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Topics1.AIS/AIM2.Data flow3.ICAO PBN Documents4.Procedures design5.PBN Aeronautical Charts


TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1. Definitions, applicability and availabilityCHAPTER 2. General specificationsCHAPTER 3. Aerodrome Obstacle Chart — ICAO Type A (Operating Limitations)CHAPTER 4. Aerodrome Obstacle Chart — ICAO TypeCHAPTER 5. Aerodrome Terrain and Obstacle Chart — ICAO (Electronic)CHAPTER 6. Precision Approach Terrain Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 7. Enroute Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 8. Area Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 9. Standard Departure Chart — Instrument (SID) — ICAOCHAPTER 10. Standard Arrival Chart — Instrument (STAR) — ICAOCHAPTER 11. Instrument Approach Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 12. Visual Approach Chart —ICAOCHAPTER 13. Aerodrome/Heliport Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 14. Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 15. Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 16. World Aeronautical Chart — ICAO 1:1 000 000CHAPTER 17. Aeronautical Chart — ICAO 1:500 000CHAPTER 18. Aeronautical Navigation Chart — ICAO Small ScaleCHAPTER 19. Plotting Chart — ICAOCHAPTER 20. Electronic Aeronautical Chart Display— ICAOCHAPTER 21. ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Chart — ICAO

TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 1. Introduction 1.1 Overview .1.2 Background1.3 Description of charting change1.4 Impact of change1.5 Requirement for a State transition planChapter 2. Change management considerations2.1 Introduction2.2 Safety management system (SMS) principles2.3 Hazards, risks and mitigations2.4 Sequencing of mitigationsChapter 3. Consultation 103.1 Purpose3.2 Methodology3.3 Organizations and stakeholdersChapter 4. Transition plan 124.1 Description4.2 Elements/major activities checklistAppendix A. Example outline of a State transition planAppendix B. Extract from Amendment 6 to PANS-OPS (Doc 8168), Volume II,regarding chart identificationAppendix C. Hazard log — RNAV to RNP approach chart identificationICAO Circ 336


Operatingand DesignCriteria ICAO Doc 8168PANS-OPS 611Vol I & Vol II

Quality AssuranceCriteria Doc 9906 AN472Vol I FPD QA System First Edition

Training Criteria Doc 9906AN472 Vol 2 FPD Training First Edition

Software Criteria Doc 9906AN472 Vol 3 FPD SoftwareValidation First EditionCorrigendum 1

FPD ValidationCriteria Doc 9906 AN472Vol 5 Validation of FPD First Edition

Flight ValidationPilot Criteria Doc 9906 AN472 Vol 6 Flight Validation PilotTraining andEvaluation First Edition

RNP AR DesignCriteria Doc 9905 AN471 RNP AR ProcedureDesign Manual First Edition,Corrigendum 1

Additional Guidance - AirspaceDesign/CDO/CCO Doc 9992 AN494 Manual on PBN inAirspace Design Doc 9993 CCOManual Doc 9931/AN476 CDO Manual

PBN Doc 9613/AN937 PBN Manual Edition 4

Current Capabilities Doc 8168 Vol II currently provides design criteria forfollowing PBN applications:– En-route - RNP 4, RNAV 5, RNAV 2, RNAV 1,– Terminal - RNP 1, RNAV 2, RNAV 1– Approach - RNP APCH (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV &Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance(LPV) (U.S. GPS/WAAS)– Helicopter Point in Space (PinS) approaches

Following 3 years of IFP Panel deliberations, the followingPBN changes are expected to be published in 2013/2014:––––––New CriteriaEn-route - RNP 2, RNP and RNP 0.3 (Cat H)Terminal - RNP and RNP 0.3 (Cat H)Approach - RNP APCH (LNAV/VNAV)Helicopter Point in Space (PinS)DeparturesApproaches and departures with maneuveringareas.

Approach Classification

Chart Titling/1Parens ExplanationNo Parentheticalminimums)LPV OnlyLNAV/VNAV OnlyLPV, LNAV/VNAV OnlyLP Only(at least LNAV line of minimums, may also have any valid combination of the other lines ofAR(Authorization Required based on Doc 9613 and Doc 9905)(has only LPV lines of minimums)(has only LNAV/VNAV lines of minimums)(has both LPV and LNAV/VNAV lines of Minimums but no LNAV)(has only LP lines of minimums)RNAV will change to RNP in 2028

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Appendix C. Hazard log — RNAV to RNP approach chart identification . Examples . Operating and Design Criteria ICAO Doc 8168 PANS-OPS 611 Vol I & Vol II . Quality Assurance Criteria Doc 9906 AN472 Vol I FPD QA System