Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.Date:June 13, 2020Location:Online at 3 PMExecutive in attendance:Michael Lynch, Dean Penny, Vern Greenhil, Stephanie Walters, Dick Divine, Heather DivineCalled toorder at1.3:05MembersPresent18Quorum AchievedyesIn respect for members who have passed away since our last meeting, we will observe aminute’s silence for Kay Veitch, who passed away on December 22, 2019, at 89 years of age.Kay was an active member of our club from approximately 1970 to 2007.Also included in our thoughts are Myron Mishio and Bill Roos from the Nanaimo lbc whopassed away recently.Page #1 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.2.Minutes from the Annual General Meeting onNovember 9, 2019Distributed by email and or hand delivered prior to the meeting by our secretaryErrors or Omissions:Motion to accept:3.Minutes from previous general meetingMotion bySeconded byForAgainstAbstainedMichael LynchStephanie Walters1701Thank you! A great deal of work was completed by Vern and Dean and executive membersincluding new boards around the rink, scoreboards, cubbies, chair dollies, and work in theoffice.Reports (see attached reports)PresidentReportPresented with no comments and or questions arising from the report.TreasurerReportPresented with no comments and or questions arising from the report.GreenReportPresented with no comments and or questions arising from the report.GamesReportPresented with no comments and or questions arising from the report.Accept the reports as presentedMotion toMotion bySeconded e #2 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.Correspondence8.Correspondence:None at this timeBusiness arising from the last meeting minutes:9.Liquor LicenseMotion to accept:On November 9, 2019, AGM, the membership requested theexecutive to look into the possibility of the club obtaining ayear-round liquor license.Action to date1. Approval from the city to have a liquor licence.2. Non-refundable application fee 2,200 confirmed3. Following years licence fee 250 confirmedItems to consider: The 2,200 non-refundable application fee would beregarded as a sunk cost as we are unlikely to recover this costthrough regular bar sales. From October 1, 2019, to March 1, 2020, to obtain specialpermits and alcohol, we spent 456.74 while our bar salesequalled 380. We should consider additional insurance coverage to ensureyour executive is not held financially liable. The BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch has placed amoratorium on new liquor permits for certain types ofestablishments until 2021. At this point, we do not know ifthis will affect our application.To make an application to the BC Liquor and CannabisRegulation Branch for a liquor permit and to expend 2,200 plustax on the non refundable application fee.Motion bySeconded byDean PennyJohn KendalCarriedOfficial vote not takenAfter discussion the members have three choices for action:1. Amend the motion to read 2021 and 4 members voted for this choice.2. Defer the decision until the fall AGM when we will have more information regarding cluboperations and 2 members voted for this choice.3. Vote yes for the above original motion and allow the executive to make the decision when tosubmit the application when they have more information regarding club operations and 9members voted for this choice.Action:The executive will continue to gather information whileaccessing the situation to determine when is the best timeto make an application. Updates will be providedthrough the “Wick” and the fall AGM.Page #3 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.New Business10.ParticipACTIONParticipACTION: We registered our club in this year'sParticipACTION program. CancelledOur event runs from June 1 to June 21 and includes all leaguegames, open draws, tournaments both home (Courtenay Men's andLadies Pairs) and away, and bowling events, open house andNational Bowls Day.We did this for the following reasons. To increase the awareness of the club in our community. To raise awareness of the sport We are active and should acknowledge our efforts They offer a grant for advertising and program costs. Ourgrant request is for advertising and transportation for a groupof blind people who want to bowl. It's also part of the Bowls BC initiative to increasemembership at the club level.Open HousesJune 5 & 6 CancelledNational BowlsDayHas been cancelled by Bowls Canada for 2020.CorporateEvents11.Volunteers Aprils Probus event - CancelledJuly 4 Lupine Fundraiser - CancelledThe August event looks doubtful unless there are majorchanges to COVID19 safe operating procedures.Kitchen Coordinator for 2021 - The role has changed for 2021to that of a coordinator; there is no expectation of the person to cookmeals, etc. Concerning tournaments, the requirements are for hotand cold drinks, and snacks. It is quite acceptable for the club torequest participants to bring their lunch.Page #4 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.12.VolunteersGame Coordinators:We are looking for a coordinator for each of the following events: Monday night games coordinator and helper/s Friday night games coordinator and helper/s Saturday open draw coordinator and helper/s Sunday open draw coordinator and helper/s Danny Bereza volunteered for this dayThe role is managing the draw, setting up and collecting thescorecards, presenting them to the games chair, collecting game fees,ensuring the green equipment is in place and then storing it away atthe end of the proceedings.13.VolunteersGreens helpers - 3 members requiredOur club needs to improve some of our safety procedures. We need tohave a person on site along with the grass cutter on each of these daysto assist should they have an incident. This incident could be an injuryor a health-related event.We are requesting some volunteers who are willing and able to beon-site for a couple of hours on either a Monday, Wednesday or Fridaymorning.14.CommitteesMembership Committee: - 3 members requiredThe Membership Committee is generally busy April and May of eachyear. Once the members have registered for the season, the workloadends except for the few late registrations the club experiences.15.CommitteesHistorical Committee: - 3 to 4 members requiredA new committee for our club, the role it will perform, will be tocollect, organize historical information, members bios, etc.16.CommitteesOpen-house Committee: - 6 to 8 members requiredThe work centers around a couple of Open houses the club has eachyear. The role includes placing posters, welcoming new members,answering any questions they have, introducing them to the coachwho is going to assist them, and answering any questions as they exitthe venue.17.CommitteesClub Committee: 3 members requiredAnother new committee for the club, as we are a top-downorganization when it comes to decision making, we would like acommittee formed to discuss opportunities, concerns that themembership would like to happen in the club. I think three clubmembers and two executives meet once a month or once every othermonth as the committee determines. This committee is not a place togrumble about things; it is here to help build a better future for theclub. Danny Bereza has volunteered to help on this committeePage #5 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.18.VicePresidentPlays a significant role in communication within the club, focusing onmembers/player's etiquette and discipline. Fills in for the President asrequired. Etc.19.BylawsThe executive recommends the following sections of the clubsbylaws: Duties of the officers: Duties of the directors: Committees:Proposed to move the Executive and Committee Roles andResponsibilities from the Bylaws and place them in the Rules portion ofthe bylaws, this allows for greater flexibility in stepping up new positions.The membership will receive notice of any changes or additions,modifications etc.Motion to accept:Move the Executive and Committee Roles and Responsibilities from theBylaws and place them in the Rules portion of the bylaws,Motion bySusanToresdahlSeconded byForAgainstAbstainedJim Johnson170120.WiFiThe club has spoken with the city regarding the installation of WiFi in thebuilding. The city has responded in favour of a WiFi being installed in theclubhouse but not right away.We will continue to work with the city21.CloudStorageThe executive recommends the installation of a NAS (network accessedserver) device to allow members to access their photos, documents etc.directly from the cloud. Set up an access point (same for all members)with individual directories so they can view and download their photos.Also, a place to keep a copy of club documents, results etc. We are doingthis to ensure the information is preserved regardless of who is lookingafter it.22.PhoningRosemary is continuing in her volunteer role for 2020 as the clubphoning person whose purpose is to contact any member without anemail address. For 2020 I have asked Rosemary to take on the additionalrole of “out-reach” person by contacting any members that have stoppedparticipating in club eventsPage #6 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.23.BenchesWe have twenty-six benches that, over the next couple of years, needreplacing. The retail cost of the benches is 23,400, plus shipping andtaxes. The City uses a product from Wishbone Industries out ofLangley, BC.I recently met with Mike Kerns from the City to discuss options, and wecame up with a couple of options. The City will look into the possibility of finding some funds nextyear to help. We have the option not to use the “Wishbone” product with thecity blessings. We will continue to look for an effective and affordable solution. Bring forward information to the fall AGM.24.VolunteersThe executive recommends as a thank you to our volunteers andcommittee members for the 2020 season (with an option to review theeffectiveness of this proposal at the fall AGM) that the volunteers bowlfor free in following club events 2-4-2, Friday Night Aggregate,Saturday open draws and Sunday open draws or their COVID19equivalents.Motion to accept:Volunteers bowl for free in following club events 2-4-2, Friday NightAggregate, Saturday open draws and Sunday open draws or theirCOVID19 equivalents.Motion bySeconded byMichael Lynch25.New BowlersMotion to accept:DannyBrezzaForAgainstAbstained1701The executive recommends all first-time (novice) bowlers are requiredto attend the new bowler program before joining club leagues and ordrop-in games, etc.All first-time (novice) bowlers are required to attend the new bowlerprogram before joining club leagues and or drop-in games, etc.Motion bySeconded byForAgainstAbstainedApril GilchristStephanieWalters1701Page #7 of 9

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.26.Signing-up toplayMotion to accept:27.Facilities Lease28.EmergencyPreparednessFor all Club bowling events, the Executive agrees that the eventnotification will go up one month before, and the cut off day is eightdays before the start date. Registrations will be online. After the cutoff time, you will have to talk to the games chair to see if you canplay. If you do not have access to email or the internet, pleasecontact the games chair directly using the same timeline.Event notifications to be offered to all members one month beforeeach event start date and that we establish an event registrationcut-off eight days before the event start date. Members without anemail address are required to contact the games chair within thesame time frame to register.Motion bySeconded byForAgainstAbstainedJim JohnsonPeteHarding1701The City is updating the signatory information and establishing anApril 1st start date, hopefully. Once complete, they will forward thelease for signature. 29.Fees for Family& Fees for lowincomeMotion to accept:Revision to the emergency medical information form toinclude the question, “Do you have a Health Care Directive.”Are we interested in developing an emergency plan? There was no interest expressed in developing anemergency plan at this time.The Executive has been discussing the use of a family rate and a ratefor those who can not afford to play in reviewing existingmembership drive activities.To continue to work on family and low income membership feesand bring it back to the membership at the next AGM.Motion byHenri SaucierSeconded bySusanToresdahlPage #8 of 9ForAgainstAbstained1800

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubSAGM Agenda June 13, 2020.30.MembershipFeesMotion to accept:31.BudgetMotion to accept:32.LifeMembershipMotion to accept:33.MeetingAdjournedDue to the uncertainty of the times, the Executive hasrecommended 0.00 membership fees for the season May 1,2020, to April 30, 2021.After discussion, the motion was amended to state To acceptthe 2020-2021 membership fees of 50.00 per person.Motion bySeconded ed2Approval of the budget for 2019-2020.To accept the 2019-2020 (October 1, 2019 t0 September 30,2020 as modified by the membership fee (see item 30).Motion bySeconded 1800The executive recommends the club consider a change in ourlife membership statement. Present bylaws:”Life Members - are members who have been decided by aTwo-Thirds (2/3) majority vote of regular members at anAnnual General Meeting. Life members shall not pay dues butshall enjoy bowling and voting privileges”.Presently we have a number of long service (15 years or more)members that are no longer bowling due to health challengesand may not bowl again. These members have supported theclub through volunteering, participating and have beenpositive ambassadors for the club and sport.Members in good standing after 25 years of service areawarded life membership within the club and that long servicemembers (15 years or more) who are no longer able to bowldue to poor health be awarded life membership. Thisstatement to be added to the existing bylaws.After much discussion this motion is tabled and moved to the2020 fall AGM5:21 pmPage #9 of 9

SAGM 2020 Attendees (online)1April, Gilchrist2Carole, Nelson3Danny, Bereza4Dean, Penny5Dick, Divine6Heather, Divine7Henri, Saucier8Jim, Johnson9John, Kendall10Marguerite, Sklarchuk11Michael, Lynch12Pat, Norrad13Pete, Harding14Rosemary, Montreuil15Ross, Younger16Sandy, Tonnellier17Stephannie, Walters18Susan , Toresdahl19Tim, McGiffin20Vern, Greenhill

November 9, 2019 AGM MinutesPages 3 to 1017

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaDate: November 9, 2019Executive Attendees: Michael Lynch, Pete Harding, Vern Greenhill, Dean Penny,Dick Divine, Heather DivineExecutive Absent: Frank LoCalled to order a t:3:32 pmMembers Present: 33Quorum Achieved: yesApproval of the AgendaMotion by Stephanie Walters, seconded by Susan Toresdahl, carriedApproval of the minutes from October 15, 2018, AGM carried forward from April 5, 2019,SAGMMotion to accept John Larner, seconded by Keith Lintott , carriedApproval of the minutes from the April 5, 2019, SAGMMotion to accept by Jim Johnson, seconded by Carole Nelson, carriedMinute of Silence: In honour of Gwen Kelly who passed away recentlyOld Business:1. Replacement of wooden benches around the greena. There is a class at the University next year and the students who couldpossibly build them may be able to work on this project. To check backwith them next year.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaCorrespondence:Reports:1. President, See attached,a. Mentioned that the overall experience that Michael has had as presidenthas been good. The fact that he has never felt alone and the clubmembers and the district members form a unique community who worktogetherb. We have been able to keep members bowling eg. use of the obie stick,shorter games for some2. Vice Presidenta. The other coaches have been a great help to make our program strongerand new bowlers could fit in sooner with more easeb. Our website had coaching times for members, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday mornings and a few people from the public came down to findout about bowling from the info on the website.3. Treasurera. Motion t o accept the Profit and Loss and Balance sheet ,Cath Wiseman,Carriedb. Budget for 2020 , motion to approve- Keith Lintott, seconded JoyNewman, carried4. Gamesa. One sponsorship from Lucy and Ed for one of our tournaments.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - Agenda5. Greensa. Motion to approve Games Report and Greens Report by Ross Younger,Seconded by Joy Newman, carriedNew Business:Winter Projects around the club:1. Shelves for the bowl boxes in the bowls storage cupboard to complete the clubbowls project started the winter of 2018.2. Development of members bowls/bowl bag storage in the bows shed3. Reorganization of the clubs office4. Replacement of the rink caps on all fours sides of the green5. Development of chair dollies for the clubhouse chairs6. Modifications to the scoreboards to reduce the possibility of wind damage7. Replacement of one canopy framework damaged by wind.8. Replace the existing ramp used to get equipment on and off the green to a lightermodel.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaElections of Officers1. Presidenta. One nomination is Dick Divine, after 3 calls for nominations, no furthernominations are put forward, so Dick Divine is President for 2019/ 20202. Vice Presidenta. Call for Nominations are put forward to the membership and after 3 callsfor nominations, no name has been put forth at this time3. TreasurerStephanie Walters has put her name forward to stand for treasurer andafter 3 calls for further nominations, Stephanie Walters has beenappointed as treasurer4. Secretarya. Heather Divine has let her name stand for secretary and after 3 calls fornominations, Heather Divine has been elected as secretary for one moretermPresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaAnnouncements1. Christmas Party/games night is been decided for December 7 at the Clubhouse,Members are welcome to bring a toy for Santa’s Anonymous- no stuffed toys ortoys that require batteries2. London Drugs have a display with details about Christmas gift programs thatinclude:a. Seniors stockings where the seniors submit gift ideas that they wish forand members can consult this list and purchase a gift from the list.3. Liquor License- Discussion about a club liquor license and the followingmotion has been made. Motion by April Gilchrist, seconded by CathWiseman to investigate what it entails to get and operate a full-time liquorlicence for the club.Votes for 18Apposed 0CarriedAdjournment at 16:48PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaPresident's Report Fall 2019My term as President is at an end. Thank you for all support andencouragement over the last 24 months. Thank you to the ManagementCommittee members for your patience during long meetings. And yourdiscretion when we dealt with controversial items.During the last two years I have spent time, effort and research on trying toincrease our membership. I have appreciated your suggestions and tried toincorporate your ideas. It is great to see so many of you bringing yourfriends out to try our game. It has been good to have discussions withother clubs on what they are doing to attract new members. A commonstrategy is to have multiple open houses through the Spring. I was playingin Qualicum and saw the club had a sandwich board out advertising lawnbowling and inviting people in to watch a game. That sandwich board drewpeople in to watch a game while I was there. It is encouraging to note ourregular Wednesday coaching time helped attract new members throughoutthe season.I would propose that our members discuss the idea of creating a new boardposition; Membership. This focused position would recognize theimportance of working to attract and retain our members. A job descriptioncan be developed and presented as a constitutional addition in the SpringAGM.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaOur club is reflective of the society around us. We are constantly evolvingand changing. Bowling has changed – pairs being played with three bowlsfor example. Our members have been taking the option of bowling ten endgames. We had the opportunity on Labour Day to experience UltimateBowls – a pairs game with a team of three, playing five games consisting offive ends and a unique scoring system. And enjoying the day of bowling.Many of our bowlers appreciate the time to play the traditional game offourteen ends with four bowls in pairs. And the other ‘regular’ games. Ibelieve the fours competition still has a place in our club league play. It is askills challenge undoubtedly that we all can rise to. And I would encourageall of our members to look at this game with new eyes and appreciation ofbeing in a team of four friends. Because this is what bowls is all about – thesocial aspect of being outside, enjoying an activity with truly great peoplearound you.There were aspects of being President that I was not prepared for. Callingthe City of Courtenay emergency number as sewage was bubbling upthrough the front lawn during our first tournament. Running out of water inthe clubhouse and the frustrations that caused April and other kitchenvolunteers to complete their tasks. Not forgetting the city staff who cameback repeatedly until they finally corrected the problem. I was repeatedlygoing over safety procedures to ensure we are all preparedfor the unforeseen. I must have tried the patience of you all as I drewattention for our collective safety and well being.An important role as President is maintaining a very good relationship withthe city. I went and introduced myself as I made clubhouse bookings andreported club maintenance issues. These personal interactions havecertainly proved beneficial and helpful over my two years. Our club madethe decision to abide fully by the conditions of use of our clubhouse. Weare still adapting to our new reality and I believe new social habits willdevelop in the coming years.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaThank you Courtenay Lawn Bowling Members. It has been a great honourto be your President. To represent you at local and provincial meetings. Ilook forward to continuing to work on initiatives and activities that help ourmembers to enjoy the sport of lawn bowling.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaPresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaOctober 30th, 2019.Vice Presidents Report Dick DivineDiscipline :Congratulations and thank you to all members, we have had a discipline freeyear.Coaching:From the lessons learned from the previous year’s influx of 20 new athletes thecoaches felt they had to change the way we delivered our coaching program .It’s been a busy year for the club coaches, beginning last winter the coaches meta number of times to determine how we were going to coach our new athletes. Weestablished that it's important for new athletes to be comfortable playing thegame,and to contribute to the game they are playing. After much discussion,homework and train the trainer sessions the new coaching program hasestablished a standardized coaching program for new athletes, including practicetime, game experience and match strategies. I’m pleased to say the results havebeen very positive. A huge thank you to our coaching team for undertaking thislarge task, in their ability to change their way of coaching for the benefit ofothers, the hours they spent helping the new athletes, and for making the processenjoyable for all participants.Congratulations and thank you to April Gilchrist, Marsha Mann, Susan Toresdalh,Heather Divine, Michael Lynch, Pete Harding and Dick Divine.Website:The website continues to grow, and change with the demand for information. Ourwebsite presently has 149 pages of information, results, video’s, etc. Over thenext year we will continue to improve the look and feel of the site and over timehopefully reduce the number of pages.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaEmergency Medical Information: Link to Emergency ContactDocumentAt this time emergency contact information and health records have beencompleted by approximately 20% of the active membership. You can add yourinformation at anytime, if you need assistance please let me know.1 of 2 VP-Report - Dick Divine VP-CLBC 2019FundraisingVice Presidents Report Dick Divine1. Fundraising packages are in place, the club received its first sponsorshipdollars and the Mindset Wealth of Courtenay were well received by thecompetitors at the CLBC mixed fours tournament in early August.2. Our second sponsorship dollars are in place for the Mixed Triples OpenTournament scheduled for May 2020.This past year we took small steps in this process and as with all new activitiessmall items of concern crop up. Addressing these concerns generally slows theprocess. Because of this process, we are in a better fundraising position than wewere at this time last year.Communications2019 saw the introduction of the “Courtenay Wick” the clubs weeklycommunications about all things happening around and about the club.The“Wick” has been well received by the membership with an average of between65% and 75% of the memberships at least opening the email each week. For thewinter months we are producing a monthly “Wick” due to reduced activities overthe winter months.A big thank you to Heather for her work and leadership in this project.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaPresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaPresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaGames Report October 2019We have closed off another successful season. Our leagues have been well attendedand based on our participation I look forward to next season and all the schedulingissues it offers. I would once again ask that the members let us know what worked forthem and what didn’t.Our SHORT MAT program started Saturday October 19 and Wednesday October 23rdat 1PM and many of our members were looking forward to that. I encourage allmembers to t least try the game out as I find it really helps with our outdoor game. Onceagain, if the Saturday games prove to be well attended, we will see about addinganother time to better facilitate all the players.I would also like to add that we have a new sponsor for our Open Mixed Triples nextseason as Lucie Wood and Ed Talboom have sponsored the event. I would like toextend my gratitude to both Lucie and Ed as well as Patsy for all they have done to helpensure our sponsored open tournaments are SPONSORED. I think I may speak also forthe membership by saying formally, “THANK-YOU!”As further proof of what a member can do to help our membership as a whole is thatPatsy was successful at having a gift basket donated to the club for our members. Thatbasket is now being offered as a door prize at our Annual General Meeting. Pleaseensure you attend and fill out one of the tickets before the meeting starts.I would like to thank Dick for all his work on the club’s website and efforts to help ourleague and open tournament results to be quickly updated for the enjoyment of ourmembers. I wish to also thank Heather for ensuring all members received the weeklyupdates regularly. To April for providing enjoyable food so we all could socialize afterand during our leagues and the open tournaments. The green was the domain of Vernand his tireless crew and they deserve much thanks and appreciation. Michael doggedlylaboured to provide our extra beverages on those special occasions.Later we will be celebrating many of our members for their accomplishments throughthe season. I would like to once again highlight that while we do “award” somemembers, we celebrate all our valved members for all they provide to the club, be itmaterial, supportive or sympathetic.PresidentSecretaryDick DivineHeather Divine

Courtenay Lawn Bowling ClubAGM November 9, 2019 - AgendaGreens AGM Report November 9, 2019The lawn bowling season has now come to an end. On September 27 th our green wasput to bed with the coring and sanding of the green. I was pleased with the amount ofhelpers who came out to clean up cores and with putting benches away. I want to thankall of you who helped out with the work needed to close out the season. I want to thankArchie for taking the lead on things when I was not able to be there. I also have to thankStu and his guys for all their help as well to make putting the green to bed a greatsuccess.I found overall the green was not as good as the year before. We had found it being alot slower so talking with Stu we have come up with a couple of ideas to fix that issue.Stu has put in a work order to add a high-pressure hose outlet to be installed so thegreen does not have to be watered all the time and hosing just the hot spots will helpwith making the green speed up for all of us.There are a few projects that are planned for the green here in the offseason. I haveDean working with me on replacing all the caps around the green and coming up with anewer format for the rink mark colours and also doing a little reinforcing of ourscoreboard

Courtenay Lawn Bowling Club SAGM Agenda June 13, 2020. 2. Minutes from the Annual General