BoARD OF WATER SUPPLY,oQJEREMY HARRIS, MayorEDDIE FLORES, JR., ChainnanCHARLES A. STED, Vice-ChainnanJAN M.L.Y. AMIIHERBERT S.K. KAOPUA, SR.BARBARA KIM STANTONCITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU630 SOUTH BERETANIA STREETHONOLULU, HI 96843August 2, 2001BRIAN K. MINAAI, Ex-OfficioROSS S. SASAMURA, Ex-OfficioCLIFFORD S. JAMILEManager and Chief EngineerMs. Linnel Nishioka, Deputy DirectorCommission on Water Resource ManagementDepartment of Land and Natural ResourcesState of HawaiiP. O. Box 621Honolulu, Hawaii 96809--:;;;: -IDear Ms. Nishioka:Subject:Well Abandonment R((port - Waikele TunnelTransmitted for your revi w is the Well Abandonment Report for Waikele Tunnel.Construction work on this project was done in-house by the Honolulu Board of Water Supplyand a drawing of the sealing details is attached as part of the report.If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Oyama at 527-5285.Very truly yours,6 BARRY USAGAWA, Principal ExecutiveWater Resources UnitAttachmentsPure Water . . our greatest need - use it wisely.,

·'State ofnHa iFor Official Use Only:COMMISSION OWttATER RESOURCE MANAGEMElft'Department of Land and Natural Resources//WELL ABANDONMENT REPORTInstructions: Please print in ink or type and send completed report (with attachments. if applicable) to theCommission on Water Resource Management, P.O. Box 621, Honolulu. Hawaii 96809. The Commission maynot accept incomplete reports. This form shall be submitted within 60 days of the completion of work. Forassistance, please consult the Hawaii Well Construction and Pump Installation Standards or call the RegulationBranch at 587-0225. For further information and updates to this application form, visithttp:/twww.state.hi.usldlnr/cwrm.(".IIAIIrr '''' ? I.\V,,-, . I81. State Well No. -'2::.;3:.:0.;.1-'-4;.::.3 Well Name . . ;P:. . :u .:.m.:. :Jpt:. . : . 8Island O .a h.:.:u TMK 9-04-02:052. Location I Address-200 yd NW of Waipahu 5t. Bridge3. Contractor Honolulu Board of water Sufply Name of driller who performed work4. Type of Rig I ConstructionDate of well sealing completionJuly 16, 2001-'1 1"-Casing Diameter in.Finished Grade Elevation ft.Check Material UsedGrout Seal: 0 Cemento Sand/Cement Ratio /Measured Depth of Blank CasingTotal Measured Depthft.ft.,--Measured Depth of Perforated Casingft.Measured Depth of Open Hole fl.Remarks:A drawing of the sealing work is attached.waikele tunnel is adjacent toOahu Sugar Company Pump 8 and formerly supplied the pumphouse via an intake sump.Portions of the tunnel sluice gate structure. were removed after the sealing and theoriginal grade restored.Well AbandonmentContractor (print) Honolulu Board of Water SupplySignatureApplicant (print)SignatureC-57 Lic. No. ---:.N.:.-./A:.:.-Date8,::- (-01Date8"- 1-0'Honolulu Board of Water SupplyWAR Form (2/8/00)

II 1to,j0L, kJO. ? . 'V /O' - 4'? \ OA \JeU'WAIKELE TUNNEL(OSCO PUMP 8)sealed JlAly 16, ation intotlAnnel IooreBM(top of portal 15.36 feet MsltlAnnel head level(approx' 14.3 feet MslsllAicegcte(closedPositiOn) concrete f ill15 yds. 3000" -. .4.4'" '.' :.'· . : '.' ,. --.:.!. ."4 ": . : .-.-.:. .4. , . :'. '-."!. .-e. cross section of tlAnnelnot to scale.:.-.o

JUL-09-01 MON 02:50 PMFAX:oPAGE 1"7/q, /0 l.BOARD OF WATER SUPPLYDAn:CITy AND COUNTY OF HO"OLULUPAGES TRAltSllrnED:. -- ----630 SOUTH BERE'TANIA S'fREETI C-r S"'*-tlHONOLULU, HAWAII 98843FACSIMILE COVER SHEETTO:NAME:,i.ENO'iC NPr COMPANY: , CWt( \FAX NO:- e-, 0.:2.1 qFROM:OIVISION: .:.;;W.:,.JI('f&YL;.:.:;.;;.,. 0l!!olOO '"- -FAX No:, ----:5:;. ::::.(.1 -.J.: .:.7 O:.-lL.----SUBJECT:L(;uort REMARKS:171'Pw 1JtL fff)(ItJg17W IPe2Mrr/".IN CASE OF TRANSMISSION PRom.EMS. PLlASE CONTACT 5fHDER AT 18081(11,. ').vB ( THANIC YOU.!

JUL-09-01 MON 02:51 PMl .::rUL-.1II9-1II11117. 40 P OM. WATORESOUACIi,.FAX:"".,PACEID,B0858"V19MeT/PAGE 2 .- 8RlJCI; . AOIIeltt Co MWDMIAN C. NlSMDl 1II01o. HER8eR'l'M. RIQWIIlI!. 4RUNNEL T. NI5ItIOf{ADPUfI'STATE OF HAWAIIOEPARI'MENT OF LAND AND NA.TUAAL RESOLR:lIOSCOMMISSION ON WATeR RJ:&OU MANAGEMENTP.O. \I21HONoluLu. HAWA 2301-43.wapMr. Glenn OyamaCity and County of HonoluluBoard of Water Supply630 South Seretania StreetHonolulu. HI 96843Dear Mr. Oyama:Well Abandonment Permiteump 8 (Well No 2301 }EncloMd are two (2) copies of your approved Well CcmtNdJon Permit for thecaptioned weJI(s) which authorizes weJl abandonment/sealing activities. As part of theChairperson's apPfCMll. 100 foiloNing special conditions were added and are part of yourpermit under Penni! Condition 7:Special «onditions1.[NONE]Please varldate both permit Originals and return one for our flies.IMPORTANT - The well OWrtAr is responsible for:!! conditions of the permit.ThiS Ineluct ensuring that a completed Well AbandQrunent Report tonn(enclOsed) is submitted within sixty (60) days after the wei construction work iscOmpleted. Be adViSed that you may be subject to fines of up to 1000 per day forany violations of your permit conditions.If yOU have any questiOns, please call Lenore Nakama of the Commission staff at587-0218.Aloha, . &.GILBERT S. COLOMA-AGARANChairpersonEnclosuresJeny Iwatac.

JUL-09-01MON 02:51 PMiIJUL- 9-01PAGE 3FAX:("'"07.40 FROM'WA RESOURCE MGTID.8085s01SPAGEW6.L CONSTRUCTION PERMIT TO ABANDON/SEALPumQ 8. Well No. 2301:4}In aooo«JanCe. Depat1mBnl of LantJ and NatlJl'aI ResQutees. CQmrnIssIoh on Water R Management's Admin SecIion13-168. entille lOWater use. WellS. nd Stream Di Works"'. tus dQCIJment permits the aba ntlsealing of 8 (WeI 230143) at .zlO Y'1 tItN ofW8ipatw St Bridge. 08l'1u. TMK G-4-02;05. \Ibject.1D the Hawaii WeD Con tI\ICfi()tl & Pump I (11231W)wnich incU18 but a not IfmiIed 10 the following OOOdillons:1.The gl'theCommiliaion OfIW.,. Raourc:e enl P.O. Boll 621. HonoIuh,I, Hawaii 9680e. GnaIi be no\iied inwriting Wfote a"Y wortc by this permit COI'/IIMnC:es,Z.'IlIe WnlGf Ot QPelBtCIr of any woll whK:h haS been ctatarmned 1 t\O depaIfmeI'It Of vaU1tariIy deClacad DY lie rNItle( or Cll)llr.dDrm be. . .daned as &IIiI'Ied it §13-16&-2. a1I8rwrttten notiIication. shaU I)e !lquired. at ownet'. al'openiCOt" expanse. flo reGSe, aHIIIII'IlpIuQ cap. or repair the well or fiD 3nd eNI hl weD with cement In a manner apprOV8ClI)y tnt ()OrmIissiDn. .3.The well conattuc:Iioa permit is inoorpOtafIiId ftQ thi8 petmil Dy fl'!'ference and is subject to tile Hawaii Well ConsTndon &p (January 23, 1897: HVVCPIS). ltfhe HWCPIS are not and as a ccnsequence is Qt'contaMn deCJ, a lien on 1he P'Q)BrtY may re Ult.4.l11e Well AbandaI.-nent Report form (a ) shan be subM Ix the Commission on w.r Resource t.tanQge(uGnt 'NiIIin sty (eo) afW retIon tb8 ,5.Tile pemliUee Shell oompIy with aH applic;able 1lW . t\lI88, and Ot'dinances. The I hall be ccmpIC4ed wilhin two (2) ;It' 7.Spec:IaJ in 1t1e attached r;DIet ttanamillal tetter are il'l raII!d herein I y toference.Date Of Approval: Ju. 14, 2001Expirotion Date: NoneI have read the condIUons and tenns of this pemrit and undet tand lhem- I aooept agree to meet 1h8 e conditions aprerequi ile and undodying condI6oo Qf my ability to Proceed. I also undtrstand that J'IOn-oompIiance with &nJ I)eI'I'YIjl COfdIion1118y gtound 1or revocadon and fines of up to 1000 pet t1ay. Date; 7-'1- 0 1 /Ba:;;:;t&j . TiIIe: BWJ-hJir!Y -'Y -GJPermittee's Signature:Name:License #.Comtac;tor's Signature:PrintedName; WbO'tlto Of - WI\"8m- eft.'(FirmorTitle!USGS 1C11t of HeaIO\I Gate DftnkiI'I Water. WasIOwal9f. and Clean Water B Jetty I\IIIl1aOrua:. ---- 2/2

,\.,oo/BENJAMIN J. CAYETANOGILBERT S. COLOMA-AGARANGOVERNOR OF HAWAIICHAIRPERSONBRUCE S. ANDERSONROBERT G. GIRALDBRIAN C. NISHIDADAVID A. NOBRIGAHERBERT M. RICHARDS, JR.LlNNEL T. NISHIOKAOEPUTY DiRECTORSTATE OF HAWAIIDEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCESCOMMISSION ON WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENTP.O. BOX 621HONOLULU, HAWAII 96809JUL - 9 20012301-43.wapMr. Glenn OyamaCity and County of HonoluluBoard of Water Supply630 South Beretania StreetHonolulu, HI 96843Dear Mr. Oyama:Well Abandonment PermitPump 8 (Well No. 2301-43)Enclosed are two (2) copies of your approved Well Construction Permit for thecaptioned well(s) which authorizes well abandonment/sealing activities. As part of theChairperson's approval, the following special conditions were added and are part of yourpermit under Permit Condition 7:Special Conditions1.[NONE]Please validate both permit originals and return one for our files.IMPORTANT - The well owner is responsible for all conditions of the permit.This includes ensuring that a completed Well Abandonment Report form(enclosed) is submitted within sixty (60) days after the well construction work iscompleted. Be advised that you may be subject to fines of up to 1000 per day forany violations of your permit conditions.If you have any questions, please call Lenore Nakama of the Commission staff at587-0218.Aloha, . &.GILBERT S. COLOMA-AGARANChairpersonEnclosuresc.Jerry Iwata

WEL ONSTRUCTIONPERMIT TO ABAN2/SEALPump 8. Well No. 2301-43In accordance with Department of Land and Natural Resources, Commission on Water Resource Management's Administrative Rules, Section13-168, entitled 'Water Use, Wells, and Stream Diversion Works", this document permits the abandonmenUsealing of Pump 8 (Well No. 230143) at -200 yd NW of Waipahu St. Bridge, Oahu, TMK 9-4-02:05, subject to the Hawaii Well Construction & Pump Installation Standards(1/23/97) which include but are not limited to the following conditions:1.The Chairperson of the Commission on Water Resource Management, P.O. Box 621, Honolulu, Hawaii 96809, shall be notified inwriting before any work covered by this permit commences.2.The owner or operator of any well which has been determined by the department or voluntarily declared by the owner or operator to beabandoned as defined in §13-168-2, after written notification, shall be required, at owner's or operator's expense, to re-case, cement,plug back, cap, or otherwise repair the well or fill and seal the well with cement in a manner approved by the commission.3.The well construction permit application is incorporated into this permit by reference and is subject to the Hawaii Well Construction &Pump Installation Standards (January 23, 1997; HWCPIS). If the HWCPIS are not followed and as a consequence water is wasted orcontaminated, a lien on the property may result.4.The Well Abandonment Report form (attached) shall be submitted to the Commission on Water Resource Management within sixty (60)days after completion of the work.5.The permittee shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, and ordinances.6The sealing shall be completed within two (2) years7.Special conditions in the attached cover transmittal letter are incorporated herein by reference.Date of Approval: June 14, 2001Expiration Date: NoneI have read the conditions and terms of this permit and understand them. I accept and agree to meet these conditions as aprerequisite and underlying condition of my ability to proceed. I also understand that non-compliance with any permit conditionmay be grounds for revocation and fines of up to 1000 per day.Date:Permittee's Signature:Printed Name:Contractor's Signature:LicensePrinted Name:Firm or Title:#.------Date:Firm or Title:Please sign both copies of this permit, return one to the Chairperson, and retain the other for your records.Attachmentc:USGSDepartment of Health! Safe Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Clean Water BranchesJerry Iwata/

Search ResultsPage I of Io0 PUBLIC RECORD DATA TMK # 1-9-4-2-5Lessor: CITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULUTax Payer: CITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULUTax Bill:Assessed ValueExemptionSizeLand: 719,400 719,40018.29 acBuildings: 0o sq ft 0Total: 719,400 719,4005/29/1992Lessee:Tenure: Govt OwnedSemi-Annual Tax: 0.00Buildings: 0Dwellings: 0PITT Code: 100Zoning: R-5Land Use: 901Nbhood Code: 9462Subdivision:Condo Name:SALESDEEDCITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULU 0 Doc 92-085791DEPARTMENT OF LAND UTILIZATIONThis data from the Department of Land Utilization is unofficial and is subject to change without notice. It is theuser's responsibility to verify the accuracy of information from offiCial documents which are available forinspection at the City department responsible for the data.CIVIL FINESDEVELOPMENT PLAN AREADEVELOPMENT PLAN DESIGFLOOD ZONEHEIGHT LIMITHISTORIC SITE REGISTERLOT RESTRICTIONSSMA/SHORELINESPECIAL DISTRICTSTATE LAND USESTREET SETBACKZONING (CZC)ZONING (LUO)NONECENTRAL OAHURESIDENTIALFIRM ZONE DFIRM ZONE XFIRM ZONE X (SHADED)25 FEETNONENONENOT IN SMANOT IN SPECIAL DISTRICTURBAN DISTRICTNONER-6 RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTR-5 RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTThis information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by HawaiiInformation Service and is therefore not --------. ,-

Lenore NakamaFrom:Sent:ooGlenn BauerMonday, July 02, 2001 8:01 AMLenore NakamaRE: sealing of pump 8To:Subject:The method seems fine. I'm not sure whether a licensed contractor is necessary, although we are bound by our rules andregs. Perhaps they can hire a licensed contractor in an advisory capacity.-----Original Message----From:Lenore NakamaSent:Monday, June 25,20019:50 AMTo:Glenn BauerCc:Roy Hardy; Mitchell OhyeSubject:sealing of pump BHi Glenn, welcome back! (is this the 150th email that you're reading?) Thanks for all your emails and postcard,sounds like you had a great time. We missed you.I have a question about the sealing of Pump 8, which is an enhanced spring/tunnel source. BWS is proposing to sealby backfilling the interior portion With fine fill and then pumping concrete between the fill and the tunnel portal toprevent future access and to provide support for future construction over the tunnel. A hole will be drilled into the tip ofthe tunnel for the fill. Concrete will be poured into another hole in the roof of the tunnel. QUESTION: can BWS dothis work or are we going to require a licensed contractor to do it (BWS signed the application as the licensed driller).Also, is the proposed sealing method OK with you? thanks1 1-r , b 0 \ G l ) ""vv.l.- \ / O h), h.,\.l. o.lS \.;.\,\c . 6 ",.,.A.-.1\ is, vu,.

-. o"State of HRaiiFor Official Use Only:COMMISSION ON WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENTDepartment of Land and Natural ResourcesAPPLICATION FOR PERMIT Well Constructionand/orD Pump InstallationInstructions: Please print in ink or type and send completed application with attachments to the Commissionon Water Resource Management, P.O. Box 621, Honolulu, Hawaii 96809. Application must be accompanied by3 copies and a non-refundable filing' fee of 25.00 payable to the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources. TheCommission may not accept incomplete applications. For assistance, call the Regulation Branch at 587·0225.For further information and updates to this application form, visit http://www.state.hi.usJdlnr/cwrm."1"1;.;,,f: .1. (a)Phone:Mailing Address:Fax:Contact Person: Jerry IwataMailing Address:".,1r523-4579Contact Person: Jerry IwataPhone: 523-4579650 S. King Street, 12th Floor527-5054E-mail:(c) 'ijl CONTRACTOR: Board of Water SupplyMailing Address:[email protected] -----------------------Contact Person:Glenn OyamaPhone:527-5285630 S. Beretania Street527-5703E-mail:[email protected] & PUMP INFORMATION:Lic #: -:N."./A"""---:::-:::::--:::-:::- - -:-(circle one: C-57, C-57a, or A)(Please fill in the diagram on the back of this form.)2. WELL NAME:Address,E-mail: .:J:.:I:.:.W:.:.A .:T:.:.A:.::@:.::C:.::O:;.:.:.:.H:.::O::.:N .:.:.H:.:I:.;.:.:U:.::S::.-(b) D LAND OWNER: C&C of HonoluluFax:9. I 2650 S. King Street, 12th Floor527 -5054Fax:A';APPLICANT INFORMATION: (Fill out all three, if applicable, and place a check next to the primary contact)D WELL OWNER: C&C Of HonoluluI '! .,\,J; ;i Waikele Pump 8 TunnelIsland:200 yards NW ofWa1.pahu St. Bridge (Waikele Stream) Tax Map Key:OahuAp roximately9040205ZoneSecPlatParcelAttach the relevant portion of (a) a 7.5-Minute Series USGS topographic map (scale 1:24,000) and inciude the name of the quad map, and (b) aproperty tax map, showing well location referenced to established property boundaries.3. PROPOSED WORK:(check al/ that apply)D Construct New WellD Install New Pump·D Modify Existing Well·D Modify Pump·IX! Abandon/Seal··State Well No.:D DugD Drilled4. CONSTRUCTION:(if unknown, please call Commission at 587-0225)Not AssignedD ShaftID TunnelIs this well part of a battery of wells? DYes No (Please describe)5. PROPOSED PUMP INFORMATION:Rated Pump Capacity: N:.:./!.,;A:.::. . - gallons per minutePump Type (Check one):D Deep Well TurbineD RotaryD PropellerD SubmersibleD Rotary-DisplacementD ReciprocatingD CentrifugalD Rotary-GearD Impulse6. PROPOSED USE:(check al/ that apply)D IndustrialD Municipal (including hotels, stores, etc.)D Domestic (individual, noncommercial water system)Does this well serve 25 or more people at least 60 days per year or have 15 or more service connections? DYes D NoD Irrigation (crop),D No. of Acres:D MilitaryD Other (explain):7. (a) PROPOSED AMOUNT OF WITHDRAWAL:(b) METHOD OF FLOW MEASUREMENT:gallons per dayD FlowmeterD Open-pipeD WeirD OrificeD Other(explain)OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION:8. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS:D CDUP9. REMARKS,EXPLANATIONS:DSMAPD EISDEAID NoneD Other (explain)The portal segment of the tunnel will be sealed.A locationmap and known information is attached. A description of the sealing is also provided.(if more space is needed, please attach additional sheet)I understand that approval of this application attaches the following standard conditions: 1) the proposed work is to be completed within two (2) years ofthe approval date; 2) the contractor shall submit to the Commission a well completion/abandonment report within 60 days after the completion date ofthe permitted work; 3) monthly water use data shall be submitted to the Commission; 4) such approval shall not constitute a determination of correlativewater rights and shall not guarantee the pump capacity or future use up to the permitted pump capacity.Well Owner(print legibly)Contractor Board of Water Supply(print legibly)---------- --71---SignatureDateDateS natureDate411 "r {'-1.- 01For official use onlyLatitudeAquifer System No.State Well No.LongitudeWCPIPA Form 10/25100

\\.-, /.,'.'.')21.22' 30"i 'WE S T158 .01'30"Il .L :LOCH"Mapped ed't --'",.EC 10. e opcoleebon.GO '.","' "'-' -E R V A T' "-- -"l"()N,500000.'FEET -----.-.:.-.\\,'en 1968.-1930 Rg"phsOld. F,,'d checked i96t;sed homJI-1000-foot grid basedHawaiian datum-meter U 'on Hawaiwne 4, shownT"n""se'Red t; n t''w," Stete S,,,,yaerial phandplanetablriC methodsotog"phst,ke ,""eys1928 fr om ",;,1 photoPol.;:"N"PIO p e n " " ' ",. - .: Wai - ',/'. 'AVAL RESlnsulaI ed. and.upublished b th.Topog"phy bSGS . usc &GS. 'nd Hy" . e Geol oglealSurveyy photoo"mmet . . . .,.". "::ENT ': \.' '),195 --::. -Control bt'ken\ ;' d ; :te system. wne 3O"d t oksIn Icates areas'In which,.'onl y landmark. buil dingsare sownha:1;rAPPROXIM,4IDECLINATI-

oo ' 1111-«BASAL SPRINGS IN KOOLA)D.WATER RESOURCES OF OAHUTUNNELS RECOVERING BAS 't.;;QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ11'lIDWBER OF II---'--- -.- NNeNN Ne NN NNN . ·oC . tD00 . C:-lIo iiii. cri'oo t:i« OOv')ooooOO"" McY:I; ii u u O AAj O OOO N N . , . N C . .M NN N N M IM '. ;, \65 .;,.: ',': '.D . "'A: T.BASALTTIDIA Ogl!2.g WATERIN 'THE.By H. T. STEARNSLC C SERIES. .:, . .fl""our tunnels have bElen d .'.! !ahu btashalt. Two of them a v :' br;;o:n aaadI grOUnd water m ,: . ': t .1 34 and 36, '"eo. ertwo are on the east bank of er ug wc)s(See pI. 2).'Y&lkele Stream at Waipahu .".'TUl.1D.el 4B, at well pumping lant. . . .,and fInIshed in the early autu! f 8, was started In January ]000 ',;Fsea level and was driven 1140 f o. t e same ycar. It ill 3 feet nbove,.;;'The draft from this tllDnei . . eet Into flat-}yinp; }{OO}n.ll flnw JnV/lA' ''t . 'JS gJV(lll 011 lllL"U 2M" I)I'I was keptdewatered b A U . . . . . II" 11K ('111 'Ii I "11(111011 .volume oiwatcr was cn o mx, but It '14 l'O),o,'I.1I111.I",L 1411 111"1(11 n.,.workmen bar Iy escaped :; ho lei n;!f} n}y at ,thll h(·,,,11,," f.l1II1.1.I111was 64 grainsIIr::IV ,I4. At 11I'H1. th" 1IIL11. ,'III,I."IILa gall T' '. (156 a ga on (660 P.P. ;) but t later 111"",'/1",'11 t.1I lr. 1(I', h'N:-.:?n.p.p.m.) . .An analYSIS of thl" WAter iN J,fivl!II III, }I/II(II aliIl eSU lllar tunn l was started at lmm}) 8 in tho fILII uf llllln 11111'1,."1: -'; :pd III he sprmg of 1907. It is 7 f(ll1\. ILhllVII "I'll '"v(11 IIln' :!1111 r.nL .'\ long. and 18 reported to have yiclded about 10,OOO,O()O gaJlolllt a dllY,but It had to be blocked off because it depleted the supply of tunnel4B. Doubtl the fre ening of the water in tunnel 4B was ca ed. .'. ' .'by. the dammmg ofthis tunnel. An analysis of .this water is given on. ;\ ; : " page 361.:.:' . ;.These unnels were driven at and near Waikcle Springs And .how . : eo clusively that the spring group is discharging from the luu",l IIOno" ";': ';'.'of saturation in the Koolau lavas. They further demonstrate that. wa . ; :·i.· . ;ter can be developed in this basalt by tunllols extonding awny tro1D . .:."shafts, as in the lIa type of well recommended 011 pngo 324.'.Fj. .IJ"'I!'INNChOOl/IONOOc.:tt-- ClDNMC: "' C'I"' lD"'",.;LO"'lQ""" 9""4"" ""'C l NC"')G'» .-4C1') U)"'CW)tD N.e . .N N m . Nn NM Ne MNee N N N N9""4M,. M9""4.-----'"-----;! .N M N . N . .Ne! aoN lD NN ,.,.,.LO. 4,.NN i.iii. ':!.!l .C N NO C O ,.cCQ,. N N.MN LOM O,.N M tD i:,1::BASAL SPRINGS SUPPLIED BY TlIW BASALT MlDMnlOIL 0Jl' 'l'llJ1l KO()l,AU'.VOLCANIO SEltIJOS. By H. T.BOIfOEoVLVSTBARNSAJQ)VIODC1T1'The spririgs issuing from the cnd of the J\uolau "pm'H ",u.L or 1'1111111. lulu have been described on page 235 . .Ah Yin or Ka}ll,lalnn SI11·iIlK., on the sou side of School Street, on the wcst side of Nunanu Vn.l1uy,was discharging at the Tate of 550,000 gnHons 0. day when' monsurcllon September 15, 1911. Its' close proximity tQ, the adjaoent outcropof Koolau basalt (pl.2) suggests that it is overflow of the basal 'Waterin this basalt, but its altitude is slightly bigber than that of the :waterin the adjacent artesian wella, hqce it may. b supplied b b t fthe Nuuanu volcanics.,pUIIL.-Loc4ltion.-The Pearl Harbor Springs comprise five large r1nPalong the north shore of Pearl Harbor between Mea and W 81pahU.". ,. ',. !

ooTunnel SealingThis tunnel has not been used since the plantation ceased growing sugar cane. As part of anexchange of the land for Waiola Park, sealing of the tunnel is a condition of acceptance.Sealing of this tunnel is not expected to materially affect flow in Waikele Stream. Erosion tothe present level has exposed the water table in the Koolau lavas. Spring flows sustain thebase flow of the stream. The curvature of the water table to the stream is a function of thehydraulic conductivity of the weathered and partially weathered basalts occurring in this area.The slope of the water table steepens towards the stream and flattens out at an undetermineddistance from the stream.The water table presently has a head of 14.3 feet as measured in a well not far from TunnelNo. Water backing up in the tunnel has the same approximate head because the tunneldevelops water away from the stream embankment; otherwise, the water table without thetunnel would be the same as the spring line which is about 12 feet.Spring flow is expected to increase an unknown amount in nearby springs as the result of thetunnel sealing causing groundwater to follow pretunnel paths. The increase inflow is expectedto probably be less than the present leakage rate from the tunnel which intersects fresher andmore productive lava flows away from the portal.We propose to stop tunnel flow by backfilling the interior portion with fine fill and thenpumping concrete between the fill and the tunnel portal to prevent future access and toprovide support for future construction over the tunnel. A hole will be drilled into the top ofthe tunnel for the fill. Concrete will be poured or pumped into another hole in the roof of thetunnel.

ooBENJAMIN J. CAYETANOGILBERT S. COLOMA-AGARANGOVERNOR OF HAWARCHAIRPERSONBRUCE S. ANDERSONROBERT G. GIRALDBRIAN C. NISHIDADAVID A. NOBRIGAHERBERT M. RICHARDS. JR.LlNNEL T. NISHIOKASTATE OF HAWAIIDEPUTY DIRECTORDEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCESCOMMISSION ON WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENTP.O. BOX 621HONOLULU, HAWAII 96809JUN 2 2 2001Mr. Chester LaoBoard of Water Supply630 South Beretania StreetHonolulu, Hawaii 96843Dear Mr. Lao:Sealing of Waipahu Pump #8 Spring, Waikele Stream, OahuThis is regarding your inquiry as to whether the sealing of Pump #8 Spring at WaikeleStream, WaipahU, Oahu, will require an amendment to the interim instream flow standard.Hawaii Administrative Rules §169-49 requires an amendment to the interim instreamflow standard for new or expanded diversions after the date the Commission adopted the interiminstream flow standard (October 19, 1988).Since the sealing ofthe spring does not constitute a new or expanded diversion, theinterim instream flow standard need not be amended. We understand, however, that the Board ofWater Supply will be filing an application for a well abandonment permit pursuant to HawaiiAdministrative Rule § 168-16 to seal the spring.Thank you for your coordination on this matter. If you have any questions regarding thisletter please call Lenore Nakama at 587-0218.Sincerely, {l. fiy'LINNEL T. NISHIOKADeputy DirectorP'DH:sdG:\WORK\REGULA TE\FINAL\HIGA \pump8.doc

.,ooOAHU SUGAR PUMP 8 June 12,2001- - - - - - - - .t,'-

oo,': ,: . :t{",". ." ,;:;.1 ","}',.,./,I,'\-. . ,':i}:t,'"" ';.'!f ' .'d.,."".J,,; --. ::. 1r'i.:,',"r', ). .'d't : ;j."Ii.:" ' ','!i. ., ;i'" t".,.

,ooOahu Sugar Pump 8 June 12,2001----------------------------------,," -

o". '".1, ,. '\ :;.,"".;.i.'(.l,/.i ,:".r. J.',;;"'\:e,:k"", J:'.;, .' 'J'.'«f; ;.',J' . "'4 -,.'".'':;1''''\.".; '",.k\ "t". . !: ::.t; .'.t."":' ::.'

I.oOahu Sugar Pump 8 June 12,2001o


,.ooOahu Sugar Pump 8 June 12,2001-------------------------,,, -

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o, ,-.":,'-""' ,1.t. '.'!t .,; ' :l:: 4. ", Ifr'j'",t-J.t;' :. ,,.' ,f,:. i l!;;.;JfJ,/ .:.-J,. ".'.,,. t ::,: c,;: t ,;';:jif 1 !:; ;.t?,'",''''i : :.t!'.Iv ' !." :: ; , !.",oJ;, " "' "f" '".: ,.l. ."f,','.,·t".'i

-,;., I '"Ai ,IL t-1 ,\ ; 1 ' ",;:/, ',3";:111I!"MIDDLELOCH-!I& t'Mapped. edited. and published by the Geological SurveyRevised in cooperation with Hawaii Dept. of TransportationControl by USGS and NOS/NOAATopography by photogrammetr(c methods from aerial photographstaken 1 . Field checked 1968. Revised from aerial photographstaken f978. Limited field check 1982. Map edited 1983Projection and 10.000-foot grid ticks: Hawaii coordinate system,zone 3 (transverse Mercator) Clarke spheroid 1866. Old Hawaiian DatumlOOO-meter Universal Transverse Mercator grid ticks, zone 4 shownin blue. International spheroid. To place on the predicted NorthAmerican Datum 1983 move the projection lines 355 meters north and284 meters west as shown by dashed corner ticksRed tint indicates areas in which only landmark buildings are shownThere may be private inholdings within the boundaries ofthe National or State reservations shown on this map.11 OIt-oe:ozw:::)oe:AP'PROXJMAJf MEANDEOJ"ATItOIN ]983