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INTRODUCTIONRAU/RAUMO Roof Axial Upblast VentilatorsThe RAU / RAUMO is ideal to provide exhaust ventilation where removal of high volume of air for large spaces is necessary such aswarehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities and other general ventilation applications.These Upblast Roof Axial Exhaust Ventilators offer a robust construction of galvanized steel making them weather resistant whilemaintaining a competitive weight. Both the RAU / RAUMO features equal roof curb dimensions for ease of new installations. Their curbdimensions match most common curb dimensions existent in the market which facilitates retrofit jobs.The RAUMO provides easy access to the motor and drives for service and parts replacement directly from the roof eliminating the needof disturbing the interior space. The motor compartment is accessible without tools for ease of service.Standard UnitsModel: RAU - Fabricated Steel PropellerStatic pressure up to 0.5” wg.Belt Drive - Flow capacity up to 37,000 CFMwww.PennBarry.comRemote Drive UnitsModel: RAUMO - With remote drive optionStatic pressure up to 0.5” wg.Belt Drive - Flow capacity up to 35,000 CFM3

CERTIFICATIONS & LISTINGSAMCA CertificationPennBarry certifies that models RAU/RAUMO roof exhausters are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. The ratings shownare based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and Publication 311 andcomply with the requirements of the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.UL and cUL CertificationRAU/RAUMO exhausters (models HC, HF, and HS) carry the UL label, UL705 (ZACT/ZACT7), file

FEATURES & BENEFITSFan BladesThe design of fan blades has been very carefully determined to insure highly efficient performance. Cast aluminum, airfoil, or die-formedhigh capacity steel fan blades provide the flexibility required to achieve most fan performance ratings. Spark resistant fans use blades castof high tensile strength aluminum alloy. Versatility is accomplished through the use of four and six blade fans which exhaust an even flow.All blades are balanced to run properly.Venturi InletCombined with a heavy gauge base is a one-piece, leakproof, spun and streamlined venturi inlet to minimize entrance losses and noise.Weather Resistant OperationAir blast turns back rain and snow, and provides an air curtain to keep out the elements. Full size windband protects the dampers whileopen.Simplified ConstructionRAU/RAUMO fans require little maintenance. They are ruggedly built of heavy metal, securely welded and thoroughly reinforced withbeading and angle rings. When properly installed, they will withstand high winds. Flutter guards are standard with the RAU/RAUMO andprovide extra protection against damper flutter due to pressure difference.Damper AssemblyThe damper assembly consists of a number of components and features: Dampers automatically overlap the air shaft to prevent heat losses and backdrafts. Drainage Trough: Centrally located to allow water to run off as required. Easily Removable: The complete damper assembly is easily removable to gain access to the internal fan components, if required. End Pivot Damper Arrangement: The design of the end pivot damper arrangement utilizes the full force of the fan at the blade tips.This maximizes lift, employs the complete working area of the blades, and eliminates dead spots at the center of the hub of the fan. Rubber Gasketing: Fitted around the air shaft to help seal the damper opening and also to eliminate noise upon closure. Rubber Stops: Used to prevent the dampers from locking in the open position, rubber stops are installed on the upper wind bandsupport.www.PennBarry.com5

OPTIONS & ACCESSORIESFan GuardsSince RAU/RAUMO fans contain rotating parts, PennBarry recommends the following safety precautions be taken during installation,operation, and maintenance. Install fan guards on all nonducted fan installations to protect people working around the fan from accidentalfalling debris and to protect the fan from foreign objects coming into contact with moving parts. Inlet fan guards for HiteSaver models HSand HZ must be fabricated locally. For proper and safe operation, fan RPM should not exceed that recommended in performance tables.Installations that result in excessive vibration are unacceptable. Designers should urge contractors to refer to operation, maintenance, andinstruction manuals for proper and acceptable levels of vibration.Safety Disconnect SwitchesUL listed, non-fused, safety disconnect switches can be provided to match system electrical characteristics.These can be furnished in a weatherproof enclosure specifically designed for outdoor installation; or, underthe motor weather cover in remote drive belted units. Disconnect switches are to be field wired by a licensedelectrician.LatchesFor areas of high wind and interior positive pressure, magnetic latches and/or air activated positive locking latches are also available forfactory or field mounting. These latches help to minimize flutter and keep dampers closed when the fan is not in operation.FinishesCoatings such as air dry enamel, epoxy, or heresite are available upon request. See the coatings brochure for details.Roof CurbsRoof curbs are furnished in a variety of types from canted or selfflashing to sloped or flat pitch. Standard construction includes galvanizedor aluminum material, insulation, and metal, rubber gasketing or wooden nailer mounting surface. See the Roof Curbs brochure fordetails.Illustrated below is the Unibeam Curb, which is most generally used with RAU/RAUMO vertical discharge ventilators. Costs of this deviceare normally less than field built curbs. The Unibeam Curb shown is for flat roof

RAU STANDARD HEIGHTRAU/RAUMO ventilators are available in two standard drive arrangements. Belt drive units are available for general ventilation conditionswhere the motor and drive components are installed within the ventilator air shaft to take advantage of airstream cooling action. Theexhausting air washes the motor and bearings, increasing longevity of these components.ABDFCECURB CAP1. PanelPropeller (Hp & Lp)Structure AssemblyShaft & BearingMotor Mount AssemblyBearing Mounting PlateWindband AssemblyDamper AssemblyModelABCDEFCurb 66.506070.8849.2523.002.0067.0019.0072.50All dimensions in inches. *First gauges are for mounting bases. Second gauges are for windbands and air shafts. Although mounting base dimensions arestandard, adapters and modifications are available when needed. Ask for certified dimension drawings before proceeding since dimensions do change.www.PennBarry.com7

RAUMO, REMOTE DRIVE UNITØABCDCURB CAP1. Windband(Ribbed Reinforced)Spun Inlet VenturiMotorDamper Stop-Rubber CushionedBelt & Bearing Enclosure With Air Guide (Optional)Drive Support AssemblyDrainage GutterButterfly Damper AssemblyMotor Weather CoverSupporting BracketFan Shaft & BearingBelt & PulleyPropeller (Hp & Lp)ModelABCD2028.2546.8821.252.25Curb 7.502.2566.006070.8880.6329.252.2572.00Outside dimension of curb should be 1 1/2” less than ‘E’ dimension.All dimensions in inches. Must specify heat and smoke option when

RAU/RAUMO FAN SELECTIONSModelLWP / RAU / RAUMOConstructionTag enter value Altitude enter value Temperature ( F) enter value Application Flow (CFM) enter value Application Static Pressure (inwg) enter value e TypeB BeltRotation/DischargeU ExhaustMotorMotors and DrivesF Factory suppliedL Less motor, less driveX SpecialV-Belt Drive Kit0 NoneA Adjustable drive kitL Life safetyX SpecialBearing Life0 StandardHorsepower.250 1/4.333 1/3.500 1/2.750 3/41.00 11.50 1 1/22.00 23.00 35.00 57.50 7 1/210.00 1015.00 15www.PennBarry.com20.00 20X SpecialMotor PhaseMotor Enclosure1 1 Phase3 3 Phase0 None1 TEFC2 TENV3 TEAO4 OPAO5 ODP6 OP (Open)7 EXP C2D1X SpecialMotor Frequency5 50 Hz6 60 HzMotor SpeedP PremiumS StandardB 1200 RPMC 1800 RPMF 1000 RPMG 1500 RPMT 870 RPMX SpecialMotor VoltageMotor Shaft Grounding RingMotor EfficiencyA 115VB 208VC 230VD 277VF 460VG 575VH 220VJ 380VK 400V0 NoneS Shaft Grounding RingMotor Thermal Overload Protection0 NoneT Thermal Overload Protection9

RAU/RAUMO FAN SELECTIONSCommon OptionsVFD / Speed Controllers / Starters0 NoneS StarterV VFDSensors0 NoneF Firestat switchMotor, Shaft and Belt Guards0 NoneB Belt guardSpare Belts0 None1 1 spare set2 2 spare setService Switches0 NoneA NEMA 1 - looseC NEMA 1 - mountedD NEMA 3R - looseF NEMA 3R - mountedG NEMA 4 - looseN NEMA 7/9 - looseInternal Wiring0 None1 NEMA 13 NEMA 3Inlet and Outlet Guards / ScreensN Inlet guardU Outlet guardT Inlet and outlet guardExtended Lube Lines0 NoneC Extended copper lube linesL Extended polyamide lube linesCrating Option0 StandardCurb0 NoneC Curb0 NoneOptions and AccessoriesPaint/Coating0 NoneA Standard EnamelQ Airdry phenolic with UV protectionR High Temp BlackX Special* Colors only available for StandardEnamelPaint Color0 NoneA Standard color (gray)B Chrome greenC Pale greenD Dove gray (PPC standard)E WhiteF Oxford beigeG Dover whiteH Desert tanJ BlackK Smoke grayL Brick redM PeppercornN Pale brownP Chocolate brownQ Timeless bronzeR CharcoalX Special*Colors only available for StandardEnamelUL / ETL Listing1 UL 705Product Specific OptionsMagnetic Damper LatchLWP/ RAU/ RAUMO Starter Disconnect0 NoneM Magnetic damper latch0 NoneD Disconnect IncludedButterfly DamperLWP/ RAU/ RAUMO Starter EnclosureA Aluminum Butterfly DamperG Galvanized Butterfly Damper0 None1 NEMA 13 NEMA

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