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1Working with SIMATIC PDMWhat are you going to learn?The following practical exercise shows you how simple it is to create a networkconfiguration and subsequently process the devices in SIMATIC PDM.In this sample you will create a SIMATIC PDM configuration with sensors. Later on,you are going to work with a sensor (16 BAR) of the Siemens SITRANS P family.Detailed instructions will lead you step by step through the creation of a networkand SIMATIC PDM operation.1.1Creating a ProjectStarting the ProgramStart the program with a click on the "SIMATIC Manager" desktop icon. An almostempty window opens with a toolbar in the upper section (the number of icons in thetool bar depends on whether you are using the integrated version or not).SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-1

Working with SIMATIC PDMCreating a ProjectProceed as follows in order to create a project:1. Select the menu command File New.2. Enter a name for the project in the displayed dialog box. Verify that the option"New project" is selected.3. Confirm by clicking on "OK".4. The task window "New project" is displayed. Double-click on the "networks"icon in the right screen section. This transfers it to the left column.1-2SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Working with SIMATIC PDMSelecting the View in the SIMATIC ManagerYou can choose between the following views in the Customize View tab:The Component View is used for configurations with HW-Config.In the Process device network view the process devices are shown in groupsaccording to the network topology. You can configure networks and processdevices in this view. You can open this view for the configuration of the followingsample project by selecting View Process device network view.The Process system view gives you a fast overview of the configured processdevices. You can configure devices without linking them to a network.Note: You can specify which view is to be displayed when the SIMATIC Manageris started. If you configure via HW-Config we recommend you preset thecomponent view. You should preset the process devices network view if you usethe stand-alone version of SIMATIC PDM or if you configure the networks in theSIMATIC Manager. Select the menu item Options Customize and select thedesired view in the "View" tab.SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-3

Working with SIMATIC PDMConfiguring a PC1. Right-click on "networks" and select the context sensitive menu commandInsert New Object PC.2. The "PC" icon is now displayed in the right column. Shift it into the left columnwith double-click.3. Select the menu command Options SIMATIC PDM Define Current PC.Caution: This step defines the current PC for use in the system from now on.4. Right-click on "PC" and select the menu command Insert New Object . COM Interface.1-4SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Working with SIMATIC PDMSIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-5

Working with SIMATIC PDMSetting the COM InterfaceProceed as follows to set the COM interface:1. Mark the COM interface in the right column. Right-click to open "ObjectProperties." in the right screen section.2. In the "Connection" tab of the displayed dialog box, enter the correct"COM-Port" (in our example "2").Note: You should know which COM-Port is available on your computer.Connect your MacTek HART modem or your Siemens modem to this port.3. Confirm your entries with "OK".1-6SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Working with SIMATIC PDMAdding the HART Modem and Linking the COM Interface1. To add a HART modem, right-click on the "Network" icon and select the menucommand Insert New Object. HART modem.2. Click on PC, mark the COM interface, right-click on "Object Properties." andselect the HART modem in the "Network" tab.3. Confirm your entries with "OK".SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-7

Working with SIMATIC PDMInserting HART DevicesYou can insert up to 16 devices per project using the standard version of SIMATICPDM. If you need to configure more devices than that for a project, you canpurchase expansions for an unlimited number of devices.To insert the desired HART devices, proceed as follows:1. Right-click on the HART modem and in the context sensitive menu select thecommand Insert New Object . HART Device.2. The dialog box "SIMATIC PDM Insert Object(s)" is displayed.3. In the "Name" field, enter the desired name (maximum 8 characters) for theHART device (in our example HART 1). Enter "2" in the field "How many"HART device" objects should be created". You do not need to make anyentries in the field "Start value increased from "Short address", because theprogram automatically enters this value.4. Confirm your entries with "OK". The program inserts two sensors named"HART 1 1" and "HART 1 2" in the project. They are inserted into the rightcolumn. Their name numbers are automatically incremented by one count.5. Double-click on the new device you have created. The dialog box "SIMATICPDM Device Selection" is displayed. Select the type of your HART device. If itdoes not exist, click on the "Catalog Import." button and browse through yourCD-ROM drive to the subdirectory HCF-DD. Then select your HART devicetype in the "HCF" directory.1-8SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Working with SIMATIC PDM6. Confirm by clicking on "OK".Note: Importing may take several minutes. All current HART device information(.DDLs) is imported. You can download updates from the following SiemensWebsite (status May c pdm/infos.html7. Following this import, the dialog box "SIMATIC PDM Device Selection"displays the installed HCF files.SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-9

Working with SIMATIC PDMSelecting a SensorProceed as follows:1. Double-click on one of the sensors which you have inserted (in our exampleHART 1 1).2. Select the entry Sensors Pressure SIEMENS SITRANS P-DS Pressure 16 Bar to choose the sensor you have created. Configure theother devices you have selected for your sample project correspondingly.3. Confirm all entries with "OK".1-10SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Working with SIMATIC PDM1.2Setting the PG/PC Interface for PROFIBUSCommunicationWhenever you create a PROFIBUS network, you should also check the PG/PCinterface to insure that no PROFIBUS device configuration has been created byanother user. Proceed as follows:1. Select the menu command Options Set PG/PC Interface (in the stand-aloneversion you can find the PG/PC interface in Start Settings Control Panel).2. In the dialog box, verify that the option " None " is highlighted in the dialogbox. Select the CP installed in your device.Note: The "Set PG/PC interface" function becomes important if you want tocreate a PROFIBUS PA system and configure PA devices. SIMATIC PDM canbe used both for HART or PROFIBUS systems, however, with differenthardware (for PROFIBUS systems, for example, you need a Siemens CP5611or 5511 board or another appropriate board).3. Confirm your entries with "OK".SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-11

Working with SIMATIC PDM1.3Configuring a DeviceDouble-click the device icon to start SIMATIC PDM. Select the option "Specialist"or "Maintenance engineer" in the displayed dialog box. Confirm your entries with"OK". The SIMATIC PDM logo is now displayed.You have now opened SIMATIC PDM for your selected HART device. The valuesdisplayed in the right screen section do not represent "real" values, but rather thevalues in the DDLs selected by you. To obtain the correct values for your device,select the menu command Device Download to PG/PC or click on the toolbaricon.1-12SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Working with SIMATIC PDMCaution: Before you submit data to a device you should download the currentdevice data to your PC and create a software link to the HART device via HARTmodem. Select the menu command Device Download to PG/PC or click on thecorresponding toolbar icon. The on-screen values are replaced by the real valuesof the device. In the status bar the status changes from "Not connection" to"Connected". If you now edit these values, their status changes from "Initial value"to "Changed". To transfer data to the sensor, select the menu command Device Download to device or click on the corresponding toolbar icon. All previoussensor data is overwritten with your edited data. Therefore, verify all data beforeyou transfer it to the device.Note: It is possible that the HART device has not been implemented in yourSIMATIC PDM version. If this is the case, download the current software version orup-to-date Service Pack via via Internet.SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-011-13

Working with SIMATIC PDMCongratulations! You now have worked through this "Getting Started" andbecome acquainted with important terms, procedures and functionalities ofSIMATIC PDM. You are now ready to create your first project.If you encounter problems finding information on certain functions or operatingsequences for SIMATIC PDM, you are welcomed to take advantage of ourextensive Help on SIMATIC PDM.We wish you a lot of success with your future projects!1-14SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting StartedA5E0096773-01

Connect your MacTek HART modem or your Siemens modem to this port. 3. Confirm your entries with "OK". Working with SIMATIC PDM SIMATIC PDM V5.1 Getting Started A5E0096773-01 1-7 Adding the HART Modem and Linking the COM Interface 1. To add a HART modem