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Agenda Introduction Adding GIS data to inventory locations Implementation of regionalized LCIA methods Regionalized LCIA calculation Analysis of regionalized LCIA results Outlook Q&A

Regionalized LCIA is model sophistication Commonly, in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the impactassessment (LCIA) is performed ignoring any regionaldifferences. But, there are good reasons for considering a regional variationin the impact assessment, although this adds complexitysource: dennis140, aloe vera plantage, Fuerteventura (left); Gario, cows meadow, Texel ResultsOutlook

Regionalized LCIA is model sophistication More and more regionalized LCIA methods available, e.g.: ImpactWorld LC-Impact Ecological Scarcity y-method-2013 Enhanced EI99 odsCalculationResultsOutlook

Regionalized inventory datasets Differences in the inventory are considered as far aspossible (e.g., national databases, different processes forelectricity generation per country, ationsLCIAmethodsCalculationResultsOutlook

Combining regionalized inventory andLCIA methods Some databases include elementary flows specific fordifferent regions, to facilitate the regionalized LCIAcalculation, e.g.: Not considered a pragmatic approach for ResultsOutlook

Regionalization in openLCA The location of each elementary flow in the inventory istaken from the process consuming/emitting it. Integration of the functionality to handle GIS sultsOutlook

Locations in openLCA 1.4 A list of locations available under: File/Preferences/Locations The geographic information of the locations was limitedto a pair of latitude, longitude data The processes could only use existing onResultsOutlook

Locations in openLCA 1.5 Locations as new element in the folder “Background ResultsOutlook

Location editor in openLCA 1.5 KML data can be added to each location: Draw polygons, lines or points in the KML editor Multi-geometries of the same type are allowed Write the coordinates in the “Text editor” Import KML or EcoSpold2 files with geographic data, If no KML data is added, a point will be created with theaverage latitude/longitude when saving the nResultsOutlook

Locations in the Process Editor Locations can be created, viewed and opened in aneditor within the “Geography” section of the process Click on the KML information to open the KML esultsOutlook

KML editor (map) in the Process esultsOutlook

KML editor (text) in the Process esultsOutlook

Parameterization of LCIA methods The attributes contained in a shape file can be used asparameters in the LCIA method. Shape file specifications: Coordinate reference system: WGS84, EPSG:4326. Only numerical attributes can be used as parameters inopenLCA. There must be a single layer in each file. Unique names for the attributes to be used as parameters. The features should not overlap (e.g. the same shape filecannot contain features for Europe and Germany). Shape files are stored in the database, and can be exportedas zolca or JSON ResultsOutlook

Parameterization of LCIA methods Different options for the content of the shape fileparameters:1. The parameter represents the impact factor of aspecific substance and impact nResultsOutlook

Parameterization of LCIA methods2. The parameter represents a regional characteristicused for the calculation of the impact factors ofdifferent substances within one or multiple alculationResultsOutlook

Parameterization of LCIA methodsExample: Land use model from de Baan et al. (2012), as implemented inEcological Scarcity 2013 (Frischknecht and Büsser Knöpfel 2013)Eco factor KRe gion iFlow jKbiome iflow jRe gion iFlow j cFnCH F Fk 2biome 5biome iBDPflowto biome5BDP biome ij ratio BDP settlement area biome5 BDP settlement area biome5Re gion iEco factorFlow jbiome 5BDPflowj cBDP SA biome5 FnCH F Fk2 UBP ratio biome i to biome5 2 m a Site-independent e parameterCalculationResultsOutlook

Shape files containing regional culationResultsOutlook

Shape files parameters: “Show in esultsOutlook

Use shape file parameters in the LCIA method “Add to method parameters” if the parameter doesn’t exist yetin the “Parameters” tab Select “External source” if the parameter already esultsOutlook

Use shape file parameters in the LCIA method The default value and uncertainty will be calculated dependingon the “External source (i.e. shape file)” selected The default value can be modified and will be used in: “Quick results” and “Analysis” calculations In “Regionalized LCIA” calculations, when a process has alocation without KML data or has no location Formula evaluation in the LCIA esultsOutlook

Impact factors defined with formulas Once the parameters are created, they can be used in theformulas for the impact factors per flow and ulationResultsOutlook

Calculation procedure for Regionalized LCIA Select the “Regionalized LCIA” option in thecalculation properties window: The impactmethod selectmust containregionalizedimpact factors At least 1 locationof the productsystem mustcontain KML ultsOutlook

Calculation procedure for Regionalized LCIA The intersection between shape files features andprocess geometries is calculated by openLCA A weighted mean calculated for each regional parameter(p(F1)*L(F1) p(F2)*L(F2) ) (p(F1)*A(F1) p(F2)*A(F2) ) /AResultsOutlook

Calculation procedure for Regionalized LCIA Use “Evaluate for existing locations” to pre-calculatethe intersections with the existing database locations In systems with many locations the calculation can takelong, so it is recommended to pre-calculate the intersectionsbefore the assessment needs to be ultsOutlook

Regionalized LCIA results: Result map Map coloured depending on the direct contributions ofeach nResultsOutlook

Regionalized LCIA results: Locations Contribution of each location to the inventory and LCIAresults, broke down into the direct contributions of theprocesses within that specific nResultsOutlook

Regionalized LCIA results: Impact analysis Direct LCIA results of each process, including informationabout process location, inventory, LCIA results and impactfactor value per flow in the ResultsOutlook

OutlookAlready in progress: Implementation of regionalized LCIA methods in openLCA: ImpactWorld LC-ImpactIdeas for future projects: Regionalized LCIA in the Project level Regionalized LCIA in the Monte Carlo simulation: Uncertainty of regionalized impact factors Uncertainty of the locations in the inventory Introduction Support ook

Acknowldegments 2013-2014: US Department of Agriculture (USDA), NationalAgricultural Library Cooperative agreement number 58-8220-2-112F 2014-2015: SCS Global Services Enhancement of the existing regionalized LCIA calculation Integration of LEO-SCS-002 standard LCIA methodology inopenLCA

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LEO-SCS-002 Plugin (I) It allows to override the locations specified in the existingprocess data sets for a specific product system by using theso-called “virtual locations”

LEO-SCS-002 Plugin (II) Two options for setting “virtual locations”:1. In the model graph

LEO-SCS-002 Plugin (III) Two options for setting “virtual locations”:2. In the “Virtual locations” editor

Regionalized LCIA with System processesFreshwater consumption (m3) Crop, at plant – US (Ecoinvent v.2.2 database)3.532.521.510.50Non-Regionalized Regionalized LCIA Regionalized LCIALCIA(System process)(Unit processes)

Calculation Results Outlook LCIA methods Introduction Locations source: dennis140, aloe vera plantage, Fuerteventura (left); Gario, cows meadow, Texel (right) But, there are good reasons for considering a regional variation in the impact assessment, although this adds complexity