Family Information Guide &Student Code Of Conduct2021-2022Welcome. 2Important Dates For Parents/Guardians. 4An A-Z Guide To The Cobb County School District. 6Notification Regarding Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 10Right To Know Professional Qualifications Of Teachers And Paraprofessionals. 10Medications And Health Care At School. 10Complaint Procedure Under The Elementary And Secondary Education Act of 1965 And EveryStudent Succeeds Act (ESSA). 12Notification of Online Learning Options. 14Internet Acceptable Use. 14Technology Consent. 16Student Information. 17Parent Information. 17Objection Procedure. 17Homeless Students. 18Compulsory Attendance Law. 19Rights Under The Family Education Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA). 20Objection Procedure. 22Notice of Rights Of Students And Parents Under Section 504. 23Section 504 Procedural Safeguards. 24Chart Of Responsibilities For Responses To Civil Rights Concerns. 26Information Regarding Discrimination And/Or Harassment. 27Notification Of Rights Under The Protection Of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA). 27Cobb County School District Code of Conduction. 29Cobb County School District Interscholastic Activities . 48SafeSchools Alert Tip Line . 53School Calendar.Back Cover

WelcomeYou are now reviewing the 2020-2021 Family Information Guide, which contains a wealth ofinformation about the Cobb County School District. It includes the Student Code of Conduct, aswell as information about privacy rights, important dates, and more. Please keep the Guide on handfor reference throughout the school year.The Georgia Department of Education requires that we keep a record that shows all parents andguardians received this folder and guide. Please take the time to review the booklet and the schoolspecific information enclosed in the Student Folder. Then, be sure to complete the Receipt of FamilyInformation Guide (Form JCDA-3) to document your receipt of the packet and return it to yourchild’s school.Spanish – EspañolBienvenidos a la Guía de Información para Familias del Distrito Escolar del Condado de Cobb. Estedocumento contiene información importante sobre los eventos que se llevaran a cabo durante elnuevo año escolar, incluyendo el Código de Conducta Estudiantil para todos los niveles académicos,así como también información sobre los derechos de privacidad, leyes de asistencia y fechas de losexámenes/pruebas. Si necesita asistencia o tiene alguna pregunta, por favor comunicarse con elCentro Internacional de Bienvenida (IWC por sus siglas en inglés) al (678) 331-3086 o a través delcorreo electrónico [email protected]á! Seja bem-vindo(a) ao Guia de Informação para Família do Ano Letivo do Distrito Escolardo Condado de Cobb. Este documento possui informações importantes sobre o ano letivo quecomeçará em breve, incluindo o Código de Conduta Estudantil para todos os níveis escolares comotambém os direitos de privacidade, leis de frequência escolar e datas das provas. Favor entrar emcontato com o Centro Internacional de Boas-Vindas no telefone (678) 331-3086 ou por email [email protected] se necessitar de assistência ou tiver perguntas/dúvidas.Korean2

FrenchBonjour! Bienvenue au Guide d’Information pour les parents du District Scolaire du Comté deCobb! Ce document contient de l’information importante à propos de l’année scolaire suivante,y compris le Code de Comportement des Étudiants à tous les niveaux de scolarité, ainsi quel’information concernant les droits de confidentialité, les lois concernant l’assistance scolaire et lesdates d’épreuves. Si vous avez besoin d’aide, ou si vous avez d’autres questions, contactez le Centred’Accueil International par téléphone (678) 331-3086 ou par courrier electronique [email protected] đón chào các bạn đến với Bản Thông Tin Hướng Dẫn Gia Đình của Học Khu QuậnCobb. Hồ sơ này bao gồm các thông tin quan trọng liên quan đến các vấn đề sẽ xẩy rasuốt năm học, như các quy tắc ứng xử cho mọi cấp, cũng như các thông tin về quyềnriêng tư, luật về hiện diện tại lớp và ngày giờ các kỳ thi khảo sát. Nếu các bạn cần giúpđở hay có câu hỏi, vui lòng liên lạc Trung Tâm Đón Chào Quốc Tế tại số (678) 331-3086hoặc [email protected]

Important Dates For Parents/GuardiansListed below are some of the most important dates in the school year, including report carddistribution dates and holidays. See the District website at for the completecalendar.AUGUST223MondayFIRST DAY OF SCHOOLMonday Early Release DaySEPTEMBER6MondayLabor Day Holiday – Schools Closed8Wednesday4 ½ Week Progress Report Distribution – Elementary andMiddle Schools27-30 Monday – WednesdayFall Break – Student/Teacher HolidaysOCTOBER1FridayFall Break - Student/Teacher Holidays18Monday Early Release19-22 Tuesday – FridayElementary & Middle School Conference Week1st Elementary and Middle School Nine Week Report CardDistribution (during conferences) (Early Release for Elementary andMiddle Schools Only)NOVEMBER2TuesdayElection Day (Student Holiday; Teacher Workday)17Wednesday4 ½ Week Progress Report Distribution – Elementary andMiddle Schools22-26 Monday – FridayThanksgiving Holidays – Student/Teacher HolidaysDECEMBER16-17 Thursday – FridayLast Two Student Days of First Semester – Early ReleaseDays20-31 InclusiveWinter Holidays – Student/Teacher Holidays4

JANUARY3-4Monday – TuesdayStudent Holidays; Teacher Workdays5WednesdayFirst Day of Second Semester7Friday2nd Nine Weeks Report Card Distribution –Elementary and Middle Schools1st Semester Report Card Distribution – HighSchools17MondayMLK, Jr. Holiday – Schools ClosedFEBRUARY11Friday4 ½ Week Progress Report Distribution – Elementary andMiddle Schools21-25 Monday – FridayWinter Break – Student/Teacher HolidaysMARCH7Monday Early Release Day23Wednesday3rd Nine Week Report Card Distribution – Elementaryand Middle SchoolsAPRIL4-8Monday – FridaySpring Break – Student/Teacher Holidays29Friday4 ½ Week Progress Report Distribution – Elementary andMiddle SchoolsMAY23-25 Monday – WednesdayLast Three Days of Second Semester/School Year – EarlyRelease25WednesdayLAST DAY OF SCHOOL23-28 Monday – SaturdayHigh School Commencements30MondayMemorial Day Holiday – Schools ClosedJUNE1Wednesday4th Nine Weeks Report Card Distribution – Elementaryand Middle Schools2nd Semester Report Card Distribution – High Schools5

An A-Z Guide To The Cobb County School DistrictThis section is a quick and easy reference guide to the District. Each subject is arranged inalphabetical order. For additional information, please visit the CCSD website at PROGRAMAfter-school programs areavailable in elementary schools forkindergarten through fifth gradestudents from 2:30 until 6 p.m. eachday school is in session. Registrationis held at local schools.ALTERNATIVE EDUCATIONThe district provides severalalternative education programslimited to students who haveincurred disciplinary action forbehavior. The program is provided inoff-campus, business-like communitylocations.ASSISTANCE PROGRAMSSupport services are availableto all students and their familiesthrough certified school counselorsat each school, hospital/homeboundinstruction for qualifying students,school social workers, and throughthe department of Student AssistanceProgram’s Licensed Counselors andPrevention Specialists.ATTENDANCETo experience school success,regular attendance is necessary. Seethe Compulsory Attendance Lawsection of this guide, as well as RuleJB-R online at www.cobbk12.orgfor complete information regardingschool attendance.ATTENDANCE ZONESStudents must attend the school inthe attendance zone in which theirparent/guardian resides unless anexception is granted by the CobbCounty School District (District) incompliance with federal and statelaw and State Board of Educationrules. The Board of Educationestablishes an attendance zonefor each school. Attendance zoneinformation is on file in each school6and online.BOARD OF EDUCATIONThe Cobb Board of Education,composed of seven elected members,holds public meetings in theCentral Office Boardroom, 514Glover Street, Marietta, Georgia.The Board provides a 30-minutepublic comment session during eachmeeting for constituents to addressthe Board.CLOSING SCHOOLSSchools may be closed due toinclement weather. Radio andtelevision stations carry the news assoon as decisions are made. Schoolclosing announcements are alsoposted on the District’s website, onthe District’s central office answeringsystem at (770) 426-3300 and onsocial networking site Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. Additionally,a text message is sent to yourphone. For more Information aboutCCSD alerts, please contact theOffice of Communications, CTLSadministrator.COBB DIGITAL LIBRARYThe CCSD Library Media Educationdepartment provides students withschool and home access to current,reliable, and grade-level specific databases, eBooks, and programs throughthe Cobb Digital Library. At home,students can use their O365 logininformation (firstname.lastnameand the password they use to loginto a school computer) to accessinformation and digital resources toassist with their learning goals.COBB edTVCOBB edTV is an educationalaccess cable channel featuringlocal programming including livebroadcasts of Board of Educationmeetings and feature programming.COBB edTV is available on Comcastchannel 24, in Smyrna on Chartercable channel 182 and online SCHOOLS FOUNDATIONThe Cobb Schools Foundation,founded in 1999, exists to supportstudent success throughout the CobbCounty School District. Supportfrom our community provides ourfamilies and students with additionalprograms, scholarships, and toolsneeded to be successful through theeducational journey. To learn moreabout supporting our students VIRTUAL ACADEMY (CVA)The Cobb Virtual Academy (CVA)provides fully online high schoolcourses for credit taught by highlyqualified teachers. Instruction isdelivered using the internet anda vast array of digital resourcesand content. The courses includeengaging assignments, interactiveteaching tools, performance tasksand assessments that allow theinstructor to monitor the onlinestudent’s educational progress.To find out more about onlineopportunities for your student, pleasevisit ACTIVITIESParticipation in interscholastic/extracurricular activities in CCSDschools is a privilege. Studentsparticipating in these activities areconsidered to be school leaders.They are role models who representtheir school and more importantly,depict its character. With leadershipcomes additional responsibility andstudent participants must adhere tohigh standards of conduct (see Pages47-48 of this guide). When studentsviolate these high standards, theDistrict may withdraw the privilege

to participate in interscholastic/extracurricular activities. Highschools are members of the GeorgiaHigh School Association (GHSA).Participation in extracurricularactivities is in accordance withGHSA guidelines.FOOD & NUTRITION PROGRAMOur menus are student focused andinfluenced to provide a nutritiousand fun atmosphere to help supporta modern learning environment.Food is the fuel necessary forstudents to get through a normalday. Many schools serve bothbreakfast and lunch. Feel freeto contact your local school foravailability and serving times. Forinformation on our menus or forallergen information, please visit ourwebsite at Having top qualityoptions for our students is our goalfor Fueling Student SuccessFREE PUBLIC EDUCATIONEducation is provided free of chargeto students who are residents ofCobb County outside of the cityof Marietta. Enrollment and fullparticipation in the instructionalprogram are not conditional on astudent paying any fee or tuition.Students are expected to providepaper, writing instruments andother personal items related toschool participation. Students mayalso have an opportunity to buypaperback books for their readingpleasure through book fairs. Schoolyearbooks also may be purchased.MEAL INFORMATION FOR 20212022 SCHOOL YEARMeals are available to all CCSDenrolled students at no charge.Therefore, family meal applicationswill not be available and are notrequired for students to receivemeals. Breakfasts and Lunches at nocost to families are now a part of theface-to-face educational school day!School meals are proven to supportlearning, boost test scores, andimprove attendance and classroombehavior.Please view our menus for the freshbreakfast and lunch offerings ourteam happily prepares for your childeach school day.INSURANCEStudent and Athletic accidentinsurance is available through T.W.Lord. The District has designatedthis agency to provide accidentcoverage. Parents/guardians canchoose to purchase the coverage andare responsible for the premium.Claims are submitted directly to theagent. This insurance is not fundedby the District nor does it receive anyproceeds from the company.INTERNATIONAL WELCOMECENTERThe Cobb County School DistrictInternational Welcome Center (IWC)facilitates home-to-school andschool-to-home communications byproviding local schools, parents, andcommunity stakeholders with thefollowing support services: Englishlanguage proficiency assessmentfor international students in middleand high school, which includesadvisement, grade placement, andtranscript evaluation. Also, theIWC provides written translationsof district policies and local schooldocuments as well as spokenlanguage interpretations in schoolrelated meetings, student evaluations,parent/teacher conferences, specialeducation meetings, and tribunalhearings. The International WelcomeCenter (IWC) also offers familiesopportunities to become familiarwith and acculturate to the K-12educational system and participatein literacy, academic, and schoolinvolvement programs.MAGNET PROGRAMSThe Cobb County School District’smagnet programs allow studentsto pursue their interests, developtheir talents, and extend theircompetencies beyond the usual scopeof high school. Eighth grade studentsmay apply to participate. Studentsare selected for acceptance througha highly-competitive, rigorousapplication process. The districtprovides arterial transportation forstudents attending magnet programs.Interested students and parentsshould check the district webpage orcontact programs coordinators formore information.OFFICE 365Office 365 is a free service that givesall CCSD students several benefitsincluding access to online versionsof Microsoft Word, PowerPoint,OneNote, and Excel. Studentsreceive 1 TB of cloud storage givingthem “anywhere access” to theirdocuments. Although not required,each student may also install the full,most current version of MicrosoftOffice software on up to 5 devicesincluding PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones,and Android tablets and phones.Parents or guardians listed as theenrolling adult, who have an e-mailaddress on file with CCSD, willreceive an e-mail from “Office 365Parental Consent Cobb CountySchools.” Parents may use thise-mail to choose an Office 365 accessoption for their child. Parents willreceive a separate permission e-mailfor each child enrolled in CCSD andwill need to make a selection for eachchild. A parent, who is the enrollingadult, may update his or her e-mailaddress by returning the schoolregistration form with a signature orvisiting the front office at their child’slocal school.For more information, pleasevisit: Technology/CR/Office365/o365Student.aspxSTUDENT ASSISTANCEPROGRAMSThe department of StudentAssistance Programs offersstudent centered supportsincluding prevention strategiesthat promote healthy behaviorsand a positive school climate.Under this department, the officeof school counseling along withthe coordinator of crisis response7

provides crisis response supportservices to schools in the event ofa death, natural disaster, or othertraumatic event.SECURITY AND PRIVACY OFSTUDENT DATAOur approach to protecting yourstudents data is relatively simple: it’simportant and the time and resourceswe invest to protect student datareflect that priority.All district solutions are vetted bythe District and are in compliancewith FERPA (Family EducationalRights Privacy Act). Additionally,we ensure the security of sensitiveand personally identifiable data andmitigate the risks of unauthorizeddisclosure of such data. We employ avariety of security measures includedthe vetting of District-approvedapplications, physical security,network mapping, authenticationmeasures, layered defensearchitecture, secure configurations,access controls, firewalls, intrusiondetection systems, automatedvulnerability scanning, patchmanagement, incident handling, andaudit/compliance monitoring.SMOKING/USE OF TOBACCOSmoking and the use, possession,sale, or distribution of any tobaccoproduct by any person is prohibitedon school property and at schoolsponsored events, 24 hours a day, 7days a week.SOCIAL NETWORKING/MOBILETECHNOLOGYPlease see the Student Code ofConduct for allowed use of mobiledevices or tablets at school. Devicesimproperly used during the schoolday are subject to confiscation. Ifa cell phone or other electronicdevice is found to contain evidenceof criminal activity, includingtypes of pornography, that devicemay be permanently confiscatedand provided to law enforcement.Please remind your children ofthe harmful effects of texting8inappropriate videos, picturesor information. This practice,sometimes known as “sexting”,can have serious educational andcriminal repercussions. The CCSDfirewall prevents access to socialmedia while using school technologyresources; however, these sitesare being accessed on personalcomputing devices. Please talk withyour child about appropriate internetbehavior and the importance ofnever posting or sharing somethinghurtful, profane or obscene online.We consider such incidents aform of “cyber harassment” andpossibly bullying. Having accessto your child’s online networkingaccount or internet use is a step inthe right direction. Remember thatstudents sometimes share personalinformation that jeopardizes theirsafety such as suggestive photos, dateof birth, and home address. Pleasecontact the Prevention/InterventionCenter at 770-429-5846 for moreinformation regarding online safety.SPECIAL EDUCATIONThe Cobb County School Districtoffers a full range of specialeducation services for children ages3–21 who have disabilities underthe Individuals with DisabilitiesEducation Improvement Act (IDEA2004). Specially designed instructionis provided through a continuumof educational environments fromregular class placements with specialservices in the student’s home schoolto full day programs in specializedenvironments. The type and degreeof services provided are determinedthrough the development of anIndividual Education Program (IEP)to meet the unique needs of thechild with a disability at no costto parents. For more information,visit the District website at or contact the SpecialEducation Department at 770-4263309.TEACHING AND LEARNINGRESOURCES FOR PARENTSEngaging families in the educationallives of their children is a coremission of the Cobb County SchoolDistrict. The Teaching and LearningDivision provides families theopportunity to find informationrelated to the Cobb Teaching andLearning standards, which arealigned to state standards, at are furnished without costto students and are the property ofthe state of Georgia and the CobbCounty School District. Studentsand their parents/guardians are heldaccountable for lost or damagedtextbooks. The District must bereimbursed for lost or damagedtextbooks. The use of textbooks canbe suspended and certain studentrecords may be held until paymenthas been made.TRANSPORTATIONThe District’s TransportationDepartment meets and exceeds allfederal, and state guidelines whentransporting students. Riding aschool bus is a privilege; studentsshall follow all student behaviorpolicies and regulations outlined inthe code of conduct and the SafeRider Program. For added safetystudents and staff are subject tovideo surveillance and buses areequipped with telematic technologywhich places a time stamp on busstops, run times, and location. . Allstudents must have a Safe RiderContract on file with their bus driverand eight and under students willhave a yellow tag placed on theirbook bag to indicate they are 8 andunder requiring parental supervisionat the bus stop. Students may bringwater on the bus from August untilOctober 1st as long as it is in acontainer with a secure screw onlid. Parents can establish an accountand have access to the secure parentapp called “Here Comes the Bus”to receive notifications when yourchild’s school bus has entered yourzone and near your assigned busstop. Follow this link to sign up :

started/ Parents will need to enter theHCTB District School Code 87881as part of their initial registration togain log in access. Bus routes andschedules are available in all schoolsand on the District website.VISITORS TO SCHOOLThe District expects that all parents/guardians and visitors will treatschool staff and students withcourtesy. Schools are always hopefulthat this will not be an issue, butparents/guardians, students andvisitors should be aware that Georgialaw prohibits certain behavior onschool property, in school safetyzones, on school buses and at busstops.For example, the law prohibits aperson from loitering or being onschool property without a legitimateneed to be there. It requires thatvisitors check in at the school’sdesignated location. It also providespenalties for individuals who refuseto leave school property whendirected, and prohibits disruptiveconduct on school property,including school buses and busstops. Additionally, the law prohibitsindividuals from upbraiding,insulting or abusing public schoolemployees in the presence of studentsand minors. If the educationalenvironment is or could be negativelyimpacted, the District reserves theright to place restrictions on theability of certain individuals to comeonto campus, attend school events,or interact with staff. Schools mayalso place restrictions on individualswho have violated certain schoolpolicies or state/federal laws.WEBSITE - www.cobbk12.orgThe District website is the centrallocation for information aboutthe Cobb County School District.Updated daily, the site featuresongoing news updates, quick accessto calendars and schedules anddetailed testing and accountabilityinformation. Video features from COBB edTVare available for viewing 24/7,including student success stories andBoard of Education meetings. The CobbCast blog highlightsgood news from Cobb schools,including student honors, sports andstudent group activities, communityinvolvement and teacher honors. Get the latest news, informationand alerts on social media - ‘Like’our Facebook page at and follow@CobbSchools on Twitter andInstagram.Visit anytime forthe latest from the Cobb CountySchool District.Visit www.cobbk12.organytime for the latest from theCobb County School District.VOLUNTEERSParents and community membersmay volunteer to assist in schoolfunctions and extracurricularactivities, at the direction of localschool administration. BeginningJuly 1, 2012, all volunteers whowork with children in the state ofGeorgia are required by law to reportsuspected child abuse as required byO.C.G.A. § 19-7-5.9

Notification Regarding Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)The Cobb County School District (District) utilizes an automated system to communicate to familieson a variety of subjects using telephone number(s) provided by families during registration. Thesecommunications include, but are not limited to, student absences/tardies, emergency closings dueto inclement weather, other school emergencies, other situations concerning the health and safety ofstudents, and school and District announcements. However, families are free to choose not to receivesuch communications. To Opt out of Voice Calls you are able to log into your CTLS Parent accountand update your preferences. To turn off Alerts and other questions you can contact MicheleMizzell your CTLS Administrator. You may choose to opt out of text messages by replying to anyautomated text with the message STOP.Right To Know Professional Qualifications Of Teachers And ParaprofessionalsIn compliance with the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Cobb County SchoolDistrict informs parents that you may request information about the professional qualifications ofyour student’s teacher(s), and paraprofessional(s). The following information may be requested:1.Whether the teacher has met the Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification for thegrade level and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;2.Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which Georgia qualificationsor certification criteria have been waived;3. The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;4.Whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their qualifications.If you wish to request information concerning your child’s teacher’s or paraprofessional’squalification, please contact the principal.Medications And Health Care At School - Questions And AnswersAdditional questions and answers about medications and health care at school are provided on theSchool Health Services section of the District website at Does the school provide medications?No, the school does not provide medication. Medication must be brought to the front office orschool clinic by the parent/ guardian except as otherwise permitted. An “Authorization to GiveMedication” Form JGCD-2 must be completed and filed with the School Clinic.2. Where can I find medication authorization forms?Medication Authorization forms are found in the school front office, school clinic, or online. To findforms online go to www. Locate and click on ‘Policies & Rules,’ under the ‘Board’menu option. Click on Section “J-Students.” Find Administrative Rule JGCD-R (Medication). Clickon the Form needed.3. Why do medications have to be in the original container?The original container provides information from the manufacturer about over-the-countermedications, including the name of the medication, the proper dose, how the medication should begiven, how often the medication can be given, possible side effects, and when the medication is no10

longer effective (an expiration date). The original prescription container includes the name of themedication, the patient’s name, the prescribing health care provider, the proper dose, how and whenit should be given, how long the medication should be given, when the medication expires, and thepharmacy where the medication was purchased. All of this information is necessary for the SchoolNurse or trained school staff to administer medication in a safe manner.4. What if my child’s medication or dosage changes?Parents/guardians must inform the School Nurse of any medication changes in writing. Newmedication or different doses will not be given unless the parent/guardian completes a newmedication authorization form. The information on the prescription bottle label must match the newform. A new container must be provided for change in dose or administration time.5. May my child carry over-the-counter medication at school?Middle school students (grades 6-8) may carry certain over-the counter medications: ibuprofen(i.e.: A

Glover Street, Marietta, Georgia. The Board provides a 30-minute public comment session during each meeting for constituents to address the Board. CLOSING SCHOOLS Schools may be closed due to inclement weather. Radio and television stations carry the news as soon as