days6OVERDUE REPORTS BY DAYS60 Days90 Days11Source: DFIRS Incidents received as of 6/05/17.90 Days5

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 7REPORT OF THE STATE FIRE SCHOOL DIRECTORDirector New Castle County expansion project – A construction meeting is scheduled forJune 19, 2017. The Office of State Fire Marshal has been very helpful with thewater project.Kent County Site Plan has been approved. A waiver was granted for the sidewalks andlandscaping on June 8, 2017.Thermal Imaging Camera was received from Draeger for the Fire School and alsoone for the UAV unit.DSFS has submitted a request for upgrade assistance from DTI on the Fire SchoolStudent Record Software System.Remedial Training proposal and information submitted to Commission forreview.DSFS was quoted in the NFPA Information Sheet for Fire Prevention Week.Draeger presented DSFS a Thermal Imaging Camera.Request for use of Divisions summer months.DVFA Conference HOT Training: DSFS will co-host training - Phase V Fire Behavior/burnprop76% of Students in the Spring EMT Course have passed the National Registry EMTcertification.Rescue Tool Funding – Companies that have not expended their funds. At the end of the thirdyear, the funds will revert back to the state general fund. This has never happened before.o Two years – Port Penn, Belvedere, Wilmington Manoro One year – Brandywine Hundred, Claymont, OdessaStaff Activities NY Public Education Conference – O’MalleyPress Conference for 2016 AFG grant – May 22 – Dempsey and staffResponded Helicopter incident - 259 Quigley Blvd., New Castle – Brennan,IngramNFPA Conference – June 3rd – 6th - Lowe

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 8 SERC Information & Technology committee – MillerArticle News Journal – FF Camp and Camp Fury – Dempsey and MillerHaz. Mat. Conference – Baltimore – Brennan, Ingram, StephensGovernor’s Proclamation for Campus Fire Safety and Fire Prevention week – Lowe workingonDelaware State Fair – July 20th – 29th – Staff, Office Staff and Instructors – Lowe coordinatesPrograms/CoursesFigures in red are reference to last year’s comparison of class attendance. Current Montho Vehicle Rescue – 32 students (31)o Driver Operator – 34 studentso EVO – Kent weekday - 39 students (14)o Traffic Management – Sussex Division – 3 studentso Fire Inspector II weekday class – 12 studentso RIT Basic – 16 studentso Planning and Evaluation Staff Meeting – this weeko Blue Card ICS Course – 5 studentso Junior Fire Camp – June 26 – 30, 32 attendees Camp Fury in August – 10 attendees currentlyDivisions Usageo New Castle Division – 13 scheduledo Kent Division – 10 scheduledo Sussex Division – 2 scheduledAdditions – Revisionso Development of lesson plans and SOPs for Phase V Training Propo Development of lesson plan and visuals for AFG grant application prep –LoweEMS Current Montho CEU programs – 5 classes scheduled (13)o EMT June weekday program – 22 students (20)o EMT July weekday program – 20 studentso Protocols – full course – 6 students

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 9Public Education and Injury Prevention - Activity Report Current Montho Fire Safety Programs – 9 scheduled (5)o DSFS Tours – 1 scheduled (1)o Fire Safety Displays - 4 scheduled (4)o Life Safety Programs – 9 scheduled – 1 Display (3)Maintenance – Building and Grounds Fire Safety storage building complete and in-service – Sussex DivisionSidewalk completed around the fire training prop – Dover CenterOffice remodel – Director Newnam submitted a draft drawing plan of a possiblereconfiguration of the Kent County Division to change the office space and include aComputer lab classroom in the existing building. Director Newnam stated that the staff hadno concerns with his plan as presented at the P & E meeting.Financial Past Due Billingso 30 days – 4,275.00o 60 days – 2,085.00o 90 days – 140.0020678 Tuition Fund – 838,365.00Accounts receivable – 141,374.00Revenue Comparisono Tuition – 2017 – 72,704.00, 2016 – 107,893.00Special Funds Summary – The Special Funds Summary report was submitted tothe Commissioners for review.Expenditure Report – The Expenditure report was submitted to theCommissioners for review.Staff and Office Staff Meeting MinutesStaff and office staff meeting minutes were submitted for Commission review.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 10Fire School Action Items Remedial Training Proposal – attachmento Recommend that the SFPC adopt the EMT Remedial Training aspresented.o That the tuition charges may be revised by the Director annuallyo Modules may be added or removed by recommendation of theCommission’s Medical Director.REPORT OF BLS MEDICAL DIRECTORThe manuscript of the CPAP Pilot Program that is to be published in the PrehospitalDisaster Journal has been approved for an August print date. It highlights the success ofthe state program and the providers who participated.Dr. Matthews will release two memos to the EMS Community through Sherry of the FirePrevention Commission. The goals of the first memo is for educational purposes withregard to the Opiate Epidemic. It is regarding proper naloxone administration during ourcontinued opiate overuse epidemic. There are reports circulating regarding BLSadministering 2mg of naloxone to patients in cardiac arrest without first initiating properCPR. The goals of this memo are to stress managing ABCs first and administer naloxoneper protocol when ABCs are being managed appropriately. Additionally naloxone shouldbe administered as 1 mg dose per administration by BLS. Although some of the morepotent opiate combinations may require additional doses of naloxone for successfulreversal of respiratory depression, no single dose should be higher than 1 mg for BLS.The higher dosing of naloxone can pose multiple risks to both patients and EMSproviders.The second memo is regarding “Divert Status” as well as patients that may want to go toa different hospital than the closest one available. The memo will be released to all BLSagencies regarding a guidance "script" approved by OEMS for use by EMS throughoutDelaware when a patient requests transport to an ED on divert. The goal of this messageis to describe the concept of divert status to patients requesting transport to an emergencydepartment on divert using clear and concise language in a consistent fashion throughoutthe State.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 11REPORT OF THE INVESTIGATOR/COMPLIANCE OFFICER40 Annual Ambulance Unit Inspections0 New Unit Inspections9 Complaints Received3 Arrest Notifications were received.0 Self Report2016 – 2 Open Cases2017 – 12 Open CasesRequest Closure on Case No. 1616. This was a patient care concern. After a thorough review,Deputy Attorney General Kogut and Dr. Matthews recommended the case be completed through aMedical Director review. The EMT completed an educational review with Dr. Matthews where hepassed the knowledge tested Epi Pen use in the BLS Protocols. It was moved by CommissionerDicristofaro, seconded by Commission Marvel to close case No. 1616 per the Deputy AttorneyGeneral’s recommendation. Motion carried by a unanimous vote.Request Closure on Case No. 1707. This was a patient care concern. After a thorough review,Deputy Attorney General Kogut and Dr. Matthews recommended the case be completed through aMedical Director review and suggested remedial training through the Delaware State Fire School.The EMT completed an educational review with Dr. Matthews and remedial training through the FireSchool. It was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by Commission Marvel to closecase No. 1706 per the Deputy Attorney General’s recommendation. Motion carried by a unanimousvote.REGULAR SESSIONACTION ITEMSRemedial Training Fees – Review and Possible AdoptionPer a request at the regular May, 2017 commission meeting, Director Newnam presented a proposedTemplate of Remedial Training provided by the Delaware State Fire School and associated fees. Itwas moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by Commissioner Truitt to accept and adopt the“Remedial Training Fee Schedule” as presented. The Director of the Delaware State Fire School mayupdate fees as necessary and the BLS Medical Director can update and/or add remedial trainingclasses as needed. The Fire School would develop those remedial training classes as needed. A feechange or remedial training change will be brought before the Commission as an update. Motioncarried by a unanimous vote.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 12Indian River Fire Company – Audit Extension RequestPresident Patrick Miller of Indian River Fire Company submitted a letter via email requesting asubmission extension for the annual audit report. Sarah Timmons, Partner with Ray Book andAssociates addressed the Commission with regard to Indian River Fire Company’s extension request.She stated that President Patrick Miller contacted Ray Book and Associates on March 17, 2017 tochange accounting firms. They initially requested a review as they have done historically. Thefinancials received from their previous accountants was missing needed items. Indian River FireCompany requested a full audit on April 8, 2017. Ladies Auxiliary information and financialstatements were not received until June 10, 2017. President Miller requested an extension on May28, 2017 knowing that Ms. Timmons didn’t have the ladies auxiliary information. It was not in theform of an accounting software from Indian River Fire Company, so the information could not beaudited without being entered into software by the firm. Ms. Timmons stated that she is hopeful thatit will be completed within a week, but the fire company still has a process that they approve thefinancials and the 990 Form. Ms. Timmons raised awareness that a full financial audit can take up toa month going through all of the transactions. Indian River Fire Company uses Quicken software thatis only accounts receivable and payable. It does not offer any kind of balance sheet so when a CPAreceives their information, they must then formulate a balance sheet and income statements. It willtake a little more than a month for Book and Associates to complete the full audit because it is theirfirst year with Indian River Fire Company. Ms. Timmons believes that she can complete the audit forsubmission by the due date of July 15, 2017 within a couple of days. Ms. Timmons requestedclarification in the future with regard to a required “Letter of Observation”. A “Letter ofObservation” is required with a financial review. A “Board Communication Letter” is required witha full audit. Ms. Timmons will submit the Board Communication Letter in place of the Letter ofObservation for Indian River Fire Company.Commissioner Dicristofaro asked if a 30 day extension was enough time for Ms. Timmons tocomplete the audit and she responded that she believed that it was.Commissioner Marvel asked how long it takes to do a review or a full audit. Ms. Timmonsresponded that a review with an established company takes approximately two weeks. A full audittakes a month because you have to understand their internal controls and test everything.It was moved by Vice Chairman Robinson, seconded by Commissioner Sharp to grant a 30 dayextension to Indian River Fire Company with a Rule to Show Cause hearing to be set at the July 18,2017 regular Commission meeting to provide proof of a hardship. Motion carried by a unanimousvote.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 13Delaware Burn Camp – Fire Prevention Commission ResponsibilitiesChairman Roberts reported that he had some clarification questions last month with regard to theresponsibilities of the Commission with the Delaware Burn Camp. He wanted to know if theCommission had any oversight or are just a board member. It was confirmed with further review thatthe statute states the Fire Prevention Commission holds a seat on the Board of Directors. Theyreceive meeting minutes and no more. Chairman Roberts requested a commissioner to let him knowif they would like to be appointed to the board.Selbyville Volunteer Fire Co., Inc. – Audit Extension RequestPresident Douglas M. Hudson submitted a letter requesting a submission extension for the annualaudit report. He stated that he delivered the 2016 information to Jefferson, Urian, Doane & SternerPA in January 2017, but has not received the review to date. It was moved by Commissioner Sharp,seconded by Commissioner Dicristofaro to grant a 30 day extension to Selbyville Volunteer Fire Co.,Inc. with a Rule to Show Cause hearing to be set at the July 18, 2017 regular Commission meeting toprovide proof of a hardship. Motion carried by a unanimous vote.Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Fire Co. – Audit Extension RequestPresident George Robinson and Treasurer submitted a letter requesting a submission extension for theannual audit report. The request was for an extension until June 30, 2017. They are awaiting thecompletion of their end of year financials from their accountants. The accounting firm that theyutilize has advised them to request the extension and they will be completed by the end of the month.It was moved by Commissioner Sharp, seconded by Commissioner Dicristofaro to grant a 30 dayextension to Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Fire Co. with a Rule to Show Cause hearing to be set atthe July 18, 2017 regular Commission meeting to provide proof of a hardship. Motion carried by aunanimous vote.NEW BUSINESSAudit Compliance Committee AppointmentChairman Roberts asked Vice Chairman Robinson to work on finding a replacement forAlan Metheny on the Audit Compliance Committee. Vice Chairman Robinson will keepthe commission apprised.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 14Ambulance FundCommissioner Dicristofaro requested that DVFA Commissioner Joe Zeroles workthrough the DVFA to determine the reason Delaware Alderman Courts are notparticipating in the tickets related to the ambulance fund. He asked if determine if newlegislation needs to be created to correct the concerns.REGULAR BUSINESSNo report at this time.GENERAL INFORMATIONNo report at this time.CORRESPONDENCENo report at this time.MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATIONNo report at this time.GUESTSCPA Question & Answer for CommissionersCommissioner Dicristofaro stated that his fire company (Claymont) received disciplinefrom a former Audit Compliance Committee member with regard to a PA Firm beingused to do the company review several years ago. He wanted to know how this previouscommittee member with Selbyville Fire Company could now use a PA Firm instead of aCPA Firm. State Auditor Tom Wagner attended a regular Commission meeting last yearand stated that it was not good if a company was not using a CPA Firm.Commissioner Dicristofaro asked Ray Book why can’t a CPA that is working for a PAFirm sign off on a review. Mr. Book stated that PA in the case of Selbyville FireCompany relates to “Professional Association”. That is a corporation under the laws ofthe State of Delaware. They are a CPA Firm. His company is “Raymond Book &Associates, P.A.” The “P.A.” stands for Professional Association. CommissionerDicristofaro stated that Claymont Fire Company used S & C Associates P.A. inMiddletown and was told that they were not approved per regulation. In the case of the

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 15CPA Question & Answer for Commissioners that Claymont Fire Company employed several years ago, the “P.A.” was a“Public Accounting” Firm with a CPA on staff. There is a big difference. A“Professional Association” in a CPA Firm is a not the same as a CPA that is not licensedwith Professional Regulations. The Commission was very thankful for this clarification.Ray Book suggested that the Commission consider requesting a letter from the CPA Firmas well as from the fire company when the company is requesting an extension. Thiswould afford the commission the ability to know both sides of the request. When theCPA is not in the room at a hearing, it’s very easy to say it’s their job for the work notbeing done. Sometimes it is, but it is often an issue of not receiving information in atimely manner. A letter from the CPA would not be a hardship at all.Mr. Book reported that he and his firm do a lot of community outreach with the Delawarefire service and give presentations of the importance of internal controls, auditrequirements and other subjects helpful to the fire service as corporations. CommissionerDicristofaro and Chairman Roberts have heard the presentation and felt it was extremelyprofessional and helpful. Mr. Book commented that he’s pleased with the reputation ofhis firm. In forty years, they have been late one time without filing an extension inadvance. Chairman Roberts thanked Ray Book and Sarah Timmons for attending andsharing their expert information. It was very helpful and appreciated.REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERSCommissioner Joseph ZerolesCommissioner Zeroles reported that he attended the Monthly Fire PreventionCommission Meeting, Kent County Fire Chief’s Association Meeting, State Fire PoliceMeeting, New Castle County Firemen’s Association Meeting, New Castle County FirePolice Meeting, and DVFA Executive Meeting.Commissioner Ron MarvelCommissioner Marvel reported that he attended the Monthly Fire PreventionCommission Meeting, Seaford Fire Department Meeting, State Chief’s Meeting andSmyrna Replica Meeting.

SFPC MinutesJune 20, 2017Page 16DATE OF NEXT MEETINGJuly 18, 2017 – 9:00 AMCommission ChamberDelaware Fire Service Center1463 Chestnut Grove RoadDover, DE 19904ADJOURNMENTIt was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, and seconded by Vice Chairman Robinsonthat the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried by a unanimous vote. The meeting wasadjourned at 10:40 a.m.Respectfully submitted,Sherry R. LambertsonSherry R. LambertsonExecutive Specialistsl/

June 6, 2017, at approximately 10:00pm Harrington Fire Company responded to a building fire call on Dupont Highway at the Harrington American Legion. An individual was found in the men’s room with his cloths on fire as well as a fire in the building. The victim was transferred to Crozer Hospital in critical condition. T