A. PRD G gM piVE WOPUBUCAN NEWSPAPER OEVOTEP TO iBJB U PB O ttU M fi OK AMERICAN HOMES AND AMERICAN INDUSTRIE8.BURLINGTON. ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC#TH CAROLINA, FRIDAY. JUNE 4. 1915.R E V IV A L SERVICES A T THE BG- TO TH E VOTERS OF BURLINGTONC UTT MEMORIAL B APTISTCHURCH, WEST 3U B U N G *TON, :Revival services . at; the -HoeuttMemorial Baptist church. West Bur lington, wiil begin tonight, June 4th,and continue ten days or more. It.will be conducted by Kev. J. C. Oweno f Ashevilje, N. C.Mr. Owen is the mountain schoolevangelist of the Home Board of theSouthern Baptist conven tion. He hashad wide experience in evangelistic-work and is specially gifted in per sonal work. He was also once a mis sionary in China, having spent moreSEVENjoro BAYSMUi % UW THtCUl* ,COLYiN m ntm *c (h;tsociATe AncwtpcT’f J.OF CHAUTAUQUA.We are told that the school housiis' the temple which we erect to theCod of childhood. The school room isFrom June-30th to July 6th, will bethe 'home of the child during the mostChautauqua Week— a week full ofimportant hours of the most importseries of entertainments and lecturesantant years of its life. The schoolof an eVeii higher quality than pre7roof, the school house and the schoolvious.Jgrounds constitute the best index t jSome o f the world's famous short,the degree of civilization and to theorators will be given. Among many jideals of the community,delightful features will be “ Song Our;Aa are the school and the schoolGrandmother Sang,” given in i-ostumos jhouse, so will be the home, the city,of the American period of 1850. Thi jthe State and the Nation. For everymusic will'be' under Signor. Pasqualecommunity the motto should be: “ ForColangelo, the world's famous orches-jour schools, health, comfort andtra. The organization is vesatile to beauty."a marked degree and the programs of- jWe appeal to you in the name oifered will be varied and filled w ith ],Him who said, “ Suffer iit{le childrenenjoyable surprises.ito come unto me and forbid them not,”The Chautauqua is especially favor-jto go to the polls on election day andthan ten years there.Mr, Owen is just closing a twoweeks’ meeting in Graham, in whichthere has been more than thirty pro fessions, and everybody is highly cast your ballot for the children o f ourpleased with his— the future citizens o f a Bigger,The hours of service at the Hocutt Better Burlington.The voters ofMemorial church, during the week, Burlington are a God-fearing and awill be at 3:00 P. M „ and 8:00 P. M. God-serving people, therefore put yourOn Sundays at 11:00 A . M;, 3:00 P. Christianity to some practical use—M „ and 8:00 P. building an up-to-date, sanitary,Everybody is invited to attend and well heated, well lighted and welltake part in the services, especially ventilated school house, you are usingthe singing.your .religion in a practical way.JAS. W. BOSE, Pastor.So, go to the polls on June 8th andj iu.1ii iifg.pitwwjiTlhis is a cut of the proposed graded school building for which yoned by having Mrs. Yamall as it s :superintendent. She is a woman ofbrilliant attainments and extensive ex periences.iare asked to vote a forty thousand dollar bond issue, its a beauty, but .«r you wiHitig for the fellow who drew this picture to receive twoYou are to nave u,e p r iv a t ehearing one of the world’s greatest;r thousand dollars out of the bond issue forjkhis picture, it is said therepreachers, Dr. s. Parkes cidman,noted Brooklyn divine, in one o f his',are also plans with it, but there are no plans that can be made thatmost famous lectures, “ Life in ModernBabylon.”j D r . noto n ly a g r e a t*HtTlll permit such a building as this to be built for the remaining thirty*'cast your vcte for the children—the preacher himself, but he comes rlington.OVERWHELMING D EFEAT GUIL.indelibly stamped the ablest o f Eng- ;.Mrs. W. H. CARROLL.FORD BOND ISSUE.lish’s clergy. He was born among t h Shropshire hills of England, comingMajority Fails to Vole For New Court RESOLUTION'S OF DAUGHTERS O fto America twenty-six years ago, and TH E r E .\RL OF DAYS, ITS PERIL, rest and cooling. Who will begin this R E VIVAL MEETING IN, in his fifty-first y e a v he is a t ;much needed work /« bnioanity?eight thousand dollars, v»e would o glad to fcave the opinion of ourown contractors and tax payers upon this proposition.Whereas, the order of the DaughtersGreenjjwra, June 1,—The proposedbond issue for a ten story county of Liberty stands at all times for thebuilding was overwhelmingly defaated public school system o f our country,in the election today. A iheavy rain1And is desirous of doing all in ; itsprevented a large vote, A majority power to upbuild the same, andWhersas, them is now before th*being necessary, every voter who stay voters o f the city of Burlington thequestion of issuing bonds for thc erec tion o f a new and modern school build W E E K L Y ' W EATH ER in said Ir'ity, where the childrenmay be more comfortably and econo Issued by the V. S. Weather Bureau,mically cared for,Washington, D. C „ for the Week'Therefore, be it resolved, that PurityBeginning Wednesday, Juae 2,Council, No. 22, Daughters of Liberty,compose# of more than 208 member's,ed at home counted against of whom have children in theschools, desire to go on record as in fayor of the proposed bond is sue, and urge all voting members ofsaid council to use uicir votes and iflue nee in every way possible to aiduntil the end of the carrying the bond issue, and there by reflect credit upon the order, theF A IR AND W ARM ER of Burlington and themselves,For South Atlantic and East GulfStates; The cioudy, showery weatherof the beginning o f the period will giveway to warm, fair weather Thursdayor Friday and the latter will continuethe height of his powers, possessed ofendless physical and msntal vigor.jfR v Sow T H By K e V 'T u ttl* \n *His lectures are vital messages in. TfcS-LordV * *? * !» f t * ftwtri o f tne truest sense, and his coming to d a y s . A Love-lin* of divinely ten- ' any Chautauqua platform is an event dered rest and spiritual recreationof marked importance, one that is funding through the Bible from end X got 39 cans, how many caa* canyou get?pedo boat destroyers.Italy will find that‘monfcey” business.warO rganic j.,The revival services which began atW rkihg clu bt" Get your nelgh- the Mctk*di*t Protestant church lastt ) or?flnilf, Read j Jaiah gg. 13i Sunday are in progress this week. Ow wLuke 6- 1-9p g t)]e jj uri;!lffto„ Ne »s 0fjj ing to the accessive rains and the un favorable condition o f the streets,never forgotten by tltose fortunateendHave you tasted o f its t},;3' WKek for a Bibje study oa this! the attendance fws not b« sn aswould haveenough to sit under the charm of hi, strength giving sweetness? Are you 1 sul)jV;t Will you ,ook fo'rwart! "as it.- been hadJ there beenwonderful oratory ar.d keen logic.' shortening and saddening your i i f e 't0 next Sunday in the spirit of these fair weather.This man has often been compared by stealing God’s day ? Are you put- TO(1js .to Henry Wsrd Beecher, possessing ting the Lord’s Day in peril by your the same remarkable intuitive and 'sxample? Are you using your legs,practical knowledge o f human nature your horse, your bicycle, your motor- A!lo** ei s‘ x days work i* done,and the same broad sympathy. Un-'cycle, your BtStomobila to run down Another Snbbatb is begun:Rev. A. G. Dixon of High Point,who is assisting the paster, is givingtbs people plain, simple and *oul1stirring? sermons. He is a very ableand pleasing speaker, and his mannerdoubtedly those qualities—as was the Sunday? Are you trying to put God’s Returu my Mul enj0 ' t le * *t'tthcGospel„ r .[ofpresentingcreates acase with Beecher— have constituted (authority under your feet?Under *mP 10ve the day that God has blessed, iast ng impression on his hearers,one o f the main elements contributing your wheels? Look out! This lawj Two services are being held eachto his msrked success in all things( ’ d like all others is persistent;[day, at 9:30 in the morning and S:00he has undertaken.I * » i easily overthrown, but permaneat O, That our thanks and thought may in the evening. The meeting will prfebrise;Dr. Cadman has declined the f r all time.G«d, nature, 8ibleabiy continue wiraug-h all nextdency o f several colleges, but is special j thought conscience, and a great rra- As grateful incense to the skies;A cordial invitation is extended to Q16leetures- at Yale, Anrhcrst, Harvard ,tion;t! organization stana for it steadi- Ar.d draw from Christ that sweet re public to attend all the services, and'poseand many other universities and oo - ly—they will not let up in exhorta the singers o f other churches stt*Which none but he that feels it knows! especially invited to attend and taketages, and is in constant demand in tion and warning.many parts o f the United States forThe Lord’s Day has two classes ofpart in the song services. pacts! work.enemies:The first are open andHe has served his age splendidly, avowed, and are the lawless and This heavenly caim within the breastTRYING TU RELEASE AMERICANand the metropolitan papers and best covetous. Those who regard no law of Is Christ’s pledge o f glorious restGOODS.Imagazines of the country have paid God or men, and those whose greed for Which for the church o f God remains.frequent and deserved tribute to his money is their main motive for run The end o f cares, the end of pains.London, June 1.— Efforts are beiti talents. He is magnetic in personali ning their business seven days in themade to settle the case of the Ameri ty, * thoroughly entertaining at all week. The slcond class ara thosecan ship Ogeechee, which was sailedtimes, and his lecture aione will be who profess respect for the Lord‘s In holy duties let the day-,And be it further resolved, that aPredicted In W eddy Bulletin For AUcopy tff these resolutions be spreadSouthern Sections.upon the minutes o f this Council, andWashington, D. C., June I.—Fairthat the city papers be furnished withand warmer weather after Friday incopies for publication. all sections o f tine Southeast was fore (Signed)cast by the weather bureau today inMBS. N E T T IE ISLEY,the weekly bulletin for the wezk be MRS. LE L A STAFFORD,ginning’ tomorrow. Until Friday cohMoS. SiA.TSXS SHAM?.v.'srth the price o f « season ticket.Day, yet indifferent and inconsistent’ ditions will be unsettled, says the bul MRS. C IA Y T IE ANDREWS,‘intheir practical relationship to it.letin, except in the West Golf StatesMISS S Y L V IN A WORKMAN,* wfeere an entire week o f fair weatherMR. E. M. LONG W ITH C IT Y DRUG This second, class are very largelyJOSS C L A Y T IE PETTY,church members and is by far theis indicated. In that section and inCOMPANY.MISS IV Y BROWN,most dangerous. I f the church mem the Middle Atlantic States tempera Committee.bership o f the Uniced States wastures are expected to rise within aApproyed this 29th day of May, 1915.Mr. E. M. Long, who for the pastsincerely loyal to God it could save,few days to above seasonal averages.several years was connected with thenot only the Lord’s Day but any otherHico Milling Co., and previous] toreligious institution that they willedINTERESTING SERMON FOB SUN JAPAN HOUSE VOTES FtfR M ILI that was a successful merchant in save. Every professing Christian;DAY.county, has taken an interest in theevery gooA eitiien owes it-to himself,Tokio, Japan, June 1.—The Govern City Drug Co., and can now be found nis posterity, hts country and his!Unless under special obligation toat that place serving customers inGod to stand by the day given ofattend elsewheve, Rev. D. H. Tuitle ment’s policy o f military developmenttheir drug wanis. The drug businessGod to physical rest and spiritualinvites the Burlington News’ readers wus approved by the House today, inis a new line to Mr. Long, but he be anexcitingsession.worship.-For the people o f the worldto hear the specially i&restingr ser ing a versatile citizen, is fast adaptingto slow up one day in seven in thisBy a vote o f 232 to 131 the Housemon at Front Street Methodist churchhimself to his surroundings aud nowtime o f breilc-neck speed for pleas next Sunday. The pre-eminence of adopted the provision for'an increaseseems as much at home as if he hadure, money and—well nothing-, and useChrist in individual life and world in the standing army of two divisions,grown there. With his addition to thethat day for nerve-calming, bloodgovernment, will be the theme of the or about 24,000 men. I t then approvedbusiness, it is expected that the con coating, and soul meditation wouldtheentirebudget,includingthenavalmorning will grow even faster than ttbring blessings o f every kind to everyprogram, which provides for construc has in the past.heartra»d home. Experience, obser tionofthreesubmarinesandeighttor The children o f Burlingtoa are do ing the can .can ju3t now. 'Why not at your home?' ygur /a„ ;ly intQ a ,.U r d ,s DJn holy comforts pass away;How sweet a Sabbath thus to spend,In hope of one that ne’er shall end!when homeward bound from Bremftnwith a general carg-o,The Judge Procurator of tite prizecourt ha-5 informed the American Coji-NEW ORLEANSJITNEY BUS sul General, Robert P. Skinner, that i fDRIVERS ARE ARRESTED.the American claimants of variousSifveral---------parts o f the cargo will present jR ers,Violated New Law Which Re- provir.c that they actually owi jd thequire Big Bond. 'jgood? fo r e March 8, the British Gor-—o [«n::-".int will not compel these ownersNew Orleans, La., June 1.— Several to rake legal action to -recover theivjitney bus drivers, including one w o -1property, but will release the goodsman were arrested here today for al- without further proceedings.leged violation o f a city ordinance regulating all pa-senger-can-ying ve- SECRETARY' OF STATE IS JfQW.hides operated on New OrleansDOCTOR B RYAN .streets. It provides tha owners shailgive an indemnity bozgi of ,009 fo reach vehicle and went into effect to University of Mazytent Haa ConferredOn Him the LL.D. An organization of. jitnejf feusowntrs will contest the law. Sack ofthe 535 cars o f the Near O rle«4 jBaltimore, Md„ June 1.— Secretaryvation: and science all teach us that way and Light Company begin opera of State, Wm, J Bryan was .givenWon't you -plefce loan me a can.? aot «al n.&e machinery c f the human tion today under a bond of 5,000 the honorary degree of LL.D. al theis no I need one t* get my ticket to the body.'-tait other machinery will, last and the total amount o f the com commeocenttkt exercises of the wailonger by getting one day in seven for pany's bond is 2,675,MX).versity of KaryWid fiere today/ C'movies.

r mT R S n O C E -A -W Itw ow iT d im u m m , x. cn » i r . A n t 4 m s.excepted) preceding the Mid and H. W. TroBinger and J o b iNOTICE OP SPECIAL BOND of closing and A all close R. Huffman are the duly appoint CHAS. D. JOHNSTON,ELECTION IN MORTONClerk to the Board of Coun on the second Saturday before ed pollholders and judges forTOWNSHIP.said election in North Burling the election.This the 16th day of April, ton precinctNotice is hereby jfiven tfcatThat said R. J. Hall and W . A.1915.the Board of Commissioners.-of. NOTICE OF SPECIAL BONDHall registrars for said electionCHAS.D.JOHNSTON,ELECTION IN FAUCETTAlamance county, pursuant toClerk to the Board of Coun in Burlington township shallTOWNSHIP.the power, in them, vested bykeep open the registration booksty Commissioners.aii att of the General AssemblyNotice is hereby given thatfor the registration of voters ofof North Carolina at its session, the Board of Commissioners ofthe said township for a period of1915, same being House Bill No. Alamance county, pursuant to NOTICE OF SPECIAL BONDnot less Ohan twenty days (Sun 1,274 and Senate Bill No. 1,387, the power, in them, vested by anELECTION IN BURLING day excepted) preceding the dayhas ordered an election to be act of the General Assembly ofTON TOWNSHIP.of closing and shall dose on theheld in Morton township on the North Carolina at its session,Notice is hereby given that second Saturday before the1st day of June, 1915, for the 1915, same being House Bill No. the Board of Commissioners of election.purpose of submitting to the 1,274 and Senate Bill No. 1,387,This the 6th day of April,Alamance county, pursuant toqualified voters of the said town has ordered an election to bethe power, in them, vested by 1915.ship the question of voting the held in Faucett township on theCHAS. D. JOHNSTON,an act of the General Assemblysum of ten thousand dollars cf 1st day of June, 1915, for the f North Carolina at its session,Clerk to the Board of Coun five per cent (5%) thirty year purpose of submitting to the 1915, same being House Bill No.ty Commissioners,bonds of the said township, to qualified voters of the said town- 1,274 .and Senate Bill No. 1,387,give in exchange for ten thou ship the question of voting the:,has 0V(iered an election to b e H1GH TR lB U TE x o COLONELsand dollars of the five per cent. sum of ten thousand dollars ot jhelct. in Burlington township onANDREWS P A ID BY DIREC ( 5%) preferred stock o f and in five per cent, ( 5%) thirty year j ay 0f j unej 19 x5, forTORS OF SOUTHERN R A IL the Alamance, Durham and bonds of the said township, to;the purpose of. submitting to theW A Y.Orange Railway and Electric give in exchange for ten t h o u - v(Jters 0ftow.n5c. the packet or two “ Bobs** for aCompany.That said election sand dollars of the five per cent, j y,e question of voting theNew York.- The board of directorscent at all the better stands and stores.will be held in said township at (5C'0 preferred stock of and0f fifty thousand dollars of of the Southern Railway Companythe usual voting precinct therein the Alamance, Durham and five cent ( 5 %) thirty year paid a high tribute to the memory ofand will be conducted in the same Orange Railway and Electric0f the said township, to the late Colonel A. B. Andrews, firstmanner and subject to the same Company.That said election’ jye jn exchange forfifty thou- vice president and for many years 11rules and regulations as provid will beheld in said township at . n(j (j0uars 0f the fiye per cent, member o f the board, who died at hised for the general election of the usual voting precinct there- .preferred g j k of and in home in Raleigh, N. C., on April 17,county officers by the general in and will be conducted in theAlamance, Durhant and 1915, in the following resolutions:election laws of the State of same manner and subject to O r a n g e Railway and Electric]“ Jn memoriae, Alexander Boyd An-.same rules and regulations asNorth Carolina. z * — ’ —Company.That said election! drews*- That for the purpose of this [provided for the generalheld in said township at“ Alexander Boyd Andrews was bornr n«r rpgis- i tion of county officers by thell3Uaj voting precincts there- in Franklin county, N, C.f on the 23rdtration of voters of said town general election laws or tins in and will be eonuuctcu in thc Jay of July, 1841 He tendered hisship has been ordered, and C. M. State of North Carolina.same manner and subjgsj to th j Services to the Confederacy in April,Pritchette is the duly appointedThat for the purpose of this same rules and regulations as 1861, and in June o f that year, beforeregistrar, and Jas. W. Summers election an entirely new registra provided for the general elec he was twenty years of age, was madeand Hugh Burch are the duly tion of voters of said township tion of county officers by the a second lieutenant in Company E ofappointed pollholders and judges Huffman is the duly appointed general election laws of the thc First regiment of North Carolinafor said election.registrar, and E. L. Boswell and j State of North Carolina.cavalry. Confederate States army. HeThat said C. M. Pritchette Chas. A. Wilson are the dulyThat for the purpose of this ! sui-ved with distinguished gallantryregistrar for said election in has been ordered, and A. O. election an entirely new r e g is - . until, in September, 1863, he was shotMorton township shail keep appointed pollholders and judges tration of voters of said town- , through the chest : .nd lung by th*1ship has been ordered, and W. A. fragment of a shell at Jcck’s Shopopeu the registration books for for said election.the registration of voters of theThat said A. 0. Huffman!Hail is duly appointed registrar, near GordonsviUc, Va. After recoversaid township for a period of registrar for said election in and J. W. Cates and Adolnhus ing from this serious wound he foundnot less than twenty days (Sun Faucett township shall keep Cheek are the duly appointed when peace was re-established theday excepted) preceding the open the registration books for pollholders and judges for said whole industrial life of the south pros said date of closing and shall tre registration of voters of thc election for Soutfh Burlington trate as a result o f war und the people oiina. Population and development j zealous member o f the church of theclose on the second Saturday ba- said township for a period of not voting precinct; and R. J. Hall among whom he lived confronted with and industries followed his jjionee:- j Good Shepherd o f Raleigh, for whichThis the 6th day of April, less than twenty days (Sunday is the duly appointed registrar. the ta**k of rebuilding their social and act, and every person in that rich and ni the latter years of his life his mu ty Commissioners.Chew"Bobs” V E 7 H A T are they,,V : Ernestine?Why, little heart-shapedhunks of the chewiestchewing gum, all coatedover with peppermintcandy—a new chew tothe gum and a new pepto the peppermintAU Dealers Sell “Bobs’EVERY BODY WANT IT.I! fThe r ' i c:gh for itTh. young cry for it.-iii can afford if.-PEPSI-COLA SATISFIESYouw iil n e v e r fee! au b i i effects f r o m o v e r ea tin g if y ou d rin kPEPSI-COLAIt is the m ost p o p u la r d rin k a m o n g ait classes, indigestion is a strin g e r tothose’ vrho usePEPSI-COLAKeep a crate in the home all the time.YOUR GROCERW i l l b e glad to sen d you a case, give h im th e o rd e r today, d o it n o w ,Pepsi-Ccla Bottling WorksL M. Squires, Proprietor.Phone 435Burlington, N. Cof creating an industrial .system cm inviting territory is now and their de nificence helped to provide a new andnew lines. He became a . factor ofthrough all the coming years stalely place of worship.(will be enjoying the conveniences, the .opportunities and thc blessings made,Devoted to Native State.,constructive work. Kalizing ths ne-jjvessity for transportation in any plan! possible by this great piece c f c o r - . “ He was devoted in his attachment;of rm r} 'Uiii7.atifln and reconstruction,! struct! ve work. 'Ihc Western North to the state of North Carolina, Nohe entered railroad life. His first ser-j Carolina railroad will remain a morf- exigency of business or of personal i:ivice was with the Raleigh ;:nd Gaston j umenr to the useful arid honorable terest was strong enough to persuadeand with ihe rtaleitfh and Augusta achievements of Colonel Andrews, whorailroads, and as their superintendent was its builder.“ His life was not an easy one, forfor eijrht years he was the principalfact.-,!- ill their rehabilitation after the it was his lot. to encounter and overcome great difficulties. His activity,ravages of war.his positive and purposeful characterand his touch with great thingsWith the R. O."His efficiency in this work brought brought him into sharp conflicts withhim mi offer of promotion from the important, forces. In the midst ofRichmond and Danville Railroad com them all he bore himself a courage andpany, and in 1875 he became superin virility which commanded universal re-him to make his home elsewhere.He. believed in the tfui-diness, the senseof justice and the patriotism o f itspeople, and if at any time they, in hisjudgment, erred his faith in the ultimate triumph o f their sense of rightwas unwavering and supreme.Hewas always wilting to leave his nameand fame in their keeping, in the confidence that their ultimate judgmentwould correctly appraise and appreoi-spect and enabled him to crown his ate his purposes and his work,tendent of its North Carolina division.effortswith notable success. In every“ His death has brought Bnivera&lHe remained with this and other pred ecessors of the Sc'ithern Railway com trust and in every relation of life he sorrow and regret wherever he wasknown, but especially in the southpany and with the Southern itself un was loyal and faithful and true.interruptedly until his a periodof forty years. Beginning with the of where his life was spent and his workOn the (Vtrsonal Side.most largely done.“ On his persona! side he was a man‘"The secretary is directed to expressfice of superintendent, he worked hisway up through various intermediate ' o f eompelling and attractive personal- to the surviving members o f Colonelgrades until he became first vice presi- I*1* anli was Ereat,y honored and he- Andrews’ family the respectful syrndent and director of this company, Ilovtd- Ke married inMiss Julia P»th y of this board and to t r a n s it ,'Jrhich position he held at the time o fJenson, daughter o f Colonel Wil- to them a suitably engrossed and aVhis death and had held for many liam Johntson; of Charioiie, N. C „ “ ho tested transcript of tins minute.”-----------G--------- —years.jwas president o f the Charlotte, ColumA U LB LANG SYNE.“ His active railroad v.ork has thus bia an 1 Augusta Kaiiroad company.extended overperiod little short o f With her ashelpmate he built up It singeth low in every heart.We hear it each and r.!l an exceptionally happy and beautifulhalf a Century.Asong of those who Answer not,' During that time thc principal con home life, which he distinguished byHowever we maycali;themostcordialandliberalhospitalstruction and organization work of theThey throng the silence o f the breast,railroads of the south has been done, ity.'We see them as o f yore,“Hewasadevotedhusbandandfa and the industrial life of the south it The kind, the brave, th'e true, theself has been reorganized and rebuilt. ther and followed his children, evensweet,In this aecomplishmc-nt Colonel An after they were grown, with undimiuWho walk with us no more.ishedparentaltendereneasandsoliciidrews was a vita! force. Possessing aStrong anc. dominating r i-scm iity, v i tude.T is hard to take thc burden up,“ He took a deep interest in the wellrile and commanding in character andWhen these have laid it.down;intellect, he threw' himself into his fare o f Confederate veterans and in'tThey brightened ail the joy o f life.great work with irresistible wiil and the establishment and maintenance forThey softened every frown;purpose.Has achievements, which them o f the Confederate Soldiers’But, oh, ’tis good to think of them,were many, richly entitle him to a home in Saleigh.When we are troubled sore!place among the great constructive“ Although himself deprived o f ttaThanks be to God that such have beenforces of his state and section.benefits o f a college education, he wasAlthough they are no more!an earnest friend and supporter of the— John W. Chadwick.University o f North. Carolina, beingCompleted Western Road.'“Among these achievements was the for many years a member o f its boardIn the opinion o f one of the leadir. completion o f the Western North Car o f trustees and o f its executive com lady delegates to the peace conferenceolina railroad, from Old Fort, over the Tine Hague, “ Nothing can be settleJ“ He came to realize the value o f amountains, through Asheville, to Paintby force.” This is a broad assertionBock, and its branches. Thus through religious life and connected himself aswhich will hardly be justified by anyhis efforts was opened up the great in a communicant with the Protestantone who remembers how the independ dustrial sectiot, of western North Car- Episcopal church, being an active andence o f th* United States waa wop-POOR

not t w k b - a -F ftlD A Y . W H * i . 1*1 *.f i i a , a o iu m M K ,k.e .'p ; s mmWOULD INDEED BE A TBiU M PBOF DIPLOMACY.The chancM are, we suppose, thatthe United States and Germany willreach same sort o f understanding, atleast for publication purposes; VeryVOTE FOR BURLINGTON GRADEDW H AT OUTSIDERS TH IN K OF I want to see tbe children o f Burling may be obtained.”SCHOOL BONDS.I). R. FONVILLE,ton comfortably situated during theGRADED SCHOOLBONDS ol.Inthepres BURLINGTON.ent building they are not.":RESOLUTIONS OF JUNIOR ORDER Duty of Every Patriotic Cttile* Ia toA. F. BARRETT,Hen. W. H. Cjurroli,See That He is Properly Register Of Freeman Drug Co.Burlington, N. C.In view of the pending election oned and Then Vote Right.the question of issuing bonds to. pro Dear Mr, Carroll:—“ The: coming generation will soonI read with & great deal of pleas vide school buildings for the City oftake the place of the present. VoteDo you live in. Burlington? I f soure' you; article in Uie BurlingtonBurlington, the North State Councilto provide good schools and therebyNo. 34, Junior Order o f the United you haVe cause to be proud of yourNews in regard to the bond issue forgive the coming generation an op American Mechanics,. standing for environments. No better climate, noa Graded School building in the cityportunity to be trained for the placeo f Burlington. I want to say I anteducation and realizing the pressing better people, no better surroundingsit will take.”need for better equipped schools in this from a natural standpoint can; bewith you on the proposition. I f IGEORGE L. CURRY,were a resident o f Burlington, 1city, detfres to go on record as is fav found anywhere. But our conditionsPastor of M. P. Church,would sur

CUTT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH, WEST 3UBUNG* TON, : Revival services . at; the -Hoeutt Memorial Baptist church. West Bur lington, wiil begin tonight, June 4th, and continue ten days or more. It .will be conducted by Kev. J. C. Owen of Ashevilje, N. C. Mr. Owen i