Microsoft NZPartner Network,Support andReadiness GuidePublished June 2018

enrolassociatetroubleshootNew Zealand Partner Hub1. Program supportSupport for your Microsoft Partner Network membership, incentives and licensing, as wellas limited technical support available to all MPN tiers2. Technical supportTechnical support options to help you sell, deploy and support your customers –exclusive to Action Pack and Competency Partners3. Connect with usLearn how to connect with Microsoft New Zealand and access resources to build yourbusiness4. ReadinessLearn what resources are available to upskill yourself and your team.

Microsoft Partner Networkmembership supportMPN membership support and enquiries – inc.enrolment, renewals, Competency attainment,understanding and using your benefits (includingInternal Use Rights), associating staff, mergingprofiles, profile management & more: Submit and manage requests through theMPN Support Hub (sign in with your MicrosoftAccount. MPN profile association required)Technical supportCloud Enablement Desk (CED)Support to help you sell more, deploy faster andresolve Microsoft product issues quickly. All MPNmembership tiers are eligible for limited technicalsupport:We are committed to help our Partners along theirjourney with us, and towards this, we have a teamdedicated to helping you learning more abouthow you can utilise all benefits allowed to you as aMicrosoft Partner, as well as upskilling you in theMicrosoft Cloud. Submit a request through the MPN SupportHub See the next slide for enhanced technicalsupport options available to Action Pack andCompetency partnersContact the NZ Service Centre on 0800 800004 (Options 2,4,1) Submit a request here to reach out to theCloud Enablement Desk team todayIncentives and LicensingDigital Partner Of Record (DPOR)Urgent issuesRefer to the Partner incentives page for guidance.For additional support, submit a request in theMPN Support HubSee the DPOR and Partner Association page forstep-by-step guidance. For additional support:If you have been through the appropriate channelto address your issue and your issue has not beingresolved in a timely manor, or is critical pleaseemail the NZ partner team for MPN issues [email protected] or the NZ Cloud teamfor product queries at [email protected] the licensing page for guidance and GetLicensing Ready for training. For additionalsupport contact one of our CSP Distributors Submit a request through the O365 AdminCentre or Azure Portal , under “technical &billing support”

See additional support plansTechnical tion PackDeployment Services5050 Partner Advisory Hours shared between Technical Presales Assistance &Advisory Services Unlimited Presales for cloud deals orhybrid deals worth USD 3k 2020 Partner Advisory Hours shared between Technical Presales Assistance &Advisory Services Unlimited Presales for cloud deals orhybrid deals worth USD 3k 55 Partner Advisory Hours shared between Technical Presales Assistance &Advisory Services (available after your first cloud deal)Submit a Presales RequestBreak / Fix Support(AKA Advisory Services)Submit a DeploymentServices Request20151020 Product Support incidents(Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem)15 Product Support incidents(Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem) Unlimited Signature Cloud Supportfor Cloud Competency Partners*1010 Incidents for HybridCompetency Partners** Unlimited Signature Cloud Supportfor Cloud Competency Partners*55 Incidents for Hybrid CompetencyPartners**10 Product Support Incidents(Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem)Contact SupportSubmit a Signature CloudSupport request

Use these tips to stay in the loop, connect with Microsoft and access business building resources.Stay ConnectedJoin our Partner communityMonthly Partner WebinarHaven't heard from us in a while?Join the Microsoft New Zealand PartnerConnect with us on our Monthly Partner webinarMake sure we can reach you - update yourcommunication settings and ensure your MPNprofile contact details are correct.Community Yammer group to connect with yourheld every 2nd Wednesday of the Month with latestpeers and the Microsoft New Zealand, updates and events! Please register and joinJoin todayeach month by going to a business of the futureThe Microsoft Partner Profitability series is a 5 partseries that details the value of the cloud and howDevelop your cloud practiceDeliver end-to-end cloud solutions to yourcustomers with CSPMPN Resources- Membership ip/maximizingyour-membership)businesses can tap into the cloud market to create1. Learn about the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)program- Core benefitsa successful, cloud driven business.2. Connect with the our CSP wholesalers- Competency requirements Dicker Data [email protected] Exeed [email protected] Ingram Micro - MPN Support Hub( Internal Use Rights (IUR) ship/internal-use-software)

Upcoming Training CalendarDevelop Azure SkillsOnline Training CatalogueCheck the courses that are taking place in NewZealand on a city near you. This calendar isupdated on a weekly basis so check it regularlyand make the most of the in-person courses.Launch your business into the cloud gettingtrained and certified with the Azure Skills Program,your one stop portal to access introductory anddeep technical Azure training.- New Zealand training calendarAzure Skills is built on the Massively Open OnlineCourse platform [MOOC’s], and the most commonworkloads we see being deployed in the cloud.The Partner University portal offers a completerange of business and technical online training.Discover content aligned to each of the keysolution areas, or search our database based onyour business role and level of experience. Youcan track and manage your employees trainingand you’re given the flexibility to learn at your ownpace.- Online training catalogueMicrosoft Virtual Academy and VisualStudio Dev EssentialsPartner NewsletterTechnical JourneysSign up to the Partner Newsletter to receive amonthly update of key incentives, trainings, eventsand opportunities from the New Zealand PartnerTeam.- Microsoft Virtual AcademyConnect with our team of Microsoft partnertechnical consultants to help your businessdevelop key capabilities. Access webinars, technicalresources and schedule exclusive 1:1 consultationswith our tech specialists to build your skills on thelatest Microsoft technologies. Take advantage ofyour partner benefits with services that will helpyou succeed along your journey.- Visual Studio Dev Essentials- Technical JourneysMicrosoft Virtual Academy provides free onlinetraining by world-class experts to help you buildyour technical skills and advance your career. Makeit your destination of choice to get started on thelatest Microsoft technologies and join this vibrantcommunity.You can register for this via the link below :NZ Partner Newsletter

New Zealand Partner Hub 1. Program support Support for your Microsoft Partner Network membership, incentives and licensing, as well as limited technical support available to all MPN tiers 2. Technical support Technical support options to help you sell, deploy and support your customers