59th ANNUAL MEETINGMay 17 – 20, 2022 Portland, MaineThe Westin Harborviewwww.eaom.orgResilience and Reinvention: Moving ForwardSUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED TILL JANUARY 15, 2022“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”Søren KierkegaardRacial injustice, a global pandemic, and political unrest. These are just a few of the myriad ofworld-wide events that have challenged individuals, businesses, and organizations during thepast few years. They have led to what have been often dramatic changes coupled with financialpressures in our lives and our workplaces. Many individuals have had to work remotely whilejuggling family responsibilities. Many organizations had had to change how work is performedwhile they attempted to fulfill their missions and keep their staff safe. Entire industries such ashospitality and entertainment were shut down for extended periods, and academia was forced tolook in the mirror and ask itself some hard questions. During the past few years, we have beentested in ways we never imagined. Yet we persisted, and we continue to persist. We have beenresilient, and we look forward to the future, but do so with the realization that things havechanged. So, let us reflect on the past as we consider the future and ask ourselves: What have welearned from the past few years? How will we as individuals and organizations use this newknowledge? What specifically can leaders do to help us move forward? How can we adapt as therate of change keeps increasing? What role will technology play in this ever-changing landscape?What do businesses need from us as researchers? What does this mean for how and what weteach? What new skills should we be imparting on our students? Join us in Portland, Maine forthe 59th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management as we explore these questionsand many others that ground our research, teaching and learning.

The downtown historic art district of Portland is a short walk to the Old Port and has some of thebest restaurants, retail shops, museums and artistic venues in Maine. Each of the guest roomsfeatures a stunning view of downtown, the harbor or Casco Bay. Situated adjacent to Interstate 95,two hours north of Boston and four hours from Hartford, Portland is convenient to get to for travelerscoming from the north or the south. The Portland International Jetport (PWM), just 3 miles fromdowntown, offers nonstop flights to over a dozen cities across the U.S. and Canada as well asworldwide connections.EAM is a learning community of college educators and scholars devoted to members’ professionaldevelopment as well as the advancement of management theory, research, education, and practice.Affiliated with the Academy of Management, we augment and complement AOM's activities byconducting our own domestic and international meetings.Program Chair: Lisa Stickney, [email protected] School of Business, University of BaltimoreResilience and Reinvention: Moving ForwardTracks for conceptual, empirical papers, panels, symposia, posters** Conference theme submissions are especially welcome1. Strategy, International Management: Topics focus on addressing a wide range ofmanagement and organizational issues related to the analysis, formulation, andimplementation of corporate-, business-, and/or functional-level strategies and policies aswell as business model innovation in the context of both for-profit and not-for-profitorganizations. Additional topics relevant to this track include, but are not limited to, crossborder business operations, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, as well as socialand cultural considerations of doing business in varied cultures. Theme topics would focuson the use of digital technology to support strategic decision making in the globalmarketplace.Track Chairs: Huy (David) Tran, Albright Collage, [email protected] Dutta, U. of New Hampshire, [email protected]. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Information Technology: Topics include new venturecreation and failure, new and small firm management practices, new and small firmfinancing strategies, corporate venturing and innovation, and women-, minority-, andfamily-owned business. Submissions addressing the innovation process, management ofinformation technology, and cognitive and social impacts of information systems are alsowelcome.Track Chairs: Vishal Gupta, University of Alabama, [email protected] Goktan, U. of North Texas, Dallas [email protected]

3. Human Resources Management: This track seeks submissions covering all aspects ofhuman resource management, including recruitment, selection, training, performanceappraisal, compensation, socialization, gender, diversity, strategic HRM and human capital.Track Chairs: Alison Wall, Southern Connecticut State U., [email protected] Philip, U. of New Haven, [email protected]. Organizational Behavior: Work that covers any aspects of Organizational Behavior arewelcome here. This includes but is not limited to papers that study individuals andgroups in organizations as well as the dynamics of organizations themselves. Areas ofinterest are individual and group differences, perceptions, communication, motivation,team dynamics, leadership, conflict, negotiation, organizational design, organizationalculture, and organizational change.Track Chairs: Antigoni Papadimitriou, Miami University (Ohio),[email protected]. Gabrielle Swab, Towson U., [email protected]. Ethics, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability: Submissions are welcomed whichaddress business strategy as relates to sustainability, ethics & corporate socialresponsibility (CSR). Those which address managerial challenges associated with reachingthe UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) are of particular interest. How companiesbring about social, environmental and ethical changes would also be welcomed.Track Chairs: Julie Stanton, Pennsylvania State University, [email protected] Wieland, Southern Connecticut State University, [email protected]. Management Education & Development: Work addressing teaching and learning at theclassroom, program, or institutional level; workplace and organizational learning; andinnovation with technology in the classroom. Especially welcome are contributions thathighlight the conference theme in the classroom.Track Chairs: Ted Peters, University of Baltimore, [email protected] Jones, Stockton University, [email protected]. Hospitality Management: This new track was introduced at the 2021 virtual conference. Itwelcomes submissions (conceptual and empirical) that examine hospitality managementissues and innovations. Topics may include strategic matters for the hospitality sector'sfuture, technology, and contact in hospitality. Other areas of interest might consist ofresponsible management, sustainable practices in the hospitality industry, and crisis &recovery in the hospitality industry.Track Chair: Noel Criscione-Naylor, Stockton University, [email protected] for alternative formats8. Teaching Cases: The CASE Association holds its annual conference in conjunction withEAM's and attendees enjoy the benefits of both. You are invited to submit a teaching casefor review and, if accepted, roundtable discussion. We also offer a free case writinghackathon where attendees join a team to develop a case on a contemporary businessissue. CASE invites you to submit:

a. Embryo cases – a one-page outline of a case idea including a list of developmentalissues for which the author seeks guidance (authors must use the embryo caseformat available on our website);b. Cases without an instructor’s manual – cases in development, authors will beassisted in preparing the instructor’s manual;c. Cases with an instructor’s manual – case and instructor’s manual sufficientlydeveloped to facilitate constructive criticism in preparation for submission forpublication; Cases can be long/traditional or compact cases (1,000 words or less).Please review the details at: Chair: Heidi Bertels, College of Staten Island, CUNY, [email protected]. Experiential Learning Activities (ELA): Have you developed a new learning exercise,game, simulation, role-play, or other learning tool or activity? ELA submissions (a)describe the activity, (b) explain the pedagogical theory/evidence behind the activity,and (c) outline a session plan that includes learning goals, instructions, timing, and anycrucial handouts/props. At the conference, authors facilitate a hands-on learningsession that demonstrates key experiences from the activityTrack Chairs: Noel Criscione-Naylor, Stockton University, [email protected] Bérubé, Royal Military College of Canada, [email protected]. Professional development workshops (PDWs): Develop a panel, presentation, orhands-on session to share your best professional practices with EAM colleagues! Topicsvary and have included: research roundtable, research methods, writing strategies,administration, career balance, assessment, service learning, curriculum development,Professors of practice etc. Submissions are 2-3 pages and include: title, brief abstractwith key words, time requested for session (30, 60, 90 minutes), learning objective(s),and a detailed description of the workshop plan (including timeline).Track Chairs: Noel Criscione-Naylor, Stockton University, [email protected] Bérubé, Royal Military College of Canada, [email protected]. Idea Incubator. Do you have a scholarship idea that is promising, but needs moredevelopment? Submit an abstract (500 words) outlining your research idea. Thesesessions are structured as roundtable discussions to facilitate development andcoaching of individual papers. Authors and project titles are listed in the program, butthe abstracts will not appear in the proceedings.Track Chairs: Elizabeth McCrea, Seton Hall University, [email protected] Stamp, Hartwick College, [email protected]. Posters. Are you a Graduate student or a Faculty working with a student? Do you have aresearch paper from your course? GET RECOGNIZED! Submit a poster. Research posterssummarize information or research concisely and attractively to help publicize it andgenerate discussion. The poster is usually a mixture of a brief text mixed with tables,graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats. At the conference (or virtually during the

preconference days), the researcher displays the poster while other participants come andview it and interact with the author. Posters offer the opportunity to engage with one-onone conversations with conference attendees and enable you to talk about very specificaspects of your research.Track Chairs: Yifeng Fan, Fairfield University, [email protected] Frkal, Nichols College, [email protected] ORGANIZATIONCASE Association. CASE is an affiliate of the North American Case Association (NACRA) andmeets annually in May in conjunction with the Eastern Academy of Management (EAM). TheCASE Journal, published by Emerald, is the official journal of the CASE Association. Join us at ourworkshops focused on case writing, reviewing, teaching, and publishing. Case topics caninclude: Management, Strategy, Organizational Behavior/Development Human Resources,Business Ethics, Operations, Project Management, Accounting, Finance, Hospitality andTourism, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and others.ACADEMIC CONSORTIAThere is no additional fee for these programs, but conference registration is required.Doctoral Student Consortium. Students at any stage of their Ph.D. or D.B.A. programs arewelcome to join this dynamic consortium. The goal is to contribute to their professionaldevelopment as scholars, teachers and colleagues.Junior Faculty Consortium. Participants will learn practical strategies for successfullynavigating the demanding first stage of an academic career.Mid-Career/Senior Faculty Consortium. This consortium is designed to help establishedfaculty deal with current challenges and develop their own plans for the future.PAPER SUBMISSION INFORMATIONSubmissions are due by January 15, 2022 at EAM’s website at Papersubmission and formatting guidelines at the website. At least one author (for symposia, eachpanelist) must register and present their work at the conference. Authors are requested toassist in the review process. All accepted papers are eligible to appear in the proceedings.SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED TILL JANUARY 15, 2022Submit at

7. Hospitality Management: This new track was introduced at the 2021 virtual conference. It welcomes submissions (conceptual and empirical) that examine hospitality management issues and innovations. Topics may include strategic matters for the hospitality sector's future, technology, and contact in