Monthly DepartmentalReportsParks andRecreation 2020

MemoTo: Spencer Nebel, City ManagerFrom: Mike Cavanaugh, DirectorDate: March 3, 2020Subject: Parks & Recreation Monthly Report – February 2020Administration – Mike CavanaughJudy Mayhew and Mike Cavanaugh have been transitioning the Director workload from Judy toMike through the entire month of February. Both have attended department head meetings,advisory committee meetings, and community meetings. The transition has been smooth. Judyhas done an amazing job as interim director! The new Director officially started on February 23,2020.Director met with Finance Dept and IT Dept to discuss details regarding the recreation center’sdoor replacement project.Department staff participated in interviews for the City Attorney position.Department staff meet with Newport High School staff to discuss all details prior to the DistrictSwim Meet. The swim meet was a success. Staff is currently scheduling an end-of-seasonmeeting to review the season and discuss any improvements for future seasons.Director meet with Tim Gross, Spencer Nebel, and Barb James to discuss the transition of ParkMaintenance back under the Parks and Recreation Dept. The full transition will occur July 1,2020. Until then, Parks and Recreation Director and Public Works Director will work togetherregarding anything Park Maintenance.Department staff attended two grant writing seminar classes put on by the Ford FamilyFoundation. Staff from the recreation center, aquatic center, and sports attended. Volunteersfrom the 60 Center attended.Director meet with the Oregon Coast Community College regarding cross-promotion of ourdepartment programs within the OCCC’s seasonal publication “Catch the Wave.” We have 9programs from the recreation center, aquatic center, and 60 center that will be included in theOCCC’s spring publication.

Department administration meet for 5-hours to build department goals. Staff did amazing andit seemed to be a healthy process for the department and for the admin team. This process willcontinue to grow each year.*Department programs in the OCCC’s seasonal publication.60 Activity Center – Peggy O’CallaghanOur annual Mad Hatter Tea Party was held on Tuesday, February 18, with 60 persons enjoyingdelicious snacks, tea and a fun fashion show of clothing from New4You consignment shop.On Valentine’s Day, a group of 15 persons from the 60 Activity Center joined approximately 60residents of Oceanview Senior Living for a fun Palentine’s event. Members of the Senior CenterAssociation were on hand to take pictures of each set of “pals.” Thank you, Ginger Tibbles, forputting together goody bags for the participants.At the Newport City Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 18, Director Peggy O’Callaghan, anda group of volunteers and patrons, were on hand to showcase some of the fun activitiesavailable at the 60 Activity Center. Thank you to all those who participated.

A Meditation Workshop was held on Thursday, February 6. Three persons attended thisinformative workshop, which was taught by Joseph Armenio.The 60 Adventure Van headed to Eugene on February 15 for the annual Asian Celebration,where our ten adventurers enjoyed a glimpse of Asian culture through main stageperformances of dance and music, a bustling marketplace of art exhibits and goods, numerousfun activities and Asian food at the Food Court.On February 21, seven persons headed to Mt. Angel for the annual Celebrate Volkfest tocelebrate German Heritage with the best-handcrafted German sausages, local and Germanbeers, a variety of foods at the Artisan Market, and non-stop entertainment.60 Center Programs Offered:Total Programs – 37Senior Fitness – 13Senior Social Programs – 12Senior Educational Programs – 1260 General Statistics:Rentals in February – 4 (YTD: 41)Activity Attendance – 2,096 (YTD: 15,975)Total Door Entrance – 4,012 (YTD: 36,422)Total Volunteers & Hours - 40 volunteers &537 hoursAquatic Center – Kathy ClineThe High School District swim meet was held February 14th and 15th. The facility was closed tothe public for the duration of this event. From pool staff’s perspective, the event went offwithout a hitch, and we have had no complaints or issues brought to our attention, either fromattendees or from the Newport High representatives.We held our Winter Carnival on February 8th from 1-4 pm. The carnival included games,swimming and carnival snacks. We also had local circus group Americana Mayhem perform akid’s circus show on the pool deck. We had about 60 people attend the carnival, which wasfewer than we had hoped. We plan to have the event again next year and to begin promotingthe event earlier to hopefully encourage more participation. We also had 8 people from thecommunity volunteer in a variety of ways including set-up, facilitating games, and collectingtickets. It was great to see some of our creative staff step up and help paint the games andcreate a banner for the event. We look forward to continuing this event in the future!HVAC system went down twice in 1 week, and it was determined to be an issue with ourthermostat controls. Thanks to maintenance and Mechanical Heating and Air the issue wasresolved quickly.Conducted adaptive PE swimming lessons this month, February 3 through 14. The group wassmaller than we have seen in past years, but we do have another session later this year and

assume that they have split the groups more evenly and will have a larger second session thanwe had last year.Group swimming lessons were held the 3rd through the 14th this month, and the session wasnearly sold out. The lessons were scheduled early on, and consequently because the HighSchool District meet needed to be held on the 14th, we accommodated the HS event and movedthe last day of this session to the following Monday. Nearly all of the participants were able tomake this change.Recreation Center – Judy MayhewThe Rec Center was awarded a grant of 346 from Oregon Community Trees to enhance ourArbor Day Celebration. The Rec Center will partner with the Newport Library to create acommunity celebration of trees. This will also contribute to our annual Tree City USAapplication.We received word that our Tree City USA application was approved. This year, we will betracking our activities in the Parks Division, which should assist with the application process.Staff participated in the interview process for the City Attorney position.Staff met with Barb James to discuss how HIPAA regulations may necessitate changes in ourcurrent waiver forms.Judy Mayhew represented the Parks & Recreation Department at Leadership Lincoln for theirpanel on “Community & Quality of Life: Arts, Leisure & Recreation.”Staff submitted information for the Spring Activity Guide, due out in March.We met with NHS swim team coaches and staff to determine the details for the District SwimMeetMet with Travis Howard from the Newport Swim Club, who is taking over from Julie BoboShisler. Travis is anxious to learn what it takes to put on a smooth swim meet.Division managers met for a lengthy, (but well worth it,) department goal setting session. Thiswas the first of its type for all of us, and it was greatly appreciated.Mike Cavanaugh and Judy Mayhew both attended the Parks and Recreation meeting to ensurea smooth transition.

The School’s Out program is participating in the Vicarious Voyage Program through Semester atSea, a college study-abroad program, where students travel around the world while learning.Our kids correspond with one of the students and learn about the countries she visits.*Our Schools Out kids saying hello to the Semester at Sea studentSports Division – Mike CavanaughFebruary 3, 5, 10, 12, 13, 19, 20, 24, 26: Middle school boys’ basketball played games againstDallas, Lebanon, Philomath, Cascade, Toledo, Stayton, and Talmadge middle schools.February 1, 8, 15, 22, 29: Youth basketball games continued with over 185 Newport kidsparticipating. The recreation center hosted 53 games in February, which included 100 teamsfrom the Lincoln County area.February 1, 8, 15, 22, 29: Youth indoor soccer continued with 50 kids participating. Age groupsranged from 8 to 14 year old athletes. The program started as skill development in January andtransitioned to game play through February.February 13: Attended the monthly meeting of the Mid-Valley Central Coast Middle SchoolConference. Meet with other school administrators, athletic directors, and recreationprofessionals to discuss the on-going winter sports season and the upcoming spring sportseason.February 22: Trail Work Day #3 was completed for the 2020 Coast Hills Classic Mountain BikeRace near the Wilder Land Development. The trail day was hosted in partnership between theCity and the Newport Trails Stewards.

February 24: Meet with community members to discuss the dedication of the Agate Beach SurfClub Memorial in April 2020. Discussed details of other community events that could be tiedinto the weekend of the dedication. Former club members will be traveling back to Newport,from all over the U.S., with family members for this dedication.February 26: Held a captains meeting for this year’s Adult Basketball League and started leaguegames. Reviewed over rules and regulations, explained expectations from each team regardingconduct, passed out schedules and addressed any questions. Games started immediatelyafterwards. There are four teams registered with 52 players participating.*Middle school basketball away game (left) at Stayton Middle School and Trail Work Day (right)on Wilder Property for the Coast Hills Classic Bike Race.

MemoTo: Spencer Nebel, City ManagerFrom: Mike Cavanaugh, DirectorDate: April 7, 2020Subject: Parks & Recreation Monthly Report – March 2020Administration – Mike CavanaughOn March 4, the Director met with John Wray, head coach for the Newport Swim Club. Themeeting was held to introduce themselves and discuss the partnership of each organization.Discussions were had regarding the current operations of the swim club and the Aquatic Centerand how both groups are excited to continue the growth of the swim club at the AquaticCenter.On March 9, the Director attended an Oregon State Parks’ Local Government Grant ProgramWorkshop. The workshop was offered for applicants to learn more about the grant programand application process.City discussions started on March 12 and the decision was made on March 13 to close the doorsof the 60 Activity Center, Recreation Center, and Aquatic Center to the public due to COVID19. The first official closure day was March 14. All three facilities are closed until April 30, oruntil further notice.On March 16, the Director met with the three facility supervisors to review and adjust divisionbudgets for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year. These budgets were built without consideration of theclosures or impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.Director met with the City Manager, HR Director, and Library Director on March 19 and 20 todiscuss and finalize the plan for completing layoffs of all department part-time employees. Parttime employees were granted the ability to work up till March 31. March 31 was their last dayof work.On March 23, the Parks & Recreation administration team began a new push for VirtualRecreation programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal for this “new” programming is toprovide the community with ways to recreate and provide opportunities for positive physical,mental, and emotional health during these trying times. Stats on the community outreach willbe provided in the next monthly report.

Director and 60 Activity Center Supervisor hosted the City of Newport’s radio show on March26. This was a great opportunity for the Director to discuss his professional background, visionfor the department, and the effects of COVID-19 on our department.On March 27 and 31, the Director participated in two webinars with Oregon Recreation ParksAssociation and National Recreation Parks Association. Topics of discussion revolved aroundCOVID-19 and the effects it is having on agencies across Oregon and the United States.Director met with the Newport News-Times on March 30 to discuss running an articlehighlighting our department’s Virtual Recreation Programing for the community. Discussionswere also had related to having a permanent section in the paper highlighting new recreationactivities in each publication for communities members to do during COVID-19.Aquatic Center – Kathy ClineMet on March 6th with Lincoln County School District to discuss and finalize the cooperative useagreement. This document is close to being finalized.The Aquatic Center and Recreation Center were closed to the public due to the coronavirus onMarch 14, 2020. Part-time staff were allowed to continue working for a limited amount of time,the following is a list of everything that pool staff accomplished during this shutdown cleaning: Cleaned all Stainless steel (handrails, guard chairs, diving blocks, door handles, drinkingfountains) of rust and water spots All guard chairs cleaned and sanitized Scrub decks including grout Scrub the chemical deposits on tile in activity pool and spa Clean and organize (thoroughly) inside storage room Clean and organize outside storage Wash all windows natatorium, spectator area and breezeway Scrub stains off walls all around natatorium and locker-rooms Clean, organize and disinfect guard office Clean under spectator bleachers Wash down all bleachers Wash and rehang all shower curtains Clean, disinfect Locker rooms and family changing room Wash down the black cubbies on deck All backwashing of pools and spa done Cleaned all white boards Cleaned all aerobics equipment Deep clean the downstairs equipment rooms

Helped Peggy with deep cleaning at 60 plusHelp Brenda cleaning all fitness equipmentDuring this unprecedented time, the recreation staff has begun offering up virtualprogramming. Here are the offerings from the aquatic staff, current and upcoming; Hot Tub trivia Dry Land exercises to keep in swimming shape Water fun and basic swim skills for babies you can do at home in the tub Juggling How To Water Safety scavenger hunt DIY giant bubbles video Still coming: Baby doll swim races, soothing pool video, water safety and water funcoloring pages Because of the Coronavirus Closure the following were canceled in March: Rotary rental US Coast Guard rental Spring Break Week specialty swims Boater safety rental Angell Job Corp water safety rental and instruction Starguard offsite training and certification course; Keeley has been able to reschedule tocomplete and re-certify via online courses and skype webinars. We of course were notable to complete the certifications for Maria Pettis and Jesse Girard (both were laid off).*Virtual programming activities by the Aquatic Staff.

Recreation Center – Judy MayhewThe Parks and Recreation Director and Recreation Superintendent attended the final “Learn byDoing” grant writing class. Although we missed one of the previous sessions, we gained helpfulinformation for future funding attempts.Staff met with the Lincoln County School District personnel to discuss finalizing the CooperativeUse Agreement.Several staff members attended a free social media marketing class at Oregon CoastCommunity College taught by Misty Lambrecht, which gave us good information and greatideas. Misty is always on-trend and relays a lot of information in a short amount of time.We interviewed two people for Rec Leader positions. Before we could get them started, allhiring was frozen as the Rec Center became scheduled to close.The new Safety Officer – Joe Oberding, stopped by with Jim Salisbury to discuss any safetyconcerns we might have and to receive a quick tour of our facility.The Arbor Day celebration, slated for the end of April was postponed until a later date. TreeCity USA and Oregon Community Trees have both granted extensions for celebrations andexpenditures of grant funds.While it has been a trying time for all staff, we made the most of our time completing projectsthat are virtually impossible to do when we are open. With our own staff, plus assistance fromseveral lifeguards, we were able to accomplish quite a bit: Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms were fully painted – the first time in 19years! They look great and once the floors get re-done (scheduled for April,) the lockerrooms will be greatly improved. We’ve had staff working on deep cleaning, including the cinder block walls in thecardio/track area that have been scrubbed by hand. They were in pretty bad shape andare much better now. Cinderblock walls in the small gym were also cleaned, as were all of the wall-pads inboth gyms. Windows throughout the building were cleaned, and the ledge off of the track wasdusted and mopped. All walls up and down the hallways have been wiped down, removing all marks. Building Attendants scrubbed and waxed floors until they shine like the day we opened!We have one more room to complete, which we hope to accomplish before we re-open. The Control Desk staff have been going through old records (with the Oregon RecordsRetention Schedule close by) which will free up much needed storage space. This is a

huge task and one of those things that we never seem to have time to work on when weare open.Indoor park toys and all gymnastics equipment were removed from their closets andthoroughly cleaned.Equipment in the Dance/Aerobics room (steps, strength bands, Bosu balls, etc.) wereremoved from closets and thoroughly cleaned.All bleachers have been dusted and wiped down.Restroom walls have been cleaned with all marks removed.Rec Leaders deep-cleaned the Child Center including every cupboard and cubbyhole.Some cleaning of the Clubhouse was also performed, preparing for summer programs.All cupboards in the administrative office area, breakroom, (office supplies cabinet) andbehind the front desk have been organized and cleaned.While we didn’t complete everything on the list, we got a good chunk of it done. Thepart-time staff was a tremendous help in getting so much accomplished.*Stripped and resurfaced floors (left) and City Staff sorting through old documents (right)Sports Division – Mike CavanaughOn April 2, the Director met with this season’s middle school track and field coaches. Thevolunteer coaches completed city forms and training. Discussions were had about theupcoming season format and meet schedule.Met with past members of the Agate Beach Surf Club, owners of Pura Vida Surf Shop, owners ofOssies Surf Shop, and the president of Surfrider’s Newport Chapter to discuss the plans for the

dedication of the Agate Beach Surf Club Memorial Statue. The original dates for the dedicationfor set for April, but the event has been postponed due to COVID-19.Middle school boys’ basketball season ended on March 11. In the month of March, the boysteams played games on March 2, 4, 9, and 11. The boys programs participated in schoolconference play against schools from the valley. We had 52 boys participate this year.Registration for Middle School Track & Field closed on March 13. We had 50 athletes registerfor this season. Practices and meets were postponed for the month of March and April due toCOVID-19. The program is waiting to hear from the conference if the season will be canceled.*Agate Beach Surf Club Memorial Statue60 Activity Center – Peggy O’CallaghanA Meditation Workshop was held on Thursday, March 5. Eight persons attended thisinformative workshop, which was taught by Joseph Armenio.On Thursday, March 5, Barbara Bush facilitated an educational program entitled “Before of Endof Life: The Nuts & Bolts” designed to help guide attendees in organizing their life and careinformation. Ten persons attended this very helpful presentation.

Due to Covid-19 closures, March and April activities were cancelled as of March 13. Thisincluded five trips, nine educational presentations, nine room rentals, and 34 programs (seebreakdown above). Also cancelled were two Past Forward jazz concerts, our annual Wii BowlingTournament, and the remaining AARP tax preparation aid. Reduced attendance and incomefigures are reflected in this report.New on-line links to program exercises now available to seniors on our web site and Facebookpage. We are posting a word of the day and a cute photo and accompanying joke. We havereceived very good feedback from our members in our efforts to keep them healthy andentertained.New phone number exchange is starting for our 60 members. We currently have 15 personswho have given permission to share their telephone number with other members. We want ourmembers to stay connected, to offer support and make new friends.The Friends of the Newport Senior Center have been purchasing requested items for the MOWshut ins. Basic items like bar soap, paper towels, toilet paper and dishwashing soap purchased.The center is compiling a list that shares available resources for seniors. It lists Senior Shoppinghours at stores, pharmacy pick-ups and mail order information as well as other local resources.60 Center Programs Offered:Total Programs – 34Senior Fitness – 13Senior Social Programs – 10Senior Educational Programs – 1160 General Statistics:Rentals in March – 3 (YTD: 44)Activity Attendance – 1,074 (YTD: 17,069)Total Door Entrance – 2,351 (YTD: 38,773)Total Volunteers & Hours - 41 volunteers &257.25 hours

MemoTo: Spencer Nebel, City ManagerFrom: Mike Cavanaugh, DirectorDate: May 7, 2020Subject: Parks & Recreation Monthly Report – April 2020Administration – Mike CavanaughThe department’s three facilities have remained closed to the public since March 14. Theremaining full-time staff (6 staff) has been working very hard on projects and trainings thatnormally cannot be completed when our facilities are open.I have attended eight webinar trainings and discussions in the month of April directly related toCOVID-19 (reopening plans, liability issues, facility operations, contractors, etc). OregonRecreation Parks Association and National Recreation Parks Association hosted the webinars.I meet with department staff on a weekly basis to discuss COVID-19 information, industryresources for staff to utilize and share regarding COVID-19, department budget adjustments,virtual recreation programing, and facility improvements that have been occurring during ourfacility closures.I met with Tim Gross, Public Works Director, and John Johnston, Facility MaintenanceSupervisor, to discuss the upgrades needed for the 60 Activity Center’s fire alarm system. Thesystem is operating fine, but needs some much needed upgrades to meet current codes. Theupgrades will be placed on hold and addressed during the discussion of a potential expansionproject for the north entrance of the building.I met with Spencer Nebel, City Manager, and other department heads to discuss capitalimprovement projects for our department in Fiscal Year 2020-2021. The department maderecommendations to cancel all projects except for three due to the financial impact the Citywas going to take from COVID-19.I sat in a virtual meeting with the board of the Friends of the Newport Senior Activity Center. Iintroduced myself to the members and briefly discuss my vision for the department and the60 Activity Center.I worked with Anita Albrecht, Landscape Specialist, to create a series of Gardening 101 videosfor the public to utilize during the spring season. These videos are part of our department’svirtual recreation programming content.

I have been working on developing or updating policies for memorial benches, programscholarships, and community gardens. All policies are still in draft form and have not beenreviewed for public use.Monthly Analytics for our Virtual Recreation Programing:1. Facebooka. Posts – 109b. People Reached – 13,036c. Post Engagements – 5,5412. YouTubea. Videos – 31b. Total Video Views – 12523. Instagrama. Posts – 16b. Total Views – 109Recreation Center – Judy MayhewTrish Cadwell, Finance Specialist, and Judy Mayhew, Recreation Superintendent, rotatebetween working at home and at the office. For the most part, it is working well. Trish isassisting with digging into data and stats as well as working on a manual for our new recreationsoftware, CivicRec. Trish is also keeping our instructors informed and working with them toproduce videos for our social network. Trish is handling refund requests that we are receivingdue to our closure and cancellations.Judy and Trish have developed projects, videos, and various types of posts for Facebook,Instagram and our recently developed YouTube channel. They have had some good responsefrom the public from our efforts. Our most popular postings are the exercise videos that BrendaLuntzel, Fitness Specialist, and Jenni Remillard, Recreation Program Specialist, produced prior tolayoffs.Staff are also attending many webinars and/or Zoom meetings to gather as much informationas possible regarding operational plans for re-opening. It appears that most everyone has morequestions than answers, but even those are helpful, ensuring that we look at every angle of are-opening impact.During the closure, staff has had two major maintenance projects completed; the big gym anddance room floors have been resurfaced, and the locker room floors have been sanded downand covered with an epoxy-based finish that looks great and will be much easier to keep clean.The locker rooms have not had much of any maintenance work done on them in the nineteenyears that we have been open. Eventually, the tiles in the shower area will need replacement,

as well. With the improved floors and the painting that was completed in March, the lockerrooms are really looking good and I believe the public will be impressed with the overallcleanliness they evoke.Staff continues to develop re-opening plans while working on the annual budget and otherprojects that have lacked attention.*Newly renovated locker rooms.Sports Division – vacantStaff has continued to issue refunds for Spring programs that were cancelled due to COVID-19.Staff has discussed the potential reopening of sports programs through the different phasesoutlined by the State of Oregon and the Federal Government. These discussions have been withCity, County, State, and National professionals.Staff has contacted summer camp instructors to start working on a plan for potentialmodifications to the 2020 Summer Camp schedule.Staff has continued to develop virtual recreation programing through our department websiteand social media pages.Staff meet with local partners of the City’s Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike Race, which wasscheduled for June 7th. After evaluating many factors, the decision was made to postpone therace to October 25th, 2020.

*Weekly Walks with Richard - virtualrecreation program from the Sports Division60 Activity Center – Peggy O’CallaghanDue to Covid-19 closures, April activities were cancelled. New virtual programs are nowavailable like; exercise videos and cooking shows via our web site and Facebook page. Peggy isposting a word of the day and a cute photo and accompanying joke. She has received very goodfeedback from our members in our efforts to keep them healthy and entertained.60 Center Facebook Page Monthly Data:1. Word of the Day 24 posts in the month Average number of people reached per post – 1032. Picture with Saying 24 posts in the month Average number of people reached per post – 6753. Education 3 posts in the month Average number of people reached per post – 15094. Exercise 11 posts in the month Average number of people reached per post - 151New phone number exchange began for our 60 members called the Friendship Brigade. Staffwants our members to stay connected, to offer support and make new friends. With

collaboration with OCWCOG, staff has expanded to include homebound seniors who wish to beincluded in the Friendship Brigade.To help combat social isolation, staff collaborated with the Newport Senior Citizens Associationto recognize our regular users who have birthdays. Staff sent 47 cards to celebrate birthdays inthe month of March and April.Staff collaborated with Food Share to have donated canned food items to be distribute forMOW clients and call-ins that have no food.The Center has compiled a list of available resources for seniors. It lists shopping hours atstores, pharmacy pickups and mail order information as well as other local resources.Volunteers have made over 50 masks for the City of Newport and 15 for the MOW program.The Newport 60 Activity Center was mentioned in the NRPA magazine article written by LeshaSpencer-Brown from the National Parks and Recreation Association. The Title is “Older AdultHealth and Well-being: Still a National priority in a ‘New Normal’ ”. Please follow this link formore tion/default.aspx?pubname &edid b79615fa7332-4754-a0e6-5b9d8ab1b0ec&pnum 26Aquatic Center – Kathy ClineStaff secured the sign-up of approximately 60 families to have a visit from the Easter Bunny. Weput together gift bags or filled Easter eggs for all of the families, as well as distributed flyerswith our social media information. Over a 2-day period, we visited all of the families who signedup and took pictures along the way. A slideshow was also created for our social media.Staff began creating an employee handbook for Newport Aquatic Center. It will contain thefollowing information: Aquatic Center philosophy and goals; General staff information;Customer Service; Policies and Procedures; Emergency and Incidence Response; Cleaning andMaintenance. We have a good outline developed, and have a couple of the sections completed.Working to get this done before we open back up, we will see.Aquatic Supervisor renewed completed the online course and online testing to obtain herCertified Pool Operator License, again.Staff participated in several Starguard Elite webinars, a

Group swimming lessons were held the 3rd through the 14th this month, and the session was nearly sold out. The lessons were scheduled early on, and consequently because the High School District meet needed to be held on the 14th, we accommodated the HS event and mo