Section 6KHOBAR TOWERS AFTERATTACKKhobar Towers, Dhahran, Saudi ArabiaOn June 25, 1996, a terrorist truck bombexploded outside the northern perimeter ofKhobar Towers, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, afacility housing U.S. and allied forcessupporting the coalition air operation overIraq, Operation SOUTHERN WATCH.This was a brutal and cowardly terroristattack on a multi-national peacekeepingforce leaving 19 dead and hundreds injured.These peacekeepers were enforcing UnitedNations sanctions and the dead and injured represent citizens from several nations. Peacein our time can only be assured in a world free from terrorism and the loss of innocentlives.Estimates of the size of the bomb range from theequivalent of 3,000 to more than 30,000 poundsof TNT. The Task Force estimated that thebomb was between 3,000 and 8,000 pounds,most likely about 5,000 pounds. While U.S. AirForce Security Police observers on the roof ofthe building overlooking the perimeter identifiedthe attack in progress and alerted manyoccupants to the threat, evacuation wasincomplete when the bomb exploded. Nineteenfatalities and approximately 500 U.S. woundedresulted from the attack.The perpetrators escaped.16385-foot deep blast crater


This is a photo of The Khobar Towers apartment complex.Theshaded building represents Building 131. This gives an idea ofthe size of the buildings and also how close they were located tothe road. This display was first introduced to us at our FBIbriefing In Quantico, VA December 1997,18 months after the blast!165

The meeting lasted for 3 days where the families were givenuninterrupted and undivided attention. We were guests at theFBI Academy at Quantico and lived in the dorms, away fromthe media and all outside contact. It was informative and we allcame away with a renewed faith in ‘the system’that appearedto have let us down.PhotoOps166

We all hadplenty timefor one onone, forquestions orwhateverandeveryonetreated usnicely.Theeveningdinnerwith Janetwas one ofthefunniestconversations youcould everimagine.She seemsso stiff and proper at the podium but in person, she was verydown to earth and could be a lot of fun. This weekend providedinformation and gave us contacts. Ms Reno was introduced bythe then, Acting Secretary or the AF, Mr Whit Peters who hassince become a friend.167



The signature is difficult to read, it says, Bill Cohen.170


A few miscellaneous old news clippings that mightexplain why we get so upset and can’t let goAbove dated August 12,1998Right dated November 3,1996172

Below dated September 17,1996Right dated January 24, 1997173

Above datedSeptember 17,1996Right dated January 24,1997There was and still is a lot ofcontroversy over theGeneral losing his secondstar but you will never get everyone to agree. Personally, Ithink he was singled out and others should have shared in theblame, but I do not agree with those who say he should nothave been punished. Too many stood up and ‘accepted blame’only to be allowed to retire with full pension and honor. As MrHackman so eloquently put it, “our commanders say they didtheir duty, try telling that to the families of the dead!” Thereshould be accountability at all levels, all the way to the topwhen necessary. Isn’t it a shame we are not all governed bythe same set of rules?174

AF TimesNov 27, 1995Anotherearlywarning!!!January31,1997Is ourrelationshipwith Saudimoneyoriented ?!?!175

This is probably the worst slam of all! To allowbin Laden Construction to rebuild KhobarTowers! After reading some of the articles andinformation we have shared, it might give you abetter insight as to the attitude problem we knowso well.176

Khobar Tower Pictures177

After viewing a mess like this, our only hope is that this happened so fast none ofthem knew what hit them. You can only imagine, no we can’t even imagine!More information about this Reward is posted [email protected] no one has attempted to claim a reward yet178


Dec 06, 2021 · FBI Academy at Quantico and lived in the dorms, away from the media and all outside contact. It was informative and we all came away with a renewed faith in ‘the system’ that appeared to have let us down. Photo Ops