December, 2020 version2021 Soka University Undergraduate English Medium ProgramsAdmissions for International Students Policy(Document Screening)1. FACULTY, DEPARTMENT, AND ADMISSION CAPACITYAdmissions for International Students are open in the following English Medium tmentperiodCapacitySoka University Courses for ComprehensiveEconomicsFew studentsEconomic Education(SUCCEED)BusinessGlobal Program English TrackFew studentsAdministration(GPET)September, 2021LawPeace and Human Rights program (PHR)Few studentsLettersArts, Knowledge AnD English Major forInternational Arena(AKADEMIA)InternationalLiberal ArtsInternational Liberal Arts (FILA)Few studentsApril, 202215 students*1*1 Admission capacity to FILA includes the amount of students for Policy Type 1.・Successful applicants to FILA will have the option of studying Japanese language from September 2021for one semester as a student in the Undergraduate Non-degree Program. In that case, the student will paythe tuition for the Undergraduate Non-degree Program (there will be no exemptions).To have more information about the Undergraduate Non-degree Program, please access the followingwebsite: center/non-degree/undergrad-courses・Successful applicants to FILA who score a minimum of 80 points in TOEFL-iBT or 6.5 in IELTS (witha minimum score of 6.0 in each subject) by the time of the issuance of the Acceptance Letter will be ableto attend the Japanese course while being enrolled in the FILA courses. This program is focused on studentswilling to work in multinational companies in order to obtain practical knowledge of Japanese language(aiming to achieve the JLPT N2 or N1 proficiency level). All candidates willing to attend this program,regardless their country of origin (which includes candidates who attended compulsory education inAustralia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States) must submit a certificate ofproficiency in English language.2. ADMISSION PERIODApplication period: March 15 – April 15 (must arrive by April 15, 2021) ※ Japan standard timeAnnouncement of results: end of May3. ELIGIBILITYAn individual who satisfies one of the three following conditions is eligible to apply: An individual who has completed or is scheduled to complete a 12-year school education in aforeign country; If the applicant has attended Japanese schools (*1), its enrollment period mustbe 6 years or less. An individual who has completed or is scheduled to complete the relevant high school coursesstipulated in the School Education Act of Japan; If the applicant has attended a high school inJapan (*2), its enrollment period must be 3 years or less. Among those who have received education overseas and the curriculum is less than 12 yearsor eligible to attend a university in their respective countries (*3), Soka University mayapprove application eligibility through document screening. On the same basis, studentsgraduating from international schools in Japan may be approved eligible to apply.*1, *2Japanese schools indicate elementary, junior high, and high schools based onSchool Education Act of Japan and overseas Japanese schools approved by theMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.*3Swiss International Baccalaureate, German Abitur, French Baccalaureate, or otherequivalent certificate.1

December, 2020 version4. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTSRequirements differ among Departments. Carefully read the requirements below before applying.(English proficiency requirements) Applicants must submit their English proficiency score of 61 or more in TOEFL-iBT or5.5 or more in IELTS Academic Module. However, those who have taken six years ofjunior high and high school taken in English in either Australia, Canada, Ireland, NewZealand, United Kingdom or United States, are able to submit their transcript,corresponding to the English proficiency score above.(Other requirements) Applicants must submit their score for their standardized examination (including scoresfor Mathematics and other compulsory subjects). However, applicants from a countrywhere no standardized examination is held or from a country where the timing of thestandardized examination is late and the score cannot be submitted by the applicationdeadline may, in lieu of the submission of the score on the standardized examination,submit the Detail Report of their high school transcript screened by IERF. List of the main standardized examinations used for college admission.Country/RegionExaminationUnited StatesSAT I (Scholastic Assessment Test Reasoning Test)*ACT (American College Testing)*United KingdomGCE (General Certificate of Education) A Level*Republic of KoreaCollege Scholastic Ability Test*People’s Republic ofChinaNational Higher Education Entrance ExaminationHong KongHKALE (Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination)HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education)TaiwanGeneral Scholastic Ability TestFranceBaccalaureateGermanyAbiturAustraliaHSC (High School Certificate)SingaporeGCE (General Certificate of Education) A LevelMalaysiaSTPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia) A Level(Unified Examination, Senior Middle Level)IndonesiaSBMPTN (Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi ndardized National University Entrance ExaminationIB Transcript for the final examsExame Nacional do Ensino Médio2

December, 2020 version5. APPLYING TO MORE THAN ONE FACULTY Applicants may apply to 2 departments at most within the departments of the Faculty ofEconomics, Business Administration, Law, Letters, and International Liberal Arts.Applicants applying to 2 departments must indicate their “First Choice” and “Second Choice” inthe column. Submit the “Statement of Purpose and Study Plan” for each choice.If the applicant is accepted to the department of first choice, only the admission to the first choiceis allowed. The second choice cannot be chosen after the acceptance to the first choice is made.6. REQUIRED DOCUMENTSAccess the website below and proceed with your nglish: Check carefully the Required Documents chart below and prepare the application documents.2. All documents must be written in English. If any of the documents are submitted in anotherlanguage, be sure to attach an English translation. Do not enclose any documents that are notrequired.3. Do not submit any additional documents that are not requested in the list.4. Soka University will contact you through the WEB application page, in the “Contact Us” tab,and notifications will arrive via email. Please set Soka University’s email address [email protected] as the sender domain.5. Submitted documents (high school graduation certificate, transcript, etc.) will not be returned.However, regarding the original copies of certificates that cannot be reissued (such as thegraduation certificate), if you want to have such documents returned, they will be returned afterchecking the original document. Please attach a photocopy of such documents and enclose alist specifying which document(s) are to be returned, and state the address that you would likethe documents sent to (along with telephone contact info) (envelope and stamps not required).In principle, the documents will be returned after the application results are announced6. Soka University will not be responsible for any application documents that are lost in the mail.Please send the documents by EMS or registered mail. Do not enclose any documents that donot need to be submitted.7. Send the set of application forms by simple registered mail or using an international courierservice to the International Affairs Office Admissions Section within the application period. Ifyou send the documents immediately before the application deadline, use “simple registeredexpress mail” or “Express Mail Service (EMS).8. In order to confirm the delivery of the submitted documents, confirm using the receipt numberof the post office or tracking number of the international courier service on your own.* Soka University will not notify you of the receipt of the documents. Also, you may confirmthe delivery of the documents on “My Page” of the web application system. However, it maytake a couple of days after delivery until the status is updated on the website.9. Soka University will not accept any application documents submitted in person.10. No application documents delivered after the application deadline will be accepted for anyreason. Even in the event of non-delivery or delayed delivery caused by trouble at the postalservice or courier service, the University shall take no responsibility.11. The university will not contact you regarding any errors in the submitted documents. Pleaseconfirm with the list of required documents to make sure there are no errors and please checkthe documents one more time when mailing them12. Applicants submitting the following documents must use the codes below:・IERF the “Contact Information” section, you will find the screen below. Please fill in“Educational Institution” and then “Soka University (Japan). By doing so, your scores willarrive directly to Soka University.3

December, 2020 version・SAT Code: 7553Required Documents: Submit the documents listed in the table below.Required Documents1. Application Form2. Statement of Purposeand Study Plan3. PhotographDetailYou may apply up to two departments.Candidates willing to apply to two departments must submit the“Statement of Purpose and Study Plan” for each desireddepartment.*The Faculty of International Liberal Arts has specific forms.*Read *4 for further information on the “Statement of Purposeand Study Plan”Upload a photo (4cm x 3 cm) taken withinthe last three months.4cm *Front headshot, no hat, plain background.*Submit two photos in addition to the oneattached to the application form.*Write your name on the back of thephotos.FormOnline applicationOnline applicationMail 2 originals3cm4. Certificate of HighSchool Graduation (orexpected)5. Score Report ofStandardizedExamination6. High School TranscriptIf still enrolled in high school at the time of application, submit adocument certifying expected graduation from high school. Allcandidates must be graduated by August 31, 2021. FILA candidatesmust be graduated by March 31, 2022.Note: Promptly submit the certificate upon graduation from highschool. If the certificate is not available, submit the diploma.Submit the scores of a national standardized examination used toenter a university.(Refer to item 4. “Application Requirements” for details.)A transcript that certifies applicant’s entire academic recordthroughout high school education.*It must be an official document issued by the high schoolattended. If unavailable, submit the original copy of youracademic performance report.*Inform us in advance if the submission of your high schooltranscript will be delayed due to the IERF Detail Report issuance.4Mail the originalMail the originalMail the original

December, 2020 version7. IERF Detail ReportSubmit this report when the score report of the standardizedexamination of the relevant country cannot be submitted. Theapplicant will be responsible for performing the procedure to havethe IERF Detail Report issued.However, for applicants from a country where no standardizedexamination is conducted and for high school students who areunable to submit the score report when applying due to the latetiming of the standardized examination as held at their respectivecountry, in lieu of the score report of the standardized examination,the applicants may submit the IERF Detail Report regarding thehigh school score report.It takes 20 days to issue the report, so be sure to allow plenty oftime when applying for the issuance, in order to receive it prior tothe application deadline.In order to apply for the IERF Detail Report, you must submitdocuments that are also required by Soka University. In this case,prepare a notarized copy for each document in advance and be sureto submit it to Soka University by the application deadline.Mail the original8. RecommendationLetter(Designated Format)The recommendation letter is to be written by a teacher who hastaught the applicant in class at high school. No otherrecommendation letters will be accepted.Format is available inthe website9. Certificate of EnglishProficiencyRefer to item 4. “Application Requirements” for details.10. Application FeeMake an online credit card payment of 20,000 JPY whensubmitting the online application.(Refer to item 7. “Application Fee” for details)11. Statement ofFinancial Eligibility(Designated format)Submit evidence of financial support (e.g. bank statement) to coverFormat is available inthe tuition and living expenses. (Refer to item 8. “Statement ofthe websiteFinancial Eligibility” for details)12. Application forAcademic FeeExemption(Designated format)Applicants who wish to be considered for Academic FeeExemption must submit the application form, along with theofficial documents issued by public agencies stating the householdincome. (Refer to item 9. “Scholarship” for details)Mail the original―Format is available inthe website(*4) Statement of Purpose and Study PlanCarefully read the Three Guidelines (Admission Policy, Curriculum Policy, and Diploma Policy)of the respective Faculty, and submit the “Statement of Purpose and Study Plan” via online applicationsystem.Faculty of Economics: omics/Faculty of Business Administration: elines/Faculty of Law: s/Faculty of Letters: lines/Faculty of International Liberal Arts: (*5) No applications will be accepted after the application deadline, regardless of the reason.SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION:International Affairs Office – International Admissions SectionSoka University1-236 Tangi-machi Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-8577 JAPANTelephone: 81-42-691-8200Fax: 81-42-691-94565

December, 2020 version7. APPLICATION FEEApplication Fee Payment MethodApplication Fee: 20,000 JPY・Pay the application fee of 20,000 JPY by credit card when you submit your online application.・The name on the credit card used for the payment may be a person other than the applicant. However,it is necessary to enter the applicant’s information in the “applicant information” section even whena proxy performs the procedure.・If the credit card settlement is cancelled after payment is made, the eligibility of the individual toapply may be withdrawn.・If the payment via credit card does not go through due to technical difficulties, bank transfer isallowed (its fees would be borne by the applicant). If you wish to make a payment by bank transfer,contact the International Affairs Office via the online application page.Applicants who have paid the application fee for the following entrance exams for internationalstudents will not be required to pay the application fee again.・2022 Undergraduate Admissions for International Students Type I (Document Screening)・2022 Undergraduate Admissions for International Students Type II (Written Exam and Interview)・2022 Transfer Admission for International Students・2022 Bekka Preparatory Japanese Language Program8. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITYThe statement is to be signed by the financial supporter. Attach the documents below as evidence offinancial support. The tuition fees may change when the fee exemption is applied; however, thesedocuments will also be used to apply for the applicants’ Certificate of Eligibility issued byImmigration Bureau, so please read the instructions carefully. If funded by the applicant- Original bank statement of the applicant (statement over a certain amount) If funded by a family member outside of Japan- Original bank statement of the sponsor (statement over a certain amount)- Proof of employment- Sponsor’s income certificate- A document that certifies the sponsor’s relationship to the applicant (e.g. a copy of familyregister, certificate of residence, etc.) If funded by scholarship aside from Soka University’s- Original scholarship letter stating the amount, duration and name of the organizationoffering the scholarship (yearly total must be over a certain amount) If funded by a sponsor that lives in Japan- A tax certificate with the total amount of the sponsor’s income (photocopy of income taxcertificate, tax deduction certificate, etc.- Proof of employment (if it is a self-owned business, submit an official document such asthe copy of corporate registration or operating license)- Certificate of residence- If the sponsor is an acquaintance or a friend, a document that indicates the relationship tothe applicant, such as a photo taken together*Applicants submitting their application for the academic fee exemption (refer to item 9. “ScholarshipSystem”) along with their undergraduate application will be screened of their financial eligibility atthe same time. Refer to the chart below for the amount you need to show on your documents such asbank statements.Applying for Academic FeeExemptionNot applying for AcademicEconomics, BusinessAdministration, Law, LettersInternational Liberal ArtsApprox. 1,000,000 JPYApprox. 2,000,000 JPYApprox. 1,500,000 JPYApprox. 2,500,000 JPY6

December, 2020 versionFee Exemption9. SCHOLARSHIP SYSTEM(1) Tuition Fee exemptionBy the time of the application to the International Students Admission, the candidates can also applyfor the Tuition Fee exemption. When applying, please submit the Income Certificate referred toJanuary to December 2020 (or the earliest one-year period available) of all financial supporterstogether with the Application for Tuition Fee Exemption form. The application for tuition feeexemption scholarship results will be announced together with the approval of the successfulcandidates.Tuition Fee exemption will be granted for Undergraduate students according to the household annualincome as the chart below:Household Annual IncomeExemption ratioBelow 4,000,000 JPY100% exemptionFrom 4,000,000 to 8,000,000 JPY50% exemptionFrom 8,000,000 to 10,000,000 JPY25% exemptionAbove 10,000,000 JPYNo exemption・ In principle, household income refers to those of the father and mother. If one or both of fatherand mother have no income, you must explain the situation in the application form for academicfee exemption.・ Scholarship application results will be notified jointly with admission decisions to grantedapplicants only.・ After enrollment, a review of exemption for the subsequent academic year will be conductedyearly. If the recipient’s cumulative GPA is below 2.0 or does not earn at least 30 credits in theyear, the exemption will not be granted for the subsequent year.・ Appendix (p.9) shows the fees required for year 1 of students granted academic fee exemption.(2) ScholarshipAfter enrollment in the Undergraduate degree at Soka University, students will be able to apply for theMakiguchi Foundation Scholarship for International Students. Application procedures will beexplained after enrollment at the briefing session.First semesterSecond semesterand after30,000 JPY per monthA monthly amount of 50,000 yen, 40,000 yen and 30,000 yen will begranted to students in descending order from the highest GPA.No scholarship will be granted to students with a GPA of less than 2.2・ As a general rule, if a student is receiving scholarship from elsewhere, scholarship from Sokawould not be granted.・ In case other scholarships provided by Soka University suffer any changes, this scholarshipmay also be affected.・ In case of any action that causes any harm to Soka University reputation, the scholarship maybe revoked.10. ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE APPLICATION RESULTSAnnouncement schedule: Late May 2021One of the following results will be sent to all applicants via e-mail to email address indicated onthe application form (*7). Please set Soka University’s email address [email protected] asthe sender domain.① Accepted:Accepted to the undergraduate program staring April 2020.② Not Accepted:Did not meet the acceptance standards③ Not Eligible:Not eligible for college admission(*7) If you want to change your email address, please do so through the online application on My Page(basic settings).7

December, 2020 version11. ENROLLMENT PROCEDUREAccepted applicants will receive by e-mail the “Letter of Acceptance” and “Enrollment Guidelines”on the day the results are announced. Please follow the guidelines and perform the enrollmentprocedure. The enrollment procedure will be complete when the admission fee, tuition, and otherpayments are paid by bank transfer and when admission documents are submitted. If the procedure isnot completed by the deadline, the acceptance may be revoked.*Deadline and other matters related to the procedures are subject to change.1. Documents to be submittedDeadlineDetails of the document1. Visa application information1 stepJune 20212. Passport copyprocedures3. Dormitory application (online)4. Report the date of arrival in Japan (online)2nd stepJuly 20215. Questionnaire about measles-rubella vaccinationprocedures6. Health questionnaire7. Letter of consent regarding the handling of personalinformationAfterEntry/submission at thearrivalstudent life guidance class 8. Written pledge for entering the dormitory (only forpersons who will live in a dormitory)* The specific dates for submitting the documents and other information will be notified in theenrollment guidelines.st2. Notification of the payment amountType of payment/notificationDate of notificationPayment deadlineAdmission fee/tuition: Request forEnd of June 2021End of July 2021payment of admission fee/tuition* Admission fee, tuition (one or two semesters), dormitory entrance fee, dormitory fee (one or twosemesters) must be paid at once by the deadline. Read the Annex (p. 9) for further information on thetuition for year 1.3. Sending the admission letter and the Certificate of Eligibility (COE)The admission letter and the Certificate of Eligibility will be sent after confirming that thesubmission of the documents in 1 to 3 and the payment have been completed by the deadline. Inprinciple, successful candidates must obtain a “Student Visa” at the Japanese diplomatic office in thecountry of domicile before coming to Japan, and enter Japan with a “Student Visa” status of residence.* In order to obtain a “Student Visa” status of residence, it is necessary to apply for a Certificateof Eligibility. Persons who already have a “Long Term Resident” or “Dependent” status of residenceare not required to perform any particular procedures. Also, Japanese citizens with dual citizenshipcoming to Japan on a Japanese passport are not required to perform any particular procedures.12. SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION AND INQUIRIESInternational Affairs Office Admissions SectionSoka University1-236 Tangi-machi Hachioji City, Tokyo 192-8577 JAPANTelephone: 81-42-691-8230Fax: 81-42-691-9456E-mail: [email protected]

December, 2020 versionSoka University English Medium Programs eesAdmission feeTuitionRegistration feeSchool feesPHRTotalLettersFeesAKADEMIAAdmission feeTuitionRegistration feeSchool feesTotalInternationalLiberal dardHalfExemptionFullExemptionAdmission 840,000JPY630,000JPY420,000JPY0JPYRegistration fee60,000JPY60,000JPY60,000JPY60,000JPYSchool 1,070,000JPY800,000JPY260,000JPYTotal* Upon enrollment a payment of 19,000 JPY is required as a fee for the Gakuyu-kai Club Association.* All fees must be paid at once by the deadline.* Successful candidates willing to enter a dormitory will have the referred fees added to the invoice, andmust pay all fees by the deadline.* The Admission fee, Registration fee and Gakuyu-kai Club Association fee cannot be exempted.* From year 2, tuition, registration fee, school fees, and laboratory fees will need to be paid.* Tuition and other fees are subject to changes.9

4. Soka University will contact you through the WEB application page, in the “Contact Us” tab, and notifications will arrive via email. Please set Soka University’s email address [email protected] as the sender domain. 5. Submitted documents (high school gradua