ProChip DesignerAtmel Software SuiteOVERVIEWDescriptionThe Atmel ProChip Designer v5.0.1 is a fully featured EDA software suiteincorporating state-of-the-art synthesis and simulation tools from Mentor Graphicswith the Atmel user-friendly interface and design navigator, as well as, powerfulfitter technologies. The combination of these tools enables CPLD designers toachieve the highest possible logic utilization from the AtmelATF15xxAS/ASL/ASV/ASVL/BE (1) series CPLDs with Logic Doubling features.Through all of the software components available within ProChip, the followingfeatures are supported: Design Entry and Synthesis̶VHDLVerilogCUPL (2)Schematic (2)̶̶̶ SimulationVHDL Functional and Timing Simulation (3)Verilog Functional and Timing Simulation (3)CUPL Functional Simulation (2)̶̶̶ DeviceATF15xxBE:(1)1.8V ultra-low-power CPLDATF15xxAS/ASL:5.0V standard and low-power CPLDATF15xxASV/ASVL: 3.0V standard and low-power CPLD̶̶̶ Programming̶JTAG ISP1.The ATF15xxBE is not recommended for new design.2.Optional and requires Altium software.3.Optional and requires a separate license from Mentor -Suite-Overview 052016

FeaturesProChip Designer seamlessly integrates the following software components into one user-friendly IntegratedDevelopment Environment (IDE) for the ATF15xx CPLDs:ProChip Designer Software ComponentsPrecision RTL Synthesis(Atmel-OEM version)VHDL and Verilog synthesis supports from Mentor Graphics .ModelSim (Optional*)(Atmel-OEM version)VHDL and Verilog simulation supports from Mentor Graphics.*Requires a separate Mentor Graphics license.FIT15xxFitting support for the ATF15xx CPLDs from Atmel.HDL PlannerVHDL and Verilog design entry and text editing supports from Atmel.ATMISPJTAG In-System programming (ISP) support from Atmel.The following optional third-party software from Altium can be installed separately and can be used independentlyor in conjunction with ProChip Designer for schematic and CUPL designs:Optional Third-party SoftwareProtel Design Explorer 99SE(Atmel Edition)2Schematic and CUPL design entries, synthesis, and functional simulation supportsfrom Altium.ProChip Designer Software Suite e-Suite-Overview 052016

1.ProChip Designer Software Suite Components and Licensing TermsThe software components within ProChip Designer are divided into two groups: Schematic/CUPL Design FlowVHDL/Verilog Design FlowThese two software groups, their contents, licensing terms, and ordering code are described in Table 1-1 below.Table 1-1.ProChip Designer Contents and Licensing TermsDesign FlowSchematic/CUPLDesign FlowVHDL/VerilogDesign FlowNote:1.11.Software ComponentsLicensing TermProChip Designer with HDL Planner, Atmel Fitter, and ATMISP.FreeAltium Design Explorer 99SE.Permanent License[P/N: ATDS1500PC]ProChip Designer with HDL Planner, Atmel Fitter, and ATMISP.FreeMentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis (Atmel-OEM version).2-year License[P/N: ATDS15xxKSW1]Mentor Graphics ModelSim (Atmel-OEM version).Contact Mentor GraphicsThe Atmel software tools are supported on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. The details of theoperating system supports for other vendors’ tools can be obtained from the third-party tool vendors’ websites ordocumentation.Default Installation of Software ComponentsBy default, the installation of ProChip Designer includes the installation of the following software components: HDL PlannerATF15xx FittersATMISPPrecision RTL SynthesisModelSimUnlike ProChip Designer v4.0, the installation of Altium tools are no longer included in ProChip Designerv5.0.1 installer.Optionally, Protel Design Explorer 99SE can be installed separately, and it can be used independently orin conjunction with ProChip Designer v5.0.1 for schematic and CUPL designs.ProChip Designer Software Suite e-Suite-Overview 0520163

1.2Software Component Licensing1.2.1Mentor Graphics Precision RTL SynthesisTo use Mentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis in ProChip Designer for VHDL or Verilog synthesis, a FLEXLM(node locked) license file from Atmel is required. License requests can be submitted to Atmel for evaluation on-lineat the following tcm:26-17233The 2-year license for Precision RTL Synthesis (Atmel OEM version) can also be purchased from an Atmeldistributor.Table 1-2.Mentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis License2-year LicenseAtmel Ordering CodePrecision RTL Synthesis (Atmel OEM version)ATDS15xxKSW1Once a license has been purchased, instructions on how to download ProChip Designer from the Atmel websiteand how to obtain the license file will be mailed.Atmel no longer provides licenses for the Mentor Graphics ModelSim software.Please contact Mentor Graphics for information on how to obtain the appropriate license for ModelSim ifVHDL/Verilog simulation is required.1.2.2Altium Protel Design Explorer 99SEThe 30-day trial version of Altium Protel Design Explorer 99SE is no longer available, and the Licensed Edition ofAltium Protel Design Explorer 99SE must be ordered separately.The Atmel Licensed Edition of Altium Protel Design Explorer 99SE can be ordered from an Atmel distributor andthe Atmel.Table 1-3.Altium Protel Design Explorer 99SE LicensePermanent LicenseAtmel Ordering CodeAltium Protel Design Explorer 99SEATDS1500PCOnce a license has been purchased, instructions on how to obtain ProChip Designer and Protel Design Explorer99SE along with a 16-digit Access Code (permanent license) will be mailed. Users can then follow the instructionsprovided to install the Licensed Edition software.The ProChip Designer v5.0.1 software is available on the Atmel website at the following ip Designer Software Suite e-Suite-Overview 052016

2.Design FlowThe ProChip Designer IDE is shown in Figure 2-1. The Design Flow chart on the right provides push-button accessto all stages of a design cycle. Feature descriptions for each design flow stage is described in Table 2-1.Figure 2-1.ProChip Designer IDEMenu BarShortcut BarTable 2-1.Design FlowProject TreeTranscriptDescription of Design Flow StagesDesign Flow StageDescriptionSource ManagerTo specify new or existing design file(s). Launches the appropriate design entry tool for editingbased on the selected tool-flow.Logic SynthesisTo synthesize the design file(s) to generate the appropriate netlist file.Device FitterTo fit the netlist into the target device with the user selected fitter options.Testbench ManagerTo specify new or existing testbench file(s). Launches the appropriate testbench entry tool forediting based on the selected tool-flow.Functional SimulationTo perform functional simulation on the design file(s).Timing SimulationTo perform timing simulation on the output netlist generated by the fitter after fitting.Atmel-ISPTo program the target ATF15xx CPLD through JTAG-ISP.ProChip Designer Software Suite e-Suite-Overview 0520165

3.Support and ResourcesFor details on how to use ProChip Designer, refer to the ProChip Designer help file, tutorials, and online resources.These resources are available under the ProChip Help menu.Table 3-1.Technical SupportRequest Support By:[email protected]( 1) (408) 436-4333Online Support ic/spld-cpld/default.aspxRevision HistoryRev. Ver.Date3628D05/20163628C09/2013DescriptionUpdate links and software version. ATF15xxBE is not recommended for new design.General update of the overview document.Update template.ProChip Designer Software Suite e-Suite-Overview 052016

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Once a license has been purchased, instructions on how to download ProChip Designer from the Atmel website and how to obtain the license file will be mailed. 1.2.2 Altium Protel Design Explorer 99SE The 30-day trial version of Altium Protel Design Explorer