HOW I GOT INVOLVED WITH ROBOTS Aprox. 2 yrs ago some students asked if I would be a robotic club advisor. They secured funding for a starter set for the VEX robot. The seniors designedand built a robot that carried bottled water around the gym following blackelectrical tape during Project Graduation. My interest is not in building robots but trying to control them once built. So this session will look more at what is available to be controlled rather thanhow to build them.

WHY NOW? In the past few years there has been a big push to get students interested intoSTEM-C courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Computing). Computing is not just coding or creating games. It is also creating andcontrolling devices remotely to complete tasks. One of the hooks is to give students something to play with. Then providetools to control them. This increased interest and funding has given many companies andorganizations reason to develop these tools.

TWO MAIN PURPOSES OF THIS SESSIONThe two main purposes of this session are:1. to give you chance to work with some to robots currently available andsources of robots and their programming environments.2. Provide you with links to get more information on the robotsThere is no special order to the robots being presented.

VEX ROBOTSWEB SITE: WWW.VEXROBOTICS.COM This is the erector set of robots used in Project Lead The Way classes. VEX EDR start kits costs start at 439 and goes up depending on accessories.Classroom set for 24-30 students 5,299.99 VEX IQ starter kits start at 279 and goes up. A classroom set of 12 kits is 3,849.99. They have yearly challenge contests where you design and build a robot tocompete. Fox Valley Tech is the closest host site to Stevens Point.They now have different types of sets. VEX EDR older of the two. Metalcomponents and the VEX IQ plastic pieces.

ROBOTC: THE SOFTWARE TO CONTROL VEX ROBOTS WEBSITES: WWW.ROBOTC.NETWWW.ROBOTVIRTUALWORLDS.COM This is a C programming Language for Robots. They support both the VEX robot and Lego Mindstorm robot Systems They also provide Virtual Worlds where you use the ROBOTC language to control VEX andLego robots through many challenges without needing to purchase the actual kits. I have used this in my C and Robotic Programming classes to good effect. They offer a free trail download. They have yearly licenses for 299 for 30 seats but I recommend the perpetual licenses at 599 for 30 seats ( don’t need to renew yearly) they also have building licenses as well They also provide curriculum for the virtual worlds.

EDISON COST UNDER 50WEBSITE: MEETEDISON.COMThis robot, power by 4 AAA batteries, has a number of built in sensors.It can detect obstacles in it way, follow a light, sense sound (respondsto a clap), follow a line or stay within borders, infrared receiver.It has two red LED lights, a Buzzer to give feedback.Each wheel has its own motor.It is constructed to be expandable by using Lego bricks.It is programmable with it apps for PC, MAC, iOS, Android andChrome. It connects to your device using a custom cable comingfrom your headphone jack.You can download the free lesson plans and activities from theirweb site. (I have a hard copy in a binder for you to look at.)It is possible to connect multiple Edison to make a more complexrobot (web site show two together as a bulldozer)

OZOBOT BIT 59 OR OZOBOTEVO 99 CLASSROOM SETS 1195 (BIT HAS 18 EVO HAS12 INCLASSROOM SETS)WEB SITE OZOBOT.COMThis robot is recharged by usb cable similar to a cell phone (classroom setcomes with multiport chargers)Key features include Line following, Color Detection, Mobile apps (it fits ona tablet and reads the screen) You can program it using a color code. Italso has a drag and drop block programming similar to Scratch calledOzoBlockly Programming. It also comes with a cover you can customize.The EVO has proximity sensors and Blue Tooth connectivity the BIT does not.This will also you to drive it by smart phone or tablet.There is a Teacher’s Guide (I have a hardcopy with me you can look at.)They also encourage teachers to share lessons they have created. Ozobothas a series of PD you can watch both in video

SPHERO/SPRK COST 129.99WEBSITES: SPHERO.COM , SPRK.SPHERO.COMThis waterproof sphere is powered by a lithium battery that is charged byinduction. It charge last for about an hour (I have used it for 90 min.) then needsto be recharged for approx. 2 hr.It’s sensor data available are Inertial Measurement Unit, Collision Detection, andLocator.It has two LEDs, a RGB and a Blue light.It connects to your device by Bluetooth from your tablet or smart phone. Theyhave many apps available but the main one for programming is the LightningLab App. They have recently releases a windows app but I have not had achance to look at that.This article talks about uses of a sphero in classes other than math and computerscience. bot-in-math-scienceand-beyond/

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3While I have not worked the Lego system here are some comments and links from those that have.These were gathered from the wi-csandit-teachers email list.I use both AI2 and EV3 Mindstorms in my 4/5 classroom, but I have never used the Mindstormprogramming options through AI2. We download the EV3 software from the Lego Education website tolaptops and/or desktops. I simply use the tutorial /lego/ev3/preview/ to teach the basics of the EV3robots. This would be enough, but I also extend the online tutorials with the First Lego Leaguechallenge missions (I am a FLL coach as well). I strongly recommend beginning this unit with a coursefrom It makes the EV3 programming so much easier for kids to process as they will learn thefoundational concepts in programming before applying them to the unique EV3 mechanics/blocks! Ican tell you all three resources,, EV3, and AI2, are a highlight for all of us (teacher andstudents:-). These three resources take me about 3 months to cover taking about 3 hours of class timeeach week. Please let me know if you need any other information. Happy to help.Amanda Werner 4/5 STEAM Challenge Program Teacher Madison Elementary School Janesville, Affiliate Trainer

MORE ON LEGOS Here's a link to the educational version: dstorms-education-ev3-core-set-/5003400 It's 379 which is just 5 more than the cost of the non-educational cost of the EV3 set on Amazon. It comeswith 48 step-by-step tutorials, a nicely labeled storage box, and I believe one additional or differentsensor from the consumer version. I also highly recommend the book "Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: EV3" 54.99 or used from about 22 shipping from Amazon.Pinterest resources: lego mindstorms ev3Tim FahlbergMath/CS/Fabrication Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Janesville, WI

ARDUINO: PROGRAMMABLE MICRO PROCESSORSWEB SITES: ARDUINO.CC, ADAFRUIT.COM,SPARKFUN.COM, MUZECS WEB-BASED PROGRAMMING( Arduino and their clones are the basis from which you can build a variety ofprogrammable devices to control LED lights, motors receiving input from attachedsensors. This could include wearable electronic art. I have my 9th grade students build circuits and program it to play music based onhow far a hand is away from the sensor. Once programmed it stays program until anew program overwrites it even if power is removed Costs start at 25 for the board itself 99 for a Starter kit. (I recommend1 kit for 2to 3 students.)

ARDUINO CONT. Marquette University ha built an add on board for the Arduino which contains 4buttons, 4 LED lights, speaker, and distance sensor that can be attached and is usedin the ECS (Exploring Computer Science) Curriculum. The web sites listed earlier all have tutorials and projects that begin with the basicsand work up. The starter kit come with a variety of components and a book of instructions ready touse without soldering. You will need a computer to program the board You can add pieces as you go. See the web sites for what is available and costs.

RASPBERRY PIWEB SITES: RASPBERRYPI.ORG, ADAFRUIT.COM, SPARKFUN.COM,ELEMENT14.COM, INSTRUCTABLES.COM/ID/RASPBERRY-PI-PROJECTS The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized single-board computers developed in theUnited Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computerscience in schools and developing countries. It’s pricing starts at 35 for latest model but the basic RaspberryPi does not come with amonitor or keyboard or mouse which will increase your cost. Starter Kits similar to Arduinosapprox. 75 – 90 no monitor, keyboard or mouse What’s the difference between Arduino and RaspberryPi: A microcontroller is a simplecomputer that can run one program at a time, over and over again. It is very easy to use. ARaspberry Pi is a general-purpose computer, usually with a Linux operating system, and theability to run multiple programs. It is more complicated to use than an Arduino

RASPBERRY PI (CON’T.) WEB SITE: SCHOOLS/The Raspberry Pi is a full function computer with GPIO (General Purpose InputOutput) which you can connect things to. Motors, sensors, camera, LEDs, many of thesame things you can use with an ardiuno.It primary programming languages are Scratch and Python. They come as part ofinitial software.You can add Java and C . It uses a Linuxoperating system and the chip set is an ARM similarto what is found in Smart Phones and Tablets.It can be powered by batteries and newest versionscome with wifi and Bluetooth built in. This allows youto connect to it remotely. It is the brains behind manyrobot kits. For example

RASPBERRY PI (CON’T.) OTHER WEB SITES:DEXTERINDUSTRIES.COM The GoPiGo from Dexter Industries.The starter kit range 209.99- 214.99.The Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started from scratchincluding a GoPiGo2 Base Kit,Raspberry Pi, Mini Wifi Dongle,GoPiGo ServoPackage, Ultrasonic Sensor, microSD Card (with our software), Power Supply,andEthernet Cable. Check out ourcolored acrylic bodies Last year my robotics class made a case and using the SenseHat shield for thepi we gather weather data up to 300 ft in the air via a drone and tookpictures.

ROBOTC: THE SOFTWARE TO CONTROL VEX ROBOTS WEB SITES: WWW.ROBOTC.NET WWW.ROBOTVIRTUALWORLDS.COM This is a C programming Language for Robots. They support both the VEX robot and Lego Mindstorm robot Systems They also provide Virtual Worlds where you use the ROBOTC language to co