P IONEEROKLAHOMA CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGEINSIDEPIONEER ONLINETo comment onstories, or to accessthe latest news,features, multimedia,online exclusives andupdates, visit 21, 2013WWW.OCCC.EDU/PIONEERCOVERING OCCC SINCE 1978Air timeEDITORIALSTAY OFFOF MY CELLPHONE PLEASEStaff Writer KatieHorton says the U.S.government needs tostop snooping on cellphone usage. Readmore on her thoughtsinside.OPINION, p. 2CAMPUS LIFEHONOR ROLLSTUDENTSLISTEDStudents who madethe President’s andVice President’sHonor Rolls will benotified by mail theweek of June. 21.Look inside to see ifyou made it.NEWS, p. 6 & 7SPORTSOCCC OFFERSSWIM LESSONSTO ALL AGESPeople of all ages— students andnon-students alike— can learn howto swim at thecollege’s Olympicsize swimming pool.Read more.SPORTS, p. 8CAMPUS LIFESTUDENTSCAN GET JOBSEARCH HELPOCCC Student Employment & CareerServices has morethan 250 job opportunities. See inside formore information.COMMUNITY, p. 10Chris James/PioneerA car sits inside of OCCC’s Main Building entrance after its driver OCCC business major David Ratliff, 24, crashed through theglass area at 8:05 a.m. on Thursday, June 20. OCCC officials sent out an email notification at 8:30 a.m. that read, “Entry 1 to theMain Building has been closed due to vehicular damage. This is the large glass entrance from the plaza area.” College officialssay Ratliff was taken from the scene in an ambulance but added that he nor anyone was injured. The cause of the accident hasnot yet been officially given. Those needing access to the college from Parking Lot A are being asked to use the SEM centerentry 1. For updates, read the Pioneer Online at approve 4% tuition, fee increasePresident Paul Sechristsays OCCC still haslowest rates aroundCHRIS JAMESPioneer [email protected] students canexpect to see a 3 percenttuition and 1 percent fee increase in the fall, President PaulSechrist said OCCC still has thelowest tuition around.The cost of one credit hourfor Oklahoma residents will be 103 in August, up from 99 percredit hour last fall.The cost for non-residents students will be 263.03 in August,a 10.21 increase from last fall.“Our 4 percent increase willactually be one of the lowestincreases proposed by [highereducation] institutions. Thehigh may be around 8 percent,”he said. “Average is [about 5percent.]“There are only a couple ofinstitutions that are (proposing) less than we are,” Sechristsaid during a June 10 specialjoint meeting with the OCCCRegents and South OklahomaCity Area School Districtboard of trustees.OCCC Business and Finance Vice President JohnBoyd said the increase, votedon by the OCCC regents ata June 17 meeting, is necessary because although staterevenue is up this year, it’s stilldown from historic levels.Even with the increase, Boydprojects an overall decrease inthe tuition-fee revenue sourcebecause enrollment is expectedto drop this fall.“[The increase] will help offset,but not completely eliminate,our decline in [revenue from]tuition and fees,” Boyd said.See BUDGET page 9Employees to getmodest pay raiseKATIE THURMANStaff [email protected] employees willreceive an average 1.6percent pay raise in the upcomingbudget year, said Business and Finance Vice President John Boyd.The matter was approved at aJune 17 OCCC regent’s meeting.Boyd, who described the salaryand wage increase as “modest,”said the proposed raises weredecided by performance appraisals from the last academic year.The staff evaluations outliningemployee performance and accomplishments were completedin March 2013.Employees who met the expectations outlined by the perforSee RAISES page 9

PIONEER OCCC.EDU/PIONEER2 JUNE 21, 2013OPINIONEDITORIAL The government has gone too far this timeBig brother: get off my phoneThe new cell phone security breach is what everyone seems to be talking about. If you are one of thefew people who has not heard, the National SecurityAgency decided to collect people’s phone records —Verizon’s customers in particular — for reasons ofnational security, according to the man who leakedthe documents that brought this to light.The phone records do notinclude what was said nordo they include text messageinformation. They do includewhat number you called, whattime, and for how long.The reasoning behind this isthe NSA believed they couldcatch more terrorists this way.The problem is that it waseveryone’s phone records, notjust a handful of people whoKATIEwere suspects.HORTONTo me, this is a step furthertoward the government havingtoo much control. I just don’t feel comfortable talkingon the phone knowing that the government has meon a list somewhere if I accidentally dial the wrongnumber. Another part of it that is bothersome is thefact that they actually wanted to keep it a secret.The man who leaked the information is not ongood terms with the government at this time andyou can imagine why.Secrets don’t make friends though, right? Whyshould anything I do with something I pay for betampered with by the government. The answer is,because you agreed at birth or at the time you becamean American Citizen to abide by the rules that areset in place for you by the nation — some that justhappen to be made up as they go, it seems.Most people don’t look at their cell phone contractwhen they sign it while purchasing a new phone. Thismay change soon for many. I know I will be readingthe fine print next time.Not only does this make the government look worsethan they did to many people in this day and age butit makes them seem like a bully to a lot of people. Noone will feel comfortable talking on their cell phonesif this continues in the direction that it is headed.Social media sites are similar in this and really haveno way of being private compared to cell phones thathave at least some privacy. Almost everyone has acomputer of some sort, and everybody can see whatyou post on your social media account — includingpeople you don’t know.This privacy issue goes another way. If you havethe freedom to do what you please, why shouldn’t thegovernment have those same freedoms? And what ifthis really does help with the problem of terrorists?It’s down to a matter of what you feel comfortable with. If you don’t feel comfortable having thegovernment know who you call, and for how long,then I suggest you get rid of your phone. That is theonly way you can completely evade the governmentlooking into your phone records.In my case, I think I will keep my phone. There willbe a point though that I will say no more and get ridof it because there is a fine line between saving thenation from terrorists and being nosey. I personallydon’t need the government on my back about whatI ate for breakfast this morning.—Katie HortonStaff WriterLETTER TO THE EDITOR It’s that time of year to take precautions against illnessReduce mosquito habitat to avoid West Nile virusTo the editor:The Oklahoma City-County Health Departmentis advising Oklahoma residents to take precautionsagainst mosquito-borne illness by avoiding mosquitobites and reducing habitat where mosquitoes liveand breed.To reduce mosquito habitat, it’s recommended you: Prevent items such as buckets, cans, pool covers,flowerpots, guttering and tires from holding standing water. Empty and refill birdbaths and your pet’s outdoorwater bowl daily. Swimming pools and fishponds with circulatingwater generally are not a problem. As long as thewater is moving, the larvae can’t grow.PIONEER For standing water sources that can’t be drained,OCCHD recommends microbial larvicides that killmosquito larvae before they emerge as adults. Protect your home from invading mosquitos bykeeping window and door screens in good repair.Always remember the four Ds:1. Dusk to dawn – Mosquitoes that carry West NileVirus are most active during these hours, so if youmust go outside always take precautions.2. Dress – Wear long sleeves with cuffs and longpants wherever mosquitoes are likely to be biting.Tuck your pants into your socks.3. DEET – Use an insect repellent containing DEETon any exposed skin.4. Drainage – Check regularly around your homefor any water accumulation that could provide mosquito breeding grounds. For pools, hot tubs or waterfeatures, OCCHD recommends that residents “cover,drain or maintain” these water sources to eliminatemosquito habitat.Residents of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma Countymay also report sources of stagnant water outsidetheir own property.To file a complaint about mosquito habitat, visit ourwebsite at rm or call the OCCHD ConsumerProtection division at 425-4347, 425-4348, or 4254319.— Oklahoma City-CountyHealth DepartmentOKLAHOMA CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGEVol. 41 No. 36Chris James.EditorBuffie Brown.Senior WriterKatie Thurman.Staff WriterKatie Horton.Community WriterLori Valentine.Sports WriterErin Peden.Online EditorRonna Austin.Lab DirectorSue Hinton.Faculty Adviser7777 S MayOklahoma City, OK 73159phone:405-682-1611, ext. 7307email:[email protected] he PIONEER is a student publication ofOklahoma City Community College through theDivision of Arts and Humanities. It is publishedweekly during the 16-week fall and spring semestersand the eight-week summer session.Opinions expressed are those of the author anddo not necessarily represent those of the PIONEER,the college or the publisher.The PIONEER welcomes letters to the editorand encourages the use of this publication asa community forum. All letters must include theauthor’s name, address, phone number andsignature. E-mail letters should include all but thesignature. The PIONEER will withhold the author’sname if the request is made in writing.The PIONEER has the right to edit all lettersand submissions for length, libel and obscenity.Letters should be fewer than 250 words. Studentsmust list their major. OCCC staff and faculty mustlist their work title.Letters to the editor can be submitted to thePIONEER office, located in room 1F2 on the firstfloor of the Art and Humanities Building, mailed to7777 S May Ave., Oklahoma City, Okla. 73159,or submitted via e-mail to [email protected] witha phone number for verification included. ThePIONEER ONLINE also can be accessed at

JUNE 21, 2013 3PIONEER OCCC.EDU/PIONEERCOMMENTS AND REVIEWSBUSINESS REVIEW Writer says salon helps her face the world with ‘style and flair’Nails by Helen pampers wellSometimes, it’s completely necessary for agirl to pamper herself.When I feel like spoiling myself, my go-toactivity is to take a tripto the nail salon and getmy nails done.Nails By Helen islocated on the northside of the metro, justacross from Quail Springs Mall. I’ve been visiting thesalon bi-weekly since February, and my trips havealways left me feeling pampered, relaxed, and pretty.The salon is modern and efficient, and clean andcomfortable on each and every visit. Nails by Helenprovides manicures, pedicures and a range of otherservices. They always offer patrons cold drinks andmake sure their customers are 100 percent comfortable.The staff in the salon is friendly. I like the entirestaff so much that I never book an appointment withone specific person. Instead, I just show up and letthe next available technician take care of my nails.The salon offers a wide selection of traditional andgel nail polishes, the latter of which are the betterchoice for long wear. And although the price is abit more for gel polish — a gel manicure will cost 25, while a traditionalpolish manicure costsa bit less — the colorsare always vibrant.Customers can getanything from a classicAmerican or Frenchmanicure to a rangeof beautifully designednail art.I’ve never had a badexperience with anyone at the salon. I’ve always foundthe service to be satisfactory.Cleanliness is extremely important in salons andI’ve been to more than a few that weren’t quite upto par with the level of their sanitation practices.However, Nails By Helen is completely clean and allof the equipment is well taken care of. I keep a carefuleye on the technicians to make sure their hands arewashed between pedicures and manicures. The tubsfor pedicures are frequently disinfected.Overall, Nails By Helen provides an experience thatis comfortable, very fairly priced, and will leave youfeeling refreshed and ready to face the world with alittle more style and flair.Rating: A—Katie ThurmanStaff WriterGAME REVIEW New weaponry and dragon rides additions that make a real difference in play‘Elder Scrolls’ full of new actionAlright, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”— an action role-playing open worldvideo game — has been out since Nov11, 2011. But after losing months ofmy life scouring the ancient home ofthe Nords, I decided to take a hiatusuntil all downloadable content hadbeen released.I started a new character and am nowin the middle of my second excursioninto Tamriel. I have to say the downloadable content or DLC — Dawnguard,Hearthfire and Drogonborn — arepretty awesome.In Dawnguard, a powerful vampire lord is attempting to use the power of an Elder Scroll to blotout the sun.This would allow vampires, under the cover ofperpetual darkness, to run rampant across Tamriel.The Dawnguard, aside from being the DLC’snamesake, is an order of vampire hunters that havebegun recruiting again.Players have the choice of helping the Dawnguardstop the vampires from permanently getting rid of thesun or aiding the vampires and eventually becominga vampire lord.Dawnguard introduces new armor, locations,possible ability trees and weapons like the crossbow.Hearthfire is a DLC where the Dragonborn is ableto buy land and build a homestead.It has three locations to purchase. Choose one, orbuy and build on all three plots of land.When building, you get to choose three differentwing additions from choices like an alchemy or enchanting tower, a kitchen, a library or even an armoryfull of weapon racks and armor mannequins.Then, you can hire a steward, a bard and a carriagedriver for your home.Hearthfire also allows players to adopt children.Workshops onthe calendarStudents, welcome to the summer 2013 semester. Student Employment & Career Serviceshas a full schedule of workshops to assist yourjob and career goals.Workshops are held each Thursday from 12:30to 1 p.m. on the first floor of the Main Buildingin Room 1G7 (Next to Student Life): June 20 – Choosing a college major (KuderJourney Career Guidance Program) June 27 – Job Board registration (More than250 jobs listed daily) July 11 – Internships for college students(Both paid and unpaid internships available) July 18 – Career Spots Videos (52 onlinevideos that provide professional instruction) July 25 – Optimal Interview (Practice interviewing online with a professional job coach)Please drop-by our office for details on anyof these topics or phone for an appointment at405-682-7519.Your workshop experience will include oneon-one assistance and guidance. Our officehours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday throughThursday, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. Youalso can email [email protected], don’t forget to ask about the free portfolio offer when you upload your résumé to thestudent online job board. Posted résumés may bepreviewed by registered employers and increaseyour chances for landing a job interview. Youmay change, delete or update your job boardstudent registration details at any time—Debra VaughnStudent Employment & CareerServices DirectorIn Dragonborn, the third and, as Bethesda announced, final Skyrim DLC, the player goes to theisland of Solstheim and encounters the first Dragonborn.Solstheim was previously introduced in the Bloodmoon expansion for “Morrowwind.”While battling it out with another Dragonborn ispretty cool, the most awesome part of the DragonbornDLC is the ability to ride dragons.Yeah, that’s right — you can ride dragons now andan update lets you fight on horseback too.Dive back into Skyrim and get the DLC. It’s definitely well worth it.Rating: A —Chris JamesEditor

PIONEER OCCC.EDU/PIONEER4 JUNE 21, 2013COMMENTS AND REVIEWSFILM REVIEW ‘In Your Dreams’ follows album of same nameStevie Nicks documentary shows real sidebecause it’s what inspiredNicks to record “In YourDreams.” After her last album release in 2000, Nicksthought she was done asa solo artist. After seeingthe movie “New Moon,”Nicks was inspired by thestory of Edward and Bellaand decided it was time torecord a new album.“Secret Love,” a songoriginally meant for Fleetwood Mac but never recorded, ended up on the albumafter a friend had found an old demo that had beenleaked to YouTube. After that, Nicks decided maybeit was time the rest of the world heard the song too.Nicks is hilarious throughout the film, showing aside of herself you wouldn’t expect to see, from bossingaround Stewart to recounting her almost-successfulattempt at stealing a song from Tom Petty and theHeartbreakers.While the documentary focuses mainly on newmaterial, it also manages to throw in a snippet ofNicks playing and singing along to a piano versionof Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams.”The cool thing about Stevie Nicks is she doesn’tchange. While modern artists feel the need to keepup with whatever is “popular,” Nicks has found theperfect formula of beauty, talent, and haunting lyrics.MUSIC REVIEW Fourteen albums in, metal band failsMegadeth on downward spiralMegadeth’s 14th studio album,“Super Collider,” released June 4, hasgotten so much bad press I am findingit difficult to even approach this reviewwith an open mind. It has been abouttwo years since Megadeth released analbum and their previous album alsogave critics an easy target.I want to say good things about thisalbum, but my attempts are in vain. I’mjust not impressed. Let this review be a warning toall die-hard fans who have high expectations for thisalbum. If you’re expecting a “United Abominations”feel, you will be sorely disappointed.This is Megadeth’s first album released on DaveMustaine’s personal label, Tradecraft, and I can onlyhope it will be the last.Now the title track “Super Collider” isn’t too terribly bad. It incorporates elements of throwback tothe thrash metal feel. That alone got my hopes up forthe rest of the album. That song, along with “Kingmaker,” pitched a great introduction to a seeminglyepic Megadeth album. If only the rest of the albumstepped up to the plate for a home runinstead of striking out.I can honestly say I had to forcemyself to get all the way through it. Itwas almost unbearable.The momentum that carried themthrough 13 albums is gone. With thisalbum I feel they hit a brick wall.The thing I find the most interestingand also most depressing is that thefinal track on this album is a cover and the best songon the entire album.For those of you who might not have heard, DaveMustaine has recently converted to Christianity andI feel like that shines through in his lyrics.Each song had an almost after school special feelto it. Very preachy and convoluted.This album as a whole, has its moments, but whenI was able to get through it, it left me feeling uninspired. This album was a bona fide disappointment.Rating: D—Lori ValentineStaff WriterWatching “In Your Dreams” is truly like watchinga mastermind at work. Nicks’ ability to create musicthat touches so many people is truly outstanding.It also doesn’t hurt she has kept nearly the sameband and back-up singers all these years as well asinvites members of Fleetwood Mac to appear on heralbums.This documentary proves Nicks is truly a genuineperson who cares about what she does.“I wish the album wasn’t done because it beingdone means all of us won’t be here having an amazing time,” Nicks said. “I wish we could start again onanother 14 songs.”If you weren’t in love with Stevie Nicks before thisdocumentary, you will be after you watch it.Rating: A—Erin PedenOnline EditorTOP 20MOVIESWeekend of June 14 through June 16www.newyorktimes.com1. Man of Steel2. This is the End3. Now You See Me4. Fast & Furious5. The Purge6. The Internship7. Epic8. Star Trek Into Darkness9. After Earth10. Iron Man 311. The Hangover Part III12. The Great Gatsby13. Before Midnight14. 4215. The Croods16. Mud17. Frances Ha18. Yeh Jawaani HaiDeewani19. The East20. The Bling RingAdmit OneStevie Nicks takes us on a magicaltour of her mystical kingdom with “InYour Dreams,” a documentary following the production of her latest albumof the same title.The film begins with a brief videocollage of fans saying why they loveStevie, followed by shots of the singer’sbeautiful California mansion, in whichthe album was recorded.We are next introduced to Dave Stewart, former member of the Eurythmicsand “In Your Dreams” producer. Fromthe beginning, Nicks makes it clear she didn’t wantanyone but Stewart working on her album.“I knew the next album I made, whether it beFleetwood Mac or solo, I wanted him to work onit,” Nicks said.The documentary covers each song off of “In YourDreams,” and tells what went into the process of each.Perhaps some of the most interesting songs off thealbum are “Soldier’s Angel,” “Moonlight (A Vampire’sDream),” and “Secret Love.”In “Soldiers Angel,” Nicks talks about how thesong started out as a poem passed out to woundedsoldiers she visited in the hospital. It was not untilfour years after she tried to record it as a song for thefirst time that she finally came up with a chorus sheliked and completed it.“Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” is special

JUNE 21, 2013 5PIONEER OCCC.EDU/PIONEERTransfer students need to get ducks in a rowKATIE HORTONCommunity [email protected] students who attend OCCC are looking totransfer after a certain point in their college careersaid Transfer and Academic Advising CoordinatorLinda Little.Little said the process of transferring to a four-yearuniversity is fairly easy.“[Transferring] is not nearly as complicated asstudents tend to think it is,” she said. “Students mustbe admitted into the school they chose to go to andmeet that school’s requirements.”Little said students must provide an official transcript to their college of choice.Most importantly, she said, students should applyearly. Little said students should start the transferprocess at least six months before they plan to transfer.“The biggest mistake students make is (they)don’t apply early enough,” she said. “At OCCC, you can enroll until after classes begin.“Students don’t realize that at most four-year universities you have to start that process much earlier,”Little said.Students also may not realize that deadlines forapplications and scholarships are a lot earlier thanat OCCC, she said.“If you don’t apply by [the deadline], you won’teven be considered.”Little said requirements for transfer students varyfrom school to school. So does the GPA.“You have to have 24 or more credit hours in orderfor them to not go back to wanting high school ACTSand high school transcripts,” she said.“If [students] know that they’re going to transfer,and they know where they’re going to transfer, theyneed to come in and work with one of the advisersat OCCC,” she said.This is to be sure the student is on track and besure that the classes they’re taking do transfer to theschool of their choice, she said.Little also suggests students visit with an adviserat the school of their choice prior to being admittedif possible.“You definitely need to go visit the schools [youwant to attend],” she said. “I think it’s great to go visittwo or three schools, explore your options.”Shelby Wallis recently transferred to The Universityof Central Oklahoma to pursue a license as a funeraldirector. UCO is the only school in the metro areathat offers the program she was interested in.“If you don’t apply by [thedeadline], you won’t even beconsidered.”Transferand—Linda LittleAcademic AdvisingCoordinator“The staff [at UCO] was so helpful in my transferprocess and guided me in the right direction,” shesaid.“I met with an academic adviser at UCO whowalked me through the steps and made my transferfrom OCCC to UCO as smooth as possible.“The most confusing part about my transfer wasseeing which credits would transfer and which oneswouldn’t.”Wallis said the benefits of transferring were newfaces, a bigger campus and a larger variety of classesto chose from.“I feel like I made the right decision by transferringto UCO,” Wallis said.“I am on the path to a better me.”Little said students can contact her office in Academic Advising, located on the first floor of the MainBuilding, for more information or call 405-682-7535.Single moms learn through Career TransitionsLORI VALENTINESports [email protected] Career Transitions Program hashelped many single moms get back ontheir feet in its 17 years at OCCC.The program is designed to helpstudents learn the skills needed tofind gainful employment, said CareerTransitions Program Director NoraPugh-Seemster.It serves 100 students who meet thefederal poverty level and are seekingcredentials, certificates, degrees andemployment, she said.Pugh-Seemster said the departmentworks with community organizations,businesses, college personnel, and staffto help OCCC students obtain skills,credentials, and internships to assistthem in seeking and obtaining futureemployment.“The program helps students get afoot in the door for potential employment,” Pugh-Seemster said.“It also helps them utilize academicskills learned in the classroom andprovides personal enrichment.”Retention Coach Lisa Brown said thefocus is always on success.“When the students come in as firsttime college students we try to makesure they know all about the resourcesthat OCCC provides and remain in thebackground to support them so theycan stay focused on their education,”Brown said.Kelly Williams is a student currentlyin the program.“This program has assisted me bybeing a positive advocate in my corner helping me follow my educationalgoals.”Student Erika Alvarado agrees.“I’ve been here about a year now andthis program has motivated and pushedme to keep going and not give up.”Pugh-Seemster said in order to beeligible for the program, students must: Meet the income eligibility requirement. Be determined eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Be referred to OCCC’s Career Transitions Program by the Department ofHuman Services.Career Transition students must meetthese requirements along with the sameenrollment and admissions requirements as any other student enrolled atOCCC, Pugh-Seemster said.“ Our students are like any other at thecollege with the additional challenge ofbeing a sole supporter of a minor child.”Williams said the program is familyfriendly.“This program will help you get toyour goals without having to give uptime with your children,” Williams said.Alvarado said the program has allowed her to lead by example.“I wanted to go back to school to geta better job for my kids,” she said. “Thisalso sets an example for my children tocontinue on the right track and stay inschool.”Pugh-Seemster said educationalgoals are set for each student with thetraining staff through an individualizededucation and employment plan.“Students reconnect with college aftera long absence or, in most cases, theyare a first-generation college studentwho does not have any family memberwho has attended college.”The required classes will vary depending on individual academic andcareer pathways, Pugh-Seemster said.“We have an advisement coach, anemployment coach and a retentioncoach to assist our students in navigating the academic and business world,and to address issues that arise on theirpath to completion,” she said.“They have to do more than traditional college students to stay in compliancewith federal regulations, but they havesupport to help them persist.”She said some of the students areseeking careers as nurses, paramedics, pharmacy technicians, computertechnicians, graphic designers, as wellas a variety of certifications obtainedthrough training areas at OCCC suchas automotive technicians with Compressed Natural Gas.Career Transitions students enrollin classes that are considered a workactivity, Pugh-Seemster said.She said participating in an employment program is like having a job.Students even go through job readiness training where they are required towear a business professional wardrobe,she said.Students involved in the program alsoare required to work during times whenmost classes are out, Pugh-Seemstersaid.They are in classes throughout fall andspring breaks although they do receiveall federal holidays like most jobs.“Many students come to us withmany challenges that keep them frommaximizing support services provided,”she said.“Others just need a second chance.“Our goal is to eradicate povertythrough programs like ours. Povertyaffects everyone.“Education is the great equalizer.”

PIONEER OCCC.EDU/PIONEER6 JUNE 21, 2013Vice President’s honor roll recipients namedStudents are eligible to be on the VicePresident’s Honor Roll by achieving a GPA of3.5 while carrying at least 12 hours. Part-timestudents are eligible if they have maintaineda 3.5 GPA for two consecutive semesters.Kim Abel, Rukeya Abulaiti, Autumn Ackerman, Maddison Aday, Kabita Adhikari, EdwardAguirre, Ruby Akuffo, Yvonne Alex, Shalya Allen,Aaron Allen, Maeen Alqohaif, Cole Anglin, Jammie Appleton, Amber Applewhite, Blake Appling,Christopher Arbour, Cindy Armenta, Sandy Arnold,Benita Arrow, Dana Ashcraft, Alexandra Ayres.Zachary Ayres, Isaac Badayos, Ian Baggett,Sharon Bailey, Daniel Baird, Brent Baird, Andrew Baker, Colin Baker, Kamra Ball, ShannonBalogoun-Ali, Megan Barnett, Adam Barton, TracyBass, Jeffrey Bayless, Robert Beauchamp, RandallBeavers, La Dawn Beckman, Brittany Behymer,Naomi Beisch, Amanda Belcher, Nupa Betty.Chris

size swimming pool. Read more. OCCC OFFERS SWIM LESSONS TO ALL AGES PIONEER ONLINE CAMPUS LIFE COMMUNITY, p. 10 OCCC Student Em-ployment & Career Services has more than 250 job opportu - nities. See inside for more information. SPORTS, p. 8 Regents approve 4% tuition, fee increase President Paul Sec