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SYLLABUS1. CORE JAVA1.1. Introduction To Java1.2. Java History1.3. Why Java1.4. Features of Java1.5. Environment Setup1.6. Hello World Application1.7. Java Program Internal1.8. JDK, JRE, JVM1.9. JVM- Java Virtual Machine1.10.Class, Objects, Data Types1.11.Variables1.12.Type Casting1.13.Operators1.14.Java Comments1.15.Object Oriented Programming Concepts1. Abstraction2. Encapsulation3. Polymorphism4. Inheritance1.16.Java Coding Standards1.17.Package – Creating package, naming package1.18.Java Keywords1.19.Access Specifiers – Public, Private, Protected, Default1.20. Static Concept – Block, Variable, Method, Class1.21. Scanner Class1.22. Control Statement – If, If else, Nested if else and Switch Case1.23. Java Break Statement1.24. Java Continue Statement1.25. Flow Statement- for, while, do.while1.26. Constructor- Default, Parameterized1.27. Inheritance1.28. Extends, super and this keyword1.29. Method Overloading, Method Overriding1.30. Interface1.31. Abstract Class1.32. Abstract Class vs Interface1.33. Garbage Collection1.34. Marker Interface1.35. Serialization1.36. Transient

1.37. Java instanceof1.38. Instance initializer block1.39. Volatile Keyword in Java1.40. Exception Handling1.41. Exception Handling- try, catch, throw, throws, finally1.42. String Concept String Basics String Methods1.43. String Buffer1.44. String Builder1.45. Custom Immutable Class1.46. Java - Arrays1.47. Collection Framework- Collection Basics- Iterator Interface- Methods of Collection Interface1. ListA] Array ListB] Linked ListC] Vector2. SetA] Hash SetB] Tree Set3. MapA] Hash MapB] Tree MapC] Hashtable1.48. Collection Framework Advance Concepts1. Comparable Interface2. Comparator Interface3. Collections class4. Differentiate Comparable and Comparator1.49. Java Enum1.50. Date Concept1.51. File Handling Concept1. File Handling Basics2. Create Folder3. Create File- .txt. .pdf, .xlsx, .docs, etc4. Write File5. Read File6. Delete File1.52. Thread1. Concept, Lifecycle2. Extends Thread3. Implement Runnable Interface4. Thread Priorities5. Thread Methods1.53. Multithreading1.54. Thread Synchronization1. Synchronization2. Object Locking

3. Inter Thread Communication1.55. JDK 1.8.0 New Features with Hands-on1. Lambda Expression2. Functional Interface3. Default Method in Interface4. Static Method in Interface5. Method References6. Date Time API7. Stream API8. Collectors9. For each Loop10. String Joiner Class11. Parallel Sort12. Optional Class1.56. Java Mail API- Realtime Live ImplementationProgramming practices, Concepts & Interview Preparation2. J2EE2.1 JDBC1. JDBCIntroduction2. JDBC Architecture3. Database Overview4. JDBC Basics5. My SQL6. Create Database7. Create Table8. Insert, Update, Delete9. Truncate10. SQL Join Inner Join Left Outer Join Right Outer Join Full Outer Join11. Aggregate Function1. MIN2. MAX3. AVG4. SUM5. COUNT12. SQL HAVING Clause13. GROUP BY14. ORDER BY15. SQL Aliases16. SQL LIKE Operator17. SQL IN18. SQL NOT IN19. SQL Between20. SQL Null Values21. SQL TOP

22. SQL LIMIT23. SQL Stored Procedures24. Java Application Using JDBC Connectivity25. Handling SQL Exceptions26. DriverManager27. ResultSet28. Connection29. Statement30. Prepared Statement31. Collable Statement32. DB Connectivity Steps33. Store Image in SQL34. Read Image in SQL35. SQL Queries using SQLYog36. JDBC CRUD Application2.2 Servlet2.2.1 Servlet Basics2.2.2 Need of Server Side Programming2.2.3 Servlet LifeCycle 1 Init()2 Service()2.1 doGet()2.2 doPost()3 Destroy()2.2.4 Servlet Hello World Application2.2.5 Web.xml Structure2.2.6 Servlet Directives- include(), forword(), sendRedirictive()2.2.7 HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse in Servlet2.2.8Servlet and JDBC Integration2.2.9 Servlet, HTML 5, MySQL-JDBC, Apache Tomcat using Real Time Login Application2.2.10 Servlet, JSP, MySQL- JDBC, Apache Tomcat using Custom CRUD Application2.2.11 Servlet, JSP, MySQL- JDBC, Apache Tomcat using Custom Sign Up Sign In Application2.1 JSP2. BasicsCreating dynamic Web content with JSPScripletDeclarationServlet, JSP, MySQL- JDBC, Apache Tomcat Login ApplicationServlet, JSP, MySQL- JDBC, Apache Tomcat using User Sign Up Sign In ApplicationServlet, JSP, MySQL- JDBC, Apache Tomcat Using Advanced Custom Project ImplementationProgramming practices, Concept & Interview Preparation.3. FRAMEWORK3.1. Hibernate1. Hibernate Introduction2. Hibernate Basics

3. Hibernate Architecture4. Hibernate Session5. Hibernate SessionFactory6. Hibernate Configuration7. Hibernate Configuration Offline8. Hibernate with HBM9. Hibernate with Annotation10. Hibernate Validator11. Hibernate CRUD12. Hibernate Association Mapping1. One to One Mapping2. One to ManyMapping3. Many to One Mapping4. Many to Many Mapping13. Hibernate Aggregation14. Hibernate Named Queries15. Hibernate Native SQL16. HQL- Hibernate Query Language17. Hibernate HCQL- Criteria Query Language18. Hibernate Application with Mysql DB- CRUD19. Diff. save(), saveOrUpdate(), update(), persist() and merge()20. Diff. get() and load()21. Hibernate vs. JPA22. Hibernate Application with Mysql DB, Servlet, JSP-User Interface- CRUD23. Hibernate, MySQL, Servlet, JSP, Apache Tomcat Login Application24. Hibernate, MySQL, Servlet, JSP, Apache Tomcat Sign Up Sign In Application25. Hibernate, MySQL, Servlet, JSP, Apache Tomcat Advanced Custom Project ImplemenationProgramming practices, Concept & Interview Preparation.3.2. Spring Framework1. Spring Framework Introduction2. Spring Basics3. Inversion of Control4. Dependency Injection5. Beans Scope5.1 Singleton5.2 Prototype5.3 Request5.4 Session5.5 Global-Session6. Auto wiring7. Spring Annotations3.3. Spring MVC1. Spring MVC Basics2. Spring MVC Annotations3. Spring MVC Hello World Application4. Spring MVC Restful Web Services Basics5. Spring MVC without Maven6. Apache Maven Basics

7. Spring MVC with Maven8. Spring MVC Application Deployment9. Spring MVC Application Deployment with Loggers10. Spring MVC WAR File Creation and Deployment Steps11. Spring MVC, Hibernate, Mysql, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat- CRUD Operation12. Java, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Algorithm, Hibernate, Maven, Mysql IntegrationApplication1. Modules1. Customer Login2. Add Customer3. Edit Customer Information4. Delete Customer5. View Customer List6. Roles7. Admin Role8. DBA Role9. User Role10. Password Encryption by using Spring Security Algorithm11. Remember Me Functionality3.4. Spring Security1. Spring Security Basics2. Spring Security Features3. Spring Security Authentication4. Spring Security Encryption5. Password Encryption by using Spring Security6. Spring Security Login Form7. Spring Security Authentication8. Spring Security Maven Dependency9. Spring Security CRUD- Signup and Login Application10. Spring Security OAuth2 RealTime Implementation11. Spring Boot End Points Security12. Spring Boot, Spring Security- Restful Web Services with Advanced Authentication13. Single Sign-On with Spring Boot & Okta OAuth 2.03.5. Spring Boot1. Spring Boot Introduction2. Spring Boot Basics3. Why Spring Boot4. Spring Boot Features5. Main Goal of Spring Boot6. Creating Project- Spring Initializer7. Spring Boot Hello World Application8. Spring Boot Annotations9. Spring Boot Devtool Dependency- Without Restart application will see changes on browser10. Spring Boot Actuator11. Spring Boot Build Systems

12. Spring Boot Code Structure13. Spring Boot Runners14. Spring Boot Tomcat Custom Port Number15. Spring Boot with RESTFul Service16. Spring Boot with Logger17. Deploy Spring Boot Applications on External Tomcat Server18. Spring Boot – Common Application Properties ( Spring Boot, Hibernate with RESTFul Web Service20. Spring Boot, Spring Data with RESTFul Web Service21. Spring Boot, Hibernate CRUD Application22.Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA CRUD Application23.Spring Boot, Spring- JDBCTemplate CRUD24.Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL, Project Lombok CRUD Application25.Spring Boot with XML Payload using Postman API26.Spring Boot with JSON Payload using Postman API27.Spring Boot Global Custom Validations28.Spring Boot Global Custom Exception Handling29.Spring Boot Code Debug Practices30.Spring Boot Application connectivity with Multiple Databases31.Spring Boot CORS Support32.Java QR Code Generator Basics33.Spring Boot QR Code Generator Hands on Session34.Spring Boot QR Code Reader Hands on Session35.Spring Boot Advanced Research and Development with latest release3.6. Spring Data- JPA1. Spring Data JPA Basics2. Spring Data JPA Introduction3. Spring Data JPA Architecture4. Spring Data JPA file5. JPA Repository6. CRUD Repository7. Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA CRUD using Postman API8. Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Project Lombok CRUD using Postman API Hands on Session3.7. JUnit- Mockito Framework1. What is Unit testing2.What is JUnit3.JUnit Rules4.JUnit Arithmetic Application Example5.Mockito Introduction6.Mockito Annotations7.Mockito Setup8.What is Mocking9.Need for mocking10. Methods of Mockito11. Mockito mock() method12. Mockito when() method13. Mockito verify() method14. Mockito doNothing() method times() methodPowerMockJUnit Mockito Hibernate CRUDJUnit Mockito JPA CRUDJUnit Mockito JDBCTemplate CRUD3.8. Spring- JDBCTemplate1. Spring JDBCTemplate Introduction2. RowMapper3. Builder4. Spring Boot, JDBCTemplate using Postman API Hands on Session5. Industrial Practices for Spring Boot JDBCTemplate6. Spring Boot JDBCTemplate CRUD Application7. Spring Boot JDBCTemplate SignUp SignIn Application8. Real Time Signup and Signin Application using JDBCTemplate9. Advanced Research and Development for JDBCTemplate using Spring Boot4. WEB SERVICES4.1. SOAP Web Service4.2. RESTful Web Service5. Design Pattern5.1. Singleton Design Pattern5.2. Builder Design Pattern5.3. Factory Pattern5.4. Abstract Factory Pattern5.5. Prototype Pattern5.6. Facade Pattern5.7. Adapter Pattern5.8. Filter Pattern5.9. Composite Pattern5.10.Decorator Pattern5.11.Proxy Pattern5.12.Iterator Pattern5.13.Bridge Pattern5.14.Flyweight Pattern5.15.MVC Pattern6. MICROSERVICES6. IntroductionMicroservices ArchitectureMicroservices Project StructureMicroservices FrameworksSpring Boot with Microservices BasicsSpring Boot with Microservices Coding Standards

6.7. Spring Boot with Microservices Builder Design Pattern6.8. Spring Boot with Microservices QR Code Generator6.9. vs application.yml file6.10.Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven, MySQL CRUD Application- POSTMAN API6.11.Spring Boot, Spring Data- JPA, Maven, MySQL CRUD Application- POSTMAN API6.12.Spring Boot, Spring Data- JDBCTemplate, Maven, MySQL CRUD Application6.13.Spring Boot, ORM, Microservices with Project Lombok6.14.Spring Boot, CORS, Spring Data[JDBCTemplate], Microservices CRUD with Project Lombokusing React JS6.15.Creating Multiple Services using Spring Boot6.16.Logger with Microservices6.17.Rest Template and RestTemplateVO Implementation6.18.Set port number and application name for each service6.19.Service Registry- Eureka Server6.20.API Gateway for traverse centralize request6.21.Hystrix DashBoard6.22.Zipkin6.23.Sleuth6.24.Trace Application- System Health6.25.Trace Fallback controller6.26.Trace Services are up/down using controller service6.27.Trace Dependent Services6.28.Trace Controller Methods and Services how many times used/hit6.29.Advanced Level Research and Development for Microservices6.30.Microservices HRM/Payroll Application6.31.Microservices Customer Product Payment Order Application7. WEB DESIGN7. 5CSS 3JavaScriptBootstrapPayment Gateway IntegrationDomain and HostingWebsite Deployment and Go Live8. React JS8.1. React JS Basics8.2. React JS Features8.3. React JS Setup and Hello World Application8.4. React JS JSX8.5. React JS Component8.6. React JS State8.7. React JS Props8.8. React JS Constructor8.9. React JS Lifecycle8.10. React JS Events

8.11. React JS Router8.12. React JS Forms8.13. React JS Tables8.14. React JS Portals8.15. React JS ES68.16. React JS CSS8.17. React JS Hook8.18. React JS and Back End Integration8.19. React JS Using Back End CRUD Application8.20. React JS, JDK 1.8, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven, MySQL, Microservices, Project Lombok- ProjectImplementation9. AWS9. is AWSIntroduction to AWS ServicesAmazon Cloud ServicesCreate EC2 Instance in AWSDeploy Spring Boot Application on AWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS Advanced Research and Development- Live Deployment10. INDUSTRIAL ADVANCE CONCEPTS6.1. SVN6.2. Jenkin6.3. JIRA6.4. Postman API6.5. GIT6.6. Maven6.7. JUnit6.8. JSON6.9. XML6.10.Spring Boot JMS ActiveMQ RabitMQ6.11.Apache Kafka6.12.JUnit- Mockito6.13.REST API Documentation Tool Swagger UI6.14.Code Analysis using SonarQube6.15.Code Coverage With Jacoco6.16.Spring Boot with Docker6.17.Spring Boot Kubernetes6.18.Principles of SOLID6.19.DevOps- CI/CD6.20.Agile Methodology6.21.Data Structure and Algorithms

11. INDUSTRIAL SOFTWARES1. JDK 1.82. Eclipse3. IntelliJ IDEA4. Apache Tomcat5. Apache Maven6. MySQL7. SQLYog8. Node.js9. Sublime10. Visual Studio Code12. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & PREPARATIONS- Developer Life- Programming practices- Concepts- Interview Preparation- Career Guidance- Professional Consultation15 Industrial Projects with JDK 1.8AIM- Spread technical knowledge with young GLOBE EngineersRated 5* on Google by Globe Engineers / Always open to help 24/7Trainer working in TOP MNC and till date trained more than 100000 candidatesFor Google Review Please visit our official Google Site full stack java developer pune&sxsrf ALeKk0098tQz5ZATMPoL9HOQ Ku6ZEtMNQ%3A1626883415832&source hp&ei V0X4YMONMNWVr7wPxv2P6As&iflsig AINFCbYAAAAAYPhTZyYEBOuuwic38CIgC3tkRx0sCADH&gs ssp eJwFwd0OQCAYANC5tXkF68a1fhatRAWX XFaCRleHrn1E0 yZbAbWeEG4vDGcERMJJYdf3b6G8s&oq full sta&gs lcp dnd3Mtd2l6&sclient gws-wiz#lrd 0x3bc2b7c12da5fb57:0x68a8360fe28d2ecd,1,,,

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SYLLABUS 1. CORE JAVA 1.1. Introduction To Java 1.2. Java History 1.3. Why Java 1.4. Features of