GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator Guide

ContentsGetting Started. 1Administration Center Overview . 1Log in to the Administration Center . 2Notes on Installation and Feature Access . 2Mac Features. 3RADIUS Integration Overview . 4Useful GoToMyPC Terms . 4Tips for Success . 7Grouping Overview . 8Add Groups and Subgroups . 8Rename Groups and Subgroups . 10Change Group or Subgroup Status . 10Configure Group and Subgroup Settings . 11Managers . 11PC Limit . 12Features . 12Account Password . 13Host Access Code . 14Extended Authentication . 14Hours of Access . 16Host and Client Authorization . 162-Step Verification . 17i

Manage Managers . 22The Manage Managers Page . 22Sign Up Managers . 23View a Manager's Account . 25Change a Manager's Account Status . 26Group Manager Settings . 28Manage Users . 29Manage Users Page . 29Sign Up Users . 31Administrator Announcements . 32Using the Host Installer . 33Creating Your GoToMyPC Corporate User Account . 36View a User's Account . 36Unlock a User's Account. 37Change a User's Account Status . 37Move a User to a New Group or Subgroup . 38Configure a User's Settings . 39Features . 39Extended Authentication . 41Shared Access . 41Host and Client PC Authorization . 42User Management Tool . 42Overview . 42System Requirements . 43ii

Install . 43Setup . 44Add Rules for Users . 46Settings . 48Help and Information . 49Manage PCs . 50View a User's PC Details . 50Shared Access . 51Unlock or Delete a User's PC . 51Client Authorization . 52Authorize a Host PC or Client Computer . 52Client Authorization for a GoToMyPC Corporate User . 53Active Connections . 57View an Active Connection . 57End an Active Connection . 57Generate Reports . 59For Corporate Accounts Report Generation . 60For Pro Accounts Report Generation . 61Generate Reports with Windows 7 or Vista and Internet Explorer 7 . 62Monthly Reports . 65Activity Detail Report . 67Report field definitions . 67Activity Snapshot Report . 68Authentication Events History Report . 69iii

Connections Report . 69Enabled Host PCs Report . 70Feature Configuration Report . 71Host History Report . 72Hours of Access Report . 73Last Logins Report . 73Manager Activity Report . 73Shared Access Report. 74User Activity Report . 74User Changes Report . 75User Inventory Report . 75Manage Account . 77Access the Manage Account Page . 77Edit Your Account Information . 78Add More Computers to Your Account . 78Add PCs to Your Account FAQs . 79Access Activity Log . 81Shared Access of a Single Host PC . 83Share a Single Host PC with Multiple Users. 84Share Multiple Host PCs with a Single User . 85Revoke users from a shared PC. 86Change owners of a Shared PC . 86Access Codes for Shared Users. 87Shared Access FAQs . 87iv

Wake-on-LAN Setup . 89Components of Wake-on-LAN . 89How It Works . 89System Requirements . 90WOL Feature Requirements . 90Enable Wake-on-LAN . 90Enable WOL for Groups/Companies (corporate administrators only)90Enable WOL on Computers (Windows & Mac) . 92Set Up Wake-on-LAN . 94Set up WOL servers (Windows only) . 94Set up GoToMyPC Host (Windows & Mac) . 96Use Wake-on-LAN. 96Configuring GoToMyPC Corporate with RADIUS . 97Systems Requirements . 98How It works . 98Configuring GoToMyPC Corporate with RADIUS . 100Configuring Signature Protocol . 106Activate Signature Protocol . 107Authorization Management Service (AMS) Exceptions . 108Create an AMS Exception . 108Modify or Delete an AMS Exception . 110Application Programming Interface . 111Administrator API. 111Reporting API . 111v

The Send Ctrl-Alt-Del feature on Windows 7 and Vista. 112Enable GoToMyPC to send Ctrl-Alt-Del on Windows Vista . 112Configure the Domain Group Policy or the Local Group Policy . 112Change the Vista Group Policy for Software SAS . 113Index . Error! Bookmark not

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideGetting StartedCongratulations on choosing GoToMyPC Corporate, the market-leading remote-accessservice that delivers the easiest, most reliable and most cost-effective secure access toa desktop computer. As your company’s GoToMyPC Corporate administrator, you areresponsible for setting up and managing your GoToMyPC Corporate users. TheAdministration Center is efficient and easy to use and it will help you set up users,manage user accounts, report user activity and maintain your company’s GoToMyPCCorporate account.Administration Center OverviewThis help contains information for both GoToMyPC Pro and GoToMyPC Corporate, andas a result, some content may not apply to your plan. If you see features you would like,please contact your Account Executive to inquire about upgrading.The Administration Center is divided into several sections. Each section relates toperforming a specific account management function. The sections are:The GoToMyPC Corporate Administration Center is made up of the following eightsections: Manage Groups: Use this section to create user groups and subgroups and setGoToMyPC Corporate feature access and security levels by group and subgroup. Manage Managers: This section enables top-level administrators to search forand manage Group Managers, control feature access, and sign up new groupmanagers. Manage Users: This section enables you to search for and manage individualusers; control user access to certain features and settings at the individual level;sign up new users; and create an administrator announcement. Sign Up Users: Sign up or search for users and control access. Manage PCs: Enables you to search for computers and view Mac and PCdetails; add or remove computers; and control authorization of access tospecific host or Client computers. Active Connections: This feature lets you see users who are currently online andto end any suspicious sessions. Generate Reports: Enables you to generate and view various usage reports tomanage activity. Manage Account: Provides the ability to view and edit your company accountinformation.Note: The Administration Center is designed to help you manage your company’s GoToMyPC Corporateaccount. You will not be able to view or control users’ computers.1

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideLog in to the Administration CenterTo access the Administration Center, you first need to log in to the site.To log in to the GoToMyPC Administration Center1. Open an Internet browser and go to: Enter your email address, password and click Log In.3. On the Account Selection page, in the Company Manager Accounts section,select your administrator account and click Go.Note: The availability, number and naming of accounts will vary depending on your specific relatedaccounts.Note: To access the Administration Center, you must have received an activation email from yourGoToMyPC Corporate Account Manager containing your personalized Administration Center activationlink, and you must have already created your Administration Center password. If you have not done so,use the activation email sent to you by your Account Manager to create your Administration Centerpassword.Notes on Installation and Feature AccessPlease consider the following when deploying and managing GoToMyPC Corporate. Due to operating system restrictions, GoToMyPC Corporate requires the serviceto be installed on the host PC with administrator rights. Corporate users are askedto see their administrator for assistance. Due to various operating system restrictions and hardware requirements, certainGoToMyPC Corporate features may not function on some computers. Please seefeature notes in the user guide to determine the features that may or may not workon your users’ host PCs.2

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator Guide As a GoToMyPC Corporate top-level administrator, you have the ability to restrictaccess to features and/or require the use of some features. Users and groupmanagers are asked to contact you if they have questions about feature accessand use. GoToMyPC group managers have the ability to restrict access to features and/orrequire the use of features only to the extent that a top-level administrator hasgranted. As a result, some of the features outlined in this guide will only beavailable to a top-level administrator. Access to some features varies by the type of plan your organization haspurchased.Mac FeaturesYour GoToMyPC users can now access their Mac and PC hosts. Significant differencesin how GoToMyPC works on the Mac platform are highlighted with this icon. For moreinformation on Mac feature functionality and known issues please see the GoToMyPCUser Help.3

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideRADIUS Integration OverviewUnderstand about RADIUS integration here. RADIUS Integration is an additional add-on item and only available with thepurchase of GoToMyPC Corporate. As the GoToMyPC Corporate administrator, you set the authentication policy torequire RADIUS in the authentication settings section of the AdministrationCenter. With RADIUS, each participating user’s host PC can be configured from the hostPC itself or remotely from the Administration Center. The RADIUS server(s) nameor IP address, user name and host RADIUS encryption key are required at setup. When attempting to connect to the host PC with GoToMyPC, the user ischallenged for the SecurID PASSCODE (or other RADIUS credential) which issecurely transmitted to the GoToMyPC Corporate host PC. The host PC communicates with the RADIUS Server, which verifies thePASSCODE and authenticates the user for the session. GoToMyPC Corporate officially supports RSA SecurID as a third-party provider ofan industry-recognized two-factor authentication method. Other third-partyproviders may integrate but have not been tested.For more information on RADIUS integration see Configuring GoToMyPC Corporatewith RADIUS.Useful GoToMyPC TermsReview a helpful list of GoToMyPC terms.Access Code - Your access code is the unique password that you set up for each hostMac or PC. You will use the access code every time you log in to a host computerremotely.Account Password - Your account password is what you use to log in to theGoToMyPC Web site.Client Computer - The client computer is the computer that you will use to access thehost Mac or PC. It can be any Internet-connected computer with a Windows or Javaenabled browser, located anywhere in the world (airport kiosk, Internet cafe, hotel,library, etc.).Computer Nickname - The computer nickname is the name assigned to a host Mac orPC during installation of the GoToMyPC Corporate software. Nicknames help identifydifferent computers set up for remote access.4

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideGroup Manager - A group manager is a second-tier manager appointed by a top-levelmanager to administer assigned group(s) and/or subgroup(s) using GoToMyPC in yourorganization. There is no limit to the number of group managers that can be created.Host - The host is the Mac or PC you will want to access from a remote location. Youwill install the GoToMyPC software on the host Mac or PC. The host computer is aunique and specific computer.Host Image - The host image is the picture of the host Mac or PC desktop that appearsin the Viewer window.One-Time Passwords – One-Time Passwords offer an additional level of security forusers. This feature will help defeat keyboard-sniffer or keystroke logger software.Requiring this feature will force users to generate a list of One-Time Passwords thatthey must enter after entering their access codes each time they connect to a host.RADIUS - RADIUS is a two-factor authentication method based on something you know(a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator), providing a morerobust level of user authentication.Session – A session refers to the time you are remotely connected to your hostcomputer.Signature Protocol - Enables the monitoring and termination of unapprovedGoToMyPC connections at the network perimeter. Enabling this feature will include acompany identifier in GoToMyPC outbound poll requests, making it easier to identifyand, if desired, stop the use of any unauthorized GoToMyPC accounts not containingthe company identifier.System Tray Icon - The system tray icon represents the status of the GoToMyPCservice on PCs and is used to access GoToMyPC preference and setting options. Toaccess system preferences, right click the system tray icon and select Preferences. Thesystem tray is located at the bottom right of Windows PCs next to the clock.5

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideTop-LevelIconStatusGoToMyPC host PC is running and ready for useGoToMyPC host PC requires authorization beforeuse may beginGoToMyPC host PC is running but connection isinterruptedGoToMyPC host PC is being accessed in a sessionGoToMyPC host PC has screen-blanking enabledwhile in a sessionAdministrator - The top-level administrator is a plan administrator who has overridingcontrol of all administrative functions of your organization’s GoToMyPC account. Thereis no limit to the number of top-level administrators that can be created.Viewer - The Viewer is the window displayed on the client computer in which the host'sdesktop will appear. The Viewer window has its own title and menu bars.Windows Name - The Windows name can be used along with the computer nicknameto identify your computers.6

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideTips for SuccessReview helpful suggestions on how to use your GoToMyPC Administration centereffectively. Be sure to keep your Administration Center user name and password secure. Encourage users to create account passwords that differ from their computeraccess codes. Encourage users to maintain password security by regularly changing theirpasswords and by not sharing their account with others. If a user wants to grant others access to a computer, the Guest Invite featureshould be used. This feature is accessible from the system tray icon and providesone-time access per invitation to a user’s computer. When granting access, a usercan determine whether to grant full privileges or view-only privileges. If you are using GoToMyPC Corporate to help administer several computers,make sure you register each computer with a different password and computeraccess code. Do not share these passwords and computer access codes withothers. For internal security, users running Windows XP Professional and Vista can log offtheir computers and GoToMyPC Corporate will continue running. These users canremotely unlock their workstations by using the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del menu commandfrom the GoToMyPC Corporate Tools menu. Users running Windows XP Homecan use a screensaver password to secure their computers while maintaining theirconnections to the GoToMyPC Corporate servers. Your users can add additional computers (up to the limit specified by your plan) totheir accounts without your assistance. If you want to restrict the number ofcomputers that users register, you will need to discuss this with them. We suggestoutlining your internal policies in your initial invitation email. If your companyaccount has reached its plan limit, however, users will be sent an automated emailinforming them to contact you about adding additional computers to theiraccounts. Users can update their version of GoToMyPC Corporate by right-clicking the iconin the system tray and clicking Check for Upgrade. If you forget your Administration Center password, you can create a new one byclicking Forgot your password? link on the log-In page. You will be sent an emailwith a link directing you to a Web page for changing your password. Please notethat for your security, a new password cannot be sent to you by email.7

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideGrouping OverviewManage Groups enables you to organize users by department or job function, or by anyother category that best suits your needs.The Manage Groups feature enables you to create three levels of groups: your account(primary domain), groups and subgroups. You may have only one account, but you maycreate an unlimited number of groups and subgroups. Users can belong to the accountor to either a group or subgroup. Each group may contain a maximum of 250 users.Since some features are not available on Mac hosts you may want to considerorganizing your Mac users in a separate group.Add Groups and SubgroupsLearn to add groups and subgroups to your Corporate account.To add a group1. Click the Manage Groups link in the left navigation bar.In the Groups and Subgroups section you will see your company name and asummary of the number of users and PCs enabled in your plan. Below thissection is the top-level domain (name of your company) and any groups you mayhave created. At the bottom of the list of groups you will see the Add Group link. Ifyou have not created any groups, you will only see the Add Group link.2. Click the Add Group Link.3. In the Add Group field, enter the name for the group you wish to add and clickAdd Group or press Enter. The group will be created and it can be seen onGroup Administration page.8

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideTo add a subgroup1. Click the Manage Groups link in the left navigation bar.In the Groups and Subgroups section, you will see the top-level domain (name ofyour company) and, below that, any groups you may have created.2. Click on the arrow to the left of the group to which you want to add the subgroupand then click the Add Subgroup link.3. In the Add Subgroup field, enter the name for the subgroup you wish to add andclick Add Subgroup or press Enter.The subgroup will be created and it can be seen on the Group Administrationpage.9

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideRename Groups and SubgroupsLearn to rename groups and subgroups here.To rename a group or subgroup1. Click the Manage Groups link in the left navigation bar.2. For groups: Click the name of the group.For subgroups: Click on the arrow to the left of the group to view its subgroups,than click the name of the subgroup.3. On the Group Administration page in the Name field, type in the new group nameand click Rename.Change Group or Subgroup StatusLearn to change your group or subgroup's status.To change a group or subgroup status1. Click the Manage Groups link in the left navigation menu.2. For groups: Click the name of the group.For subgroups: Click on the arrow to the left of the group to view its subgroups,than click the name of the subgroup.3. On the Group Administration page, in the Change Status drop-down combo box,select the desired new status and click Change Status.10

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuideNote: If you choose Suspend Users, all users in the group or subgroup will be suspended, but the groupand subgroup users will remain in your company account. Choosing Unsuspend Users will return theselected users to active status. If you choose Delete, the group, subgroup and all users in the group andsubgroup will be removed from your company account and you will have to re-create the group and/or reinvite the users if you wish to add them again in the future. If you delete the group, you will receive aconfirmation; click Cancel to cancel the status change or Continue to complete the status change.Configure Group and Subgroup SettingsGroup settings enables you to set group and subgroup parameters for use ofGoToMyPC Corporate by members of the group or subgroup.Group and subgroup settings that can be configured include: Managers: Assign a group manager to manage the users in this groupPC Limit: Set the limit of computers a group or subgroup may enable.Features: Enable specific GoToMyPC Corporate features for users.Account Password: Set requirements for Web site passwords.Host Access Code: Establish requirements for host access code.Extended Authentication: Establish secondary authentication requirements.Hours of Access: Determine hours when GoToMyPC Corporate may be used.Host and Client Authorization: Set requirements for host and client computer preauthorization.Note: Settings for Features, host and client Authorization and Authentication Method can also be set atthe user level. User-level settings override group and subgroup settings.ManagersThis section enables you to assign an existing Group Manager to a group or subgroupof users.To assign an existing Group Manager to a group or subgroup:1. Click the Manage Groups link in the left navigation bar.2. For groups: Click the name of the group.For subgroups: Click on the arrow to the left of the group to view its subgroups,then click the name of the subgroup.3. On the Group Administration page in the Group Settings section, click the link forManagers.4. On the Managers page, select the Group Manager’s name.5. Click Save Settings.11

GoToMyPC Corporate Administrator GuidePC LimitThis section enables top-level administrators to set the limit of hosts a group orsubgroup may enable. Setting a group PC Limit prohibits users within that group fromadding more Mac or PCs than the maximum set for the group.To set the limit of host computers a group or subgroup may enable:1. Click the Manage Groups link in the left navigation menu.2. For groups: Click the name of the group.For subgroups: Click the arrow to the left of the group to view its subgroups, thenclick the name of the subgroup.3. On the Group Administration page in the Group Settings section, click the PCLimitlink.4. On the PC Limit page, set the limit of host computers the group or subgroup mayenable.5. Click Save Settings.Note: Only top-level administrators can set the PC Limit for groups and subgroups. Group managers willbe able to view the PC Limit but will not be able to modify it. Leaving the PC Limit field blank allows userswithin the group to add unlimited PCs up to the plan maximum.FeaturesThis section enables you to set group and subgroup access rights to variousGoToMyPC Corporate features. Feature-access options include: Maximum PCs perUser, Remember Me, Signature Protocol (if enabled by your Account Representative.See configuration notes section on Signature Protocol), Viewer Security Time-Out (maxis 9,999 minutes; default is 15 minutes), Allow User to Reduce Maximum, Default ColorQuality, Sound, Remote Printing, Desktop Shortcut, File Transfer, Whiteboard, GuestInvite, Chat, Shared

Access to some features varies by the type of plan your organization has purchased. Mac Features Your GoToMyPC users can now access their Mac and PC hosts. Significant differences in how GoToMyPC works on the Mac platform are highlighted with this icon. For more information on Mac featu